Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 21: Truth Revealed

Nar-Korash's POV – Heaven

I sat in Anna's room as I have for several Heaven weeks now thinking about things. Lucifer was starting to target the Chosen to ensure the prophecy would never be fulfilled. Not only that but I could feel the end war drawing near. If something wasn't done then the Kingdom of Man would be eradicated. Something that I can't allow to happen… but when the final seal is broken… I won't have any choice but to join the battle. A noise from Anna's bed drew my attention, and to my utmost joy I turned to see her sitting up.

"Anna! You're awake!" I exclaimed as I embraced her "You took your time didn't you?"

She didn't respond.

I pulled back and looked into her eyes which were filled with confusion and questions.

"Anna?" I said tentatively "What's wrong?"

She looked at me, familiar no-nonsense stare but still riddled with… doubt?

"Nar…" she began slowly

"What is it Anna?" I asked

"What was my father like?" she asked quietly

I felt my eyes widen slightly at the question. She had never thought much about her father in the time I've known her. Why start to wonder now?

"Why do you want to know?" I asked her back pulling up the chair I was sitting in

"Nir mentioned him during our fight" she explained "And the way he talked about it made it seem like…"

She didn't continue. She didn't have to. I should have figured Nir would have pulled some kind of cheap trick. I sighed and leaned back in the chair rubbing my eyes with my left hand.

"That depends" I started causing her to look at me "When you say: 'what was he like?' do you mean that in a general way… or are you asking who he was really?"

She thought about it for a moment then looked back at me

"Both" she responded simply

I sighed again

"I'm sure you have guessed it by now but yes your father was the Archangel Gabriel" I said

She nodded

"He was a man of loyalty and devotion and always strived to follow the will of the Lord" I continued "As a friend to him he was always positive and upbeat and liked to have a good time"

She kept listening

"One day I could only assume he saw a vision that he would fall in battle" I closed my eyes in memory of that day "He confided only in me and God. I offered to join him in battle so that his fate may be averted but he said no. He told me that it's pointless to go against the flow of time that no matter what his time would come"

She took in this information with a furrowed brow

"For a while I was told nothing about his life then I learned from God that to ensure his lineage would always go on he produced an heir but I never was told anything about his heir" I looked at her "When I fought you on the day we first met and you used your holy light abilities I began to suspect that you were his child… and I was right"

Finally she spoke

"So that makes me the Lords new left hand then" she phrased it like a question

"Yes" I answered "However; not officially"

She looked at me

"You are born as such yes but you have yet to be recognized as one" I explained

She nodded

"What now?" she asked

"As for you, rest" I said "The end war is drawing near and you will need your strength"

"And you?" she asked

For a while I didn't respond

"To watch over the Chosen" I said at last

"Right" she said in a slight disbelieving tone "At least take this with you"

She tossed something over to me which I caught with ease. I looked at it to find that it was her white crystal

"You haven't told them yet have you?" she asked "The part of the prophecy that you left out"

I didn't respond and simply stared at the crystal

"It's time that you told them Nar" she said "No soldier should be sent out into battle and not know what to expect"

I was quiet for a while before I nodded

"I guess you're right" I turned to leave "They deserve to know"

I opened a portal and left the hospital for Earth

I let myself into the Powerpuff home and found everyone there doing various things. They all looked up and greeted me

"Everyone, we need to talk" I said as I sat down

"About what Nar?" Bubbles asked

I took in a deep breath before I continued

"When I first met you and explained the situation there were some… details I left out" I began

They looked at me curiously

"Like what?" Blossom asked

I paused for a moment

"The prophecy that I explained to you was actually the shortened version" I explained "I was afraid that if I told you the full version you would not be so eager to assist"

They all looked at each other

"Well no better time like the present" Butch said "Lay it on us"

I nodded

"For the most part what I told you was true: six warriors would rise and put an end to the Great War" I said "Now I tell you the rest"

They said nothing

"The Chosen would fight alongside the angels during the end war against the final wave of Lucifer's Hellspawn" I started "A battle that would be fought for three days and nights for the fate of the Kingdom of Man"

They listened on

"As Lucifer rode forth in a massive fortress of death one of the Chosen would harness the powers of light and darkness and charge straight into the fortress and kill the Fallen Angel once and for all… however…"

"However what Nar?" Brick asked

"The Chosen who would end the life of Lucifer would also end his own life as well" I finished

Their eyes all widened

"Wait, are you saying what I think you're saying?!" Buttercup demanded

I nodded solemnly

"In order for this war to end…" I looked them all straight in the eye "… one of you will have to die"

Me: Done!

Nar: This story's starting to get kinda heavy isn't it?

Me: Indeed

Nar: I have this feeling that the end of the story is drawing near

Me: Yep but it might be for the best I am starting to run short on ideas

Nar: It happens to all writers

Me: Oh well I suppose we'll see you next week

Nar: R&R!

Me: Enjoy Life and Later Days!

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