Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 11: Training and Romance Begins

Blossom's POV

After leaving Nar and God we were led by a guard, who seemed as stoic as Anna, to the training grounds. By Nar's description the training grounds haven't changed since his duel with Anna with the exception of the rather large domed building that we were heading towards. We entered the building and were greeted by Aren.

"Where's Nar?" he asked

"He had to talk to God about something" I answered "He said he'd be here shortly"

"Whelp, in tha meantime let's gives ya some weapon training" he said

He gestured towards a door which led to a large, and completely empty, white room.

"Kinda empty for a training grounds don't ya think?" Butch asked

"Ah, ya haven't even seen it in action yet" Aren said

He pressed some buttons and we were suddenly in a mountainous region.

"Holographic simulator" Brick commented

"Just like back home" Buttercup said

"Aye, ah can make any kinda enemy or any kinda environment appear to prepare ya fo' anythin'" he said

"Well enough chattin' it up!" Butch exclaimed "Let's start the ass kickin'!"

Brick and Buttercup rolled their eyes at Butch's enthusiasm

"Alright" Aren said "First let's get you acquainted with all of the currently known hellspawn"

He pressed a button and in front of us appeared a hideous creature. It walked on four legs with razor-edged claws at the end of each; on its back was a small cluster of spikes as well as on the end of its tail. Its skin looked like had been skinned off and grew back a few layers; it had rows of jagged teeth frozen in a wicked smile that would make any lesser man flee in terror and the psycho eyes only added to the picture.

"We call these Ravagers" Aren explained "They are the weakest of hell's minions but they make up for that in sheer numbers"

Next appeared a sort of insectoid like creature; it seemed to be something of a cross between a Japanese giant hornet and a dragonfly.

"These are simply called Hornets" Aren explained "They also attack in swarms and have a tendency to spray an acidic substance; it's recommended that you use fire, energy attacks or AOE attacks to kill them"

"AOE?" Bubbles asked

"Area of Effect" Aren explained "Attacks that hit large numbers of enemies that cluster around you, they're also called 'Crowd Control' attacks"

We nodded in understanding

The next one caused us all to blush while the boys covered Boomer's eyes. It was a female demon who had the top half of her body completely exposed and left nothing to be desired. She had a pair of horns on her head, small bat wings on her back, a whip-like tail and wore nothing but a skimpy thong, knee-high black leather boots and a seductive smile.

"This is a Succubus" Aren said "They are a race of demons who primarily target men and drain their life force via… *cough* sexual intercourse"

We all blushed harder as he moved on to the next two enemies. One was a minotaur who wielded a giant axe and a Cyclops who had a giant wooden club. They were both huge but the Cyclops had to be at least as tall as a two or three story building.

"I'm sure these two need no introduction" Aren said "They are the heavy hitters of hells minions; it's recommended that ya take them out first"

"Dibs!" Butch called out

"You want to take on two of the biggest of hells minions by yourself?" Buttercup asked sarcastically

"Damn right!" he replied

"Movin' on" Aren said "This is the final of the known hellspawn"

What appeared in front of us was what a stereotypical demon looked like; a crazed, bloodthirsty face, bat wings, whip tail, razor claws and talons, and its skin seemed to be charred black in certain spots.

"These are the Archdemons" Aren said "And they are the strongest of the hellspawn"

Another Archdemon was created but in contrast to the ordinary ones this one had a serious look on his face and his wings were upside-down.

"This is the leader of the hellspawn and the right hand of Lucifer; Nir'volung" Aren explained "He's the one who ended the life of Gabriel"

We gasped a little

"If you ever come across him or any Archdemon flee" Aren advised "The exception is if you manage to get the jump on a lone Archdemon and all of you attack it at once, otherwise they will eviscerate you"

We nodded

"Anyhow tha's all the enemies we know of" Aren said "Now let's get to training!"

"Right!" we said in unison

"Let's start with some individual training then move on to group" Aren suggested "You first Brick"

Brick's POV

Everyone left the arena and Aren started up the simulation.

"Tha point to this simulation is simple" Aren said "Survive"

With that five Ravagers were virtualized in a circle around me. I unsheathed my sword and waited for them to move first. After a few seconds they all leapt at me claws outstretched. Not too difficult; I dodged their lunge and sliced one right in half. One tried to claw me while the others jumped at me again. After I blocked the claw attack I swung four more times and they were all dead.

"C'mon Aren" I said "How about a challenge?"

"You asked for it laddie" he said

He pressed some buttons and a swarm of Hornets virtualized. Taking flight I flew straight into the swarm. They tried to blast me with a wall of acid but I created a giant fire wave from my sword and evaporated it. Now they began to fly towards me, spinning around like a tornado I generated a massive fire storm. I managed to burn through at least half of them but they kept coming. I began to charge energy into my palm then I blasted it towards the Hornets in a giant beam. More and more fell down as burning husks but I failed to notice the one that snuck up behind me until it had grasped me. I managed to blast it off but not before it stung my leg.

