Silver Guardians 3: New Days


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~The Next Day, Silver Hills, Storage Depot~

Bernard and Chelsea had worked most of the morning. Bernard liked Chelsea a lot and he loves spending time with her and she loves spending time with him too.

“Yo Chels I’ll be back I am going to get something to drink.” Bernard said.

“Ok could you get me a bottle of water?” She asked.

“Ok.” Bernard said has he walked off.

~Minutes Later~

Bernard walks by a storage building on his way to the store. He see’s several cyclobots guarding someone. The person is none other than Steelix. Bernard eyes widen has he hid by the side of the building.

“You gotta be kidding me.” He said to himself as he quickly taken out his cell phone and dials Christian’s number.

~Meanwhile at the Titan Building~

Scott and Skye are in Scott’s office.

“Now let’s get down to business.” Scott said has Skye places a briefcase in the middle of the table.

Skye opened the briefcase and inside the briefcase is the Titan Morpher. The morpher looked similar to the Magnum Star Ranger morpher. The morpher was black and grey with a strap.

“This is the Titan morpher.” She said.

A female secretary walks into the room. “Mr. Kiriakis there’s someone waiting for you downstairs.”

Scott raised his brow.”Who?”

“Mr. Wesley Collins.” She said has Scott smirked. “Do you want security to handle this?” The secretary asked.

“No I’ll handle this myself.” Scott said has stands up and walks to the door.

“What are you going to do?” Skye asked.

“Just too talk.” Scott said has he left the room.

~Two Minutes Later~

Scott arrived in the waiting room to find Wesley Collins, in his Silver Guardians uniform sitting down. Wes stands up has he sees Scott.

“You got a lot of nerve showing up here Wes.” Scott said with a bitter tone.

“We have to talk Scott but not here.” Wes said has Scott nodded.

“Ok lead the way.” Scott said extending pointing toward the door has the two walk out of the building.


Bernard is hiding by the side of the building. He’s waiting for the Silver Guardians to arrive. A cyclobot walks out of the building and then see’s Bernard. Bernard then looks and see’s the Cyclobot. He kicks the Cyclobot in the gut. Steelix then walks out of the building has he then see’s Bernard.

“Well…Well….Well what do we have here, you came to get your morpher huh.” Steelix said in a mocking manner.

“Oh man.” Bernard said to himself.

Steelix showed Bernard his Chrono Morpher. “Come and get it.” Steelix said in a serous tone has he’s waving the morpher in Bernard’s direction.

Bernard then rushes at him and throws a barrage of punches at Steelix. Steelix dodges the attacks and then punches Bernard across the face. Bernard quickly shakes it off then kicks Steelix in the chest which causes him to drop the Chrono Morpher. Bernard runs toward the Morpher and grabs it.

“Nooo!” Steelix yelled has Bernard put the Chrono Morpher on his left wrist.

“Oh yeah it’s over now, Time for Time Force!” Bernard yelled has he morphed into the Red Time Force Ranger.

“Cyclobots get him!” Steelix said has Cyclobots surrounded him has Steelix runs away.

~Meanwhile in the year 3008, Hospital~

Danielle Drake, Katie Walker and Trip Regis are all in Danielle’s hospital room.

“So doctor what’s up with me why did I collapse?” Danielle asked.

“Well Mrs. Drake we’ve done tests on you and it turns out your pregnant.” The doctor said.

Everyone in the room is shocked but none more than Danielle.

“Congrats Mrs. Drake, I’ll be right back.” The doctor said has he walked out of the room.

The three Time Force officers were at a lost for words especially Danielle. She knew who the father was but didn’t say anything. Danielle put her hands over face and started to cry. Katie put a hand over her shoulder.

“Danielle it’s going to be ok.” Katie assured her.

“Yeah don’t worry.” Trip told her.

Danielle looked up at Katie then at Trip with teary red eyes. “I have to tell Scott I have to go back and tell him he’s a father.

~Meanwhile in the year 2009~

Wes Collins and Scott Kiriakis stood away from each other. There was still some bad blood between the two because; Scott turned his back on the guardians.

“What do you want Wes?” Scott said in a bitter tone.

“Scott I didn’t come here to ask you back.” Wes assured him

“Then why are you here?”

“I need the Magnum Star Morpher.” Wes answered.

“Carmen asked for it back yesterday and she wasn’t successful.” Scott said with a smirk on his face. “What make’s you think you’re going to be?” He continued.

“If you use the Magnum Star Morpher for Titan it could mess up a lot of things!” Wes said raising his voice a little.

“Things need to change Wes and Titan is that change.” Scott said in an arrogant tone has Wes shakes his head in disgust.

“Scott just give me the morpher.” Wes said extending his hand out.

“Try and take it from me you bastard!” Scott yelled.

“I didn’t want it to go down like this Scott but I am getting that morpher back one way or another.” Wes said.

Scott raised his left hand in the air. ”Magnum Star Power!” Scott yelled has he morphed into Magnum Star Ranger.

Wes pressed the buttons on Chrono Morpher. “Time for Time Force!” Wes yelled has he morphed into the Black Time Force Ranger.

“Let’s end this Wes!” Magnum Star Ranger said.

“You leave me no choice!” Time Force Black said has the two run toward each other.

To be continued. Peace God Bless

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