Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 20: Lover's Quarrel

No One's POV

The girls looked at the Powerpunks with expressions of shock, disbelief and anger, the Powerpunks responded with looks of triumph and a little smug as well. After a few minutes of staring each other down the dark red Powerpunk; Berserk, snapped her fingers

"Kill them" she commanded

The boys wasted no time and sent the girls flying with a solid punch to the stomach as they turned around. The girls went flying before crashing into a building leaving three large dents in its side.

"Any ideas leader girl?" Buttercup asked rubbing her head a little

"Those Powerpunks are controlling them" she mused "If we take them out maybe the boys will snap out of it"

"Works for me!" Buttercup exclaimed as she rocketed back towards them with her sisters not too far behind

Buttercup aimed a punch right for Brute's face but suddenly Butch appeared and deflected it towards a wall.

"Loyal aren't they?" Brute commented as she clung to Butch "They'll protect us from any threat"

Buttercup pulled her fist from the hole in the wall she had created and faced her with growing rage

"I will break all your bones" Buttercup threatened lowly

Using her speed to her advantage she managed to slip past Butch and send Brute flying with a punch to the face then sped off in the direction the Powerpunk went flying with Butch going to protect his master.

Blossom had taken to the air in pursuit of Berserk. The two began an intense aerial battle with neither side giving an inch. Blossom tried to blast her with her ice breath but Brick blocked it by creating a large wall of fire.

"I always liked men who knew how to turn up the heat" Berserk said in a taunting way

"That joke was terrible" Blossom responded

She tried to blast Berserk with her lazar vision but was again intercepted by Brick using his lazar vision to which Berserk added her own and overpowered Blossom sending her into the ground. Blossom shook off the pain and charged in again

Bubbles was having a difficult time in her fight. She didn't want to fight Boomer but everytime she tried to attack Brat, Boomer would appear and prevent her from doing anything. However she suddenly had an idea. As Boomer charged at her again she charged herself as well

"Finally grown a spine?" Brat taunted her

"Something like that" Bubbles responded

Right before the blues collided Bubbles spun around and passed right by Boomer and then zoomed right into Brat and threw her at the ground. As Brat started to right herself Bubbles zoomed up to her again and used her sonic scream to send Brat right into the ground. Bubbles continued her assault until Boomer appeared behind her and sent her flying away with a kick to her face.

A few minutes later the girls all lay in a large crater with the Powerpunks and their thralls standing over them.

"End it" they ordered the boys

Brick raised his hand above his head and created a huge orb of fire

Boomer did the same and created a giant lightning bolt

Butch stomped on the ground and created a giant rock spear

They all threw their creations at the girls creating a large explosion. The Powerpunks smirked in victory but as the dust cleared that look was replaced with confusion then shock. A large black dome shielded the girls from the attacks. The barrier began to dissipate

In the center standing in front of the girls was a familiar man clad in black; Nar

"The Lord of Shadows and Darkness…" Brat said stunned

"We're retreating for now" Berserk said "We'll be back"

And with that they vanished, taking the boys with them

Nar-Korash's POV

I watched as the succubi disappeared with half of the Chosen with a look of distain

"This is not good" I mused to myself

I looked down at the remaining Chosen. Particularly Blossom as I picked up the bracelet I gave her

"You are damn lucky I can be anywhere in the blink of an eye" I mused again

They had all passed out so I figured I should take them back home

Ever hear of Déjà vu?

I arrived at their home and let myself in. The Professor came in and saw the scene before him

"Mind tending their injuries?" I asked him

He nodded and went to get the first aid. I set the girls down on the couch and began to wait for them to get up.

10 Minutes Later

The Professor was finishing up Bubbles when they started to stir

"Enjoy your nap?" I said jokingly despite the situation

"Hello Nar" Blossom said

"Thanks for saving our asses back there" Buttercup said

"How's Anna doing Nar?" Bubbles asked

"It has been a few Heaven and she's still comatose however she has been showing signs of waking up, I hope for the best" I replied

"So what happened?" the Professor asked

"The boys have been put under the control of the three top succubi of Hell" I explained "As I'm sure you girls can attest to"

They nodded

"Do you think they're okay?" Bubbles asked

"I'm sure they are" I reassured her "They most likely plan to kill them only after they take you three out"

The girls breathed a sigh of relief

"So what now?" Buttercup asked

"First of all we should try to free the boys" I said "And I have an idea you three just need to make sure the boys don't get involved and that you keep the 'Punks busy"

"I think I have an idea that could ensure that" Buttercup said after thinking a bit

I handed the bracelet back to Blossom who put it back on

"Most likely they are hiding due to my presence" I explained "So after you have them distracted bring me back"

They all nodded in understanding and I took my leave

Buttercup's POV

Not even five seconds passed before we heard an explosion in the distance

"They don't waste time do they?" Bubbles asked

"Let's go" I said

We flew off towards the sound of the explosion. Just like before they were waiting for us. The boys stood in front of them

"What's this?" Brute asked "No Shadow Lord for you to hid behind?"