"Careful Brick" Aren warned "The venom of a Hornet acts as a paralyzing agent it won't stop you nor kill you from one sting but it will weaken you considerably"

"Perfect" I muttered as I began to feel the effects kick in

The remaining Hornets started swirling around me in a twister-like fashion.

"Careful lad this is one of their more dangerous tactics" Aren said "They trap their enemies in a giant funnel and strike them at random locations at high speed"

Not two seconds after he finished talking they had already started to attack. I couldn't tell when or from where they would attack. All I could do was try to defend myself. I was about to pass out from the pain and venom but then…

"C'mon Brick! You can't let these bugs do you in!" a familiar voiced cheered

It was Blossom

Blossom was actually cheering for me!

I felt a sudden surge of power and I generated a sphere of fire around me. Charging up all the energy I had left I sent the sphere in all directions and burned every last Hornet. Wish I could say I was able to celebrate this victory but with my energy spent and the venom taking hold, I began to fall from the sky.

"Brick!" I heard a voice call before I blacked out

Butch's POV

As Brick began to plummet Blossom charged out there calling his name and caught him before the impact. We all rushed out after her

"Is he OK?" Boomer asked

I checked his pulse

"He's fine" I said relieved "Just out like a light"

We brought him back to the control room and laid him on the floor.

"He should be fine once he gets some rest" Aren said "Blossom you look after 'im while he's out"

She nodded and placed his head in her lap

"You ready Butch?" he asked

"Born ready!" I said taking out my hammer

Aren started up the program and I was greeted with an entire army of minotaurs and Cyclops. I grinned in delight

"For me?" I said "Aren ya shouldn't have!"

"HA HA! Less talk and more hammer swingin' Butch!" he said

I charged forward and swung my hammer at the first Cyclops I came across. He staggered back a bit and I followed up by swinging my hammer down on his skull, killing him instantly. I turned my attention to a minotaur he tried to hit me with his axe once I got close but I dodged and kept pummeling him until he was dead as well. By this point my berserker started to surface; I swung, blasted, smashed, and destroyed enemy after enemy. After sometime I could feel my energy begin to drain and because of it a Cyclops managed to grab me. As he started to crush me I heard someone call out to me.

"HEY! What do think you're doin?! Giving up?! Get your act together and fight"


She is actually cheering for me?

She so likes me

With my energy spiking I cut the Cyclops arm off with my laser vision and once again charged head first into the crowd of waiting enemies. It wasn't until after the last minotaur fell that I finally calmed down. I collapsed to my knees panting from over-exertion. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looking up I saw Buttercup smiling at me.

"I…do good?" I asked between breaths

She nodded

"Yeah you did" she said

I felt myself smiling as I faded from consciousness

Boomer's POV

We all watched in awe as Butch felled enemy after enemy after he broke free from the Cyclops. He had always been the berserker but it never fails to amaze me whenever he pulls something like this. Buttercup carried him back in once he was out and Aren turned to me

"You're next Boomer" he said "This will be speed training for ya"

I nodded and started to head toward the door before I felt a tug at my sleeve. Turning around I found myself looking at a blushing Bubbles

"G-good luck Boomer" she said quietly

I felt myself blush as well. Then I smiled and pulled her into a one-arm hug

"Thanks Bubbles! I'll do my best!" I said

Before I walked into the arena I noticed that her blush had increased ten-fold. I unsheathed my daggers as I walked into the open area and braced myself for whatever Aren would throw at me.

Turned out I hadn't braced myself enough

Aren had created an army of Ravagers and Hornets whose sheer numbers equaled about four hundred football fields. I turned towards Aren in hopes that he was joking.

He wasn't

Sighing I waited for the mass of hellspawn to charge towards me.

"Remember lad: use yer speed!" Aren advised

With that said an army of hellspawn came after me. I charged forward at speeds close to Mach 1, I was always the fastest of my brothers, and I as I reached the crowd I quickly sank a blade into the neck of a Ravager then quickly slashed another and another until I reached a perfect rhythm of zigzagging through the massive numbers of enemies and slashing through them. The more I killed however the more I began to feel my energy drain away. Soon my speed began to falter and a Ravager got a lucky shot on me and slashed me across the chest.

"Boomer!" I heard Bubbles voice call out

My heart soared at the thought of her caring about me and I felt myself fill with newly found strength. I regained my balance and shot back into the waiting demons I continued my zigzagging and demon killing, and slowly I felt myself break the sound barrier and I kept going faster and faster and then all of a sudden all the demons were dead and I finally slowed down. I managed to drag myself back to the control room where Bubbles ran up to me.

"Are you OK Boomer?" she asked

I smiled widely

"Yep! Thanks to you Bubbles!" I said

She blushed again

Nar-Korash's POV – Later

I walked into the training arena only to find everyone completely worn out and lying on the floor.

