On A Mission


When two friends find themselves in an all to familiar world, they struggle to find out what is real and try and come to terms with what could be their new life.

Scifi / Adventure
Lilly Bee
Age Rating:


Normally the summer months would be considered a time of bliss, the warm air and the hot sun attractive to sunbathers and gardeners alike. The trips abroad to see sites and culture, to get away from the day to day and mundane and the busy children excited in the knowledge that they do not have to get up to go to school the next day. However, to some it was a time of boredom, having no purpose or reason to get up in the morning made it difficult to see the good side of a summer holiday. She felt that her life was going nowhere, she went to work each day, did her job, came home, showered, had dinner and went to sleep and repeated this over and over again. Every day was the same and in the summer it was exactly the same, just hotter. Life was a rat race and she was on auto-pilot. She glanced out her window an act that was becoming too often, she found herself gazing at the buildings, at the cars that passed by on her street or on the other streets she could see from her flat window. But she mainly gazed up towards the sky, watching the clouds during the day and the few stars she could see through the light pollution at night. Thinking about life, the universe and nothing at all but her thoughts always trailed to one thing, purpose. She wanted to feel important like she was doing something important, right now she was a pencil pusher, making her stuck up bosses even richer than before. All she wanted to do was do something right and make a difference, but she didn’t know how to or where to start. Her gaze was drawn from the sky as her thoughts drifted from her mind filled with a tune that she knew all too well, turning from the window her eyes drop on her phone laying on her bed next to her, the vibrations going through the sheets and tickling her knees. She pulled herself away from the window and went from kneeling on the bed to sitting down, picking up her phone and glancing at the caller ID it didn’t take her long to answer.

“Hello.” She spoke softly a small smile on her lips as she recognized the caller.

“Hi, did you go deaf or something?” Her eyebrows narrowed as she found the question confusing.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve been trying to contact you for ages” the furrowed brow deepened as she took a moment to look at the screen of her phone, noticing the missed call symbol at the top, she closed her eyes and brought a hand to her face before a short sigh left her lips.

“Sorry, I must not have heard it”

“Clearly” There was a short amused laugh at the other end of the line “What were you doing?” her lips parted ever so slightly when she knew what she was doing was something that her friend wouldn’t be too pleased to hear.

“Erm… oh you know, nothing special”

“Oh really? Got a guy over?” The furrow of her brow returned.


“So you were looking out the window again” The voice came with a hint of feigned annoyance.

“N-no?” She stated a little unsure.

“Lexi, come on. The only way you’re going to feel happier is if you do something” A sigh came from Alexis’ lips.

“I know, but I don’t know what to do”

“I know what you can do, you can get out of your flat for a start”

“And go where exactly?”

“Come out with me, I have the day off work. We haven’t spent quality time together in ages” An amused breath of air left Alexis’ mouth.

“What will we end up doing?” She asked in a dull tone, her free hand reaching up to press against her temple. She loved her friend, she was the closest thing she had to a sister, but she was very persistent especially in times like this.

“Oh I don’t know, maybe just go shopping. Come on it’ll be fun”

“Remember the last time you said that?” A small smirk came to Alexis’ mouth as she recalled the fond memory.

“I do and I’ll remind you the pact we had to never talk about it.” A short laugh came after the sentence “So what do you say, feel up to a day out with your best friend?” Alexis sighed at the question.

“Well, I have nothing better to do” A short gasp came from the other side of the call.

“How dare you! Am I not good enough! I’m hurt!”

“You should be” A smile stayed on Alexis’ lips as she taunted her friend.

“Oh you will regret saying that my friend”

“I’d like to see you try, friend”

“Don’t you pull that bullshit on me! You know I’d kick your arse” Alexis raised her eyebrows at the assumption, the smile still on her lips, as the friendly banter went back and forth.

“Would you now Cheyenne? I seem to recall the last time we battled it out. I won, did I not?”

“You only won because you started tickling me. That’s foul play”

“Nothing foul about it. You were laughing your head off” A chuckle came from Cheyenne.

“Just because I laughed, doesn’t mean that it was fair. We’ll see how you do when tickling is off the table” Alexis shrugged as if her friend could see her.

“I’ll just poke you instead”

“Noted, guess I’ll just have to stop you” The pair giggled at their taunts to each other before it died down “So will you come out with me or not?” Cheyenne asked one final time.

“I guess, where do you want to meet up?”

“In town?”

“That would be a good response if we had a coffee shop we were both regular at or a place we often met at. But town is a big place, knowing us we will definitely not end up in the same place”

“Yeah, why don’t we go to a coffee shop?”

“Because the prices are extortion?”

“Good point. Fine, we’ll meet outside the old bookshop?” A smile came to Alexis’ lips as she nodded in agreement.

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll see you there. What time?”

