Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 22: A Choice

Brick's POV

For a good five minutes we all just sat there in silence. Completely stunned at what Nar had told us. One of us had to martyr themselves for the sake of the world?! I glanced at my brothers… at Blossom… I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I let one of them die for whatever reason. I was about to break the silence and respond to Nar, but Buttercup beat me to the punch… reacting in just the way one would expect her to.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN ONE OF US WILL HAVE TO DIE?!" she yelled while she shook Nar by the hem of his jacket

"I mean exactly what I said" he said while being all but tossed around "If this war is to be put to an end one of you will have to make the ultimate sacrifice"

"This is kind of a big thing to just not tell us Nar!" Butch said

"I know, I know…" he started

"Did you really think you can just leave out such an important detail and just throw us into the midst of battle?!" Boomer said cutting him off "How could you leave us in the dark like this?!"

"If you'll just listen to me…" he tried again

"We trusted you Nar" Bubbles interrupted getting a little emotional "Are we just pawns to you?"

"NO!" he quickly said "Look just let me try to explain and STOP SHAKING ME WOMAN!"

Buttercup finally let him go and sat back down. I glanced over at Blossom who hadn't spoken for a while. She seemed to be assessing all of what Nar has told us and trying to make sense of it all. Always a thinker that girl. Nar sighed as he straightened his jacket

"Look, like I said before I left out that part about dying because I didn't want any of you to back out from fear of death" he began "If you all didn't agree then it could have had a severe impact on our chances of winning"

"So it's all about winning this war?" Blossom finally spoke up "That's the only thing that matters? Not any of our well beings?"

"No, No…" he said with a deep sigh "This is turning out much how I expected"

"It is how you're making this sound" I added

"I know that I just…" he paused trying to find the words "Listen, I know I messed up by not telling you all this sooner, but need I remind all of you what will happen should Hell win the war?"

We were silent at that. If Lucifer and the Hellspawn succeed then it is the end of all that we love and care for. All of mankind would be wiped out and Heaven wouldn't be waiting for the lost souls.

"I couldn't risk all of mankind by telling you the whole truth and then having some or even all of you back out" he explained

"Why would it matter so much if one or two of us backed out?" I asked

"Sometimes it's one or two people that make a difference" he replied "Imagine on a battlefield two armies go against each other but one side greatly outnumbers the other, who would you think would win?"

"The side with more people" Butch answered

"Indeed, however let's say that as the battle began all of the higher ups who give orders are taken out and all that's left are troops" he said "Now what happens?"

"The troops would fall into disarray" Blossom replied "Allowing the other side to more systematically wipe out the larger force even with the advantage"

"Correct Blossom" he said "My point here is that if one of you didn't join then just because you weren't there the battle would be lost"

We thought about what he said for a while

"Say Nar?" Buttercup spoke up

"What is it?" he asked

"I've been wondering this for a while but, you said yourself that when fully released your power can rival that of God right?" she asked

"I did" he replied simply "What of it?"

"Why don't you just go full power and kill Lucifer yourself?" she finished

"That's a good question" Bubbles said "You should be able to defeat Lucifer no problem"

He sighed

"Because I am not allowed to" he answered

"Huh?" we all asked in unison

"There are many rules that exist in this world and a lot of them I must follow" he explained "Around the time when I became the Lord of Shadows and Darkness I was given many rules that I have to abide by one of them was the biggest and worst possible ones to break: 'You must never attempt to usurp the throne of Heaven or Hell.' The punishment was the immediate stripping of my powers followed by death"

"Heavy" Buttercup said

"Yes it was, but I followed the rules like I should" he said "However over the centuries I've been alive I've had to watch many people I cared for die because I was bound by rules that forbade me from doing anything. One of the hardest things to bear in this world is watching someone die in front of you and not do anything even though you could have"

We said nothing

"Then I began to get crafty" he continued "I studied and re-studied the rules until I began to find loopholes and figure out how to bend them to my liking. So I figured that though I couldn't directly end the war I could help those who could"

"So you sought out loopholes, anyway to bring the war to an end without having to directly involve yourself" Blossom summed up

"Yes" he answered "Which is how I wound up meeting you all"

We all thought about this for a while before he spoke up again

"I've been working on a way to get around the martyr situation but I've yet to come up with anything" he said "I know that it's asking for a lot but…"

"But what?" I asked

"Will you all still stand with the Legion during the End War even if it means one of you may die?" he asked

We all sat and thought about it for several minutes. I glanced at everyone and they all looked indecisive. With a sigh I stood up.

"I'm in" I said

I could feel everyone looking at me

"Are you sure bro?" Boomer asked

"There's no turning back" Butch reminded me

"Yeah but a wise man once said: 'I'd rather die with a little of my enemies blood on my blade, than live knowing I ran the other way'" he said

"I'm in as well" Blossom said standing up "As a Powerpuff it is our duty to protect the innocent no matter the cost"

We all looked at the remaining four before Bubbles stood up

"If Blossom is going than it's defiantly the right choice" she said

"Then I'm going as well" Boomer said instantly after "I have to make sure Bubbles is safe"

She blushed a little and smiled. Buttercup stood up after a pause

"Well I can't let you two have all the fun" she said

Now we all looked at Butch. He sighed deeply

"Well I've got this" he said as he summoned his warhammer "Might as well put it to good use"

Nar smiled widely

"Thank you all" he said

We all nodded

"You also said that one would harness the powers of light and darkness" Blossom recalled "How does that work?"

He pulled out a white and a black crystal from his pocket

"When the time has come one of you must crush these two crystals in your hands and you will be granted powers strong enough to defeat Lucifer" he explained

"I see" Blossom said

I took the white crystal from Nar and looked at it

"I'll keep this with me for safe keeping" I said as I put it in my pocket

For a brief second I could have sworn I saw a look of dread flash across Nar's face but I shook it off

I glanced at the clock

"It's getting late" I said "Mind if we crash here?"

"Go ahead" Blossom said

"Guess I'll crash too" Nar said as he lied down on the sofa he was on and promptly fell asleep

"And I thought Butch falls asleep fast" I said

"Hey!" he exclaimed

No One's POV

Everyone said their goodnights and went to their separate rooms or a sofa. Bubbles had just pulled the up her blanket and dozed off when a wicked looking figure appeared in her window. It had blood red eyes and long pointed teeth. It softly snickered to itself before vanishing to come up with a plan.

Me: Done!

Nar: Not bad this week

Me: Well it's not as pretty as it could be but I think it'll do

Nar: Ah come on man! Have some pride in your work!

Me: I do!

Nar: Then stop moping over every little detail you think you left out!

Me: Yeah you're right

Nar: Damn right I'm right!

Me: Well then I hope you all enjoyed!

Nar: R&R!

Me: Enjoy Life!


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