Silver Guardians 3: New Days

Unforeseen Present

Time Force Black takes out his Chrono Saber and slashes Magnum Star Ranger unto his chest. Time Force Black takes another swipe at him but Magnum Star Ranger ducks the incoming attack. He punches Time Force Black in the face has he then kicks him in the shoulder. Time Force Black drops his weapon.

“I am a trained Marine Wes you haven’t got a chance.” Magnum Star Ranger said has he takes out his Magnum Star Staff and swipes Time Force Black slashing him.

Time Force Black stumbles has Magnum Star Ranger runs toward him and tackles him to the ground.

~Meanwhile at the Storage Depot~

Time Force Red slashes the remaining Cyclobots has several SUV’s park right by the storage depot. The Silver Guardians get out of their SUV’s and run toward Time Force Red. The cyclobots are all on the ground in parts has Time Force Red turns around to the group.

“Power Down!” He yelled has he demorphs.

“Bernard glad to have ya back.” Stephanie said has she ran and hugged Bernard.

“It’s good to be back.” He replied happily.

“It’s good to have you back Bro.” Christian said has the two shook hands.

Jen looked around. “Bernard where’s steelix?”

“He got away.”

“Damn it, we have to find him before the future changes!” Jen yelled angrily.

“We will.” Eric assured her.

Chelsea Roberts runs toward Bernard. She had wondered where he had venture off to. She ran toward him and hugged.

“Bernard what happen to you I was so worried.” Chelsea said has the two break away from the hug.

Bernard looked at her with a smile Chelsea I am ok I just ran into steelix, bad news is he got away but the good news is I got this back.” Bernard said showing Chelsea his Chrono Morpher.

Chelsea looked down with sad look on her face has Bernard looks at her.

“What’s wrong?”

“I guess your quitting now huh?” She asked sadly.

“I am sorry Chelsea I have too the Guardians need me.” Bernard answered.

Chelsea looks at him and smiled. “I understand just be careful.” She said.

“By the grace of God I will.” Bernard said has he kisses Chelsea on the lips.

Chelsea smiles at him.

Bernard then looked around. “Where’s Wes?”


Time Force Black is on the ground has Magnum Star Ranger points his Staff at him.

“It’s over Wes just face it!” Magnum Star Ranger said.

“I don’t think so!” Time Force Black yelled has he kicked the staff out of his hand and shoots him with his Chrono Blaster.

Magnum Star Ranger falls to the ground has Time Force Black gets up. Magnum Star Ranger slowly gets to his feet. Time Force Black then jumps in the air and shoots Magnum Star Ranger with his Chrono Blaster. Magnum Star Ranger is on the ground has he then dimorphs. Time Force Black walks slowly toward him.

“Power Down!” He yelled has he dimorphed.

Wes kneeled down and unstrapped the Magnum Star Morpher off of Scott’s left wrist. Wes walks toward his SUV has Scott starts to wake up. Wes opens the door to his SUV has Scott gets up to find his morpher gone.

“Wes you got lucky this time but this isn’t the end you here me, you bastard!” Scott yelled has Wes turned around and looked at Scott.

Wes went into his SUV and drove off.

“This is just the beginning.” Scott said to himself.

~Awhile Later at Bio-Lab Headquarters~

Chelsea and the Silver Guardians are all in Wes’s office. Wes shook hands with Bernard has he welcomes him back. Wes is holding the Magnum Star Morpher in his hand. Wes is explaining what happen between he and Scott.

“How did you get back the morpher?” Stephanie asked.

“Long story.” Wes answered.

“Well you know what the next step is right?” Jen asked.

“What would that be?” Eric asked.

“We have to find Steelix!” Jen said.

“I know that but that’s easier said than done.” Christian said.

“We found him before and we’ll find him again.” Bernard answered.

~Two Days Later~

Cyclobots are attacking the city. Several Silver Guardian SUV’s arrive has Silver Guardians get out of their SUV’s and point their weapons at the Cyclobots. An unknown figure runs toward the Cyclobots. He slashes them with ease with a sword like weapon.

“Who is that?” Jen asked.

“I guess we’ll find out.” Wes answered.

Cyclobots lyed on the ground defeated and destroyed by a mysterious ranger. The Ranger’s suit color was Grey and Black. The helmet and sit was different that of Time Force. The Ranger looked at Wes with a cold stair. He walked away.

“Who are you?” Jen asked the mysterious ranger.

“You and your toy soldiers can leave now, I’ve got things under control.” Titan Ranger said.

Wes recognizes the voice. ”Scott you’re the new Ranger, so you did use the Magnum Star Morpher.”

“Hahaha I had to Titan is now the future and the Silver Guardians won’t be part of it.” Titan Ranger said. “Now just stay out of my way!”

Titan Ranger then walks away has Wes shook his head in disgust. Wes runs up to him and grabs his shoulder.”Scott stop.”

Titan Ranger then turns around and lunges his fist into Wes’s gut has Wes falls to the ground. Titan Ranger then turns to the rangers. “I told you to stay out of my way.”

Titan Ranger walks away has the guardians run toward Wes and help him up.

“Wes you ok?” Jen asks with concern.

“Yeah.” Wes said holding his stomach.

“What are we going to do about this?” Stephanie asked.

“I’ll get that morpher for the sake of the Future.” Wes answered.

~Awhile Later at San Rogue Restaurant~

Wes, Jen, Eric, Taylor, Bernard, Carmen, Christian, Chelsea and Stephanie are all at San Rogue. The group decided to just try and get their minds of things. Wes on the other hand was in deep thought. He thought about Scott. He needed that morpher.

“You alright honey?” Jen asked grabbing her husband’s hand.

“Yeah I am alright Jen just thinking the Titan Ranger.” Wes answered.

“I am wondering about the effects it have on the future?” Jen asked.

“I don’t know?” Wes answered has Jen put her hand on her husband’s hand.

Christian Hall and Stephanie Madison were smiling and talking to each other. Carmen leaned back in her chair and rolled her eyes at Stephanie. Christian stood up and looked into Carmen’s eyes with a smile has she did the same. Christian then looked around the room.

“Everyone I have an announcement to make.” Christian said has he gently grabbed Carmen’s hand and smiled at her.

“Christian what are doing?” Carmen asked nervously.

Christian slowly got down on one knee and looked up to Carmen. He smiled at her has she put her hands over mouth in shock. He went in his pocket and got out a ring box. He opened the ring box and there was a 24K Ring.

“Carmen Amanda Lockhart this has been a long time coming will you marry me?” He asked nervously.

“Yes I’ll marry you.” Carmen said with excitement with tears streaming down her eyes has Christian put the ring on her finger and stood up.

He hugged her and kissed her on the lips.

Wes smiled. “Congrats you two.” Wes said happily.


Scott Kiriakis sat in his house and took a sip of his protein shake.

“Silver Guardians didn’t know what hit them and I’ll single handily save this city.” Scott said looking at his Titan morpher on his left wrist.

To be continued. Peace God Bless
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