“How about 2-ish? Alexis shook her head.

“Be a little more specific please, I know how you are with time. I’ll arrive at 10 to 2 and you’ll arrive at 5 to 3 and say ‘what? It’s 2-ish’” Cheyenne laughed at the thought.

“Okay how about 2:22?” Alexis raised an eyebrow at the strange time.

“That’s very specific”

“Oh come on, make up your mind. I’m either too vague or too specific”

“Okay, okay 2:22 it is. I’ll meet you then”

“Good, speak to you later, bye”

“Bye” A few seconds after the phone hung up, Alexis pulled it from her ear and looked down at the screen, looking at the image of her friend as her phone told her the information of the call, but her eyes stayed on the image. It depicted two girls, both dressed in very warm clothing, one wearing a black coat with buckles on the front, a black scarf and long black hair, her blue eyes stood out against her pale skin and dark makeup. Whilst the other had a cream coat, the hood was up and had a black fur rim, her auburn hair falling outside of the hood in soft natural curls and her deep brown eyes blended nicely against her skin, which was also pale but not as pale as the black haired girl. The two had their hands in the pockets of their coats, but the inner arms interlinked as they walked through a field of snow, figures in the background suggested it was a big get together and the angle of the picture showed that someone else had taken it with the owner’s phone. Her eyes drifted and looked mainly at Cheyenne the one in the cream coat, before looking at herself in the picture, the one with the black coat, a smile came to her lips as she remembered how cold it was that day as they took a walk out to the field for bonfire night. She remembered holding a sparkler and drawing pictures in the air with Cheyenne as the fireworks went off everywhere, they felt like they were kids again, apart from the presence of alcohol which the two had, by then, consumed quite a bit of. A chuckle left her lips as she pressed a button on her phone to put it to sleep before placing it down onto her bed again.

She moved and swung her legs over the edge of her bed, her bare feet meeting with the hard wood of the floor, she moved over to her wardrobe, a modern piece made from dark wood, silver handles, and a tall mirror as the middle piece. She stopped in front of her mirror and glanced herself up and down, her hands moved to her head as she began to unbraid her hair, it hadn’t been left in long so it didn’t surprise her that it fell straight when it was undone, she moved it so it fell each side of her head, the length of it reaching the middle of her back. She moved to the left side of her wardrobe and opened the door, pushing the clothes from one side to the other she went through her various tops, whilst doing so she grabbed a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, she then spotted a sleeveless smart white top. She took it from her cupboard and closed the door, moving to start getting dressed, taking off the leggings she was wearing and the baggy black top.

As she was putting on her top her phone began to ring again, she looked at the time seeing that it was only 1:36pm she raised a brow knowing that she wasn’t late she glanced towards the phone and saw that it was her mother calling. She smiled, reaching down to answer it.

“Hello Mum, ” She said with a smile.

“Hello, my baby how are you?”

“I’m good, thank you and yourself?”

“I’m okay, enjoying your time off?”

“Yes it’s been going well, I’m actually getting ready to go out with Cheyenne”

“Oh, that’s nice, where are you going?”

“Just to town, we are meeting up at the old book shop at 2:22” There was a short pause at the other end whilst Alexis smiled, knowing what was going through her mother’s mind.

“That is quite specific for Cheyenne”

“I know, I kind of forced her to do that” An amused laugh came from her mother.

“Well I just called to find out how you are, I haven’t heard from you in a while” Alexis frowned slightly.

“I know, I’ve been meaning to call I’ve jus-”

“Been busy, I know. You don’t have to tell me, you have a life now. I get that” Alexis rolled her eyes as her mother stated she had a life, glancing round her room ‘Yeah… Great life’

“Yeah, something like that. How’s Dad?”

“Doing well, I’ll tell him you said ‘Hi’ okay?”

“Yes thank you”

“Okay, well. I’ll let you get on with it. I hope you have a nice time with Cheyenne”

“Thanks, Mum, I love you. Tell Dad I love him to”

“I love you too and I will sweety” There was a short pause “Goodbye” There was another pause but this time it was from Alexis’ end.

“Goodbye Mum” She furrowed her brow at what she had just done, she didn’t usually leave a dramatic pause, nor did she put so much emphasis on saying goodbye. She shook her head and drove the thoughts out, placing her phone back on her bed. Shuffling down to the edge of her bed, she grabbed her boots, zipping them up before standing and grabbing her phone. She made a quick glance in the mirror again, checking that her make-up was okay to go out or if she had to redo some of it. She dabbed a finger on her lip before moving to her dressing table and grabbing the red lipstick and re-doing her lips before placing the lipstick in her bag that was also found on the dressing table. She placed a few more other items of make-up into her black bag, as well as her phone, she glanced back up to the clock on her wall 1:45pm. She shrugged to no one in particular and grabbed her keys to her flat as well as her leather jacket hanging on the back of her dressing table chair and made her way to the front door locking it as she leaves.

