Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 16: The Final Test

Nar-Korash's POV – The Day of the Fight

I stood near Aren as he made some modifications to the arena. Glancing at my old fashioned pocket watch I learned that it was about 1:30 pm Heaven time. I heard the door of the arena open and turned to find Anna walking in.

I smirked

"Glad to see you could make it beautiful" I said flirting a little

"Just wanting to see you get your ass handed to you" she replied stoic as ever

I grinned even more. Back when we first met this is how a lot of our "flirting" went. I would flirt with her and she would pretend to shoot me down but I could always tell she was interested.

I heard the door open again and this time I was greeted by the Chosen Warriors each in their own way pumped and ready for the fight.

"I hope you all had…an eventful three day rest" I said in a way that made it sound like I knew something.

Buttercup narrowed her eyes at me

"What makes you say that?" she asked accusingly

Ever the actor I put on my best innocent face

"Nothing!" I replied in a sing-song voice

She was about to say more but Aren cut her off

"Ah'right then!" he said stepping back from the controls "She's all ready for ya"

"Excellent!" I replied facing the Chosen "I hope you all are ready for your final test"

They all nodded

"Then… follow me" I said leading the way into the arena

I led the Chosen to the center of the arena before I turned to face them all.

"Surround me" I told them

They all looked at me questioningly but obliged anyway. Now Brick stood in front of me, Butch was in back, Bubbles stood diagonal to my right and near Brick, Buttercup stood opposite Bubbles, Boomer stood diagonal left and near Butch and Blossom stood opposite Boomer. They all were ready for me to randomly lash out and strike at them but that would be too boring.

No, I had something far more entertaining planned.

Reaching out to my right I created a small Abyssal Portal and from it drew out my trusty Abyssal Walker. With a swift tap the arena went from blank white to an enormous mountainous area. The Chosen, having seen this many times before, didn't even flinch at the suddenly changing landscape and continued to wait for my first move. I spun my cane in front of me like a propeller and in one swift movement; I stopped it, swung in a wide arc in front of me and created six clones of myself which stood before each of the Chosen.

They looked at me questioningly once more. I grinned again

"These clones" I started "Are of equal strength to me at 25% power"

They didn't move but waited for me to continue

"You all have proven yourselves against the hellspawn however that alone will only get you so far" I explained "If you are to fulfill the prophecy then you must be strong enough to face someone of my caliber"

"Excellent" I heard Buttercup say "I've always wanted to go another round with you Nar"

I chuckled lightly before continuing

"I have only supplied enough power for the clones to be at 25%" I went on "You won't have to worry about them powering up when you are almost down"

They nodded

"You each will face only the clone in front of you, no tag-teaming allowed" I said "Your fight will be over when you can no longer fight or you manage to defeat the clone, thus turning it back into a regular shadow which it will return back to me"

"Sounds fine to me" Butch said readying his hammer

The other Chosen did the same with their weapons. One of my clones glanced back at me, I responded with a nod and the clones pulled out weapons of their own. Each one was similar to the weapon of the Puff or Ruff it was facing but there were some contrasts.

Standing before Brick the clone held at each side of him the Abyssal Walker in Saber Mode plus the scabbard in sword mode. The clone in front of Blossom held a pair of twin pistols that had a serpent detailed on the sides. Bubble's clone had the Nemesis Whip from God of War III which seemed to crackle with electrical energy *A/N it's hard to describe how it looks so you'll need to go to Google Images*. Boomer's clone held kunai daggers in each hand and likely had more hidden on his body. Before Butch stood a clone that had a smaller warhammer held in his right hand which bore a striking resemblance to Thor's Mjolnir. And finally Buttercup's clone held a giant scythe that was easily the same size as her glaive.

"These six copies of me will be your opponents" I said as I created my wings "I myself will watch you all from afar, Good Luck!"

With that said I flew to a nearby rock formation and waited for the show to begin.

