Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 28: Armageddon Part IV Final

Nar's Clone's POV

After the infantry was sent to the Hellstorm everyone began doing the only thing they could do


Some may hide it better than others but I can tell that everyone's on edge. Buttercup is pacing around the room, Bubbles is rocking back and forth, Blossom keeps putting down and picking back up a book she's reading, the Council and President were milling around, some looking like lost puppies, Anna was sharpening her sword and me? Well, I was doing the best thing that I can do when I have to wait

Taking a nap

Don't get me wrong I was worried but I find that in situations where you have to wait around its best not to let oneself get worked up over something that you can't control. After a long while I woke up and after estimating that Buttercup had just finished her 238th pace around the room, I felt it

The seventh vibration

"They did it" I said with a smile "The Seventh Seal is broken!"

We all rushed outside just in time to see the team teleport back in, and Bubbles pass out. Alex was holding up Andrew's head as the life was draining out of him

"What happened?" I asked Andrew

He chuckled weakly

"I moved before I thought" he said

"Save your breath" Alex said

Andrew looked at him

"You don't have to comfort me sir" he said "I know what lies in store for me"

I've seen many a lot of good people die in my life and I have seen them show many different kinds of emotions as they pass on; sadness, regret, anger, fear but Andrew wore none of them.

He looked content

It's not too often I see someone content when their lives are cut short. I walked over and knelt before him

"You lived a good life and served your country and your planet with honor" I said as I placed my hand over his forehead "In darkness may you find peace"

He gave me a small smile before he went limp

"Requiescat in pace" I said as I closed his eyelids *A/N: any Assassin's Creed fans out there?*

A Few Hours Later

Sadly in war, there is never a lot of time for mourning. After we had his body prepared to be shipped back to his home we all met back in the conference room

"Alright then" I started "Now that we have broken the Seal the war has officially turned in our favor"

"What's the plan then?" Brick asked

"Simple; we're going with Butch's plan" I explained

"YES!" Butch exclaimed

"What of all of the civilians around the world?" the President asked

"Taken care of" I said "I've sent several more clones around the world and had them create panic areas for every populated area so there will be no causalities"

"I will rally my Legion" Anna said "Have them be prepared to fight"

I nodded and turned to the Chosen

"We will be holding our ground over Townsville" I explained "It will be a tough battle but I know we can pull through"

They nodded

"This battle will determine the fate of the universe" I said "And we will be the ones to emerge victorious"

"Right!" they said in unison

With that I teleported Anna, the Chosen and I back to the top of the tower where my real body was holding the barrier

I dissipated myself and returned back to my real body

Nar-Korash's POV

I felt the clone return to me and allowed my conscious mind to regain control

"Good to see everyone ready to fight" I said

"You know it" Butch said

With a smirk I allowed my barrier to fade

"Let's end this war once and for all" I said, pulling out my Abyssal Walker

With a quick twist and a click I unsheathed the blade and raised it into the air where it began to absorb shadow energy


With a small burst of energy the cane sword transformed into and long broadsword with a black blade *A/N: to see the picture go here: .pl/show_ ?largeImgName=pl/Kit_Rae_Kilgorin_Sword_of_Darkness_with_Black_B lade_ &imgAlt=Kit%20Rae%20Kilgorin%20Sword%20of%20Darkness%20wit h%20Black%20Blade *

"Whoa…" the Chosen whispered


Shadows began to converge and swirl around me eventually forming into a somewhat demonic looking set of armor *A/N: Any Skyrim fans out there too? It's pretty much Daedric Armor but the red glowing parts are now glowing with black shadow energy and white energy flows from the eyeholes in the helmet*

"If you're quite done showing off?" Anna asked with a sigh

I smirked as I took off my helmet

"You know me" I said as I kissed her "I can't help it"

She blushed lightly and pushed me off of her with a small smile

"Don't die, alright?" I asked

"Never going to happen" she replied

Smirk growing ever wider I placed my helmet back on my head

"Nar?" I heard Blossom ask

"What is it?" I asked as I turned towards her

"I don't mean to be negative but last time we were almost overwhelmed even with the Legions' help" she pointed out "How do you plan to make things work more in our favor?"

