Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 25: Armageddon Part I

3 Months Later

Nar-Korash's POV

I sat on top of the Powerpuff home and stared off into the distant morning, lost in thought. It had been three months since the kidnapping and I couldn't help but feel on edge. I knew that the brutal mutilation done by Boomer wouldn't keep Lucifer down for good but for three solid months of nothing was all too suspicious. Much like Heaven; Hell works on a different span of time, meaning that three months here could factor out to years in Hell. He has to be up to something if it has been this long.

Something BIG

Getting beaten so badly, by a MORTAL mind you, must have taken a major hit on his ego. I wonder if he is even able to think rationally about his plans anymore, for all I know the blow to his ego could have been so bad that he'd put into motion the first plan that forms in his head, even if the plan wouldn't work in an eternity. With a sigh I jumped off the roof and landed gracefully on the still dew covered grass. I walked back into the house to discover that the Blues had just woken up. After the incident Bubbles was having constant nightmares about what had happened.

And what would've happened if we wouldn't have made it.

It took some persuasion on my part but eventually I managed to convince the Professor to let Boomer sleep in her bed with her under the condition that sleeping was the ONLY thing they'd be doing. After a while she began to be able to sleep better and might be ready to sleep alone again.

However I've come to believe they are milking it for as long as possible.

"Sleep well you two?" I asked

"Yep!" Bubbles said

Boomer, not being the best morning person in the world, merely responded with a tired smile and a nod. I began to work on breakfast for everyone, just some simple pancakes, as they began to walk in themselves. I passed out the pancakes to everyone and took a seat, I guess I got lost in thought again because the next thing I knew Bubbles' voice caught my attention

"Nar?" she asked "Is something wrong? You're awfully quiet today"

I sighed

"I guess you could say I'm a little on edge" I replied

"What's up?" Brick asked

"It's been three months since Lucifer's last attack which could be years in Hell's time" I explained "I can't help but feel as though he is planning something big"

"Now that you mention it; it does seem a bit suspicious" Blossom agreed

Butch simply shrugged

"No point in worrying about it now" he said "We can't act if we have nothing to act on"

We all looked at him as if he'd grown a second head

"What?" he asked

"That had to be the single most intelligent thing I've ever heard you say" Buttercup said

"Yeah, and he's most likely never going to have another one like it" Brick commented "I wish I could have recorded it!"

"Why is it so hard to believe that I can be intelligent?" he asked

We stared at him for a few more moments before bursting out laughing

"Oh, shut up" he muttered

Suddenly a low resonating vibration filled my ears. I gasped as my eyes went wide, quickly figuring the cause

"Nar?" Buttercup asked "What's wrong?"

Another vibration filled my ears

"It's happening…" I muttered "But it's not time yet!"

"Time for what?!" Brick exclaimed "What is going on?!"

A third vibration came

"The seals…" I said lowly "The seals are being broken"

"Seals?" everyone asked

A fourth vibration

"Someone is breaking the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse" I explained

"What? Who?" Blossom asked

A fifth vibration

"Lucifer" I said in a dark tone

Everyone's eyes widened

"Oh no" Bubbles said

A sixth vibration

I rushed outside to see that Hell's forces were already mobilized. From a series of portals came giant flying gunships known as Dregions. From ports underneath the hulls of the ships Hellspawn begin pouring out onto the streets. The Chosen and I quickly took off toward town. Summoning their weapons the Chosen began obliterating Hell's forces, but something was bugging me

"Something's not right" I said as I sent out a series of spikes that impaled the Hellspawn

"You mean aside from the obvious?" Butch said as he crushed a Ravagers' skull

"Now's not the time for sarcasm Butch!" Brick said

Then it suddenly hit me.

"The Seventh Seal…" I said "It wasn't broken!"

"Is that a problem?" Boomer asked after he quickly dashed out and lopped off a bunch of heads

"Yes" I said "A big one"

The Dregions began to fire giant beams at the city

"You all help as many people as you can" I said "I can hold my own"

They all nodded and flew off

"If I'm right" I said as I impaled another group around me "Things are going to get bad"

No One's POV

The Puffs and Ruffs scattered in all directions rescuing all that they could before it was too late. They did their best but there were too many people, too many Hellspawn and not enough safe areas. Another Dregion opened up and sent out a swarm of Hornets which began to chase the Chosen. They moved as quick as they could and even managed to blast a few out of the sky but there were too many and they couldn't fight as efficiently with their hands full. However just as the swarm was about to grab them they were saved by a hail of arrows. Following the path the arrows came from the found themselves looking at Heaven's Legion led by Anna herself.

"Thought I'd find you lot here" she said

The Chosen found some safe areas and set down the civilians and flew to Anna

"Thanks for the save" Brick said

"Nevermind that, where's Nar?" she asked no-nonsense tone as always

"He's off fighting on his own" Bubbles replied

Without another word she gave the order to attack and went off to find Nar

Nar-Korash's POV

I began to use my duel blades as my fighting with the Hellspawn wore on. It was hard to think of a plan against Lucifer and defend myself at the same time but I pushed on. Then from behind me I heard a loud crashing noise. I looked back to find a familiar spiked mace in the center of a large crater. I watched with a smile as Anna descended down next to me and we stood back-to-back

"Good to see you're back up beautiful" I flirted

"Now's not the time to flirt Nar" she responded but I knew she was smiling

With that said we both jumped back into the fray

No One's POV



And Lord of Shadows and Darkness

Each of them was fighting off waves of seemingly endless Hellspawn while trying to save civilians. Unfortunately as hard as they fought the sheer number of Hellspawn were slowly beginning to overwhelm them all

'This is looking bad' Nar thought to himself 'If it keeps up like this…'

Knowing he had little other choice he turned to Anna

"Think you can hold your own for a while?" he asked

"What do you think?" she asked

With a nod he sheathed his blades and took wing to the top of the tallest tower in Townsville. There he removed one ring and twisted another to the right

"75%" he said to himself

He then started to hover in midair and extended his power as much as possible. Soon he began to accumulate all the shadows from the world and even the darkness of space into his body to power himself more. His eyes turned pitch black and he sent out a giant black orb that began to expand over the entire globe. Buildings, people and animals were unharmed but all the Hellspawn were destroyed and the Dregions were pushed out into space. Finally a giant orb of shadow energy covered the Earth serving as a massive shield that let in everything but the Hellspawn. The Dregions hovered in place outside of Earth's atmosphere and human kind breathed a sigh of relief

Humanity was safe.

For Now…

Me: Done!

Nar: So it's finally almost here

Me: Yep, my first completed story ever

Nar: It has been quite the process hasn't it?

Me: Indeed, well everyone after this chapter I'm going to try and make three more and an epilogue for an even 30 chapters

Nar: We hope you'll enjoy them

Me: Well anyway stay tuned for the next part in the conclusion!

Nar: R&R!

Me: Enjoy Life!


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