Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 5: Familiar Faces and Revelation

Blossom's POV

The weekend went by with the three of us (well mostly me with Bubbles trying to help) thinking about where we could find the other three Chosen Warriors and who they could be. We were currently on our way to school talking about said topic when out of the corner of my eye I could've sworn I saw three familiar streaks of light in the distance. They vanished as soon as I turned my head however. I would have just figured it was my imagination but last time I figured that I got but butt handed to me by Nar but I couldn't be late to school so I kept it stored away for later. We landed in front of the school and walked to our first classes my first and personal favorite class was Chemistry. I sat in my seat as the bell rang and our teacher began taking attendance once she finished she announced that we had a new student joining us. The room quickly burst into hushed chatter about the new student while I still tried to figure out how we could find the other three warriors. However all thought processes were brought to a grinding halt when the new kid walked in.

He had long red hair.

He wore his signature red hat on backwards.

And when he noticed me he gave that all-too-familiar cocky smirk.


Alive and breathing no doubt already forming plans on how to irritate the living daylights out of me. Well I don't suppose it could get any worse.

"Alright Brick" the teacher said "You will be sitting with Blossom who will also be your lab partner"

And that bit of wishful thinking just dropped out the window. I knew that there would be no point in arguing so I just sighed in defeat as he sat next to me.

"Long time no see Pinky" he said with that stupid smirk

"Not long enough it seems" I said coldly

"You don't sound very happy to see me" he said feigning looking hurt

"I don't see why I should be" I replied "Now that I have to deal with you in my favorite class"

"Really? Chemistry happens to be my personal favorite as well" he said

I looked at him questioningly

"Never heard of a Rowdyruff liking anything that has to do with school" I said

"First time for everything Babe" he replied

I glared at him

"Don't call me that" I said

"Whatever" he said before he smirked even wider "…Babe"

I growled at him and turned to focus on today's lab, as did he.

We were going to be making our own fireworks more specifically bottle rockets. As we got started I couldn't help but stare at Brick when he wasn't looking. He had gotten a head taller than me since the last time I saw him and from what I could tell he had also gotten very muscular as well. He was… I hate to say it but… hot. I quickly shook my head and focused back on my bottle rocket. Class was almost over and everyone was cleaning up. Brick had some impressive multi-tasking skills for he was able to make his bottle rockets while pissing me off at the same time. I had only hoped that I wouldn't have to deal with him any more today.

"Blossom" the teacher called as the bell rang and everyone started to leave "Come here a second please"

I walked over to her desk

"I received an e-mail from your homeroom teacher" she said "He wants you to show Brick to each of his classes"

Mental note: stop wishing for good things to happen. Before I could say anything Brick came up and put his arm around my waist then pulled me close to him.

"Cool" he said with a grin "Looks like you get to deal with me a while longer Pinky"

I blushed very faintly as I pushed him away from me.

"Let's just go" I mumbled as we walked out the door

He handed me his schedule and all thought processes were brought to a halt for the second time that day.

We had all the same classes.

By the looks of his smirk he had figured out why I had the shocked look on my face. He chuckled a little bit

"Well I bet you must be happy" he said

I gave him a questioning glare

"Why would that be" I asked

"Don't play dumb babe" he said and pulled me close and stared into my eyes "I saw you checking me out back in the room"

My face heated up which caused him to laugh even more and pull me even closer then leaned in toward my ear

"Looks like I have two reasons to like school now" he whispered in my ear

My blush increased ten-fold then instinct took over. I quickly pulled my arm back and punched him as hard as I could. He fell to his knees while clutching his stomach. While he recovered I quickly regained my own composure.

"L-let's just get to homeroom" I said turning to leave

"Alright then" he said in a strained voice but I could practically hear him smirking

Buttercup's POV

I walked out of the changing rooms and into the gym which is the only good part of the school. After we all piled into the gym the teacher said that we were getting a new student. The second he said that 'Ride of the Valkyries' started playing and down from the ceiling floated said new kid while humming the song.

He had black spiky hair.

He had a mischievous look on his face.

And just looking at him pissed me off.


Apparently back from the dead and planning to do God knows what.

The teacher gave him a 'Really?' look. He shrugged

"I like to make an entrance" was all he said

He looked at me then walked over with a flirty grin

"Well, well Butterbabe" he said "It's been a few years now hasn't?"

I simply glared at him. He then proceeded to look me up and down.

"The years have certainly been kind haven't they?" he asked

I was about to punch a hole through his head but the gym teacher blew his whistle.

"Alright lovebirds stop yer bickering!" he said "It's Dodgeball day!"

That cheered me up a little so I let the 'lovebird' comment slide now I have an excuse to injure this idiot and not get in trouble. We were playing boys vs. girls the coach blew the whistle and the balls started flying. After sometime only Butch and I were left and neither of us could gain the upper hand on the other. We both grabbed a ball and threw it at each other with all our strength and… both of us got hit. Somehow we had become the first people in the history of Dodgeball to tie the game. Before either of us could do anything the teacher said that it's time to start packin' up. Before I left the teacher called me over and said that I was to show Butch to all his classes. I started to protest but the idiot walked over and wrapped his arm over my shoulders.

"Awesome!" he said "Buttercup gets to escort me around the place and I get to watch her hate it!"

I elbowed him in the gut and dragged him away

"Come on ya big idiot" I said

One Clothes Changing Later

I walked out of the changing room to find Butch waiting for me with a smirk.

"So what's your schedule like?" I said with a sigh

He handed me his schedule and I groaned.

We had all the same classes.

He laughed at my torture which earned him a glare

As we started walking I looked at him out of the corner of my eye he was taller than me by a good few inches and it looks like he toned up a lot. If I didn't hate him with a burning passion I'd probably say that he's hot.

