Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 23: Mornings and Kidnapping

The Next Morning - Bubbles' POV

I woke up when the evil that is the sun decided to shine directly into my face and force me away from my dreams.

"Why does this happen all the time?" I muttered to myself

With a sigh I pulled myself up and stretched. I checked my clock and found that it was about noon. With a yawn I got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom where I brushed my teeth and splashed my face with cold water. Fully awake, I walked downstairs and was hit with some delicious smell. I made my way to the kitchen where I found Nar cooking and Blossom, Boomer, Brick and the Professor sitting at the table.

"Morning Bubbles" Nar said turning to look at me

"Morning" I replied "What are you making?"

"A little something I like to call 'Breakfast Mash'" he said

"He fries up some hash browns and some eggs then he mixes it all up with some cheese" Blossom explained

"Which reminds me" he said "Do you want one or two eggs Bubbles?"

"One's fine" I said "Where's Butch? Didn't he sleep down here?"

"Don't know" Boomer said while playing with a fork "When I woke up he wasn't here"

"I woke up before Boomer did and I didn't see him either" Brick added

I thought for a second

"What about you Nar?" I asked

He didn't turn around but I could've sworn I saw a smile on his face

"Who knows" he said with a shrug "But my guess is he'll turn up when Buttercup wakes up"

I raised my eyebrow but shrugged and sat down.

"I guess I should go wake up Buttercup" the Professor said getting up

"Don't worry about it Professor" Nar said then checked his pocket watch "She should be up any minute now"

We looked at him curiously

"How do you figure?" the Professor asked

He didn't answer but instead kept looking at his pocket watch. He then rose his free hand up and began to count down from five. When he hit one the house was filled with the sound of Buttercup screaming followed by a series of equally loud banging noises. With a light chuckle he put away his watch and said

"Found Butch"

We all looked at him

"You knew didn't you?" Blossom asked him

He looked at us with an innocent face

"I have no idea what you are talking about" he said then went back to preparing breakfast

A few moments later Buttercup came stomping down the stairs with a mixture of anger and embarrassment on her face.

"So did you sleep well?" Nar asked in an innocent yet teasing way

"Shut up…" Buttercup said as she sat down

Not too long after Butch, covered in bruises, all but limped downstairs and sat down

"I tried to warn you Butch" Nar said in an 'I-told-you-so' voice

"Yeah, but it was worth it" he said as he grinned and gave a thumbs up

Buttercup smacked him

"Ah come on Buttercup" Nar said passing out plates of food "After all the time you two spent sleeping next to each other in Heaven I'd have figured you would be used to it by now"

"It was reflex" she said with a blush

"Wait, what now?" the Professor asked

"In Heaven there were only three rooms left so we had to pair up" I explained

The Professor stared blankly between me and Nar for several minutes

"Nothing happened" Nar reassured him

"Ok then" the Professor said with a sigh of relief

With that bit of comedy said and done we all began to eat. Upon the first bite I was overtaken by a taste that could only be described as 'worthy of a 5-star restaurant'

"This is great!" the boys said in unison

"Thanks!" Nar said "My secret ingredient is garlic"

"No wonder why it's so damn tasty!" Buttercup said

After we finished Nar began to wash the plates

"So what are your plans for the day?" Nar asked

We thought about it and shrugged

"I don't think we have anything to do unless the city is attacked" Blossom said

As if on cue the hotline started ringing

"Speak of the devil" Buttercup commented

Blossom answered the phone and after some banter she hung up

"Mojo is attacking the city with an army of robots" she said

"Sounds like a good time!" Butch said already bringing out his warhammer

"This will be the first time you all fight together" Nar mused "I wonder how Mojo will react when he sees his 'sons' fighting by his sworn enemies"

"It'll probably be hilarious!" Buttercup said with a grin

With that said we all sped off towards the direction of the explosions happening downtown. As we arrived on the scene Mojo was standing with his back to us as he watched his robots destroy town.