As she walked away from her door and to the elevator in the building she pulled a small mp3-player out of her bag and began listening to some music as she rode the elevator down to the ground floor, she smiled at the slightly attractive male getting in the elevator as she left, looking quickly to the ground afterwards with the smile still lingering on her face. Looking at her watch she checked the time once again, 1:47, furrowing her brow she noticed how often she looked at her watch even though nearly no time at all had passed. Shaking her head she looked up and walked down the sidewalk towards the high-street where she was going to meet Cheyenne. She placed her thumbs in the pockets of her jeans and looked around at the trees and people that passed by her, but mainly the trees considering there were hardly any people, she didn’t live on a particularly busy street, there was the occasional car that passed to get somewhere else and the few people that did walk around here lived here and were returning home from whatever they had been doing that day.

10 minutes passed and she was at the entrance to the high-street, her eyes glanced up to the metal archway that presented the name of this particular shopping area “District” it was short and simple and made more sense than other names she had heard of. Now it was a lot busier than the streets she had walked down to get here, and that wasn’t overly suspicious, it was summer, which was a time for shopping for swim suits, dresses and summer clothing for beaches. As well as the fact that it was a place that people would meet up to hang out, go to a coffee shop, or meet up and hang out before heading to one of the various pubs or night clubs. She noticed the number of different types of people wandering about, teenage girls giggling and holding a number of shopping bags from different stores. The odd couple holding hands, chatting. And the family’s with the wailing baby that everyone would wince at when it reached a new high note that most thought was audible only by the canine kind.

She suddenly blinked and looked around feeling a strange vibration, she reached up to her ear and pulled out one of the earphones and heard the familiar tune that normally accompanied the vibration she felt. As she walked she opened her bag and brought out her phone zipping her bag back up, looking at the screen she saw ‘1 New Message’ smiling she opened it.

‘Where are you? I’m already here, which is a first. So hurry the –HELL- up!’

The grin on her face only widened as Alexis read the message, she closed it down and sped up her walking pace. When she turned a corner to the street that had the old book shop on she noticed her auburn haired friend talking to someone, her brow knotted in slight confusion as she tried to make out who the person was, she slowed her pace as she came up to her friend hearing the conversation a smile came to her face and she stood still waiting for the conversation to be over.

“So there will be a small get together at the church tomorrow at 6pm, it would be an absolute joy if you could join us” Cheyenne nodded in response, looking extremely awkward and uncomfortable.

“I don’t know if I will be able to come.” She spoke back trying to be polite.

“Well whether you do or don’t, you will always be protected”

“Thank you” She paused as she tried to look away spotting Alexis and quickly looking back “Sorry, but I must go now”

“Alright my dear, I hope you have a wonderful afternoon”

“You too” She smiled and they shook hands before Cheyenne pulled away and made her way to Alexis who couldn’t stop smiling “Don’t say a thing”

“Is that your new best friend?” Alexis chuckled

“Not a thing!” Cheyenne stated as she brought a finger up, the pair giggling a short time after “So, so much for 2:22" She continued as she motioned to the metal clock on the side of the street.

“Yeah I guess we are both early” Alexis stated seeing the ‘1:55’

“Shall we go our separate ways before we meet up again?” Cheyenne asked Alexis looked her way with a knotted brow as if her friend had turned into a carrot “What?”

“What would be the point of that?” Alexis questioned.

“I don’t know” Cheyenne shrugged in response “Just thought it could be a thing” Alexis chuckled at her friend.

“Oh, I know what this is about” Cheyenne was now the one to look at Alexis as if she were crazy “You want to go and spend time with your new best friend” Cheyenne narrowed her eyes and sent a sharp punch to Alexis’ arm. Alexis smiled and brought her hand to her arm.

“Ow!” She chuckled playfully.

“I said not a word, you brought this on yourself”

“Fine, shall we wander for a bit and then go back to the old book shop at 2:22, that way we can be early and on time” Cheyenne smiled and nodded.

“Sounds like a plan”

“So where should we go to first?” Cheyenne shrugged at the question.

“How should I know? Just because I suggested we come here doesn’t mean I had a plan” Alexis raised her eyebrows in mock shock.

“Well, I think I rightfully assumed that you would know what we’d be doing!”

“And I assumed that we’d be on time and I wouldn’t get spoken to by a random person”

“And that’s my fault?” Alexis questioned a smile still on her features.

“Well, it’s not my fault you made me early” She chuckled, Alexis stopped walking for a moment as she watched her friend walk off a look of confusion on her features before she shouted out.

“How is that –MY- Fault!?” She stated as she ran after Cheyenne who just responded with a light-hearted chuckle.

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