Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 15: Love in the Gym

Buttercup's POV – One Day Until the Fight

When I woke up I was glad to find that Butch was facing away from me as he slept. I slowly got up and walked over to the closet and pulled out a black tank-top with the words 'Sorry, No Time to Listen' written on it in green cursive letters and a pair of khaki shorts. I slipped on the tank-top and when I went to pull on the shorts I heard an all too familiar voice.

"Ya know, it's a shame you have to sit on something that pretty" it said

I turned my head to find Butch wide awake and staring at my ass with a smirk. I calmly finished putting on my shorts, buttoned and zipped them and then proceeded to walk over to Butch while cracking my knuckles.

"Oh boy" he said smirk replaced with a worried expression

Now it was my turn to smirk.

30, Butch Getting His Ass Kicked Up and Down the Curb, Minutes Later

"Later Butch" I called to his bruised and mangled form then walked out of the room

I walked down to the food hall where I found my sisters, who had obviously gotten there before me again, talking about something. We said our greetings and I sat down with them.

"So what's with the chatter?" I asked

"It's about Blossom!" Bubbles said excitedly

"Well I went to the Library yesterday" she started "Then Brick showed up out of nowhere"

I could see where this was going

"Let me guess" I started "Some romantic crap happened; you two said that you loved each other, kissed and now you're a couple"

"Yes!" she exclaimed

Oy vey, I have officially lost the two of them to insanity

I sighed but said nothing

"Getting off my love life" Blossom started "How are things between you and Butch?"

The question threw me a bit but I quickly regained my composure

"Same as always; he's a perv and he ticks me off" I said

"Not like that!" Bubbles said "She meant; romantically"

An almost invisible blush appeared on my face but I hid it just to be safe.

"I don't like the guy so anything romantic doesn't exist" I stated

"Oh please you SO have the hots for him" Blossom said with an eye roll "I can tell because of the blush that you are hiding"

Said blush deepened considerably when she pointed it out. I hid my face completely

"Whatever" was all I said

They both chuckled a bit but thankfully let it drop. Almost like clockwork we got our various breakfasts, ate, and after a little more chatting we finally got up and prepared to leave. Before I could leave however; they both caught me by the shoulders.

"Try to be a little more accepting of your feelings" Blossom advised

"And try not to get too violent with him" Bubbles added

I rolled my eyes and jerked my shoulders out of their grasps

"I have no feelings for him to accept" I said as I stormed away

Jeez what could they possibly know? They've only been together with them for about a day or two. How did they suddenly become so all knowing about love? With a sigh I sped toward the only place where I could relax:

The Gym

Butch's POV

I finally came to and with a groan slowly began to work out the kinks that Buttercup had so generously given me. Once I had finished I got up and grabbed a black shirt with a green strip that ran across it and a pair of grey shorts. I walked out of the room and after some walking I ran into Brick who was smiling like the Cheshire Cat.

"What's up with the smile?" I asked him

"I am now officially going out with Blossom!" he exclaimed

I was surprised; I had heard that Boomer was going out with Bubbles but I didn't expect Brick to have gotten together with Blossom the day after. I smiled and patted him on the back

"Nice one bro" I said

"Thanks" he said "How are things between you and Buttercup?"

I smiled a little

"It's… a work in progress" I said

"That bad huh?" he asked with a raised eyebrow

"Kinda" I admitted

"Well I wish you luck brother" he said as he started to walk away "I'm off to the library!"

I waved goodbye and pondered what to do with myself before I suddenly had the idea of heading to the gym. I wondered where the thought came from but I shrugged and left for the gym.

A Certain Someone's POV

I retracted my shadow from Butch's and smirked as he walked away.

I could tell that this was going to be very fun to see.

With that done I shadow-ported to the rafters of the gym and waited for the play to start.

Butch's POV

I entered the gym and was hit by the familiar smell of sweat and leather *A/N like when you enter the gym at your school*. I strolled about trying to think of what to do when I came across something rather lovely:


She was lifting weights while running on the treadmill. I watched her for a few minutes as I contemplated my feelings for her. It didn't take long though since the answer was simple.

I loved her

It really was that simple but the difficult part was trying to tell her that. She had always been the toughest and I could tell that she tried very hard so that everyone would never question that however; it always seemed like a way of bottling emotions. To me at least. After some time I formed a plan to open up that barrier of stubborn hot-headedness. I walked over to her and she didn't yet notice me so I figured to get her attention and earn a laugh as well

"Hiya Buttercup!" I called when I was next to her

She got startled and nearly fell off the treadmill but I caught her in time. She turned off the treadmill to glare at me.