No One's POV

The Puffs, Ruffs and clones stood facing each other for a few minutes before the Abyssal Walker clone spoke up

"Ya know…" he said as he brought his two blades together to form an 'X'

"We're really glad…" said the gun clone as he threw his guns up in the air and caught them with his arms crossed in front of him

"To be able to test your skill like this" the scythe clone said as he spun his scythe around his head before bringing it to rest on his shoulder

"So…" the whip clone carried on while having an electric field form around him

"Shall we…" the hammer clone said as he tapped his hammer against his hand

"Begin?" the kunai clone concluded as he spun his kunai by the loop end on his fingers

Each of the Chosen readied their own respective weapons and Brick spoke up

"Let's" was all he said as he and the others lunged for their respective clone

Spectator's POV – Blossom

Blossom quickly knocked an arrow and sent it heading straight towards her clone who shot it down with ease. She took to the skies and let fly another volley of arrows which were all shot down by the gun slinging clone. Creating wings the clone launched up after her. She shot arrow after arrow at him in an attempt to slow him down but each arrow was shot down or dodged. Soon the clone had locked himself in a close range stalemate with Blossom who attempted to slash at him with the bladed part of her bow but each strike was easily blocked. Thinking quickly she aimed a punch for his stomach which he moved back on instinct but failed to notice the arrow that she had ready for him

"IMPACT ARROW!" she yelled as she released the string

The arrow made a solid impact and the clone went flying back a few yards. He was unharmed of course and merely dusted off his torso

"Not bad" he complimented "I bet you're good at chess too"

"Why thank you" she responded "And I play a little in my spare time"

She knocked another arrow and aimed it up into the air

"ARROW STORM!" she called out releasing the arrow

The arrow flew up until it was almost over the clone where it began its descent and burst into hundreds of arrows all heading towards the clone.

As always the clone didn't even flinch. He merely brought his guns up to face the onslaught and with a careful and trained eye proceeded to shoot only the arrows that were advancing directly at him so that once the storm passed he had nary a scratch on him.

"Next" he said

Spectator's POV – Brick

Swords clashed over and over as the battle between Brick and the Abyssal Walker clone quickly began to heat up. Both combatant had taken to the skies and charged at each other with swords meeting whenever they got close. These collisions often resulted in a single clash of blades or a flurry of slashes before the two leapt back. Brick reared his arm back and sent forth a wave of fire towards the clone which the clone simply slashed away but had to quickly block the surprise attack that was hidden behind the wave.

"Clever" the clone remarked

"I try" Brick responded

Brick then took in a deep breath and let loose a large fire ball that the clone barely manages to back away from. Brick took the opportunity to strike while the clone was off balance and managed to knock the scabbard sword out of his hand. He looked at Brick with appraising eyes

"Well done!" he said clapping a little

"And it ain't over yet!" Brick replied as he lunged at him again

Spectator's POV – Butch

Butch, as one would expect, had charged head first towards his clone with hammer a-swingin'. He would leap at his opponent with the intent of smashing him flat but the clone would simply jump safely away. This continued for a while before Butch wizened up a little before the clone had touched back down after his jump Butch charged at him with the intent of hitting him while he was still in the air, and as he drew close he swung at the clone with all his strength only to have the clone meet his swing with one of his own. The result was a huge shockwave that sent them both flying back. Butch landed on his back while the clone did an air flip and landed on his feet. The shockwave had created a massive hole in the ground a few meters in diameter. The clone addressed Butch as he stood up

"Quite the arm ya got there!" he called to him "Hate ta get hit by one of those swings"

"Unfortunately for you" Butch responded "You're going to be"

Butch jumped straight up into the air and then plummeted straight into the earth

"SEISMIC SHATTERING!" he shouted as he connected to the ground

The ground literally moved in a giant wave, like you see when you throw a rock into a pond, as Butch made contact. The clone stood on the wobbly ground for a few seconds until his survival instinct kicked in and he leaped into the sky and no sooner than he did the wavy ground suddenly erupted with earth spikes that would have impaled him if he wouldn't have moved. In a rare moment of distraction the clone failed to note the hammer that was sent flying his way until it collided with his gut knocking him from the sky. The owner of the hammer walked over to gloat only to have the clone smile up at him.

