Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 18: The Battle

"Cry 'Havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war"

William Shakespeare

Spectator's POV

The opposing sides charged at each other with a thirst for battle. Blades met claws within seconds and soon the entire field comprised of Hellspawn and Legionnaires hacking and slashing each other to bits. Despite being outnumbered the Legion was suffering very few casualties no doubt thanks to the superb training of Anna. Among the combatants we notice a familiar black form flitting from enemy to enemy and rending their life. Nar was not only causing a severe number of deaths to the Hellspawn but he had yet to use his shadow powers. He simply leapt at any poor Hellspawn and slashed them with his swords. Indeed the battle was going well so far.

Nar-Korash's POV

I had to admit; I was having so much fun! One never really knows until he does it himself but there is nothing more enjoyable than going on against impossible odds, not caring and simply killing the crap out of them all. After I killed about ten Ravagers that surrounded me I looked up and noticed Blossom firing a volley of arrows down upon her foes while Brick dealt with any Hornets that got too close. With a wide smile I constructed my wings, now looking more like angels wings but still pure black, and flew up to them.

"Having fun you two?" I questioned when I got close

"OH completely!" Brick responded burning another wave of Hornets

"Not sure how anyone can consider this to be 'fun'" Blossom said

"Well anyway check this out" I said

I flew behind Blossom

"Shadow Lock!"

If one could see just our shadows they'd notice that they would have merged together

"What the-!" Blossom began

"Don't worry I'm just lending my powers to you for a second" I said

"What?" she asked

"Perhaps it's better to show you" I said "Prepare an Arrow Storm"

She did so and as she did I imitated her movements and when her arrow was primed I added some of my power and the arrow began to radiate shadow energy. After this she seemed to get it

"I see what you're doing" she said

We aimed the arrow down at the Hellspawn

"Locked on to enemy shadows" I said

She nodded


Releasing the arrow created hundreds of thousands of arrows that only hit the Hellspawn and ignored the Legions. I disengaged my shadow from hers then I joined Brick's

"Create a giant flame" I told him

He nodded. Raising his hand above his head he formed an enormous fire ball. I mimicked this and added my energies to the flame and the fire turned black.


We hurled the black fire ball at a group of Hornets who were incinerated in an instant. It then landed in a part of the battlefield where the Legion hadn't gotten to yet but was full of Hellspawn who were burned to death.

"We should do this more often" Brick commented

"Hell yeah" I said

Disengaging my shadow from his, I zoomed back into the fray. With both my blades in hand I spun like a tornado and slashed any Hellspawn unfortunate enough to be in my path. I then stabbed my blades into the ground and sent a bunch of spikes up from the ground and impaling any nearby Hellspawn. Afterwards I noticed Anna effortlessly repelling any attack thrown at her. With a smirk I made my way over to her

"Need a hand?" I asked

"What do you think?" she replied but I could see her smirk

"What do you say we show off a little?" I offered

"Alright then" she said and the two of us leapt into the skies

Focusing our energies we formed both halves of the Ying-Yang symbol which then began to glow


Then a massive black and white beam shot forth and obliterated two of the extra planets holding additional Hellspawn forces.

"We still got it" I said

"I wasn't aware that we lost it" she said

With a laugh I dive-bombed back down sending a large number of enemies into the air where they were killed by a familiar ocean blue streak

"Hey Boomer how ya holdin' up?" I asked him as we stood back to back

"Not even tired" he said

I locked shadows with him

"Follow my lead" I told him

He nodded and then we both dashed towards the Hellspawn


In the blink of an eye wave after wave of enemy fell. Using my powers I warped us to the shadow of a Hellspawn where Boomer promptly killed it. After a while I broke the link and sent him on his way.

"Abyssal Walker: Rifle Mode!"

I aimed towards a group of Hellspawn


Soon a large crater replaced a large amount of enemies. Looking over I found Buttercup spinning her glaive in all directions not even needing to move. I leapt over to her and shifted my cane for a giant scythe.

"Feel like a quick team up?" I asked

"Just try to stay out of my way" she said with a smirk

We leapt towards a group of Ravagers striking in tandem, I would slice through a few then move as Buttercup would leap over me then impale another where I would jump ahead and slice through more and the cycle went on and on until we had put a fair dent into their numbers.

"Not bad if I do say so myself" I said admiring our work

"Not bad at all" she agreed slashing a Ravager while still looking over it

Then I felt a rumbling in the ground and looking to my right saw Butch hammering away. With a smile I rushed over to him with Abyssal Walker in hand, killing any who stood in my path, and killed a Ravager that snuck up on him.

"I trust you are having fun?" I asked

He smacked a Ravager with his hammer, sending it flying

"What do you think" he said with a smirk

"Well I suppose you need no help then" I said and jumped away from him

Anna's POV

I had moved on from the small fry and began taking on Archdemons hoping for a challenge. Unfortunately they too posed no true problem. I sighed as I literally walked past each enemy and killing them with one blow. Then an attack came from behind which I blocked easily. Looking back I found myself face to face with Nir'volung.

"I do hope my Archdemons aren't too easy for you" he said almost bitterly

"Pretty much" I responded "Perhaps you could be a better challenge"

We leapt away from each other before charging again slamming our blades together in rapid succession. Then we leapt into the air and charged energy into our free hands and fired them as a white and crimson beam, respectively, the beams collided with a small explosion. Before the smoke settled we both charged at each other again with another flurry of strikes.