"Not funny" she said

"Sorry!" I said in a sing-song voice "But you seemed so worked up that I thought I'd try to help out"

Her scowl remained

"Well you failed" she said

"Well then how 'bout a quick sparring match?" I offered

She seemed into the idea no doubt from the aspect that she could hit me.

"Fine" she answered

We moved towards the arena in the center of the gym and Buttercup took a fighting stance and I did the same. She was the first to move by lunging at me with a punch aimed for my head. I blocked it and tried to counter attack with similar results. For a good few minutes we exchanged a series of punches and kicks only for them to be blocked or dodged. Soon we found ourselves locked in place until I tripped her up with my foot and sent her to the ground where I pinned her arms and legs. She struggled but to no avail and eventually sighed in frustration.

"Now that I know I have your attention" I began "Mind answering a question or two?"

She gave a suspicious look

"What" she finally asked

"Why do you hate me so much?" I asked in a serious tone

She seemed unprepared for the question as she thought for a minute

"I don't hate you, I just don't like you" she replied looking away with a blush

That lifted my spirits a bit

"Why don't you like me?" I asked

"You're a perv among other things" she replied looking at me again

I couldn't help the chuckle that escaped my throat

"True but I am only perverted towards you" I mentioned

She replied with a 'humph'

"Look, all I ask is that you give me a chance" I said

She was silent for a minute or so before she spoke up

"I… don't…know" she said hesitatingly

I never figured her to be the indecisive type. Perhaps some motivation was needed.

"Hey" I said to her and she looked up at me "This might help you to figure it out"

Before she could object I quickly leaned down and captured her lips with my own. I felt her body go completely rigid from shock and she stayed like that for a minute or so before she finally relaxed and started to kiss me back. We laid there making out for a good few minutes before we both broke away.

"Well?" I asked with a smirk "That help any?"

She nodded

"I love you Buttercup" I said

"I love you too Butch" she replied

I helped her up and suggested we prepare for tomorrow's fight with Nar. She agreed and I gave her a kiss on her forehead for luck before we went to train a bit more.

A Certain Some- Oh Screw it you all know who it is. Nar-Korash's POV

I smiled as I watched the two head back off to the workout equipment. I walked out of the gym with a content sigh

"My job is done here" I said

"Playing matchmaker are we?" a familiarly beautiful voice said

I turned my head and was met with Anna *A.N. It's been a while since she was around, eh?*

"Ah Anna" I said then feigned an innocent grin "I have no idea what you mean"

"Oh please I could tell you were scheming something for the six of them the moment you stepped into Heaven" she said sarcastically

I shrugged

"Well it had to be done" I said "Getting of that subject; how's the Legion coming along?"

"Well…" she started

*A/N Picture if you will: a stereotypical depiction of boot camp, what with people shouting at you, telling you to do 50 random pushups and the like, now imagine if the drill instructor was Anna and she had no boundaries of how much she would push you. Pretty much a Hell away from Hell. Scary isn't it?*

"It's going alright I suppose" she finished

"Well with that all said and done I'm planning to have the Chosen fight me tomorrow for the last stage of their training want to come watch?" I offered

"I might take you up on the offer" she replied

She began to walk away but I stopped her

"Listen Anna" I started "I really am sorry for what happened all those years ago"

She looked towards me for a few seconds

"I know Nar" she said "You don't have to fret over it; I took out all that frustration when I beat you to a pulp"

"And my arm still smarts a little" I commented "So maybe we could… try again?"

She stood still for a few minutes thinking it over before she gave me another of her smiles

"Perhaps" was all she said as she flew away

I jumped in the air out of joy.

Me: Done!

Nar: Not bad for someone who's-

Me: I am not sick

Nar: *whispering* He likes to think that he doesn't get sick ever

Me: Shut up or I will make Anna beat you up for no reason next week.

Nar: Message received

Me: Anyhow for those of you haven't been following my friend Tsuki-chan's story I wanted to let you know that she just released a chapter in which Nar appears!

Nar: And of course my entrance was awesome

Me: In fact even Aren makes a small cameo

Nar: Needless to say we both recommend that you give it a read

Me: Yep well that's all for this week folks

Nar: R&R!

Me: And Later Days!

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