"Like what ya see?" he asked

I blushed faintly and turned my head away

"Not at all" I said

He smirked

"Then why are you blushing?" he asked

My blush grew

"I'm not" I said but I didn't believe it myself

He suddenly grabbed my wrist and pushed me against a wall his face very near mine.

"If that's true" he said while tracing his finger across my cheek "Then why is your face all red?"

My entire face was hot now though I couldn't figure out why. He leaned in towards my ear

"I think I'm starting to like school" he whispered in my ear

Gathering as much dignity that I had left I grabbed his neck and forced him to look directly at me and as I stared into his eyes I said

"Unless you want to be walking funny for the next year I suggest you back off"

He stepped back palms raised but smirk still there I quickly led him towards the next class.

Bubble's POV

After separating from my sisters I walked to my first class which was Japanese taught by Fujiyama-sensei. As the bell rang Sensei started speaking something in Japanese most of the kids didn't follow so I took it upon myself to translate

"We're getting a new student Sensei?" I asked

"Hai*! Very good Bubbles!" he said

Everyone then proceeds into various 'I knew that' and 'Oh duh' as if they actually knew what he was saying. Sensei stepped out the door and ushered in the new student. But when he walked in the door I felt my heart stop.

He had messy blonde hair.

He had a bright cheerful smile on his face.

And that look only got bigger once he noticed me.


He was back and the longer I looked at him the more my heart continued to pound.

"Alright then" sensei said "Please introduce yourself to the class"

"Hajimemashite minna! Watashi no namae wa Boomer desu**" he said as he bowed in politeness

"Doozo Yoroshiku***!" the class responded

"Ok then Boomer you can take the seat next to Bubbles" he said gesturing to me

My heartbeat quickened as he walked towards the seat next to mine. As he sat down he looked toward me and flashed an innocent smile that I couldn't help but return.

Well, well Bubbles Hisashiburi da na****?" he asked

"Yeah it has been" I replied with a faint blush

So Japanese went on as it usually did except it now included me constantly glancing at Boomer and checking him out. Though it was hard to tell since he was sitting down but it looked like he had grown a lot since the last time I saw him not to mention he has gotten a lot more muscular. However it seems that he still is a bit dense about things. All in all: he was hot with a capital DAYUM! After class ended sensei called me up and told me that I was to show Boomer around to his classes. Boomer seemed happy about the idea and I was as well. As we left the room I asked if I could see his schedule and it took all my willpower not to start doing backflips of joy.

We had all the same classes.

I told him this and his face simply lit up in happiness and that sight caused my heart to melt on the spot. Suddenly he grabbed my wrist and my face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Let's get going Bubbles!" he said the smile never leaving his face

I nodded and led him to the next class.

Timeskip – End of school day: No One's POV

The girls met up in front of the school each with urgent news to tell one another.

"You will not believe who I have all my classes with" they all said at once

They were taken aback for a few seconds before Blossom spoke up

"So I was in Chemistry class today" she started "And the teacher said that we had a new student"

"Same with me!" Bubbles said

"And me!" Buttercup said

"And of all the people it could have been it was Brick!" she continued

The other two gasped

"The new student in my room was Boomer!" Bubbles exclaimed

"And Butch was mine!" commented Buttercup

"Should I guess you were also asked to show them around school?" Blossom asked

They both nodded

"And that they were both in EVERY one of your classes?" she questioned

They nodded again

"Talk about your God awful luck" Buttercup said

"Y-yeah" Bubbles said though neither of her sisters seemed to notice the hesitation in her voice

The three then flew off to their home ranting (well in Bubbles' case rambling) about the three Rowdyruffs that had re-entered their lives. As they landed in front of their house and walked in they each finished their respective ranting/rambling on a similar note.

"…an annoying crimson eyed flirt"

"…a stupid perverted forest green eyed show off"

"…I never knew how deep an ocean blue his eyes were"

They plopped down on the couch to try and recover from their day (more so Blossom and Buttercup than Bubbles) when all of a sudden they noticed something from their respective ending phrase.

"Crimson eyes…"

"Forest green…"

"Ocean Blue…"

Their eyes then proceeded to bulge from their sockets even more than when they saw how Nar helped them on the news.

"No Fucking Way" Buttercup said with extreme emphasis

"But the colors and the powers…" Bubbles trailed off

"It can't be that…" Blossom started

"THE ROWDYRUFFS ARE THE OTHER THREE WARRIORS?!" they all exclaimed at once

Me: Nice! Another chapter is done!

Nar: If a bit late

Me: Yeeeah… Sorry about that guys it would have been finished and posted so that you could read it on Sunday but due to the fact that I always get distracted on Saturday I often have to work well into Saturday night and a good few hours into the next day but last night I was working with a killer headache. After I finished Buttercup's part I glanced at the clock to see that it was 2:30 a.m. and my headache was still going strong.

Nar: This is why, if you can tell, that Buttercup's section is kinda half-assed.

Me: So I said 'Fuck it' and went to sleep. Then I had my grandma over for lunch so I had no time their either then finally I got around to writing and finally finished at 11:20 p.m. on Sunday

Nar: Well anyway we hope that you can enjoy this chapter that focused more on the girls rather than yours truly.

Me: So R&R while I go work on toning down Nar's ego

Nar: *Summons shadow energy* Try and do it; I dare ya

Me: *Smirks* Later Days! *Jumps towards Nar for a fight*

*Translation: Yes

**Translation: Nice to meet you everyone! My name is Boomer

***Translation: Nice to meet you

****Translation: It's been a while, huh?

P.S. I take Japanese myself and since Bubbles is good at speaking languages I couldn't help but incorporate it into the story a little bit.

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