"Don't get too cocky Forrest Warrior" he said as he raised his own hammer

"Shadow Mimicry:"

Sensing danger Butch grabbed his hammer and jumped away at the last second

"GROUNDSPIKE GRAVEYARD!" *A/N I wonder how many of you can guess where this is from*

The clone brought down his hammer right as Butch jumped away so he narrowly missed getting impaled by several dozen shadow spikes that came up from the ground. Butch and the clone stood opposite each other again

"Your move" the clone said

Spectator's POV – Buttercup

A bladed dance of death. That's the best way to describe Buttercup's fight. She and her clone opponent would twirl their respective weapon about them and have them clash then gracefully move to another spot to continue the dance, their movements were like wind blowing ever freely and never ceasing. It was, in every sense of the word, a breath-takingly amazing sight. One never would expect Buttercup, the tomboy of the group, to be so unmistakably graceful on her feet. Her opponent made note of this

"You never struck me as the dancer type" he remarked

"Quite honestly" she replied "Me neither, the moves simply flow into my mind and my body follows suit"

The clone raised an eyebrow. This girl could have some potential to learn a secret art of combat known only to the Lord of Darkness.

Before the clone could think more on this he was drawn back into the fight. Buttercup began spinning her glaive above her head in rapid fashion then began to twirl it like a cheerleading baton between both hands then spun it everywhere; in front, behind the back, to both sides all in one fluid motion after another until a large gale wind had accumulated then in one fluid motion she reared back and called out


And brought her glaive down and sent the razor sharp wind towards the clone. The clone jumped away but the wind seemed to follow him. The clone formed his wings and with a mighty flap sent forth a counter-gale that nullified Buttercup's.

"Thanks for the breeze" he joked

Spectator's POV – Boomer's POV

Boomer was trying to gain the upper hand with his speed but no matter how fast he went the clone easily matched it. Dagger met kunai over and over again with neither gaining a clear advantage. They paused to catch their breath for a second and Boomer began to charge himself with electricity and transferred some of the energy to his daggers causing bolts to flicker off them. With a quick intake of breath he charged towards the clone and began to run in a wide circle around him causing a circle of electricity to form in his wake.

"MACH 3: CIRCUIT BREAKER!" he called out

He dashed towards the clone who managed to block his dagger but still took damage from the electricity fueling them. This continued for a minute or two before the clone found the pattern to his attacks and tripped him as he got close. As the clone shook off the odd tingling feeling he was having in his leg he turned to address Boomer who was standing back up

"Predictability can cripple even the best fighter" he advised

"I'll keep that in mind" he responded

The clone prepared his own attack. He threw his kunai in the air and created several thousand duplicates which he formed into the likeness of a dragon head

"Dragon Fire Kunai Storm!" he called out

The dragon head let loose a steam of kunai "fire" from its mouth which sent Boomer into a mad run to stay away from the stream. After a minute of running Boomer charged energy into one of his daggers and sent it flying at the dragon head. The dagger connected and sent the pent up electric charge throughout the dragon head and destroyed the doppelganger kunai and left only the two normal kunai which landed back into the waiting hands of the clone

"How's that for unpredictability?" Boomer asked

The clone shrugged

"It's a start" he answered

Spectator's POV – Bubbles

Much like her sister Buttercup, Bubbles was handling her fight with the grace and elegance one would expect from a ballet dancing gymnastics star. However her opponent was no push over either, each move of elegance that Bubbles sent his way he easily matched with one of his own. To look at it tactically she was slightly outmatched; where she had one whip her opponent had two, her water element would only prove to be a double-edged sword against his electricity. She refused to give up though and kept at it with her all.

"I'm impressed with your determination Light Blue Warrior" the clone said "After all it's obvious that you're a little out gunned"

"I believe one of the biggest mistakes you can make in a fight is to underestimate your opponent" she responded

The clone smirked

Like she did during training Bubbles began to spin her whip above her head in a cone like fashion and released a giant wave of water. The clone had raised a barrier to block the wave but when he lowered the barrier he found that Bubbles had vanished he glanced around but found nothing until he heard her voice

"Siren Dance!" *A/N in Greek mythology sirens were a race of bird like creatures that lured sailors to their deaths with their beautiful and hypnotic songs. She may not be singing but I thought it worked*

He turned around to find her about to strike him but manage to jump away in time only to find her appear behind him again. This game of dodge the whip continued on for a while until the clone figured it out; she was transporting via the water! Acting quickly he jabbed the bladed end of his whips into the ground and sent out an electric charge which sent her out of the water to avoid the shock only to get sent flying by the clone.

