Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 4: Prophecies and War

Blossom's POV

We sat adjacent from the man as we pulled Buttercup away from him when she realized he drank her last Root Beer. The only reason she complied was because she knew that she couldn't beat him. He smiled smugly as he watched us calm her down then cracked his neck as if he was warming up.

"Well then" he started "I suppose introductions are in order"

"I take it that you already know our names?" I asked

"Indeed" he answered "In that case: my name is Nar-Korash and it is nice to make your acquaintances"

"The feeling ain't mutual" Buttercup spat

He chuckled a bit

"After what happened during our first meeting I'm not surprised" he said before looking out in thought "Now then how should I explain myself?"

"Why not start at the beginning" Bubbles offered

He thought about it for a second before shaking his head

"Nah then it would take too long" he said then thought a bit more before he snapped his fingers "A question for you three if you don't mind"

We exchanged glances before nodding

"Riddle me this Powerpuffs" he started "Do you know of the war between Heaven and Hell?"

I raised my eyebrow in response Buttercup rolled her eyes and Bubbles cocked her head to the side.

"What does this have to do with anything?" Buttercup asked sarcastically

If he didn't before then Nar suddenly turned dead serious

"Everything" he answered simply

Any smart-ass remarks Buttercup had she wisely kept them to herself

He paused a second to gather his thoughts then glanced towards Bubbles

"Maybe it is best to start at the beginning Bubbles" he said

She only nodded

Nar-Korash's POV

I mentally organized my story before I took in a deep breath

"Ever since the beginning of life on Earth" I began "The angels of Heaven and the demons of Hell have waged a seemingly endless war over the sake of humanity"

They said nothing, only listened.

"The fallen angel Lucifer sought dominion of the Earth and the end of humanity for he believed the Earth to be his birthright. He was cast from Heaven and fell to the depths of a deep chasm and was sealed within for all eternity. God ordered him to look over the punishment of those whose souls were full of sin and hoped that in turn he would realize his errors. It backfired however; his hatred for humanity was greater than his loyalty to God. His anger and hatred began to twist and distort him until it became clear that redemption was no longer possible. As his anger only rose to new heights because of God's order he realized a chance to take at least some vengeance on humanity." I said

"And so Hell was created, right?" Blossom asked

"Precisely" I answered "The Seven Circles of Hell were created by Lucifer's newly acquired sadistic mind and he began to punish the damned but he had no intention of sending them to Heaven. Many centuries later Lucifer began to amass an army of demons to take Heaven for themselves and wipeout all mortals in existence. Sound familiar?"

"Armageddon right?" Buttercup asked

"Yes" I responded "Heaven of course began to amass its forces as well to prevent this terrible outcome. And as such began the war of Heaven and Hell."

Bubbles raised her hand

"Yes Bubbles?"

"Um… what does any of this have to do with us?" she asked

"I've been wondering that myself" Buttercup said as she crossed her arms

"In time it will come up" I replied

"Well then keep going" Blossom said

I nodded

"The first battle between the two forces occurred not long after Adam and Eve were cast from the Garden. Many died that day and after no one really knew who won since both sides retreated. There have been many more battles since then, some wins, others losses and some were ties." I paused to gather my thoughts again "It was what you would call the greatest stalemate of all time"

"What about you?" Blossom asked

I looked at her questioningly

"No offence but you don't exactly strike me as angelic but not demonic either" she explained

I smiled

"I suppose there's no reason to try and hide it" I said "My full name is Nar-Korash Daemoni Sanguis"

Bubbles paled a little bit

"Isn't that Latin for Demon of Blood?" she asked nervously

"It is" I responded

They tensed up as if expecting a fight

"So you're one of Hell's minions trying to turn us to their side?" Buttercup demanded

"No I'm not" I said "I am a demon only by title"

They seemed to relax a little bit

"So… who's side are you on then" Blossom asked

"Technically speaking" I said "Neither"

Confusion swept across their faces

"You see I am The Lord of Shadows and Darkness" I explained "My power comes from The Abyss; the source of eternal darkness and when fully released my powers can rival that of God himself"

Confusion was replaced with surprise

"I'm sure that after our fight that might be understandable" I asked with a smirk "Of course I wasn't using all my power that's what I have these rings for"

"To dial back your power" Blossom guessed "But why would you need something like that?"

