Hell's Gates Shall Open


Nar-Korash's POV

It's been three weeks since we won the Great War and ended the life of the Fallen Angel Lucifer.

And three weeks since Brick's death

The Mayor, recognizing what had been lost, held a city wide funeral in Brick's honor. It was a nice funeral, everyone in Townsville showed up. Even the villains showed up to pay their respects.

Among all the villains, Mojo and HIM cried the most.

The Mayor even created a new statue of all the Puffs and Ruffs with the Reds prominently displayed atop a pile of defeated demons. After the funeral I began to notice something in Townsville: there was a constant atmosphere of depression. People may not show it the usual happy residents of Townsville now carried a sullen and downcast aura about them. Most likely because of this sullenness no one really felt like doing much of anything. Even the villains, who were always trying to cause some kind of trouble just sat around their various homes

'How ironic' I thought to myself 'Brick inadvertently turned Townsville crime free'

It was probably for the best that the villains are like this, after all none of the remaining Chosen were in any spirit to fight crime. I visit with them from time to time and everytime we meet everyone's the same. Boomer had become chronically depressed at the loss of Brick if it wasn't for Bubbles then I'm damn sure he would have dyed his hair black and started cutting his wrists by now. Bubbles herself practically has herself attached to Boomer to keep his spirits up

However I fear his depression is starting to wear on her

Butch's already short temper decreased to non-existent levels. He was always angry and trying to get into fights with anyone and everyone

'Possibly another factor in why no one commits crimes any more' I thought

It got to the point where I created a specially designed gym that was built solely for him to vent his frustrations.

It's been rebuilt three times. Each time I've reinforced it with my shadow energy only for it to be brought down again

Buttercup tried to be there for Butch as much as she could but even she has begun to waver

The Professor has also succumbed to depression. All of his daughters and their boyfriends were slowly falling into a hopeless stupor of depression and he could do nothing to help

Recently he has taken to drinking and is often found asleep in his room surrounded by empty bottles

But out of all of them, Blossom could be in the worst state. Ever since the funeral all she does is stay cooped up in her room staring at Brick's hat, which she ever so carefully fixed up until it was like new, only ever leaving to eat, use the bathroom or bathe.

And as for me?

I'm currently sitting on top of the roof of their house much like how I was about three weeks ago. I've tried everything I could to try and raise everyone's spirits but have been met with no successes

For the first time in my life… I'm completely at a loss at what to do


The noise shook me out of my thoughts with a slight jolt.


I looked all around searching for it, listening closely


I turned my head towards the direction I had figured that it was coming from and became frozen with shock


Wasting no time I jumped off the roof and kicked the door opened

"What's your deal?!" Butch exclaimed angry as ever

I ignored him and turned to Buttercup and Bubbles

"Get Blossom outside now" I told them "Drag her down if you have to"

They were confused but ran up the stairs regardless

"What's wrong?" Boomer asked

"Come outside both of you" I said

Butch was about to back talk but I dragged him out before he could say anything. When they were both outside I pointed them in a certain direction

They also froze solid

A few seconds later Bubbles and Buttercup came out literally dragging Blossom by the arms


The three of them glanced towards the direction of the noise and froze in shock just like the boys

His arm was in a sling

He was covered in various cuts and bruises

He was using his sword as a makeshift cane, but there he was


Slowly limping towards us from down the road.

For a few more moments none of us moved simply trying to process what we were seeing

Not surprisingly Blossom recovered first

"BRICK!" she cried as she ran over and practically tackled Brick to the ground

"Good to see you too babe" he said as he wrapped his arms around her

The boys recovered next and all but dog-piled on the two of them. Soon it had become one big tearful reunion

Then Blossom slapped Brick

"I probably deserved that" he said

"Where were you?!" she screamed at him "I was so sure that… you…"

She couldn't finish and simply buried her head in his shoulder with tears streaming down her face

"I don't really know" he said "I remember killing Lucifer, everything fading to black and then I woke up like this a few blocks away"

"But how could that be-" I started

"Simple Nar" a voice said

In front of us appeared a glowing orb and from it descended a being with long flowing red hair and various text circling him

I smiled

'You just couldn't resist putting yourself in this story huh?' I thought

"Who are you?" Blossom asked

"I have many names but you may all call me ElectronDemon or Electron for short" he replied

"Okay then WHAT are you?" Buttercup asked

"I am a being known as a Celestial Author" he explained "One of a small number who write the stories of existence, a being above God if you will"

"Then… did you save me?" Brick asked

Electron nodded

"We authors are told to not develop any emotions toward our characters but I have never been one for tragic endings" he explained "It's because of me that many cases where one should be dead miraculously survive"

"Then… thank you Electron" Blossom said

He nodded

"I must be off before I am missed, farewell Chosen" he said as he vanished

Blossom then dashed back into the house and came back out with something in her hands

It was Brick's hat

"I saved it for you" she said

He smiled as he put it back on his head

"Thanks babe" he said as he pulled her in for a kiss

I smiled happily at their moment

"Come on guys, let's head in" I said

They all nodded and helped the Reds to their feet

I looked over my shoulder and noticed the gloom atmosphere of the city was starting to brighten

'And so everything is made right again' I thought

With that we all walked back towards the house, ready to move on to life's next great adventure




Nar: It's been a long time in coming

Me: Yep

Nar: So any ideas on your next story?

Me: Nah, I'm waiting for more inspiration

Nar: Oh well, R&R everyone!

Me: Enjoy Life!


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