Silver Guardians 3: New Days

Times are changing

~Millennium City, Time Force Headquarters, 3008~

Danielle Drake had come to a big decision and it was time that she’d make it. She walked into Captain Lexington’s office.

“You wanted to speak to me Danielle?” He asked sternly.

“Yes sir.” Danielle answered has she sat in the chair.

Danielle began tear up a little bit. She couldn’t believe she had to do this now.

“Are you alright Danielle?”

Danielle sighed.”No I am not sir, I wanted to tell you I am pregnant and I have to leave Time Force for awhile.”

Captain Lexington nodded. “I understand Danielle.”

“I need to go to the year 2009 to tell the father.” Danielle said.

“Alright.” Captain Lexington answered.

“I will be returning after the child is born.” Danielle said.

Captain Lexington nodded. “We are going to miss you Danielle.” He said has Danielle stood up.

The door opened has Katie, Lucas and Trip walk into the room.

“Same here.” Danielle answered has she saluted him and he saluted back.

Katie tried to hold her tears.

“I am going to miss you all.” Danielle said has she cried and the three officers gave her a group hug.

~Meanwhile at Bio-Lab Headquarters, Silver Hills 2009~

Carmen Lockhart, Jen Collins and Stephanie Madison sat in Wesley Collins’s office. The three where discussing on Carmen coming back. Stephanie didn’t want her back really.

“Listen Carmen I feel that Stephanie is doing a fine job in your absence.” Jen said has Stephanie nodded.

“Thank you Jen.” Stephanie said. “Your welcome, but Carmen I would like Stephanie so stay on as Time Force Pink Ranger.”

Carmen looked down and shook her sadly. Jen looks to Stephanie.

“You are dismissed Stephanie.” Jen commanded has Stephanie stood up and saluted Jen.

Stephanie left the room has Carmen got up.

“Well I still want to be part of the team?” She asked looking at Jen sadly.

Jen smiled at Carmen. “Yes you are always apart of this team.”


Stephanie Madison is walking to the locker room when suddenly she bumps into a young man. The young man’s briefcase was on the floor has was his papers.

“Oh sorry.” Stephanie apologized.

“It’s alright.” The young man said has he bent down to pick up the papers.

Stephanie bent down to help the young man.

“Let me help you.” Stephanie said has she grabbed the rest of the papers and handed them to the young man.


“No problem it was my fault anyway.” Stephanie answered with a chuckle.

The two stood and smiled. The young man extended his hand to Stephanie.

“I am Peter by the way.” He said introducing himself.

“I am Stephanie; it’s nice to meet you Peter.” Stephanie answered.

“I am seen you on TV a couple of times.” Peter said has he then looked at his watch. “I have to be going it was nice though.”

“Nice meeting you too.” Stephanie said has Peter walked away has Stephanie looked at him and smiled.


Aiden and Cassandra Shaw walk up to the receptionist. The two had two missions one find Wes and two find out the person who put their father in a coma. The receptionists look up too the two.

“May I help you?”

“I am Aiden Shaw and this is my sister Cassandra, is Wesley Collins here?” Aiden said.

Wesley Collins walked toward the two. “Aiden and Cassandra what are you doing here?” Wes asked has he hugged Cassandra, and then shook Aiden’s hand.

“We want to ask you about if the Silver Guardians have any leads on who put our father in a coma.” Aiden said.

“We really don’t know but the police found Brittney’s photo next to him.” Wes said.

“Whoever did this is going to pay!” Aiden said angrily clenching his fist as Cassandra puts a hand on his shoulder.

“I know our father has done some bad things but he didn’t deserve this.” Cassandra said.

“I know cassie I know, listen If we find any leads I’ll call you.” Wes said.

Cassandra gave Wes a smile and put a hand on his shoulder. “I appreciate it Wes.” She said.

Wes nodded. “No problem.”

Cassandra and Aiden walked out of Bio-Lab has Wes looked on.

~Awhile Later~

The Rangers were huddled up in Wes’s office has Dr. Zaskin and Peter Ryan were there has well.

“Ladies and Gentleman I would like to introduce you to Peter Ryan he’ll be working with me.” Dr. Zaskin said.

“Hello everyone.” Peter said with a smile.

“I’ve heard a lot about you Peter and I am glad you’re working with our company.” Jen said has she shakes the young man’s hand.

“Thank you Wes I appreciate you giving me the job.” Peter said.

Stephanie looks at Peter with a smile. Peter walked over to Stephanie with a gin on his face.

“It’s nice seeing you again Stephanie.” Peter said with a smile.

“It’s nice to see you too, how come you didn’t tell me you working for Bio-Lab?” Stephanie asked.

Peter chuckled. ”You didn’t ask.” He answered has Stephanie blushed.

Bernard looks at Stephanie and shakes his head.

“I’ll be seeing you later.” Peter said has he walks out of the room.

Bernard whispered in Stephanie’s ear. “Looks like someone has a crush.” He said with a chuckle.

“Shut up Bee.” Stephanie said has she playfully elbowed Bernard in the gut.

~Millennium City, 3008AD-Time Force Headquarters~

Danielle is inside the Time Ship. Captain Lexington is talking to Danielle through a head set.

“Are you ready?” Captain Lexington asked.

“Yes sir.” Danielle said

“Start the Count Down!” Captain Lexington commanded

Count Down 5..4..3..

The Trans Warp Mega Zord is getting ready to bang it’s fist against the back of the time ship so it could go through time.

The trans warp Zord’s arm spins

Count Down 2...1...0


The Huge Trans Warp Mega Zord hits the Time Ship. The Time Ships goes through the Time Portal.

“Good Luck!” Captain Lexington said.

“Thank you Sir.” Danielle said.


Steelix is in an underground subway with Cyclobots around.

“The Silver Guardians won’t know what hit them and Jen your mine.” Steelix said has he held up a small black canister and his Time Portal device.

~Awhile at Scott Kiriakis’s Mansion~

Scott Kiriakis and his business partner Skye Chamberlain are having dinner. The two are sitting in Scott’s dining room.

“Scott you did an excellent job taking out those Cyclobots.” Skye said with a smile.

Scott took another bite of his steak. “Thank you.”

The door bell rings has Scott get’s up. “Be right back.” He said has he walked toward the door.

Scott opens the door to see Danielle with a smile on her face holding luggage.

“Danielle what are you doing here?” He asked has he wrapped his arms around her. “I thought the Time Stream was corrupted?”

“The time stream is back to normal.” Danielle said.”Anyway it’s not why I am here, I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“I am pregnant Scott.” Danielle said holding her stomach has Scott looks at her in Shock.

To be continued. Peace God Bless

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