"You're right" the clone said while he hovered over her "From now on I'll stop underestimating you"

Spectator's POV – Brick

Both combatants were slowly beginning to wear out from the constant battle going nowhere. They didn't show it but they both had sufficiently worn themselves out from the fighting and both had started to show signs of the battle across their bodies; Bricks hair was messed up and his hat and various parts of his body were nicked with cuts from the Abyssal Walker. The clone also showed signs of some lucky shots from the redhead; his skin and parts of his clothing were either cut or singed by Brick's fire.

"I think it's about time to end this" the clone said as he began to draw a circle with his blade

Once the circle was complete he charged what remained of his energy into a large orb

"Ultimate Shadow Construct:"

He flew in the air and reared his arm back


He flung the orb at Brick who held out his sword as a means of defense. The orb connected and created a large explosion. When the dust cleared the clone saw Brick unconscious in the crater.

"You fought well Brick" he said "But ya still need a bit more practice"

He turned to walk away but felt a strange heat appear behind him. He turned around to find Brick, still conscious, and eyes ablaze with fire. He began to swing his sword in the shape of an infinity symbol which formed a chain spreading around him and then a second one spawned from the first creating two chains; one horizontal and one vertical. Brick then positioned his sword as if he was about to make a drawing slash *A/N he draws the sword out from its scabbard and slashed his enemy* and began to let the flames accumulate.


His entire sword seemed to explode with fire becoming a flaming sword


Now his BODY exploded with flames with Brick now resembling a demonic fire spirit


He dashed forward at a speed that would rival that of Boomer's Mach 2 Brick swung at the clone who tried to block with his Abyssal Walker, but if one was to look closely one would notice that the Abyssal Walker broke before the blade ever made contact. With one slash Brick cleaved the clone in two said clone was stunned for a moment or two before he smiled

"Good job kid" he said as his body began to return to Nar "You passed"

With that the clone retuned back to Nar as Brick sheathed his sword and collapsed on his knees in exhaustion.

*FunFact: Originally Brick's finisher was intended to be a move called Pyro Dragons borrowed from Digimon Frontier until the three words you see know appeared in my head and now I think it sounds cooler*

Spectator's POV – Blossom

Blossom had drained much of her energy over the course of her fight but she had also greatly worn out the clone as well. The damage the battle had brought was clearly evident on both of their bodies. Blossom fairly deep gashes in her skin where the bullets had grazed her while the clone had a few holes placed in his body by her arrows. The clone took in a deep breath and cleared his focus.

"Let's see how you take this" he said

He placed his two pistols next to each other and they combined to form an arm length cannon. Said cannon then began charging energy and when enough had accumulated the clone called out


And unleashed a massive payload of shadow missiles towards Blossom who in turn tried to shoot them down with her arrows but only manage to get a few before the rest hit her. She then began to fall from the sky and the clone that just landed himself turned to walk away

"Not half bad marksmanship" he said "Can't wait to see how you make them better"

Suddenly a wave of freezing cold hit his back. He turned around to find Blossom hovering in the sky. She lifted her hand above her head and formed and arrow easily twice the size of the arrow that she created for the Phoenix Wave. She then began to charge the arrow with ice energy until it became one giant ice arrow. Taking aim she launched the arrow straight at the clone who tried to shoot it down but only succeed in causing it to shatter into thousands upon millions of pieces. And the more he shot the more shards it created. By the time he thought to move the shards were already upon him either impaling or causing him to freeze solid. In his frozen state Blossom landed next to him

"I call it the Blizzard of Olympia" she said as she shattered his frozen body

A small shadow of the clone appeared before her

"Congratulations" it said "You pass"

With that it left to rejoin Nar leaving Blossom to take a much needed rest.

