Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 13: Blooming Love

The Next Day – Bubble's POV

I woke up when a stray beam of sunlight shone through the curtains and found my eyes. With a groan I turned around to try and escape the evil sunbeam but found myself face-to-face with a sleeping Boomer. I couldn't help the blush that quickly spread across my face. We had been sleeping in the same bed for several Heaven weeks now but I still blush everytime I wake up to his sleeping face. I sighed quietly and considered my options; I can't sleep on my right side because of the sun, not on my left because it would be too embarrassing, and sleeping on my back always makes the back of my throat dry up. With no other option I decided to get up. I moved slowly so I wouldn't disturb Boomer and when I was free of the bed I quietly walked to the closet which had been filled with different clothing for the two of us. I grabbed the first thing I saw: a simple light blue summer dress that was detailed to have bubbles all around it. I exited the room silently and walked to the food hall for some breakfast. When I arrived I found that both if my sisters were there as well; sitting at a table and deciding on what to have for breakfast. Smiling I walked over to them

"Morning!" I said as I sat down with them

"Good morning Bubbles" Blossom responded

"Yo" Buttercup said not even looking up from the menu

"I'm surprised that you're even up Buttercup" I commented

"That's because I woke up to Butch's hand wrapped around my waist AND his snoring" she replied

"I suppose you were already up Blossom?" I asked

Blossom had always been the early riser

"Yep, though I had to escape from Brick's sleeping clutches to get here" she responded with a slight chuckle "So what got you up Bubbles?"

"A stray sunbeam landed on my eyes" I said "And Boomer's sleeping face was on the other side"

After a few more of minutes of talking we had decided on our respective breakfasts. I chose a stack of pancakes with blueberry syrup, Blossom got a Belgian Waffle with maple syrup and topped with whipped cream, and Buttercup got an egg over easy with two slices of wheat toast and a few strips of bacon which she turned into a breakfast sandwich. After we finished our breakfast we went our separate ways. I wandered around for a while trying to think of something to do. After about five minutes I finally figured out what I should do and I quickly turned around and ran towards my objective.

Boomer's POV – Later

I woke to find the bed empty not that that surprised me over the weeks in Heaven I had grown used to Bubbles waking up before me. With a sigh I dragged myself out of bed and pulled on a dark blue shirt and a pair of black shorts. As I walked past the food hall I thought about grabbing some food but I wasn't too hungry so I kept walking. After a while I met up with Brick who, by the look of it, had also just gotten out of bed

"Hey bro" I said

"Mornin' Boomer" he said with a yawn

"Butch still asleep?" I asked

"Like a bear in winter" he replied

We both laughed at the joke

"Skipping breakfast?" Brick asked once he stopped laughing

I shrugged

"Not hungry" I said

"Fair enough" he said as he started to walk by "I hope they have some fresh coffee"

Ever since we came here I think he had somehow gotten a coffee addiction. I continued walking and eventually found myself in the garden. If there was just one thing I could say about angels: it would be that they have the most amazing gardeners ever. Everywhere I looked there was some different kind of flower; roses, tulips, hydrangeas, camellias, lilacs and hundreds if not thousands more. Many of the bushes had also been transformed into some amazing topiary. Commonly there were angels but also cats, dogs, dragons and more. I continued my stroll through the gardens until I came to a clearing where I was graced with the most beautiful sight of all.


Her back was turned towards me so she had yet to notice my presence. I watched her water the flowers and marvel at them herself. And the sun was shining on her in just the right way that her that it seemed as though her skin shined with a distinct brilliance that even an angel would turn her head in envy. I continued to watch as I reflected on our relationship in the past few Heaven weeks. She had always seemed to be so nervous around me but eventually she began to get over it and we had become great friends. However it was also during this time that I had noticed something myself. It took me a while to figure out but when I did I literally smacked myself when no one was looking out of how simple it was.

I was in love with Bubbles

And I was fairly certain that she felt the same about me. It seemed that I had grown less dense during my stay here and I'm glad I did or else I may have never realized how I felt about her. After my realization I had pondered on whether or not to tell her how I feel but now, standing here gazing at her beauty, I made up my mind. Taking a deep breath I walked over to her

"Hey Bubbles!" I called out

She jumped a bit and turned towards me

"Oh Boomer!" she said while holding her hand over her chest "You startled me!"

"Sorry about that" I said with a grin

She smiled back and I gazed at the flowers she had just watered

"They're beautiful" I said

"Yeah" she said "I had asked Nar if it would be ok to have my own section of this garden and he said 'sure'"

I wasn't entirely sure how I'd tell her how I feel at this point but I had an idea when I saw one particular flower.

"Do you mind if I pick one?" I asked

"Sure" she replied with a smile

Reaching out I grabbed a white rose from the bush and picked off the thorns as I gazed at it in thought

"You know I always preferred white roses to red" I mused

"Same here" she said looking at them "The red ones are nice but they are used so much that they seem to lose their meaning"

"Yeah but I like them for another reason" I said

She looked at me curiously

"What's that?" she asked

I stood up and tucked the rose behind her ear

"They really emphasize how beautiful you are" I said as I placed my hand on her cheek

Her entire face had turned crimson at this point and I chuckled a bit at the sight.

"Bubbles, there's something I need to tell you" I said

She couldn't speak I guessed so she simply nodded

"Ever since I met you back in Japanese class, it stirred up some feeling I had never felt before" I started "I didn't know what to make of it so I did my best to ignore it but as we got to know each other during our stay it kept coming up until finally my idiot brain figured it out"

She didn't say anything. I took one more breath to steel my nerves

"I love you Bubbles" I said "Ever since that day in Japanese- no even before that I've been in love with you"

Her eyes had grown even wider by the time I had finished. I removed my hand from her face

"I know that we were enemies in the past and I know I did many terrible things to you that are not easy to forgive" I said with a sad smile "But I hope that one day I'll be able to atone for my sins in your eyes"

She stood there dumbstruck for another moment or two before a wide smile broke out on her face. She leapt at me in a flying hug before saying

"I love you too Boomer!"

My heart soared with joy as she said those words. Without a second thought I returned the hug and spun her around while floating in the air. I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine.

"Can I kiss you?" I asked already leaning in

"Yes" she responded doing the same

The second our lips touched an explosive wave of pure bliss flowed through me. Time seemed to stop just for us and we took full advantage until we finally ran out of breath. She smiled at me and I did the same

"Want to help with the garden?" she asked

"Sure" I said kissing her nose

We landed on the ground a continued to tend the garden.

A Certain Someone's POV

I watched the Blues have their moment with the utmost happiness. They really do make a great couple. Adjusting my hat I left the two lovebirds to themselves and plotted out a plan of the Reds and Greens.

Me: Done!

Nar: Can you guess who that was at the end?

Me: Oh of course they can

Nar: Still not bad for your first romance chapter

Me: Thank you I feel pretty good about it

Nar: Can't wait to see what happens next


Nar: You told them that last week -.-

Me: So? That doesn't mean I can't be excited and say it again

Nar: Oy

Me: Oh well till next week people!

Nar: R&R!


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