Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 27: Armageddon Part III

No One's POV

"Are you daft?! That would amount to nothing more than wasted time and resources!"

The clone of Nar was using all of his will not to beat his head on the table. After the little "visit" from Lucifer the Chosen, Council, Anna and he had begun to strategize possible solutions on how to combat the ever present threat of Lucifer's forces that loomed outside of Earth's atmosphere. It only took about five or ten minutes to dissolve into a bunch of bickering old Politians who were all but dancing around the issue, getting nowhere and wasting too much time.

'Now I remember why I never got into politics' the clone thought 'The people in charge can never get anything done'

He looked around the room and found that Anna and the Chosen weren't faring any better than he was. The girls were slowly dozing off and the boys were flat out asleep while Anna was simply getting more and more annoyed. Due to their age the Council either turned a deaf ear or brushed aside any of the Chosen's ideas most likely thinking that they didn't have the experience to make any important ideas

'Ah yes, another lovely thing about Politians' the clone thought 'They're mostly comprised of stuck-up pricks'

President What's-his-face had remained quiet throughout much of the discussion. One could wonder if he was feeling the same frustration that everyone but the council was feeling. Finally, after another five minutes of arguing the clone slammed his hand down on the table waking up the Chosen and bringing all the attention to him

"Look, I'm not sure if any of you realize this" he started directing the statement towards the Council "But we have effectively made NO progress since we started"

"It's not like we can easily make a decision on something this important" one member of the Council responded

"Make a decision?! You have literally done nothing but get nowhere for the past fifteen minutes!" the clone exclaimed "Hell! At this point we'd probably get more done if we listened to a five-year-old!"

The clone paused and thought for a minute about what he just said

"Actually…" he started with a thoughtful expression "Butch you have any ideas?"

"Not sure if I should take offense to that" he responded

"How do you expect a child to make any kind of decent plan?" another Council member asked

"Okay, NOW I feel offended" Butch commented again

"At this point even a stupid plan would feel like a breath of fresh air" Anna commented

"Well if you're all done insulting me" Butch started with a hint of annoyance "It just so happens that I DO have a plan"

We all looked at him expectantly

"Right then, Step 1:" he said as he held up his pointer finger "We duct tape all of the old geezers' mouths shut"

"I'm liking it so far" the clone commented

"Here, here" everyone but the Council said

"Step 2:" Butch continued "To quote words from Nar: we go in and we kick ass"

The Council chuckled

"Yes THAT will work!" a Council member said sarcastically

Butch crossed his arms

"I don't see any of you coming up with a better plan" he shot back

"He's right" the President spoke up getting all of our attention "In less than a minute this boy came up with an idea that we can actually work with. Which none of you could do in over fifteen minutes"

"But Mr. President-"

The President held up his hand

"You all will only be allowed to give your opinions when asked" he said with authority "And I'll only say this once: sit your asses down and shut the fuck up"

Everyone started laughing as the Council's jaws all but hit the floor in shock but grudgingly obeyed. Once the laughter died down the clone spoke up

"Right then, if anything priority number one should be the Seventh Seal" he began "If we could capture and break it then the scales of this war will greatly be tipped in our favor"

"And as we all know Lucifer has it aboard his personal Dregion" Anna added

"What would you recommend Nar?" Brick asked

The clone thought about it for a moment before drawing a diagram on a whiteboard

"My thought is that we send in a small infantry aboard Lucifer's Dregion" the clone began pointing to his diagram "The infantry will then work their way through the ship's interior, locate the Seal, destroy it then get out immediately"

"I'm in disagreement!" one of the Council members spoke up

"What you're proposing is nothing more than a suicide mission!" another agreed

Everyone looked at them blankly for a few minutes

5 Minutes of the Council Getting Kicked out of the Room Later

"Now then, back to business" the clone said dusting off his hands "The infantry will be comprised of Brick, Boomer, Butch and the most elite team of soldiers we have available"

"Why not us?!" Buttercup demanded

"I can't risk losing all of you if something were to go wrong" the clone explained "Not only that after the incident…"

The clone trailed off and glanced at Bubbles who was very discreetly trembling. Buttercup looked at her sister then nodded at the clone with a sigh

"Point taken" she said

"Now as much as I'd hate to do this…" the clone said

The clone turned towards the door and pulled back in the military member of the Council

"I want you to assemble a team of the most elite soldiers you have on roster" the clone instructed him

"I refuse to endanger the lives of my men" the general stated

"Your refusal has been refused, now get to it" the President commanded

The general muttered his discontent but began making some calls

A Few Minutes Later – Clone's POV

I stood in front of a group of six soldiers and the RRB who had all been handpicked from various branches of the military for this mission.

"Alright gentlemen I'm sure you've all been brought up to speed on your mission?" I asked

"Yep" the commanding officer, Alex, said "We're on a glorified suicide mission right?"