"Darkness has more power than you'd think" I replied "If I were to use my full power too long it could possible create some permanent side effects to this world"

They nodded in understanding

"I'm still confused about something" Buttercup said "If you are a Lord of Darkness then shouldn't that make you evil?"

My anger rose faster than I could think and I created shadow spears and almost attacked her with them before I stopped myself. I dissipated my spears and placed a hand on my face.

"I'm so sorry about that" I said "I get so angry when people say things like that…"

"Why did you get so angry anyway" Bubbles asked

"Because" I started "I get tired of people making that same ignorant assumption"

The girls waited for me to go on

"Let me explain; in this world you have good and evil, right?" I asked

They nodded

"And most people associate light and darkness with the two respectively, right?" I asked

Again they nodded

"Well the truth is that light and darkness are neutral and that good and evil are finite" I explained "The reason that they are paired up as they are is because of human judgment. You see light and dark can be either of the two sides"

"I suppose that makes some sense" Blossom mused

"Well I digress a bit" I said "Due to me being a Lord of Darkness it was agreed upon that neither side would attempt to sway me to their cause and tip the odds in their favor but something has happened"

"What is it?" Blossom asked

"Another battle has occurred recently" I began gravely "The legions of Heaven were led by the mighty Archangel Gabriel and for a time things were looking good until…"

They didn't say anything but waited for me to continue

"The Archangel was killed in battle" I finished

They all gasped

"The legion was terrified and disheartened at his death. With their will shattered the demons were met with no resistance as they slaughtered the rest. Among them all God was the one in the greatest pain. I hadn't seen him that way since the fall of Lucifer" I said

"My God" Bubbles said

"Strengthened by their victory Lucifer plans to storm Heaven and take what he believes is rightfully his" I explained "This is where you three come in"

They looked up from their shock

"If Lucifer manages to succeed then all life will end and everything and anything of importance to you will be lost and there will be nothing you can do about it" I said "But there is a chance"

They nodded

"In my studies of ancient text I learned of a forgotten prophecy that foretells of this event" I explained "It says that 'When the Left Hand of God falls to the demons of Hell and Heavens will is broken six warriors of Earth shall come forth to battle the forces of Hell and finally put an end to the great war'"

They stared at me somewhat blankly

"And… you're saying that's us?" Buttercup asked skeptically

"I am" I replied

"How can you be sure?" Blossom asked equally skeptical

"The ancient text says that the warriors with have abilities above that of the rest of the mortals" I said "And that they all bear distinct colors that defines them"

"What are they?" Bubbles asked

"They are described as such: 'One who is symbolized by the child of the colors white and red, another who's green is named after a precious gemstone and one whose shade of blue can only be described as an infant blue'" I explained

Realization flashed through their eyes


"Emerald green…"

"Light baby blue…"

"Now you see why I've come in search of you" I said "For the sake of humanity and the world"

They were quiet for a while before Blossom spoke up

"You said six warriors" she said "Who are the other three?"

"I'm not sure" I replied "This is all that I said about them: 'One whose eyes are a blazing crimson red, another who is described as having eyes green the greatest forest and the last is said to have eyes a deep ocean blue' sound familiar at all?"

They all thought for a moment before they shook their heads



"I'm afraid not"

I sighed

"We'll have to search for them if we are to succeed" I said "If of course you three are willing to of course"

They agreed without hesitation

"Very good" I said while standing up "I'll check back sometime to see if you've made any progress"

I headed toward the door before Bubbles' voice stopped me

"Wait!" she called

I turned to face her

"If you are neutral then why are you trying to prevent Lucifer from succeeding?" she asked

I smiled

"Two reasons" I said "I enjoy watching human life going about as it does and because I was once human myself"

With that I took my leave.


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