Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 12: Final Lesson

The Next Day – Nar-Korash's POV

I was in the training room with Aren when I heard the Warriors walk in. Turning around I noted that they were all blushing varying shades of red, the Blues in particular; I felt a smug smile tug at my lips.

"You all got a good night's sleep I trust?" I asked

Buttercup glared at me

"You paired us up like that on purpose didn't you?" she accused

I innocently looked away with a 'Nothin' to see here' smile

"It was a simple stroke of fate and nothing more" I replied

"Right" she responded sarcastically

I looked over at her with a raised eyebrow

"Are you saying you didn't enjoy sleeping with Butch right next to you Buttercup?" I questioned

Her blush increased and she simply turned away without saying a word. Even though I could tell he was enjoying this back-and-forth Butch decided to change the subject.

"So what's on today's schedule?" he asked

"Today you six will be fighting all together against massive amounts of enemies" I responded

"How massive?" Brick asked

"Massive" I responded

They all looked at each other.

"Compared to my solo training how massive?" Boomer asked

"Bigger" I responded

"Perfect" everyone but Butch said sarcastically

"Before that though" Aren said turning towards Blossom "Ah got a present for ya Blossom"

"What is it?" she asked

"As per Nar's request ah tweaked yer bow a bit" he said holding out said bow "The bow is now the child of the sword and the blade"

They all looked at him quizzically. I stepped in to help out.

"What he means is the bow can be used in close combat as a bladed weapon" I explained "In case your enemies get too close for comfort"

"Oh I see" Blossom said as she took the bow "Thanks Nar!"

"Now tha bladed edge works a lot like Bubble's whip" Aren explained "It will only cut objects and those you deem to be enemies"

"Good" she said "I'd rather like to keep my fingers attached to my hand"

"Indeed" I agreed "Anyway let's get to training"

With that said the Warriors moved into the arena. A few button pushes later and they were surrounded by enough enemies to fill three Earth sized planets.

"This will be a small fraction of the expected size of Lucifer's army" I said "By the end of the training you will be able to defeat all of them with relative ease"

"Isn't this a bit…much?" Blossom asked

"I know it might seem that way" I replied "However as I said this is only a small fraction of what is expected to be encountered and during the actual battle you will have the entirety of the Legion at your backs. So the greater number you can defeat before you begin to tire; the bigger the advantage for us"

They looked at each other for a little bit before nodding in understanding

"Remember the point is not to win" I said "But to survive"

They all nodded again and got into a fighting stance

"Good luck" I said as I started the attack "You'll need it"

No One's POV

Blossom quickly flew into the air as the horde of demons began to charge. When she reached a decent height she knocked an energy arrow and fired it towards the ground. As the arrow was released it separated into thousands of arrows and rained down on several enemies killing them instantly.

As the arrow storm let up Butch jumped into the air and plummeted, hammer first, back towards the ground creating a large shockwave on impact and sending a bunch of demons into the air. Boomer, taking advantage of the stunned demons, dashed into the air at lightning quick speeds and killed all the demons before they could recover.

Bubbles and Buttercup stood back-to-back surrounded by demons. One leapt at them but was quickly sliced in half by Buttercup's glaive. Buttercup moved quickly and continued to slash at any demon that got too close then gracefully spun in the air and impaled another poor demon before spinning the glaive like a giant baton and executing a three hundred and sixty degree swipe that decapitated all nearby demons. Bubbles was handling herself as well; the razor-like edges of her whip combined with its length created a deadly combo for many an unfortunate demon.

Brick had charged straight into the thickest of enemies. He had built up a steady rhythm of slashing and dodging demons and blasting them with his energy blasts. And should they start to get too close he would plunge his sword into the ground; creating a ring of fire that burned any enemy it touched.

Blossom flew through the air being chased by Hornets. Turning herself around she let loose another arrow storm; unfortunately, the Hornets were quick and dodged with only a few of them being taken down. She quickly took in a deep breath and let loose her ice breath which froze a good portion of the Hornets and sent them crashing to the ground where they shattered on impact.

Brick noticed Blossom being chased and sent out a large fire wave that scorched the remaining Hornets.

"Thanks!" she called

"Happy to help!" he called back

Buttercup was still holding strong but she was starting to feel overwhelmed. With this she failed to notice the Ravager that snuck up behind her before it leapt at her. Before it could strike however its head got smashed by a familiar warhammer, whose owner quickly grabbed it and stood back-to-back with her.

"You should really watch you back more!" Butch said as his hammer connected with a Ravager's ribcage and sent it flying into several others

"Would if I could but I can get tricky" she replied slashing a few more Ravagers "You get my back I get yours?"

