Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 24: Rage

Warning: This chapter contains intense violence, assault and battery, molestation, sexual themes, gore, and evisceration. Reader discretion is advised.

Bubbles' POV



These and several other emotions ran through my body as I stared into the eyes of the Fallen Angel. I couldn't move, couldn't breathe and I couldn't think straight. I was paralyzed by the reality that was staring me in the eyes. I watched as Lucifer grinned and chuckled in a malicious way

"As I'm sure that you are ever so eager to begin" he said in a mocking tone "Let's not waste any time"

Regaining my senses a little I twisted and turned my body trying desperately to break the chains that bound me or at the very least get away from him. This display only made him laugh more

"It's no use Blue Chosen" he spoke huskily in my ear "These chains are forged by my personal smith. They are even stronger than diamond

I shuddered as he began to lick the nape of my neck and slowly made his way up to my earlobe where he nibbled on it a little.

I gasped as he began to roughly knead my breast.

Boomer's POV



The second Nar said that he couldn't get us to Hell I could feel my heart sink like a rock in the ocean. The next second my head began to fill with all the possible things that could be happening to Bubbles


"You once said that your power rivals a God!" Blossom added "Can't you do SOMETHING?! THAT'S OUR SISTER IN THERE!"

"Calm down" Nar said "Let me try this"

He turned back around and amped himself up to 75% power. Once again he tried to open a portal to Hell. I grew hopeful when the portal stayed open longer than before but it was crushed as the portal faded again.

"DAMMIT! The Barrier Stones must be REALLY powerful if I still can't open them" he cursed

"What about your 100% power?" I asked

He turned around and looked at me

"We all saw your true power in the Barren Lands" I continued "You should be able to use that power to rip that portal open in the blink of an eye"

"He's right" Brick agreed "Nar you have to use all of your power!"

"I…" he hesitated "I can't"

"And why the flying fuck can't you?!" I yelled my rage growing

"Earth was never meant to handle my full power" he explained "Even if it's for the briefest of moments it could cause terrible problems to the fabric of the universe"

My rage growing ever higher I roughly shouldered past my brothers and grabbed Nar by the neck and brought him towards my face

"Does it look like I give a fuck?!" I yelled in his face "OPEN THE DAMN PORTAL!"

He had a surprised look on his face as I yelled at him

"The woman I love is down there have GOD KNOWS WHAT being done to her!" I continued "And you are wasting the time we have to be SAVING HER because of a POSSIBILITY?!"

"Wouldn't you do the exact same if it was Anna?" Butch pointed out

He thought about it for a second

"I suppose you have a point" he said at last

Then his expression changed to that of a thoughtful one

"Wait" he said "I have an idea"

Bubbles' POV

Tears were freely falling down my face as Lucifer continued to lick and bite my neck while playing with my breast.

"What happened to that voice of yours?" he asked "It had such a nice ring to it"

I cried out in pain as he all but crushed my breast in his hand

"That's more like it" he said with a victorious smirk

Then I had an idea. He moved away from my neck and began to lean in for a kiss. Quickly taking in a massive gulp of air I hit him point blank with my sonic scream causing him to go flying back against a wall. I went on for as long as I could but I ran out of breath. As I took in another breath I was silenced when he appeared out of nowhere and clamped his hand over my mouth.

"YOU BITCH!" he shouted with an enraged look

Pain erupted on my left cheek as his fist connected with it. Then on my right cheek, then my stomach then directly in my face over and over until he finally had his fill. I coughed up some blood

"YOU DARE TO STRIKE ME?!" he yelled "I was going to make this enjoyable for you but you ruined that for yourself"

He placed his thumb on my forehead which felt like I was being branded by red hot iron. I screamed in terrible pain before it finally stopped

"This spell nullifies your abilities" he explained with a sadistic grin "Wouldn't want you to get anymore bright ideas now do we?"

Then he ripped off my shirt and bra

Nar-Korash's POV

Boomer backed up a little so that I could explain myself

"I can't use my full power without there being risks but I think I might be able to come up with a substitute source of power that won't cause any damage to anything" I explained

"What is it?" Boomer asked

"I may not look it but I have a huge temperament" I continued "And I have found that I can draw power from my anger or others to transcend my power limitations"

"The point, THE POINT?!" Boomer asked impatiently

"If I link our emotions Boomer and tap into the rage that you feel from thinking about what could be happening then I should be able to bypass my limit and open a portal without any negative side effects!" I finished

"Well what are you waiting for?!" Boomer exclaimed "Do it!"