"Is that what you were told?" I asked

"More or less" Alex responded "I think it sounds like a good time"

"Glad you approve" I said

"What's our plan of entry?" the rookie member, Andrew, asked

"Using my abilities I'll get you inside Lucifer's Dregion, The Hellstorm, where you will have to fight your way to where he's holding the Seventh Seal, break it and GTFO" I explained "I scanned the interior and found the Seal is located in the cargo hold and unfortunately the safest possible entry point is also a hot zone"

"Ah safety's over rated" Alex said which brought a round of chuckles from everyone

"Quite" I said with a chuckle "Once you have completed your objective you need to smash this gem and you'll be transported back to earth"

I handed the gem to Andrew who put it in his pocket

"I've uploaded a diagram of the Dregion and the location of the Seal to you maps, get some rest gentlemen" I said "You'll need it for tomorrow. Dismissed!"

They all stood and saluted before heading for the barracks.

The Next Day – Still the Clone's POV

I stood on the air force runway as the team began to file in

"So how do you recommend we get to the Hellstorm?" Alex asked

"My guess would be something very covert" Andrew offered

The boys chuckled a bit

"You guys REALLY don't know Nar" Butch said

"Quite" I replied as I snapped my fingers

A large mass of shadow energy formed behind us which twisted and contorted until it formed a giant crow with piercing yellow eyes. I watched with a light chuckle as the soldiers' mouths proceeded to drop to the ground.

"This is Midnight" I said gesturing to the crow "She will fly you up to the drop zone and send you in"

"And how do you recommend we fly in space on that thing?" a random soldier asked

Midnight took a couple pecks at him for calling her a 'thing'

"Like this" is said as I lifted them in the air

Midnight opened her beak and 'swallowed' the group allowing them to be stored in her body

"Well THIS is lovely!" Alex said sarcastically

"Beats flying coach" Brick threw in

"Good luck to you all" I said "Now then: TAKE FLIGHT, MIDNIGHT!"

With a mighty caw she took wing and flew towards the ends of the atmosphere

Brick's POV

The ride towards the Hellstorm was in a perpetual silence. I noticed Andrew was holding a photo

"Who's in the photo Andrew?" I asked

"My family" he answered with a smile "I hope they're doing fine"

"I'm sure they are Andrew" Alex said

The silence returned and stayed for the rest of the way until the Hellstorm came into view

"Alright men" Alex said chambering a bullet in his rifle "Let's light it up"

The next moment we were transported into a room all but crawling with Hellspawn. They all turned their heads in shock when they saw us

"Yippee-Kay-Yay Motherfuckers" I said

Within a few minutes they were all dead. Alex checked his Nav-Map

"The Seal is this way" he said and began to walk down a long corridor

Apparently our initial fight drew some unwanted attention as we had to fight our way through every corridor we came to. Surprisingly everything seemed to be going our way

Something was wrong

"This is almost too easy!" Alex said as he put a bullet into a Ravagers' head

"That's what I'm worried about" I said decapitating another

"Maybe we're just too good" Butch said

I didn't say anything but we pushed on. After several long and hard-won fights we eventually came to the room that held the Seal. It wasn't hard to find, Lucifer put it on a giant pillar in the center of the room.

"I'm not detecting any traps" Luke, our demolitions expert, said

"NOW it's defiantly too easy" I said

"What's it matter?" Andrew asked "Let's get this over with!"

He quickly raced forward and grabbed the Seal

"ANDREW WAIT!" I called out

The next thing I knew Andrew was cleaved completely in half. Blood and organs slowly fell from his torso as the perpetrator threw him to the side and picked up the Seal

"Lucifer" Boomer spoke with venom dripping from every syllable

"You must have known it wouldn't be so easy?" he said in a gloating way

We were surrounded the next minute by Ravagers

"Did you really think I wouldn't plan for Nar to send in a team to take the seal?" he taunted "He is often arrogant himself, thinking every one of his plans will succeed"

He laughed as the Ravagers prepared to slice us to pieces

"How foolish!" he laughed again "You can do nothing against me! Not as long as I have this!"

He held up the Seal in his left hand

"My victory is nigh!" he said as he began to laugh maniacally

He and everyone was silenced the next second by a loud bang followed a clattering sound. We all looked down to find the Seal was broken and turning around to find the cause


Breathing heavily with his life and organs draining out of him, was holding a pistol with smoke trailing from the barrel.

"You…" he said taking raspy breaths "Talk too much"

With that he shattered the gem and we were ported out

Me: Done!

Nar: Nice! An excellent job!

Me: Especially after last week

Nar: You're still on that? The chapter was fine, stop beating yourself up

Me: I guess…

Nar: Any way; now that the Seventh Seal is broken mankind can begin the counter-attack!

Me: Next week marks the final chapter of the Hell's Gates story! So tune in next time!

Nar: R&R!

Me: Enjoy Life!


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