Spectator's POV – Butch

Butch, having expended much of his energy fighting crazy, had expounded way more energy than he knew he had with the clone fairing no better. Much of the landscape had change because of their fighting. Massive holes in the ground, rock spikes and various other things littered the surrounding area. Butch and the clone also shared several bruises and fractured bones. The clone decided to end it but so did Butch. Stomping the ground Butch created rock restraints around the clones hands and feet, effectively stopping his movements. Taking what little energy he had left Butch created a second warhammer out of his own energy and bulked up the crushing ends until they were about as tall as a mansion. Lifting them off the ground Butch once again allowed himself to succumb to his berserker side and after lifting them high above his head he called out in a voice that seemed to make the whole earth tremble about them


And brought both hammers down upon the clone one after the other his pace only increasing in speed as he gave in more and more to the berserker fury until his pace rivaled the beating of the wings of a humming bird. This continued on for at least 5 minutes before the last of his energy was finally spent. His energy hammer faded and his normal one shrank down to normal size and he collapsed on the ground. What was left of the clone accumulated into a shadow and floated over to where Butch laid.

"Though a little overkill" he said "You pass"

However Butch was already unconscious so the shadow simply went back to Nar.

Spectator's POV – Buttercup

Much of the landscape looked as though a giant sword had diced up the place and in the middle of it all was Buttercup and the clone. Both worn out but both refused to quit. Buttercup had slash marks across her body and her hair had been nicked at odd locations. The clone looked much the same but its wings had also taken a severe slicing. Ready to call it a day the clone focused its energies. A dark-foreboding aura had surrounded the clone and it stared right at Buttercup with eyes that had such lifelessness in them it made Buttercup want nothing more than to turn away but before she could do much of anything the clone appeared in front of her and poked her forehead

"Touch of Death"

Her eyes rolled into her head and she fell to the ground. She wasn't dead the clone simply overstimulated the fear center of her brain which caused her such terror she passed out. The clone began to walk away

"Not bad kid" he said "We'll make something outta you yet"

A sudden gust of wind hit his back and behind him stood Buttercup still ready to deal some damage. Channeling energy into her glaive she created another blade on the opposite end then created another two blades in the center the glaive handle effectively making it look similar to a giant windmill. She began to spin her glaive all around her

"Typhon: Titan of Wind come to my aid!" she called out

Suddenly from behind her appeared a giant being which seemed to be made of gale force winds. She leapt into the belly of the creature and reared back her glaive which she was still spinning and hurled it at the clone and at the same time the creature had reared its arm back and sent it towards him as well


The clone tried to slice at it with his scythe but the blade was sliced off and he was sliced vertically in half. The wind being faded and Buttercup's glaive returned to normal as she looked over what was left of the clone. Said clone laughed a little

"Good job" the left half said

"You pass" the right side finished

Then they both flew back to Nar while Buttercup sat down.

Spectator's POV – Boomer

Boomer had run himself right out of energy and was breathing heavily because of it. The clone was in a similar position though he still had some energy left in him. They had both taken a beating during their battle. Boomer had various scratches from the clone's kunai and the clone was singed in various places due to Boomer's lightning. Knowing that it'd be better if the fight had ended the clone called forth what little energy he had left.

"Shadow Mimicry:"

He created a baseball sized orb in his hand

"Room" *A/N Any One Piece fans out there?*

The orb expanded so they were surrounded by a giant hemisphere of shadow energy. The clone vanished into the black that was now around the ground where the hemisphere was and began pummeling Boomer at speeds that no eye could ever hope to catch. After Boomer fell to the ground the clone released the Room and began to walk away.

"You were quick kid" he said "But you need to be quicker"

The hairs on the back of the clone's neck suddenly stood on end from an electric charge that surged through the area. Turning around the clone came face to face with an electrically charged Boomer.

Boomer held his two daggers out at his sides and they seemed to float their as I strung by wires. He then jumped into the air spinning several three-sixties and creating copies of his daggers all the way much like how he had seen the clone do it earlier. When he felt he had created enough he gathered them all together and formed them into a giant lightning bolt with the originals at either end. Sending an electric charge with all the energy he could muster into the bolt the electricity seemed to fill any gap the daggers missed so it became not a giant lightning bolt shaped cluster of daggers but a giant lightning bolt. With a burst of energy he launched himself at the clone bolt in hand


And the bolt was brought down upon the clone frying him. As the electricity faded so did the extra daggers and the shadow of the clone appeared

"Good job" it said "You passed"

As it went back to Nar Boomer passed out.