"Simple" I said as I raised my sword above my head "We bring in reinforcements"

I slashed my sword down behind me creating a giant 'gash' in the sky. From the gash several hundred thousands, if not millions, of black-cloaked horsemen wielding swords, scythes, bows and guns rode out. I watched with a laugh as the Chosen stared in complete awe

"Behold, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse!" I said as I gestured to the massing forces then turned to Blossom "Do you think this will be enough?"

She could only nod

At that moment the Dregions began to descend into the atmosphere and release hoards of Hellspawn

"FOR THE EARTH!" I shouted as signaled for my forces to begin the attack "ATTACK!"

And without a single beat of hesitation we all charged towards the oncoming horde

No One's POV

Within minutes the entire Earth had become one giant battlefield. Nar had sent his riders to every part of the Earth to fend off the Hellspawn. Blood and body parts littered many parts of the planet as the merciless horsemen ended the life of demon after demon with no signs of stopping until all threats were dead. It wasn't long before Dregions began to fall under the relentless onslaught from the horsemen. Much was the same case for Nar and the others. Once the Hellspawn held the advantage of surprise over them but now that they had expected and planned for the attack they were the ones with the advantage. Even now they continue to beat back the attacking horde.

Boomer and Bubbles were using the potent effects of lighting mixed with water to wipe out hundreds of enemies at a time and cripple a Dregion or two as well

Butch and Buttercup were like two raging storms as they slashed and smashed every demon in their sight, clearing out hundreds in mere minutes

Brick and Blossom were strategically coordinating their moves to optimize their total number of kills while also keeping away any foolish demon that was feeling lucky

As for Nar and Ann, if the Greens were two raging storms then these two were like the scythe of Death himself. Nothing was able to stand up to them and if they tried they were put down

The battle began to stretch on for hours on end with neither side giving an inch. Eventually a demon managed to get a lucky hit on Brick, sending him flying away with Blossom following after once the opposing demon was dealt with. Another demon was even LUCKIER when he managed to get a hit on Nar and end him flying back as well.

The three of them eventually met in front of the Powerpuff home

Blossom's POV

I landed and helped up Brick as Nar stood up and brushed himself off

"This is getting old" Brick said "How much longer can this go on?!"

"Until one side is dead" Nar said taking off his helmet

"Isn't there a way to finish it right now?" I asked "Before things start turning south for us?"

Nar began to think

"I suppose the only way is to put an end to Lucifer's life" he said

Brick turned to look at the Hellstorm which loomed over the whole battlefield

"Am I correct to assume that you still can't directly kill him?" he asked

"Yes" Nar replied "There are rules that even I can't bend"

Brick began to think again before he pulled out the white crystal from his pocket, staring at it with a thoughtful face. A realization began to hit me

"Brick… you're not seriously considering…" I trailed off

He didn't answer

"Brick" I said a little more urgently "Please tell me that you're not thinking of doing what I think you are"

He sighed a little

"There isn't any other way Blossom" he said at last

I began to panic a little

"Brick you don't have to do this" I pleaded with him "Give me the crystal, let me do it"

"I couldn't bear to watch you die so I wouldn't have to" he said

We stood in silence for a moment before a wild thought flared through my mind

"Then let's do it together" I said

"What-?" he began before I cut him off

"Nar, shouldn't it be possible for two people to do this?" I asked

He thought for a moment

"Yes it is possible and I does have a possibility of both surviving but there's no guarantee that you both would survive" he explained

"I'm willing to take the chance" I said and turned back to Brick "If we have to die then we should do it together"

For a long time he said nothing but just stared at me. Finally he pulled me into a tight hug and I did the same

"As always you make a good point" he said "If we have to die then it should be together, but before we do I have two things to tell you"

"What are they?" I asked

"First, I love you Blossom" he said

"I love you two Brick" I said

"And the other is… I'm sorry" he said

Before I could ask what he meant I suddenly felt a pinch on my shoulder and my world began to fade to black until I finally passed out

Brick's POV

I caught her as she passed out. The Vulcan Neck Grip worked perfectly, she was knocked out cold. I picked her up bridal style and looked at Nar who was looking over the partially destroyed house before he looked back at me with a guilty face

"You knew all this time didn't you?" I asked with a bittersweet smile "That it would come to this?"

