Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 14: Love Between Bookworms

Blossom's POV – 2 Days Until The Fight

I woke up at about 8:30 and once again found myself gently struggling out of Brick's sleeping grasp. When I finally managed to get myself free I walked quietly over to my closet. I pulled on a dark pink tank top and a pair of white shorts. I was about to walk out of the room until I heard Brick mumbling something in his sleep. Curious, I walked back towards the bed and leaned in to hear him better

"Blossom…" he mumbled

I jerked my head back with a large blush present on my face. I quickly and silently left the room and tried not to think about it too much but my thoughts kept drifting back to Brick.

What was his dream about?

What was I doing in it?

Why do I keep thinking his sleeping face looks so cute?

My blush deepened at the last question. I shook my head and concentrated on making my blush die down. I made my way to the food hall and started to ponder what I'd have for breakfast today. A few minutes later Bubbles walked in and was positively beaming with pure joy. I raised my eyebrow as she sat down

"You seem happy" I commented

She seemed shocked

"Is it that obvious?" she asked

I laughed a little

"Like a pig trying to hide among birds" I joked

Now it was here turn to laugh a little

"Well I am happy and for good reason too" she said

"Well, let's hear it" I said suspense starting to get to me

She shook her head a little

"Do you mind if we wait for Buttercup?" she asked

"Alright" I said with a sigh

We chatted for another ten minutes until Buttercup walked in with a slight blush

"Something interesting happen?" I asked with a smirk

I think Brick's personality was starting to rub off on me

"No" she said simply indicating that she wanted the conversation to be dropped

Of course we had to drag it out a little

"You sure?" Bubbles asked with a mischievous smile "From the blush on your face we could've sworn something happened"

"Nothing" came another blunt reply

"Perhaps it had something to do with Butch" I mused in a teasing way

She said nothing

"Maybe he wasn't wearing a shirt and when Buttercup woke up he was unconsciously holding her to his chest" Bubbles suggested

Her blush increased three-fold. We had struck gold

"How cute!" Bubbles swooned

"Shut up" she said "I don't even like the guy"

"Suuuuuuure you don't" I said sarcastically "And Clark Kent is actually Batman"

Bubbles chuckled at the joke and Buttercup just made a 'humph' noise and went back to the menu. I decided to spare her from anymore embarrassment and turned my attention back to Bubbles.

"Now that Buttercup is here why were you so happy when you walked in?" I asked her

"Well it happened yesterday" she started "After we had breakfast I went out to the garden and tended to the flowers"

She paused as if reliving the moment before Buttercup snapped her back into focus

"After a few minutes had passed Boomer had appeared out of nowhere and startled me a bit" she continued "We talked a little bit about roses and then…"

She had paused again and by this time Buttercup was getting impatient

"Oh, for the love of- just get on with it!" she exclaimed

"He told me that he loved me" she concluded

Buttercup's irritation turned to surprise which I mirrored

"What did you say next?" I pressed

"I said that I loved him too" she replied "And then we…kissed"

She returned to a state of pure bliss which left me and Buttercup to stare

I recovered first and placed a hand on her shoulder

"Well I'm happy for you Bubbles" I said with a smile "May you find eternal happiness with him"

She responded with a smile of her own and even Buttercup had to chuckle as well. We ate and finished our breakfast and went our separate ways. I took off in the direction of the building that had held my interest for some time now

The Library.

Brick's POV

I pulled myself out of bed and noticed Blossom wasn't there. However that wasn't anything new she was the early riser of the two of us. I walked over to the closet and pulled out a crimson shirt with flame decoration and some black shorts. I walked out of the room and bumped into Boomer who looked like he had just reached enlightenment.

"Someone's happy" I noted

"Dang right!" he exclaimed

"What happened?" I asked

"Well I found Bubbles out in the garden yesterday right?" he started

"Ok" I said

"Well I told her that I loved her and she felt the same!" he finished triumphantly

After a moment of shock I broke out in a wide smile and pulled him into a headlock

"Well how about that?!" I said playfully giving him a noogie "My little bro has become a man!"

He pushed out of the lock with a wide smile.

"Well I'm going to go out and help Bubbles in the garden again" he said "What are you going to do?"

I was about to say that I was going to grab some coffee and hit the gym but suddenly my mind shifted and I found myself saying

"I think I'm going to check out the library"

"Alright then" Boomer said as he started to walk away "Later bro"

I waved goodbye but couldn't help wondering why I wanted to go to the library all of a sudden but since I said it I figured I might as well go through with it. Adjusting my hat I walked off to the library.

A Certain Someone's POV

Neither of the boys noticed me attach my shadow to Brick's and plant the idea to go to the library and quickly retract it. I smiled mischievously; the scene was all set up now to watch the follow through.

