Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 19: The News and New Students

No One's POV

The Legion returned from the Barren Lands victorious; however, they were in anything but a good mood. Anna had taken a critical injury from Nir'volung and is at risk of meeting a similar end to Gabriel. Rather than celebrating all the Legionnaires sat around in various locations praying for the recovery of Anna. Sure she had put them all through Hell but they all had a deep respect and loyalty to her. All of the greatest doctors had been rounded up as per an order by Nar to operate on her. All of the Chosen plus Nar sat in the waiting room of the hospital, each trying to idle away time somehow. Blossom and Brick were reading some magazines about this and that. Butch was sitting on a chair with his arms crossed and tapping his foot; something of a habit that came from his younger years. Buttercup was playing with her PSP that Nar had brought from Earth. The Blues were just sitting silently, enjoying the others company. Nar however was the most active. He was pacing all around the room and glancing at the clock like a father who is waiting for his daughter to arrive home from a date. The pacing was starting to wear on Buttercups nerves

"Any chance you could sit down?" she asked

In any other situation Nar would have apologized, sat down and try to pass time. But the worry and stress had begun to take its toll on him. He whipped his head around and looked straight at her with a glare that no one sees too often

"Deal with it" he snapped coldly and went right back to pacing

Everyone flinched a little at the unexpected hostility coming from someone who is normally so laid back. They didn't hold it against him. They most likely would be exactly the same if they were in his shoes. Around twenty minutes later a doctor had walked into the room. Even before the Chosen had a chance to stand up Nar was already in front of the doctor.

"How is she?" he asked in a tone that said he wanted no beating around the bush

"She's stable for now" the doctor replied

Nar sank to his knees in sheer relief, the Chosen let out a sigh.

"Can we see her?" Bubbles asked

The doctor nodded and led them all to a room where Anna was sleeping soundly.

"There is one thing however" the doctor said causing everyone to look at him "The amount of blood she lost plus the demonic energies from the sword has but her in a comatose state. We don't know if she'll wake up"

The Chosen all looked at her with saddened eyes. Nar however looked determined

"She'll wake up" he stated causing everyone to look at him now "If she's not dying then she will come back to us. I know it"

Everyone smiled softly at his determination. He then turned to the doctor

"There is something I have to speak with the Chosen about if you don't mind" he said

The doctor nodded and walked out of the room. The Chosen directed their attention to Nar

"We may have won this battle but Lucifer is far from finished" he began "He most likely will start to go after all of you to try and prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled"

The Chosen nodded

"Also" he checks his pocket-watch "It's almost time for you all to get ready for school back on Earth"

He created a portal to return everyone back to their bodies.

"Aren't you coming Nar?" Boomer asked

"No I'm going to stay here until Anna has recovered" he said while looking at the sleeping Anna "But if you really need my help then use this"

He hands Blossom a black bracelet which she places on her wrist

"I created that bracelet so that only the one who's wearing it may take it off" he explained "If necessary simply break it apart and I will be there in a flash"

She nodded and left with everyone through the portal leaving Nar with his comatose lover.

The Powerpuff Home – Blossom's POV

As we felt our souls returning to our body we slowly woke up to the smell of pancakes. We all walked into the kitchen to find the Professor cooking his famous pancakes. Buttercup, of course, was in her chair with knife and fork ready in seconds. The noise alerted the Professor to us and he turned to bid us good morning.

"So how was your training?" he asked

"It had its ups and downs" Brick joked

The Professor nodded and he went back to his pancakes. The rest of us took a seat before I realized something that is going to make things awkward. I whispered to the girls who paled slightly. I figured it be best to tell him now

"Um… Professor?" I said

"What is it Blossom?" he asked as he gave us each a plate of pancakes

"Do you remember the time you told us that if we ever got boyfriends you wanted to meet them?" I began hesitantly

"Yes" he replied while pouring on syrup "What about it?"

"Well…" I said while motioning to the boys

"Nice to meet ya!" they said pleasantly

He sat there still for a minute or two before it seemed to click in his mind… to which he proceeded to fall out of his chair like a statue.

"Saw that coming" Butch said taking a bite of pancakes

Buttercup smacked his head

Later at School – Brick's POV

For the time being we decided to keep the 'relationship' thing secret. So it was decided that the girls would leave first since we tend to be late anyway. As we began walking to class we almost ran into three girls who were almost identical in looks to the girls. One in blue walked up to Boomer

"Name's Brat" she said seductively

The punk green one walked up to Butch

"I'm Brute" she said in a gruff voice

Finally the dark red walked up to me

"And I'm Berserk hot stuff" she said in a flirting tone

It was shocking how similar they looked to the girls but they were… to put it kindly: distinct less than attractive than the girls *A/N if you hate the RRB with the Powerpunks pairing than replace the 'less than attractive' part with 'ugly' whichever you prefer*

"So…" Berserk said while smiling flirtily "Feel like going out sometime?"

The thought thoroughly creeped me out

"Ehh… no" I answered simply

"No" Butch replied bluntly

"Thank you for the offer but… no" Boomer said trying to be gentle

We then proceeded to walk past them and head to our classes hoping that they would never cross paths again.

No One's POV

Unfortunately for them they did. Much like how the boys had every class with the Powerpuffs these new girls had similar schedules much to their distain. They apparently don't take no for an answer for in each of their classes the new girls were all but hanging off them. The boys would discreetly shoot the Powerpuffs a look that says 'this was not my idea'. The day wore on until the final bell had rung. The Powerpuffs left for home but the boys had to stay since they had gotten a detention for being late. Once they had been let free they all left the school they were thinking about going to visit the girls until three familiar voices sounded from behind them. Turning around they found themselves being placed under some kind of spell by the three of them. They tried to break free but simply wound up unconscious.

"All according to plan" Berserk said with a grin

The Powerpuff Home – Buttercup's POV

We we're all sitting around watching T.V. when the Hotline went off. Blossom of course was the first to answer.

"Yes Mayor?" she asked

I watched as her face slowly began to pale a little. She hung up a while after

"Who is it?" I asked

"The boys are destroying downtown" she said slowly

"But I thought they weren't going to do bad things anymore" Bubbles said with a gasp

I however cracked my knuckles

"Let's go remind them of that" I said

We rushed off until we found the boys tossing cars around

"And just what do you think you're doing?!" I demanded

They all turned around and immediately we knew something was off about them. The looked up at us with blank soulless eyes. Not even a second later they zoomed up to us and knocked each one of us straight into the ground.

"That was defiantly not a pulled punch" I noted as I rubbed my head "They are actually trying to hurt us"

"But why?" Bubbles asked sitting up

"That would be our doing" a voice behind us said

Turning around we came face-to-face with the three new girls from school.

"We placed them under our spell you see" the blue one said

"The boys follow only our commands now" the green one said

"And we commanded them to kill you" the dark red one finished

"Who are you three anyway?" I demanded

"We are the Powerpunk Girls" they said in unison "Lucifer's top succubi"


Nar: *Blows party horn*

Me: But how can we celebrate?

Nar: *wheels in a cart full of various cheese and fruit*

Me: YOU READ MY MIND! *begins to eat*

Nar: Well everyone as always R&R!

Me: *mouth full of food* Enjoy Life and Later Days!

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