"Sounds good to me!" he replied as he raised his hammer above his head


He brought down the hammer which caused the earth to shatter in a large radius and created jagged stalagmites to rise from the ground and speared any foe in range.

"Impressive" Buttercup commented "But watch this:"

She began spinning her glaive rapidly above her head clockwise and formed a wind vortex that sucked in all nearby demons. When a decent amount had been drawn in she jumped into the vortex herself.


She spun counter-clockwise and started rapidly stabbing her glaive into the whirlwind and impaled the helpless demons caught in the twister. She landed next to Butch, who was fighting off more demons, as the vortex dissipated. She could feel him smirk over his shoulder

"Pretty impressive" he complimented bringing down his hammer on a Ravager's head

"I know" Buttercup replied decapitating another three

Bubbles and Boomer were beginning to tire from the constant fighting. Evident mostly in Boomer's speed beginning to drop down to about Mach 1. Thankfully Bubbles formed an idea

"Boomer!" She called to him "Follow my lead!"

She began to spin her whip around her in the shape of a cone. Water began to form her whip which she sent out drenching all nearby enemies. Boomer, who had quickly caught on to her plan, dodged the wave, flew next to her and speared the now wet ground with his daggers.


Sending out a massive jolt of lightning it quickly spread through the wet ground and electrified the also soaked demons effectively killing them.

"We make a good tag-team huh?" Boomer asked between breaths

"Yeah" Bubbles replied equally tired

The Reds had also begun to tire and from the look of it they had barely made a dent in the demon forces. Forming an idea Brick flew up to where Blossom was launching arrows in the sky

"Do you think you could overcharge an arrow with energy?" he asked

"I think so" she replied

"Do it then" he said "I have an idea"

Blossom then began to charge a large portion of energy into a single arrow until roughly fifty yards wide

"OK" Brick said "Wait until I tell you to fire"

He then began to infuse his fire energy into the arrow causing it to become engulfed in flames.

"OK Fire!" he shouted

She let go of the arrow and it took the form of a giant phoenix which reduced all it touched to dust.

"I call it…" Brick paused for dramatic effect "The Phoenix Wave"

"I like it" Blossom said

They both went back to the fight.

30 minutes later – Nar-Korash's POV

As I watched the last of the Warriors finally collapse from exhaustion I could honestly say that I was beyond impressed. They had lasted at least thirty-some odd minutes and probably taken out at least an eighth of the hellspawn. But what really stunned me was their sudden usage of the elements. Aren also took note

"Didya see that?" he asked "The very elements themselves have lent them their power!"

"Indeed" I said "They matched so perfectly I don't even think they realized they had them when they were fighting"

"Aye, it might be mah imagination" Aren said turning to look at me "But everytime ah seem to look at them mah confidence in our victory grows"

"I can't disagree with you there" I said "Have them be patched up and sent to their rooms for some rest"

"Aye" he replied

Several Heaven Weeks Later – Still Nar's POV *A/N in the human world it's about 5:37 a.m.*

I watched with joy as the Warriors cut down the last of the Ravagers without even breaking a sweat. I walked over to them all clapping like a mad man

"Well down Warriors!" I said with joy "To say that you all have met and exceeded my expectations would be an understatement of the first magnitude!"

"Well what can I say?" Butch said flexing his muscles "I am pretty great"

Buttercup playfully whacked him on the head

"You all are almost ready for the upcoming war" I said "There is but one thing left"

"What is it?" Bubbles asked

"You all have one final opponent to face before you are ready to challenge the hellspawn" I said

"OK who is it?" Brick asked raring for action

"Me" I said simply

They all stared at me with questioning looks

"You will be given three days to rest up or train" I said "And after that all will be explained"

They all looked at each other before nodding

"I look forward to the fight" I said

Me: Done!

Nar: Welcome back

Me: Yes! I'm back and I have to say I think I did better on this fight sequence

Nar: I agree

Me: On a different note I will be in California on June 6th of this year!

Nar: Ah California; the sun, the surf, the constant earthquakes. No better place in the world!

Me: No need to worry though I will try to upload another chapter during my time there so you all won't have to wait two weeks to see what happens next.

Nar: But if he doesn't it's because he forgot due to a fun overdose.

Me: It happens

Nar: Either way R&R!

Me: And Later Days!

*In Greek mythology Gaia is the titan of earth and was also known as Mother Earth she is also the mother of all the titans and grandmother to the Greek gods.

**Typhon is the titan of wind who was imprisoned by Zeus under a mountain

***Poseidon is the Greek God of the Sea and Lightning but I'm sure you all knew that

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