"You ARE a lot better than the Archdemons" I commented "Perhaps you can help kill my boredom"

"Trust me that won't be all that I kill" he replied

He drew a crimson circle in front of him before charging at break neck speeds to try and impale me. I simply moved out of the way and brought my knee up into his jaw sending him flying back.

"Did you really think that would work?" I asked

Surprisingly he smirked and pointed to my left. When I looked I found a small explosive floating next to me.

"Damn!" I cursed as I tried to move away but the bomb went off sending my flying back

I glared up at Nir

"Impressed?" he said with a smirk

Before he could react I blasted him in the face causing him to fly back again.

"I'll give you some credit" I said "You caught me off guard"

Taking to the air again we both began fighting at high speeds. If one was watching all they could see is blurs and sparks. After a while we both stopped to catch a breath.

"You are strong…" he said with a pant "Just like your father"

"My father?" I asked I never really knew anything about my father and for him to bring it up confused "What do you know about him?"

"Oh?" he said with a smirk "I suppose no-one ever told you"

"Told me what?" I demanded

"Your father was strong, just as one would expect, however; thanks to his death I have become famous" he said grinning "I believe his name was… Gabriel"

I froze. My brain had to stop a few seconds to try and process this information. Unfortunately I left myself wide open and the next thing I knew Nir was right in front of me.

"Looks like history repeats itself" he said

And then… pain.

Nar-Korash's POV

I was just finishing off a Ravager when it happened. That one particular sound of something getting stabbed I had grown used to on this battlefield but this one came from up above. Turning around I was greeted by an image that still haunts my dreams to this day.


With a long blade piercing through her abdomen.

For a few seconds that image burned itself into my brain before I finally found my voice again


My yell, so strong and loud, everyone even the Hellspawn stopped to look at what had happened. Then Nir pulled his sword out from her and she started to fall. And it was at that moment… I lost control.

With a roar of pure rage my shadow energies burst around me knocking back all surrounding enemies


My energy formed around me taking the shape of a wolf and with speeds that not even Boomer could match I launched myself straight at any enemy I could find and within seconds at least a million were dead. I released my energy and caught Anna as she fell. She was in bad shape, she had a large hole from the blade that went right through her and she was bleeding profusely. I cursed myself to no end, I had powers that can rival God and yet I can't do anything for her. Using my shadows as make-shift bandages I wrapped her abdomen hoping to stem the flow of blood. I walked over the Legion with my sadness quickly turning to rage again. I handed her to a Lieutenant and pointed to about ten other soldiers.

"All of you return back to Heaven and get her medical attention from the best doctors and medics available" I ordered

"But sir" the Lieutenant started "What about-?"

I cut him off by grabbing him by the neck

"I gave you an order Lieutenant" I said "Go back to Heaven, find the best medical attention that's available, I don't care if you have to tear the doctors out of the shower, off the toilet or even while they're in bed with their wives. Just do it. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR SOLDIER?!"

"SIR YES SIR!" he then left with his appointed battalion

Then I heard the laugh of the one who caused this

"Well it looks like history has repeated itself eh Nar?!" he gloated "What are ya gonna do now?!"

The rage was boiling over and I turned around to face him my hat covering my face

"What I'm going to do Nir"

I twisted a ring and pulled it off

"Is show you the definition of power"

I did the same to the other ring

My power exploded forth, represented by a pair of wings that spanned millions of Jupiter sized planets both length and width wise

"Final Shadow Construct:"

The wings began to close around me encasing me in a giant orb where it condensed in on me until I was coated in shadow energy with white fluorescent eyes, horns, claws, bat wings and a whip tail.

"God of Shadows"

I watched with delight at the look on Nir's face then I slowly lifted my hand up, palm forward, towards the remaining 18 planets containing Hellspawn. And with one quick clench every last one of the remaining Hellspawn were killed in the most brutal of ways possible and then the planets they stood on were crushed. Nir could only watch in sheer horror as all his soldiers were annihilated before him. I could have killed him but no I had a better idea. I place my rings back on my wrists and the power faded. Then I addressed Nir


He left shortly thereafter. I fell to my knees as sorrow began to overtake me again but the Bubbles and the other Chosen placed their hands on my shoulders. With a nod I stood up and turned to address the men


And with that we all left with heavy hearts

In Hell – Nir's POV

I had returned to my master and relayed the message. Now I await him to say something

"You say ALL our troops were killed?" he asked emotionlessly

"Yes my lord" I responded

He didn't say anything for a minute or so

"I should have you killed for this Nir" he said "But managing to mortally wound the offspring of the Archangel has changed my mind"

I looked up with hopeful eyes

"I instead strip you of your title and sentence you to the deepest pits of Hell where you will reside until the end of time" he said

I wanted to protest but knew it would do no good

"Yes my lord" I responded

Still in Hell – Lucifer's POV

'This is something of a nuisance' I thought to myself 'Perhaps it's time to change tactics a little'

I waved my hand and six images of the so called "Chosen Warriors" appeared before me

"If these runts are the ones of the prophecy" I muttered to myself "Then they should be dealt with"

I snapped my fingers and my top three succubi who each bore a striking resemblance to the female Chosen entered the room.

"Go after the male Chosen" I ordered "Sway them to our side then have them kill the other three and then kill the males"

"Yes my lord" they said in unison

"Don't fail me like that last fool" I warned

"Of course my lord" they said in unison again

Then they vanished

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