Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 26: Armageddon Part II

Blossom's POV

We all breathed easy once the barrier had eliminated the Hellspawn.

"Thank God" Bubbles said as she sat down

"Though I'm pretty sure it's obvious" Boomer started as he sat next to Bubbles "But anyone else want to tell me what's going on ISN'T what we all suspect"

"I'm afraid not Boomer" I said "It seems as though Armageddon has begun"

"I was afraid of that" Boomer said with a sigh

"An accurate guess Pink Chosen" a voice said from behind us

We turned to find Anna landing behind us.

"It would seem as though Lucifer has kick started Armageddon" she explained "Early, might I add"

"Early?" Brick asked "As in Armageddon was PLANNED to have happen?!"

"Yes" she said simply "Come, let us find Nar and see if we can figure out how this is happening"

With that we all began searching the city until we found him on top of the highest tower. He seemed completely zoned out.

"Nar?" Buttercup asked as she waved a hand in front of his face

"I'm afraid that won't do much" another voice said

We turned to find Nar, or more precisely a clone of Nar, leaning on a guardrail.

"In order to keep the barrier up I had my real body become a conduit for both collecting and feeding shadow energy to the shield" the clone explained "Now nothing demon or anything with evil intentions may pass through the gate without being destroyed"

We nodded in understanding

At that moment my phone rang and I saw it was the Professor

"Hello Professor" I said when I picked up "What's up?"

"Blossom" he said in a serious and slightly nervous tone "I need you to round up everyone and bring them home now"

"Alright" I replied a little worried "We'll be home soon"

I told everyone about the call and we took flight back home to discover that there were jet-black cars in our driveway

"What the?!" Buttercup exclaimed

We quickly burst through the door and found the Professor sitting in his chair with several Secret Service agents standing around

"Girls" the Professor began "These gentlemen would like a few words with you"

"Sure" the clone said "Just let me get MIB on the horn and tell them their suits have been stolen"

Everyone but the Secret Service guys and Anna, who just rolled her eyes, chuckled a bit at his joke

"I take it you are the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys?" one of the Secret Service men asked

"We are" I replied

"The President would like an audience with you" he explained

Nar's Clone's POV

I watched in mild amusement when everyone's eyes widened

"Any reason the most powerful man in the free world wants an audience with us?" I asked

"That's classified information" another Secret Service replied, his partner I assume

"No information is classified to me pal" I told him "I can search your mind so thoroughly that I can tell you exactly what you said when you were five years old"

"Not to mention it's thanks to him that no one is getting killed by hoards of Hellspawn" Butch commented

They both thought for a second before consenting

"We'll leave now and we should get there by-" one started before I opened a portal

"My way's faster" I said

Then we all walked through the portal into the President's room where all of security trained their guns at us. I held my hands up as a sign of peace

"Calm down everyone, we're just here to see the President" I explained

They didn't move until the agents stepped through and told them to stand down. With that we all turned our attention to the president. He was a black man whose hair was starting to grey a little

'I haven't paid much attention to politics lately' I thought to myself 'What was this guy's name again? O'Malley? O'Bryan? …Bob?'

"Hello everyone" he said "Thank you for coming on such short notice"

"You're welcome Mr. President" Blossom responded

"I take it you have an idea on why I asked you here?" he asked

"The fact that Armageddon has just began?" I asked

He nodded

"I have heard much about your heroics and I'd like your cooperation on dealing with this threat" he said

"Of course Mr. President" Blossom responded

"Please follow me everyone" he said as he stood up

We were led to the war room where there were several people keeping watch on Hell's forces. Once there we all sat around a giant conference table with several other officials. I decided to get the ball rolling

"So then as you all should have been told we are currently under attack by the forces of Hell" I began which earned some nods of acknowledgement "Tell me, how many of you have read the Bible?"

A few hands were raised

"To put it simply; somehow Lucifer, the Fallen Angel and Ruler of Hell, has acquired the Seven Seals and has pre-emptively begun what is called the end war" I explained

"I've thought on it for a while now" Anna spoke up "And I think I might have figured out how the Seals came into Lucifer's possession"

"Do tell Anna" I said

"A while back I had received reports that the Grasslands had come under siege" she explained "However, when I dispatched a regiment they were too late"

"If I may ask" one of the officials began "What does this have to do with anything?"

"A lot" she answered "The Grasslands were where the Seals were stored until needed"

"So then Lucifer must have stormed in and taken them right?" Butch asked

"It's the only possibility" Anna replied

"This is all interesting exposition" another official said "But how should we go about stopping these forces?"

"That's the million dollar question" I said "Lucifer is playing smart, he broke all but one of the seals and with that one still intact my ability to assist is drastically hindered"

"What's so important about the last seal?" Brick asked

"It allows me to engage Hell's forces in a more helpful way" I explained vaguely

"Well it seems to me that for starters we need to find and break that seal" Buttercup stated

"Knowing Lucifer he most likely is keeping it on his person" Anna said

"Which means I won't be much help in retrieving it" I said "If I try and attack him I'll wind up in a worse position"

"Indeed you will" a demonic voice said

We all looked towards the end of the room where we were greeted by a projection of Lucifer

"Hello Lucifer" I said evenly "You're looking good given you badly we handed your ass to you"

"A stroke of luck and nothing more" he waved it off

"What do you want?" Boomer demanded getting in front of Bubbles

"Well I've always enjoyed gloating in my victory" he explained "So I figured that I'd do some warm up gloating as you all begin to realize how deep you're in"

"Your ego never ceases to amaze me" I responded

"Still you must admit my plan is quite genius Nar" he said as he held up a diamond shaped object

The Seventh Seal

"So long as I have this intact you can't do a bloody thing" he continued to gloat

"Don't get too comfortable Lucifer" I warned "We've beaten you ass time and time again"

"Either way I look forward to crushing you all. Farewell" and with that he left

The room went quiet and I could feel everyone looking at me. I turned around and looked at them all

"Let's start discussing ideas" I said

Me: Done

Nar: Not bad

Me: It feels too rushed to me

Nar: Well it's not like anything THAT important happened. Just some exposition.

Me: I suppose

Nar: Next week things will be better I bet

Me: I guess

Nar: Now then: R&R

Me: Enjoy Life!


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