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Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 2: The Fight

Nar-Korash's POV

Buttercup charged at me fist raised while going at speeds that would rival a bullet. I smirked at her and her sister's expressions when I stopped her fist using only my pinkie finger. She moved back quickly and I asked her.

"I take it you are the strongest among your sisters Buttercup?"

"What of it?" she responded "You gonna say I'm weak?"

"Oh not at all" I said "You are quite strong I almost had to use my index finger"

I could see the fury rise in her eyes as she charged at me again in a flurry of punches

"Strong indeed" I mused while blocking her attacks "But your temper makes you an easy opponent"

I shoved her back and proceeded to get in a few of my own punches. After each I stated a few of her flaws





After the last one I sent her flying back with a face punch. Her sisters stared dumbstruck for few more seconds then flew at me. They tried double teaming but even then I effortlessly blocked them both. I knocked Blossom back a few feet and turned my attention to Bubbles. She too tried to land a successful hit but had as much luck as Buttercup. I grabbed one of her wrists and said

"Like your sister you too have your flaws"

My fist met her stomach

"You hesitate when you aren't sure you can win"

Then my knee in the same place

"You hold yourself back"

My elbow in her back

"You let the fear of your own emotions hold you down"

Then with a Reverse Round-House *A/N a Round-House is where you swing your fist in a full circle to power it with centripetal force. A Reverse Round-House is the same but you use your elbow rather than your fist* to her face she went flying and landed on top of a recovering Buttercup.

"Now…" I said as I turned to Blossom "For the eldest"

She looked ready to tear my head off but kept it in check. She assumed a fighting stance and waited for me to make the first strike. With a smirk and a raised eyebrow I charged towards her. Unlike her sisters she seemed to have studied some form of martial arts. She was faring better than her sisters but she was only defending and never trying to attack.

My palm strike met her chin

"You overthink things"

My knee to her side

"You lose confidence in your abilities"

My foot to the side of her head

"You try to carry other people's burdens rather than let them handle it"

My fist in her face and she went to join her sisters on the ground. I stood over them with a look of disappointment.

"Is this a joke?" I asked "How could anybody like the three of you even be considered heroes?"

They slowly got to their feet and were panting hard even though it has been a short fight.

"I came here expecting a fairly one-sided fight sure" I said "But I expected more than THIS"

I was slightly surprised at the look on their faces. It was sheer determination mixed with some anger but only enough to add emphasis. The real surprising part was I expected some fear or lost hope but no matter how much I looked it wasn't there.

'Maybe… they might just be…' I thought to myself

"You want more" Blossom said "Try this on for size"

They began to charge energy into their hands each a color respective to their owner. They charged their energy until it formed an orb about the size of a basketball. Then the three of them flew into the air and formed a triangle. I braced myself for whatever they were about to do as they prepared to launch their attack.

"SPIRAL APEX BEAM!" Blossom called out as they fired their energy

True to its name the three different colors of energy connected and began to spin as it rocketed towards me. This beam must have been created using their maximum power and in combining became even more powerful which must be how it got the name "apex" which means the highest point. Acting quickly I called out


It was a simple barrier powered by almost the entirety of the power I had available to me at this time. For a good couple of seconds it was nothing more than them blasting and me defending however; I noticed something I never would have expected: my barrier was beginning to crack. It started small but steadily grew until it shattered.

Buttercup's POV

As our energy faded and the beam did as well we all slowly descended to the ground thoroughly exhausted after using up all our energy. I looked up as the smoke cleared and saw that he was gone except for one of his rings relief flooded through each of us as we collapsed on the ground

"Well…" I said between breaths "It wasn't easy but we kicked his ass"

"Yeah…" Blossom panted out "I guess we did"

Then we heard someone clapping slowly behind us while chuckling in a familiar voice. We turned around so slow I could hear creaking.

There he was.

Standing there without even a scratch on him chuckling like someone had told a joke.

"Impossible" Bubbles whispered

"Congratulations girls!" he called out cheerily "You did it! You somehow managed to break my barrier, almost hit me and completely change my opinion about the three of you"

We were to shocked to respond

"Now for your reward!" he said as he lifted up the wrist that no longer had on a ring "To face me at my next level of power!"

If it was even possible our eyes grew even larger. HE WASN'T EVEN FIGHTING AT FULL STRENGTH?!