Spectator's POV – Bubbles

Bubbles wasn't doing well at all. Her clothes, hair and body had all been marked with black singes. While the clone still stood tall and ever ready to fight. Every move she thought up he countered and only wound up doing more damage to her. She was about ready to go down and the clone took notice.

"Perhaps it should end here" he said

The clone brought both of the whips together


With a swipe of his arms he sent forth a surge of electricity ensnaring Bubbles in a field of said electricity. The clone turned his back so he failed to notice something happening to Bubbles. The electricity, rather than bring her closer to being unconscious, began to fuel her pent up anger, fury and frustration before finally, like diet coke and Mentos, she exploded. With a roar of pure rage that even Butch would cringe at, she broke free of the electric field. The clone turned quickly only to be punched straight up into the air. She formed a duplicate of her whip though made of water she then changed the original into water as well. Then with a mighty spin she sent a torrent of water at the airborne clone

"RIDE OF THE HIPPOCAMPI!" *A/N I know it may sound strange but the Hippocampi are actually the steeds of the Greek God Poseidon*

The torrent became several charging horses which grabbed the clone and flung him to the ground where they slammed into him again and again until it started to look like a repeat of Butch's fight… though it lasted twice as long. For a good ten minutes she did nothing but beat the crap out of the clone until her anger was sedated and she drifted to the ground.

Where the shadow awaited her

"Excellent job" it said "You pass"

And the shadow returned to Nar as Bubbles passed out.

Nar-Korash's POV

I jumped up from where I was sitting as the sixth shadow returned to me and was unbelievably overjoyed.

"FANTASTIC!" I said in a British voice for some reason as Aren turned off the simulator "FANTASTIC!"

The Chosen slowly came to at my yelling

"You've all done it!" I exclaimed voice normal again "You all passed the final test"

"Well of course" Butch said weakly "I am awesome"

"Could someone hit him for me?" Buttercup asked

Brick answered her request

"Thanks" she said

"Anytime" Brick replied

"Come now" I said I gathered them up with my shadow energy "Time for you six to rest"

I then carefully floated them out with Anna and Aren in tow.

In a Place of Fire and Brimstone

Down in a place where only screaming and suffering could be heard a being of pure evil yet also one of sheer beauty sat upon a throne when a tiny demon ran up to him.

"My Lord" it called up to the being "The army is assembled and ready to march on the Golden Palace"

"That's good" the so called Lord said in a beautiful yet cold and uncaring voice "But there is just one problem"

The demon looked curious

"What's that?" it asked

The being tapped a large clock that was nearby

"When I send out someone to get information I expect them to be back PROMPTLY 5 MINUTES LATER!" he yelled "And it took you six"

The tiny demon flinched at the sudden yelling

"B-B-B-B-But my Lord I returned as quickly as I could" he tried to defend himself

"That won't cut it though will it?" he asked as he picked up the poor demon

"MY LORD PLEASE NO I BEG YOU!" the demon cried out

Which was soon silenced as his head was crushed. Wiping off the blood he called another demon to his side

"Prepare all troops for battle" he ordered "And be quick about it!"

The new demon nodded and ran off

"Ya know" a demented voice said from the shadows "That last one did arrive on time"

"Oh I know that Nir'volung" he said "But I was bored"

"Of course you were" he paused "Lord Lucifer"

Lucifer chuckled a little

"I want you on the front lines Nir" he said "After your victory over the Archangel only you can lead the troops"

"Yes my Lord" and with that he left

"Now nothing can stop my taking my rightful place as ruler of Heaven, Hell and Earth." He said finishing with and evil laugh.

Me: Done!

Nar: Wow over 5,000 words

Me: Not bad if I do say so myself

Nar: And I have to say I think you did a good job on Lucifer

Me: Yeah I tried to make him as assholishly hateable as possible

Nar: Well it worked

Me: Yep and wonder how many people will catch all the references I made

Nar: A lot most likely

Me: Yeah well that's it for this week!

Nar: R&R!

Me: And Later Days

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