"I hope you didn't push them too hard Aren" I said

"Ah jus' wanted to test their mettle" he replied

"Well how did they do?" I asked

"They go' some serious power locked away within 'um" he said looking at them in admiration "But if they are goin' to save anyone they must learn to tap into that power"

I stared at the unconscious Warriors for a second before my eyes fell to Blossom's bow

"Say Aren?" I said

"Hmm?" he replied

"I want you to make a modification to Blossom's weapon" I told him

"Like what?" he asked

"See if you can do something to make it a good close-quarters weapon should something ever happen" I said

He thought about it for a second

"Ah'll see what ah can do" he said

He took Blossom's bow and walked out and a split second later they began to stir

"Oh look who's finally here" Buttercup said

"Sorry about that" I said "After I finished my discussion with God we accidentally started to talk philosophy"

"Philosophy?" they all said

"Never mind" I said in a sing-song/taunting way "Anyway from what I've heard from Aren you all have great potential that said however you still need more training if you want to be able to save anyone"

They all groaned slightly at the process of more training

I laughed

"Well anyway that's enough for one day" I said "Come I'll show you all where you'll be sleeping"

"Sleeping?" Blossom asked

"As in spending the night here in Heaven?" Bubbles asked

"What about school and junk?" Buttercup asked

"Not to worry" I said "Time flows differently here just like it does in my realm"

"How different?" Butch asked

I checked my old-time pocket watch

"Well we have been in heaven for about ten hours now" I said as I closed my watch "Which means about… ten seconds have passed on earth"

Their jaws dropped

"ONLY TEN SECONDS?!" Buttercup exclaimed

"Yes but there's time for that later" I said "Come you all should grab some food before bed"

"How long are we going to stay here?" Bubbles asked

"As long as it takes Bubbles" I replied

After a lively dinner I showed them to the living quarters. I stopped in front of a door and gave a sly grin to myself before I turned to the Warriors

"Oh now I remember" I said "I completely forgot to tell you all"

"What is it?" Boomer asked

"Well ya see" I started "There were only three rooms available and each can only hold two people"

Their eyes widened

"So what you're saying is…" Blossom trailed off

"The six of you will have to partner up and share a room" I finished "This room is for you Bubbles and Boomer

Said couple blushed differing shades of red and were about to say something but I cut them off

"No you can't switch with anyone" I said and opened the door for them

They awkwardly shuffled in and I went on my way to show the Reds and Greens their rooms. All the while grinning to myself.

No One's POV – Blues

The Blues stood very awkwardly in their room, neither of them had expected things to turn out the way they did. Boomer went to take a shower and Bubbles followed suite once he finished. Now both of them sat on the bed wanting to sleep but too nervous to try. After a while Boomer spoke up

"If it makes you feel more comfortable I could sleep on the couch" he suggested

"No it's… fine like this" Bubbles responded

Then after sitting for another minute or two Boomer finally gave in to his tiredness and got under the blanket and after a second or two Bubbles did as well facing away from Boomer

"Goodnight Bubbles" Boomer said

"Goodnight Boomer" Bubbles said

After sometime they both drifted asleep but as they slept they both turned over in their sleep causing them to unconsciously hold each other.

No One's POV – Reds

Brick went to take a shower first and Blossom right after. Currently they both stared at the only double bed in the room.

"Ever get the feeling that someone made something happen?" Brick asked

"Increasingly" Blossom responded "Right now"

Brick sighed

"If you want I can sleep on the floor or something" Brick offered

She shook her head

"It's fine" she simply said

They both got in the bed and faced opposite each other not really able to fall asleep just yet. After a while Brick decided to speak up

"Hey" he said

"What?" Blossom responded

"Thanks" Brick said simply

"What for?" Blossom asked turning towards him

"For cheering me on during training" Brick replied

Blossom blushed a little

"It was nothing" she said

"Maybe not but…" Brick started as he rolled over to face Blossom

Her blush increased by leaps and bounds as he placed a hand on her cheek

"It meant a lot to me" he finished

He took his hand away and smiled at her

"Goodnight Babe" he said

She added a pout to her blush and said

"Don't call me that" then added "But goodnight"

They both drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

No One's POV – Greens

Buttercup barged in the room and took her shower and Butch afterwards did the same. Once Butch was out Buttercup was already under the covers. Butch smirked a little

"Someone must be tired" he commented

"Is that a crime now?" she responded not looking at him

Butch had an idea at this point. He crawled on the bed up to Buttercup and quickly yanked off the cover to reveal her blushing face

"I figured you were embarrassed" Butch said

Buttercup just turned away from him. He chuckled to himself and laid down next to her and placed his arm around her waist. Before she could yell at him however he spoke up

"Relax" he said "Or you'll be all sore when you wake up"

She eventually managed to relax by breathing in his scent and before she drifted off she manage to say

"If you try anything I'll break your arm"

All he did was laugh.

Nar: Hello everyone it's just me today. Electron is off banging his head on a wall in shame. Why you may ask? His creative processes had dwindled during the fight scenes. He was originally going to write something for all six of them but he just could make the scenes flow right so he cut out the girls parts and tried to make up for it with the romantic sections. I only ask that you don't hate him for this, you wouldn't believe how hard he works on these chapters. If he didn't care at all he either would stop the story or would have half-assed everything.

Well anyway R&R and Enjoy Life

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