"Tough talk from someone who's hiding behind someone themselves" I shot back

"Not to mention someone who ran away at the first sight of said Shadow Lord" Blossom added

They scowled at us

"Get them" Berserk ordered

The boys began walking towards us

"So… that plan of yours Buttercup?" Bubbles asked

"Don't worry about it" I said as I walked towards the boys

I stopped in front of the boys and before they could do anything I grabbed Brick's head in my left hand and Boomer's in my right

"I'll apologize later" I said

Using all my strength I smashed the boy's heads together like I was playing the cymbals. When I let their heads go, the boys collapsed.

*A/N What? You think I was going to use the whole 'Reverse Sleeping-Beauty' thing? (scoff) Nah that's too cliché*

No One's POV

Both the Powerpunks and the other Powerpuffs looked on with stunned expressions. Buttercup dusted of her hands

"Now that that's done…" she began as she took out her glaive "Now you die"

She charged at Brute and tried to slash her in half but Brute jumped back just in time. Buttercup however didn't let up. She charged again and body slammed Brute into a nearby building. Blossom and Bubbles watched their battle hungry sister for a few seconds before taking out their own weapons.

"Impact Arrow!" Blossom fired the arrow into Berserk's gut sending her flying

Bubbles wrapped her whip around Brat's leg and began to toss her around into various buildings.

Buttercup reared her glaive back and let loose a razor-sharp wind gust that laced Brute's body with various gashes

Blossom let loose an Arrow Storm causing several arrows to impale Berserk

Bubbles had gone full out rage mode again and was slamming Brat into anything and EVERYTHING nearby.

*FunFact: Succubi are actually very weak among the Hellspawn. This is why they have powerful males for thralls, so they never have to fight*

The girls threw the Powerpunks into a wall and stood before them. However the boys appeared and stood between the girls and the 'Punks who smiled triumphantly.

"Destroy them" Berserk ordered

The boys looked at the girls. Then with a smile and a wink they turned towards the 'Punks

"Nah I don't really feel like it" Brick said with a smirk

The 'Punks looked wide eyed in disbelief

"How's this possible?!" Brat exclaimed

"Do ya really need to ask?" a familiar voice said

Nar walked around a corner

"While you girls were having your catfight I removed the enchantment you put on the boys and shielded them from any other attacks from your kind" he explained

Blossom knocked an arrow

Bubbles readied her whip

Buttercup spun her glaive around before impaling the ground

Brick drew his sword and a gentle flame coated the blade

Boomer drew his daggers and gave off a spark of electricity

Butch simply tapped his hammer against his hand

"Basically…" Nar said quoting the Eleventh Doctor "Run"

With a glare the Powerpunks vanished from the Earth to deliver some news to their master.

In Hell – Lucifer's POV

"YOU WHAT?!" I shouted

"We… we have failed my lord" Berserk repeated

"I sent you three because I expected better from you" I began "AND YET YOU RETURN TO ME LIKE THIS?!"

"Please forgive us my lord" Brat began "We-"

I didn't give them a chance to finish. With one quick movement I smashed all three of them underneath my foot like the useless insects that they were. But I wasn't sated. I began rampaging through the realm


My rage spent I sat back on my throne with a deep sigh and began to think.

'My day of return is nearing and I don't have the one who will deliver the Earth to me' I thought to myself 'I have no son to herald my coming'

Still thinking I brought up the images of the Chosen. I got rid of the males first then began to study the females.

'Too feisty' I thought as I got rid of the green one

'I hate the color pink' I thought as I got rid of the pink one

I studied the baby blue one for about five minutes before I felt the smile spread across my face

"Yes" I said aloud "So innocent and pure"

I laughed a little to myself

"She will be the one to bear my offspring and bring forth MY COMING!" I exclaimed as my laughter echoed through the realm.

Me: Done!

Nar: Oh boy now we are really wading in deep

Me: Yep! Also I'd like to apologize for the fight scene at the beginning of the chapter. My creativity just wouldn't flow out so I had to cut it a little

Nar: It happens to all of us

Me: Well the main thing is things are still going strong!

Nar: Indeed. Either way R&R!

Me: Enjoy Life and Later Days!

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