Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 3: Confusing Motive

Nar-Korash's POV

As I flew away from the scene of our battle I scanned the girl's minds to find the location of their home. I was tempted to be nosy and look further into their minds for anything that might be of interest but I restrained myself. After a while of flying I spotted the white building with three circular windows that the girls called home. As I landed on the front lawn I took a minute to admire their home it was a nice place but a bit too white in color for my taste. I walked up to their red front door and knocked five times and braced myself for a confused and angry parent.

Professor's POV

I was reading in the paper in my chair and enjoying a new brand of pipe tobacco when I heard five loud knocks on the front door. Setting down the paper and emptying my pipe I walked over to the door. As I pulled the door open I said


I was greeted by a man full-clad in black standing on my porch his face was peculiar: a strange mix of pleasant, serious, angry and neutral all in one bundle

"Are you a Professor Utonium by chance?" he asked

"I am" I replied slightly wary "Who are you?"

"My name isn't important" he answered "But would it be too much to ask if I may come in?"

I raised my eyebrow my ushered him in. I continued to stare at him with a raised eyebrow until something more important caught my eye which then proceeded to pop out of their sockets.

All three of my daughters.

Bruised, battered and unconscious came floating in via some strange black energy connected to the man who was now in our home. My anger and protective instincts kicked in.

"What did you do to them?" I asked calm yet laced with anger

"I challenged them to a fight" he said evenly as he set them on the couch "To test their strength"

Confusion was added to mix growing emotions

"Test them for what?" I asked

"All will be explained when they wake up" he said as he walked past me "Would you mind tending their injuries?"

"Where are you going?" I asked as he continued on his way

"First I need to go drop off all the cash I grabbed from the bank" he said "Then I'm going to find a soda or something, I'm really thirsty"

He created bat wings on his back then turned back towards me

"I'll be back in a few minutes" he said

He flew away from the house and left me more confused than a three year-old taking a collage entry exam. I sighed and went to find the first aid kit then I turned my attention to the girls' injuries.

Nar-Korash's POV

I flew back to the scene where the girls and I had our battle and damage crews were already on the scene as were the reporters. They all noticed me as I landed and the cops surrounded me with loaded guns. Above me I created a large abyssal portal and emptied out all the cash that I had "borrowed" from the bank. Confusion swept across everyone's faces as they looked from the money and back to me.

"This is all the money that I had taken from the bank" I said "Sorry for the trouble"

I re-created my wings and left them even more confused than before. Shortly after I left the crowd I arrived back at the home of the three unconscious heroines. I walked in to find them still out on the couches but bandaged up and the Professor on his chair waiting for me.

"How are they doing?" I asked as I shut the door

"Nothing's broken" he replied evenly "Just some small cuts and bruises"

"Is that so?" I said "That's good to hear"

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the kitchen and started to walk towards it

"Where are you going now?" the Professor asked suspicious

"To the kitchen to see if you have any soda" I replied "You want anything?"

He gave a 'Really?' kind of look

"Don't act like this is your house" he said

I shrugged then rummaged around in the kitchen until I found a can of Barq's Root Beer

"Hey Sweet!" I exclaimed "I love Barq's Root Beer!"

I walked back over to the couch and sat in the free spot next to Buttercup. I popped the top and took a big gulp

"Nothing beats Barq's" I said "Best Root Beer EVER!"

The Professor was looking at me with wide eyes

"What?" I asked

"That was Buttercup's" he said with the expression still on his face "Unless he has a death wish one should never drink Buttercup's Root Beer"

I raised my eyebrow at him and jerked my thumb over to the sleeping Buttercup

"You really think I'm worried about her trying to kill me?" I asked

He looked back and forth between me and her before he said

"Good point"

I took another swig of my Root Beer then glanced at the girls who were still out like a light

"Guess we're in for quite the wait" I mused

All he said was 'Yeah' then silence enveloped the entire room

30 Minutes Later

The two of us hadn't said a word throughout the entirety of the wait. I had long since finished my drink and now I was completely bored. The Professor had taken to reading the paper and I entertained myself as much as I could by daydreaming about this and that. The silence was finally broken when the girls finally began to stir.

