Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 10: Meeting God

No One's POV

"Ok I'm done now" Anna said as she dusted off her hands and walked away from the bloody pulp of what was left of Nar

The Warriors and Aren could only look on in absolute terror at what they had just witnessed

"Dear God woman!" Butch exclaimed "Ya didn't have to go THAT far!"

"Seriously!" Blossom exclaimed "I understand wanting a little bit of payback but that was going way overboard!"

"What has been seen cannot be unseen" Brick muttered in a terrified daze

"And look!" Aren yelled while gesturing to his forge equipment "YA GOT HIS GUTS ALL OVER MAH BEAUTIFUL FORGE!"

Several seconds of 'Really?' glaring ensued before Anna sighed

"Calm down you lot" she said still devoid of emotions "Just give him a minute or two"

The rest of the group was confused by what she meant until darkness energy began swirling what was swirling around what was left of Nar. Then all of the remains started to be pulled back towards the center and slowly began to take shape.

First the brain reformed

Then the skeleton and nerves

The muscles and eyes found their appropriate places

Then came the skin and clothes

He suddenly breathed in as he opened his eyes.

The Lord of Darkness lived on

Nar-Korash's POV

I lowered myself to the floor and cracked my neck and winced a bit.

"Man you hit harder than I remember" I said stretching a bit

"It comes with the rank" Anna replied

We both then noticed the other seven people in the room who quite literally had their jaws hitting the floor.

I couldn't help but laugh at the sight

"You all look like a bunch of snakes about to eat something!" I said

"HOW IN THE- NO, WHAT IN THE HELL WAS THAT?!" Buttercup exclaimed

"Total regeneration via darkness energy" I explained "I preemptedly made sure I mastered it when I met Anna, never knew if I might spark her rage"

"In any case" Anna said "Close your mouths before a bird flies in to build a nest"

They did so but were still processing what they saw. Suddenly Boomer seemed to realize something

"You trained in the Legion Aren?" he asked said Scotts-man

"Aye lad" he answered "Mah father wanted me to be as adept with handling a blade as ah was at forgin' 'um"

"Getting back to current matters" I said turning to Anna "What's the deal Anna? You can't have come all this way just to take out some frustration… well maybe you could but I can tell that there is more than one thing on your agenda"

I was graced with something I hadn't seen in a while.

She smiled

Well, technically it was a very small smirk that only I could detect. But it was still enough to remember what I saw in her all those years ago.

"You always did know how to read me Nar" she said

"I'm a good translator" I joked

Her smirk increased a little bit more before she returned to normal. She turned to the rest of the group

"Not too long ago we detected six mortal souls enter the realm whose time had yet to expire" she explained "Nar's soul showed up as well but not as a rouge soul which I why I personally asked to come"

"Boy don't I know it" I said cracking my back a little

"My orders were to locate the souls and bring them to the Golden Palace for investigation" she continued

"Investigation?" Bubbles asked

She nodded

"To understand your purpose in coming here" she said

"Who's asking the questions?" Brick asked

"God" she replied

Golden Palace – Still Nar's POV

We arrived about ten minutes after fixing the damage to Aren's roof that Anna caused and bid him farewell. We entered the palace and the Warriors were looking like me when I first came to this place. We soon arrived at two giant golden doors which bore the symbol of the sun.

"Prepare yourselves mortals" Anna warned "For you will soon behold that which no living mortal would ever see"

The Warriors stiffened visibly but nodded none-the-less.

The doors opened and we all walked in.

The room was decorated tinted windows and crystal wall fixtures. Where we were currently walking there was a single red carpet which led to a platform with stairs leading up to the apex which one would think to see a throne yet there was none.

"Where is he?" Bubbles asked

"He'll be here soon" Anna said

We waited for a bit entertaining ourselves as best we could until a thundering and yet soothing broke the silence.

"Greetings my children" the voice boomed

The Warriors looked around the room trying to locate the source.

I directed them to the platform

From the ceiling descended a ray of light upon the platform and from the center of the light, a ball formed and grew to about six feet in length and radiated a calming warmth. Anna knelt down in respect and I gave a deep bow. I glanced over to the Warriors and it seemed they didn't know if they should kneel like Anna or bow like me.

I chuckled quietly

"Worry not my children" the light boomed "A simple bow will suffice"

They seemed to relax a bit and bowed themselves

"Nar, it is good to see you again" he said

"It's been awhile hasn't it?" I asked

"Indeed, how is your master doing?" he asked

"Oh, ya know he's still living in the dark ages" I joked

We both laughed a little. I noticed that everyone had 'WTF' faces.

"Joking aside Nar" he said seriously "You should know that bringing mortals to this realm isn't exactly smiled upon"

"Well I was trying to make sure Anna didn't notice me" I explained "And besides after what happened it seems the war has reached a turning point"

He didn't say anything for a bit, no doubt dealing with the pain of losing Gabriel. Eventually he regained his voice.

"So explain your reasoning for bringing these six here" he said

I cleared my throat and explained to him about the hidden prophecy and how it for told the death of Gabriel, the rising of Six Warriors and at last the end to the Great War. He was silent for another moment or two mulling over all I had said.

"I do not deny these mortals to be the six you spoke of Nar" he said at last "But six alone does not even the odds in our favor"

"I never said I'd let them fight alone" I replied

I couldn't tell his expression so I assumed he was surprised

"I too plan to join them on the front lines" I explained "Along with the force of the Legion"

"Nar, you know as well as I do the moral of the Legion is broken" he said

"Not completely" I said

I turned towards Anna

"Anna, will you also join us on the battlefield to end this war?" I asked looking straight into her eyes

"You kidding?" she asked with her eyebrow raised "I'd be on the front lines even if I was by myself"

I smiled and turned back to God

"Do you see?" I asked "Their moral isn't completely broken, and so long as one remains ready to fight then the rest will surely follow"

He was silent again before he started to chuckle a little which then bloomed into full-blown laughter.

"I suppose you are right Darkness Lord" he said once he calmed some "Perhaps it is time to whip the legion back into what they used to be"

"No" I said which caused all heads to turn towards me "Not the same as before. We'll make them even better"

I could tell he was smiling as were the Warriors even Anna gave one of her little smirks

"It won't be easy" he said "Lucifer accumulates his forces as we speak, and the warriors will need much training if they are to succeed"

"I've already got most of it figured out" I said "Arengoth and I will overlook their training and since we don't need to try and stay under the radar we can use the palace's more high-tech training grounds"

"What about the Legion?" Anna asked

"That's where you come in Anna" I replied "With your no-nonsense, do-it-or-I-kill-you personality you could make them even stronger than before"

She thought for a second before giving another smirk along with a nod

"Sounds like fun" she said

"Then it is decided" God said "I will send a messenger out to summon Arengoth to the palace at once"

"I'll get to work on the Legion" Anna said

I suddenly felt very sorry for those guys. I motioned to a guard nearby

"Will you take these six to the training grounds?" I asked

He saluted and began to lead them out

"Aren't you coming Nar?" Blossom asked

"In a minute" I replied "There's something I need to ask God first"

With that they had left, God had dismissed the other guards in the room so we could talk in private

"What is it Nar?" he asked

I took in a breath

"It's something that's been bugging me for a while now" I started

He waited for me to continue

"It's about Anna" I said

"What is it?" he asked

"When I met her I only had a hunch about it which only grew as I got to know her" I paused "About Anna is she…"


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