He said nothing but looked at the ground. I walked over to him and handed him Blossom

"Keep her safe for me… okay?" I asked

He nodded and took Blossom and gave me his crystal

"Goodbye Brick" he said and took off

"Later" I said to his retreating form

I turned and looked at the Hellstorm and all its hellish glory then I looked at the white crystal in my left hand and the black in my right. I took in a deep breath and shot straight towards the ship. About half way there I crushed both crystals in my hands and their energy began to flow around me becoming a glowing greyish silver. For a moment the power felt amazing it felt like I could stand on par with God. Then as I wondered if this is what Nar must feel like the pain began to hit, the amount of power that was now contained within me was so great that it was beginning to tear me apart

"Better make this quick" I said with a strained voice

Drawing my sword I flew faster than I ever knew that I could and crashed straight into the Hellstorm and began to smash my way through several walls almost instinctively towards my target. Sensing the moment was at hand I brought my blade forward and blindly ran it through the first thing I could find. When I was aware again I found myself staring at my sword piercing right through Lucifer's heart with him looking completely stunned. My life was slowly draining away so with my remaining strength I pulled out my sword and readied it

"Lucifer…" I said breathing heavily

He looked up from his wound at me

"Go… to Hell"

And with that final line I cleaved his head right off his shoulders and fell on my side and let the darkness take hold of me

No One's POV

No sooner than had Brick collapsed that every Hellspawn began to shudder and convulse until it finally died and faded away. For a few moments Legion and Chosen alike were silent, stunned at what had happened before it finally hit them

They won

Suddenly cheers of victory sounded everywhere as Dregions began to fall from the sky. However there were those who weren't cheering. Nar had just met up with the other Chosen and Blossom had just woken up

"Where's Brick?" she asked slightly panicked

Nar said nothing but looked up at the Hellstorm which was slowly coming crashing to the ground

She really began to freak out now

"We have to help him!" she exclaimed "Maybe we can still save him!"

No sooner than she finished talking did the Hellstorm explode raining fiery bits of shop everywhere

"BRICK!" she shouted and zoomed towards the crash site

She began to frantically search through the wreck for Brick even getting some Legionnaires to help out

Soon almost everyone was digging through the heap

30 Minutes Later

Everyone had been digging for a while and began to try and tell Blossom that it was pointless but she refused to believe it and kept digging. Soon two Legionnaires walked over to her

"Ma'am" one said "We've looked everywhere but…"

"This is all we could find" the other said and handed her something

When we all saw the object everyone had different reactions

Boomer began to sob uncontrollably and Bubbles held him crying as well

Butch didn't cry like Boomer but tears were all but pouring out of his eyes and Buttercup pulled him into a hug

Anna and Nar both looked down, Anna was still stone faced but there were some emotions behind her eyes and Nar had a single tear running down his face

But Blossom… Blossom took it the worst. For a good minute after she took the object in her hands all she could do was stare as if her mind couldn't accept what it was looking at. Then the tears began to fall and she let out a heart wrenching wail to the heavens

Because in her hands

Torn, battered and beaten

Was Brick's lucky red hat

Me: Done!

Nar: *staring at me*

Me: What?

Nar: Don't 'what?' me! I'm talking about the end of your story!

Me: Oh that

Nar: What do you mean 'Oh that'?! I thought you hated tragedies!

Me: I do

Nar: Then why-?!

Me: Have you forgotten the epilogue?

Nar: … oh

Me: Yep, there will be an epilogue folks! So stay tuned next week!

Nar: R&R!

Me: Enjoy Life!


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