Pure black energy swirled around him until and he sent out a small shockwave to demonstrate the rise in power. The second scariest part was the energy almost seemed to be alive as it surrounds him lashing out at anything that maybe too close. You may have noticed I said second that's because the scariest part is the look on his face. It was a seemingly pleasant and kind looking face if it were used anywhere else because right now it was like the face a psycho has when he pretends to be all friendly even though he is coming at you with a weapon and is intent on killing you.

"So…" he said with the same look on his face "Shall we continue?"

Bubbles passed out next to me then Blossom. I stared for a few more seconds before I joined them in the land of unconscious.

Nar-Korash's POV

My aura of darkness faded as I watched in surprise when the girls passed out in front of me. I rubbed the back of my head and laughed nervously

"Guess I went a little overboard" I said to no one in particular

"Oh but I think you did FANTASTIC!" a very high-pitched and distorted voice said behind me

I turned around to and extremely thin… man...? Wearing make-up, women's clothing and sporting crab-like claws for hands. He walked over to me.

"It's a pleasure to meet you" he said with a small bow

"Yeah…" I said a little creeped out "And you are?"

"Everyone calls me HIM my good man" he answered

"At long last!" another voice called out

I turned to see a green skinned monkey wearing a cape and helmet walking this way with a devious grin on his face.

"The Powerpuff Girls have been beaten!"

"Who are you?" I asked the monkey

He turned to me

"I am Mojo Jojo sworn enemy to the Powerpuff Girls" he said "And let me be the first to congratulate you on defeating those meddlesome Powerpuff Girls"

"Yeah!" a really winey and obnoxious voice called out

I looked up to find a big red curly haired girl fly down on a jet pack

"It's about time someone dealt with those annoying girls"

With a voice like that who is she calling annoying? I learned her name was Princess and soon several other people came out from the woodwork all complimenting me on my victory. I saw a green skinned, thug-looking group of five who called themselves the Ganggreen Gang. There was also a pink furred, country-talking creature named Fuzzy Lumpkins. It took me three seconds, which was three more than it should have, to realize that not only was I surrounded by the major villains of this story but I had officially been accepted as one. I noticed Mojo pull something from his pocket it looked like a vial containing an orangish liquid.

"Oi Mojo" I said "What's that?"

He turned to me with that same evil grin

"This is Antidote X" he explained "Whereas its brother Chemical X gave the girls their powers this shall take them away"

Now I was a bit worried I had a fairly good idea of what he was going to do with it.

"OOOOH!" HIM cooed "I take it you are planning to use it to rid them of their powers?"

The monkey laughed evilly

"Of course!" he answered

I was afraid of that.

"I have been saving this little amount for just such an occasion" he said "For you see it is the last of the Antidote X ever created"

"The last?" I asked "What happened to the rest?"

"It was destroyed and the notes on how to re-create it were burned" he explained "Even I with my great mind could never successfully replicate"

"You know…" Princess mused "I think the new guy should have the honor"

"Good idea Princess" HIM said "For a rich snob it's surprising you actually can think instead of paying someone else to do it for you"

She glared at him while Mojo handed me the vial. As I made my way over to the three unconscious girls I noticed a news reporter getting coverage of what must have been the scoop of the century. I stopped next to the knocked-out heroines and stared at the vial in my hand I had formed an interesting plan to shock all that were watching.

"Ya know…" I started as I turned to the group behind me as I uncorked the vial "I think I know why I was able to beat the girls so easily"

"Oh?" HIM asked "Do tell"

Using my shadows I pulled up a small section of concrete and created a small hole. They all looked at me with curious expression, which turned to shock as I poured the contents of the vial into the hole, covered it up and crushed the vial in my hand.

"I believe it is because they have been saving the city from you weak and pathetic lot that their skills never needed to grow stronger" I said

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING" HIM said in a more evil sounding voice

"I thought you were on OUR side" Princess exclaimed

I smirked

"YOUR side?" I asked "Don't make me laugh. I personally hate villains"

With that I then proceed to beat up every last one of them using my shadows and sent them flying to the jail. I grabbed my lost power restraint ring and placed it back on my wrist then I picked up the girls using my shadows and was about to leave until the news reporter came running up to me

"Excuse me sir?" she asked "Inquiring minds want to know: first you defeated the Powerpuff Girls then proceeded to K.O. all of Townsville's top villains so whose side are you on?"

I thought about my answer for a few seconds and said

"I'm on the Girls side but I am not a hero"

I started to walk away again but was stopped when the reporter asked

"Where are you taking them?"

I turned to her as I created my wings and answered her simply with

"To their home, I need to make sure I didn't cause any serious injuries"

With that I took flight leaving the dumbfounded reporter behind me.

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