'It's about time' I thought

As they sat up and looked around no doubt wondering how they got home then all at once their eyes landed on me. After a surprised squeak from Bubbles all three girls jumped into a battle stance

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Buttercup yelled

"HOW DID YOU FIND OUR HOUSE?!" Blossom yelled


After rubbing my poor ears which were ringing a bit from all the yelling I looked at each of them with a look of neutrality and responded equally neutral

"Ok, in order" I said "I am sitting on your couch waiting for you three to wake up, I looked into your minds to find your house, and I did nothing to him for he is sitting right there"

They followed my pointing finger to where the Professor was sitting and he waved at them like nothing was happening. They looked from him then back to me never lowering their stance I rolled my eyes

"Calm down girls" I said "If I was going to do something to you while I was out don't think I would have?"

They lowered their stance a tiny bit

"Now sit back down" I said motioning for them to do so "We have much to discuss"

They stayed standing

"Why should we listen to anything you have to say?" Buttercup demanded "Why shouldn't we just kick you out right now?"

I glanced at the clock before I evenly met her glare

"Besides the fact that you couldn't beat me while you weren't injured?" I replied

Her eyes narrowed even more

"Well" I said as I pulled the remote to the TV over to me "There's always the news"

They looked at me curiously as I turned on the TV and started flipping through channels. Eventually I found the news channel of the reporter who had stopped me.

"Tonight on WTF News" the news anchor said "The Mysterious Man in Black"

Curious the girls and Professor turned their attention to the television.

"Today" the anchor started "a mysterious man clad in black pulled a bank robbery stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from Townsville's National Bank. The man reportedly created a strange black hole which he used to clean out half of the bank's reserves. And in a surprising turn of events witnesses also claim that before he left he returned a stack of money worth $1000 to the bank clerk stating that quote: 'My conscience was bothering me'"

The girls and Professor looked at me with surprised eyes and I directed their attention back at the news man

"After he left the bank" he continued "The man was confronted by the Powerpuff Girls who attempted to apprehend this man but were quickly and effortlessly repelled."

Buttercup looked at me with irritation in her eyes

"Tell me why we are watching this?" she demanded

I simply shushed her and diverted her attention back to the TV

"The girls attempted to finish off this man with their Spiral Apex Beam but only for the man to dodge the attack somehow and knock them unconscious" he said

I suppose they wanted to keep the girl's pride intact so they left out the part where they actually fainted. All the girls, especially Buttercup, let out a sigh of relief.

"Then in a surprising turn of events all of Townsville's major criminals appeared and began to congratulate the man for his victory" he continues "He was offered a vile of Antidote X by Mojo Jojo to use on the girls so the villains could rule Townsville"

The girls were about to demand what had happened but I once again shushed them and pointed back to the TV

"Then in possibly the greatest plot twist of all time" he went on "The man pours the contents of the vile into the ground and tells the villains that not only is he not on their side but that he HATES villains"

The girls were too stunned to even say something as was the Professor

"The man proceeded to lift the girls up using some kind of black energy and was about to leave when he was stopped by our news reporter Jenny Peterson" he said as he cut to the clip

'Excuse me sir?' came her voice 'Inquiring minds want to know: first you defeated the Powerpuff Girls then proceeded to K.O. all of Townsville's top villains so whose side are you on?'

As I gave her my answer and the one to the next question the girl's eyes were so wide I was surprised they didn't pop out of their skulls.

"After a few minutes of his leave" he continued "The man returned to the scene of the battle and returned the entirety of the money he had stolen and apologized for the trouble he caused"

The girls could only stare

"Who is this man? And what are his intentions? More information as it is uncovered" he said "Tune in tonight for another episode of 'Will That Damn Dog Ever Get off the Roof?"

I turned off the television and waited for the shock to sink in. When they had finally recovered Blossom turned to address me with eyes to said she was still wary of me.

"Alright" she said "You've got our attention"

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