I nodded and linked our shadows together then I began to open the portal

"Alright Boomer, get angry, think of everything that could possibly be happening to Bubbles and let it fuel your rage" I said

No sooner than I finished my sentence I already felt his rage surface. I could feel my power increasing as his rage influenced mine and it quickly became easier and easier to keep the portal open.

"A little more" I told Boomer "Let your rage explode!"

For a few seconds I waited then I literally felt his anger explode like an atom bomb. With one final tug I could feel the Barrier Stones shatter and the portal connect to the other side

"Let's go" I said

Boomer was already walking through the portal

Bubble's POV

I cried out in pain as he raked his claws down my stomach and back

"You brought this pain on yourself" he said as he bit down on my breast puncturing it with his fangs

Tears were falling down my face like a waterfall as he bombarded me with wave after wave of agony

"I think the time for foreplay is over" he said "Let's move one to the main event"

He began to slowly snake his way down to my skirt

"Boomer…" I called through the pain and tears

"BUBBLES!" I heard his voice call out

Lucifer and I looked over to see him, Nar, the other Ruffs and my sisters step out of a portal

"Boomer!" I cried out for him


"Two things you need to learn Lucifer" Nar said "Number One: Never overestimate yourself. And Number Two: Never UNDERestimate me"

"LUCIFER!" Boomer yelled out in rage as I watched him charge forward and tackle Lucifer

Then Nar was next to me and he undid the chains binding me then looked at my forehead

"Power restraint spell" he said "Hang on"

He placed his hand over my forehead and I was flooded with relief as I felt the spell be broken. Nar then wrapped his cape around me and helped me to my feet

"Take her through the portal and get her home" he told everyone but Boomer

"What about you and Boomer?" Brick asked

"I need to stay here to keep the portal open and Boomer has some rage to spend" he responded gesturing to Boomer who was locked in what looked like a one-sided fight

They all nodded and ushered me through the portal. As I stepped to the other side I looked back at the portal

"Boomer…" I said

Boomer's POV – A/N: This section will contain graphic violence.

The second I saw Bubbles, bruised and battered and bloodied, something snapped inside my mind and I charged at Lucifer hell bent on killing him. I summoned my daggers and began to swing wildly at the Fallen Angel. For the most part he managed to dodge my attacks but then I blasted him with my lightning and stunned him long enough for me to sink my blade into his chest.

But I was far too enraged to stop there

With my newly acquired advantage I continued to stab, slash and zap Lucifer over and over until his body began to look like swiss cheese. I paused for a second as he began to laugh

"What's so funny?" I demanded

"You think that you are the hero for saving your girl" he began "But the truth is: though she wouldn't admit it she was enjoying it-"

I stopped him by ramming my hand into his mouth and clamping down on his lower jaw

"Ya know what?" I asked "You talk too much"

Then, taking a page out of King Kong, I grabbed the top of his mouth and ripped out his jawbone from his head. Before he could even scream I rammed one of my daggers down his throat and moved it all around slicing up his insides. In one quick movement I pulled out my arm stabbed him in two different spots, side by side, on either side of his spine. Then I jammed my hand into the two holes and violently pulled out his spine and the rest of his skull. After I began to beat him with his own skull until it shattered I sliced him open right down the middle then jammed my hand inside his chest and pulled out his heart, fired it and smashed it. Then I began to tear out every other organ I could find until he was as hollow as a tube. I backed up from the body and fell to my knees, the energy from my rage completely spent. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Nar.

"Let's go" he said gently

I nodded and followed him out the portal

Nar-Korash's POV

I led him out of the portal where everyone was waiting for us. The first thing the Blues did was embrace each other like there was no tomorrow.

"What happened in there?" Butch asked

"Boomer fucked him up" I said simply

"So… then Lucifer's dead?" Buttercup asked

"Not quite" I said "It'll be a while but he'll put himself back together again and come back with a burning vengeance"

"Let him come" Butch said "I still want a shot at him"

I smiled and patted his shoulder

"In due time Butch" I assured him "Until then let's go home"

They all nodded and we all took off, with me carrying the Blues, back to the house to enjoy the temporary time of peace we were granted

Me: Done!

Nar: …Damn…

Me: Yeah…

Nar: This was borderline M Rated right here

Me: Yeah well, every author has to make his main antagonist as hateable as possible so that it's even more satisfying when his time comes

Nar: Well if your fans didn't hate him before then no doubt they do NOW!

Me: Undoubtedly. Well anywho tune in next week!

Nar: R&R!

Me: Enjoy life!


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