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE MOJO!" my sisters and I said in unison

He turned around with an evil grin which quickly turned to a look of confusion when he saw his 'sons' standing with us

"Boys? What are you doing with them?" he asked

At that moment several people who were hiding peeked out with equally curious expressions plus a news van pulled up. Suddenly Butch stepped forward

"Well there's a perfectly good reason monkey brain" he said loud enough so all the onlookers could hear "The fact of the matter is that my brothers and I are dating the Powerpuff Girls!"

"WHAT?!" Mojo, the civilians and the news crew all asked at the same time

I felt myself being pulled into a hug by Boomer and saw Brick and Butch do the same

"How do ya like them apples monkey boy?" Brick asked

Said monkey proceeded to pass out from the shock. Then all of his robots began to say 'Does not compute!' before they all began to explode. We all watched the scene go from hectic to chaotic as the citizens tried to grasp the situation… and fail.

"So what now?" I asked

"Most likely we'll have to deal with the paparazzi for a while" Brick answered

"Not to mention the fit that the school will have once they hear of it" Buttercup added

"Well let's deal with it when it happens" Boomer suggested

"Good idea-" I was cut off when everyone was suddenly flung away from me "What the-?!"

Again I was cut off when I was bound by a flesh-colored tendril. I looked behind me and came face-to-face with diminutive demon with glowing red eyes with small dots for pupils and a wickedly evil smile

"Who are you?!" I demanded trying to free myself

"I suppose you could call me a fisherman" it said in a demonic voice "If there's something my master wants; I catch it, and what my master wanted was a particular blonde by the name of Bubbles"

Then I felt myself slowly being put to sleep. The last thing I remember hearing before I blacked out was Boomer shouting my name.

Nar-Korash's POV

I had just finished drying the last dish when I felt Blossom break her bracelet again. Quickly I transported to their location.

"What happened?" I asked them

They all began speaking at the same time. I held up my hand

"One at a time please" I said

"Bubbles was taken!" Boomer exclaimed

"By who?" I asked

"It was some small demon" Blossom explained "It called itself a 'fisherman'"

"Zenafir the Reaver" I said "Him and his kind take souls from the human world to their master Lucifer"

"But why would Lucifer take Bubbles rather than just kill her?" Butch asked

I thought about it for a second and came up with two options and neither were good

"Well the best case scenario is that he is using a divide and conquer strategy and is planning to either torture or kill her or is using her as bait" I began

"If that's the best case I'd hate to hear the worst case" Brick said

"The worst case scenario is that he plans to…" I paused picking my words carefully "Impregnate her. And I fear that is the more likely of the two"

Their faces paled to the point of which a ghost looked tan. Then Boomer suddenly began to fire lightning out in all directions as his anger began to rise

"Get us to Hell NOW" he demanded

"Normally I'd advise against this kind of plan but I feel that it would be a waste of time" I said

I turned around and began to open a portal to Hell but right before it fully opened it suddenly closed up

"Odd…" I said before trying again

I was met with the same results. I made a few more attempts with still no luck. Then all at once the realization hit me

"What's wrong?" Boomer asked

"Barrier stones…" I muttered

"What?" they asked

"Barrier stones" I explained "Depending on how strong they are they prevent anyone from teleporting into the area that is blocked off. Lucifer must have set up some damn powerful ones"

"Wait, let me get this straight" Boomer began "Are you telling me…"

"I can't teleport us into Hell" I finished

Bubbles' POV

I woke up to a foul sulfurous odor. I tried to cover my nose only to discover that I was chained up. I looked around to find myself in what looked like a throne room in the center of the earth.

"Where am I?!" I yelled out

I was rewarded with the sound of sinister chuckling. I turned towards the noise to find a human-like being walking towards me. I could feel the evil that radiated off him and quickly figured him to be Lucifer.

"You are in my throne room Baby Blue Chosen" he said as he lifted my head so that I'd look at him "And you have been chosen to be given the honor of bearing my child"

Me: Dun-Dun-Done!

Nar: Now this is getting serious!

Me: Yep! It's more serious than the Dramatic Look Gopher

Nar: Or when you have 5 minutes to get to you own wedding that's across town

Me: Case and point things are going down

Nar: Indeed! Will the remaining Chosen and I manage to reach Bubbles in time?

Me: Or will this story go from Rated T to Rated M?

Nar: Tune in next week! R&R!

Me: Enjoy Life!


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