"All according to plan" I said equally mischievous

I faded into the shadows and shadow-ported *A/N exactly what it sounds like: teleporting via shadows* to the concluding scene of my plan.

Back to Brick's POV

I walked into the library and was instantly hit by the smell of aging books. It was kinda relaxing in a strange way. The head librarian nodded her head at me with a smile and I reciprocated to gesture. I walked along the rows of books glancing at the titles and occasionally read the back if it sounded interesting. As I walked out of the third row I happened to look up from a book I had considered reading and found a piece of heaven all its own


She was sitting on a chair in a sunbeam near a large window and reading what seemed to be a Shakespeare novel. The light seemed to radiate off her hair giving it a shine that would rival anything found in heaven. And her face was that of euphoric contentment as if she had all she ever needed right there in her lap. And it was right then and there that I was practically hit with the force of a train by a feeling that I had only heard of


I began to understand Boomer on a whole new level. This feeling that made me want to do nothing more than simply scoop her out of that chair and kiss the living daylights out of her. I reigned in that impulse, for now, and decided to tell her how I felt about her. I walked over to her slowly and formed, or at least tried to form, a plan of how I would tell her but before I came up with anything I was standing right next to her. She had yet to notice me being so enthralled in her book and with no better plan in mind I decided to wing it.

"Hey bookworm" I said

She jumped out of her trance and looked up to find me

"You shouldn't sneak up on people like that" she said trying to calm herself down

"Sneak up?" I asked with a smirk "I was standing next to you for a good minute or two trying to see when you would notice me"

She blushed slightly and tried to change the subject

"What book is that?" she asked indicating towards the book I held in my hand

"It's called The Book Thief by Markus Zusak" I said "It looked interesting because it is narrated by Death"

She raised her eyebrows a bit

"That does sound interesting" she said

I nodded towards her book

"Shakespeare I take it?" I asked

"Yep" she replied "He's one of my favorite authors"

"I figured as much" I said "Romeo and Juliet I bet"

"Not half bad detective work there Sherlock" she said with a smile "I like the forbidden romance between the two main characters, it reminds me of…"

"Our siblings?" I finished for her

She smiled a bit

"Yeah" she said "Like our siblings"

I couldn't help but notice a note of bittersweet in her voice

"Something bothering you?" I asked

She looked up at me for a moment before continuing

"I'm happy for my sister but I can't really grasp the concept of love very well" she started "I've read about it in books sure but it prods at points in my mind that are simply unable to fully understand it, if that makes any sense"

I nodded a bit while I thought about it

"It might be because you have never been in love yourself and as such it simply doesn't flow into your mind as easily as other things might" I mused "Or perhaps it is simply BECAUSE you're thinking about it too much that you can't figure it out"

She looked at me questioningly

"I remember Nar once mentioning that you tend to over-think things that don't need to be" I explained "And perhaps your brain is trying to understand but all you really need to do is to simply experience it"

She thought for a second before nodding

"I suppose that makes sense" she started "But I don't even know what I would do in a situation where love was involved"

I sensed a golden opportunity so I decided to take it

"Perhaps you should try to figure it out quickly" I said

She looked at me with another questioning look which turned to shock as I took her hand in mine

"I love you Blossom" I said

She had a stunned expression for about ten seconds before her face exploded with crimson.

"I-I have to go!" she said as she tried to pull away from me

'Oh no' I thought 'You're not getting off that easily Pinky'

I grasped her hand tighter and pulled her into a hug. I watched in amusement as she tried to get away in a flustered panic. I leaned down towards her ear

"Don't think" I whispered "Just relax and let instinct takeover"

With that I swiftly caught her lips in a surprise kiss. She stood stunned for a few more seconds before she finally gave in and kissed me back. How else could I describe it but pure and beautiful euphoria. Heaven itself could not even begin to produce something as amazing as what I know the two of us are feeling right now. After a few minutes we finally broke apart panting slightly. I smirked a bit

"So what do you have to say now Pinky?" I asked playfully

"I… say…" she said between breaths "I love you too Brick"

I pulled her into another hug which she gladly reciprocated. When we broke apart she looked at me with a smile

"Want to read with me?" she asked

I gave her a peck on the lips

"Sure" I replied

We both sat down on a love seat and started to read some more Shakespeare.

A Certain Someone's POV

I fist pumped in glee while the reds sat down on the love seat. Now all that was left was for the Greens and perhaps I could try to work on re-igniting an old flame.

Smiling at the thought I faded back into the shadows.

Me: *groggily* Done…

Nar: Don't mind him folks he's just worn out because he underestimated California and how much of a good time he'd be having. In fact he almost put this off for another week but with the help of his favorite songs keeping him up he managed to do it! Right Electron?

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Nar: -.-" Well any way hope you enjoyed the chapter. R&R and Later Days!

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