Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 6: The Test

Blossom's POV

To say we were shocked would be an understatement. For a good few seconds we just sat there unsure how to react to our little revelation. Buttercup finally broke the silence in a way that one would expect her to.


"Normally I'd agree with you Buttercup" I said "But the fact of the matter is I don't think we have any other choice"

"I DON'T CARE!" she continued to yell "IT IS NOT AN OPTION!"

"Maybe we should speak to Nar about this?" Bubbles suggested

"There's an idea" I said "Perhaps he could help out somehow"

"Alright, but how are we supposed to get in contact with him" Buttercup asked calming down some "He never told us how to contact him before he left"

"You called?" Nar said as he appeared out of nowhere and scared each of us half to death

"THE HELL DID YOU COME FROM?!" Buttercup yelled while trying to calm her racing heart

"The shadows" he simply said

She glared at him

I then noticed that he had a plate in his hand

"What's with the plate?" I asked

"Oh I raided your fridge and made myself a sandwich" he answered me as he teleported the plate into the dishwasher

I joined Buttercup in glaring at him

"So anyway what's with all the racket?" he asked

"We think that we might have found the final three of the Chosen Warriors" Bubbles explained

"That's good" he said "So why is Buttercup over here raging like a bull that saw red"

We glanced at each other

"It turns out that they might be our old enemies: the Rowdyruff Boys" I finished

He thought about this for a second

"I see" he said at last "It would make sense to be reluctant to work with one's enemy"

"So what would you recommend we do?" Blossom asked

He thought a bit more then walked toward the window.

"You see that tower?" he asked pointing at said tower

We nodded

"I'll be waiting at the very top" he explained "I want you three to bring them to me tomorrow after school"

"Why?" Bubbles asked

"So that I can explain the situation to them and test the six of you at once" he answered

"Test?" Buttercup asked "Didn't you already test us already?"

He paused in thought

"Yes and no" he finally said

We looked at him questioningly

"Think of what I did with you three as a preliminary test" he explained "For the real test all warriors must be present at the same time"

I couldn't help but wonder if the REAL test was worse than Nar's test. As I pondered what it could possibly entail Buttercup spoke up.

"So how are we supposed to get them to come with us?" she asked with her arms crossed

He gave a knowing smirk

"I'll leave that part up to you three" he said then vanished

We sat in silence for a few seconds before Buttercup broke it again


The Professor poked his head into the room

"Buttercup no yelling in the house" he said

The Next Day – Still Blossom's POV

We were waiting by the front gate at school and quite honestly there were a million things that I'd rather do than deal with any of those three especially Brick but it was for the good of mankind so I had to suck it up. After a while the boys walked out of the front doors chatting about something. They noticed us waiting for them and they smirked widely (or smiled in Boomer's case) as they approached.

"Well ain't this a surprise" Brick said as they walked up to us "To what do we owe the honor of having you three greet us?"

I walked up to Brick

"We need you three to come with us for something" I told him

Brick raised an eyebrow, Butch was snickering and Boomer just seemed confused

"There must be something in my ear" he said while pretending to clean said ear "I could've sworn you just said that you three need us to go with you"

"I did" I simply answered

He laughed a little bit

"Never heard of a Powerpuff wanting anything form a Rowdyruff" he said with a smirk

I responded with a smirk of my own

"First time for everything, right?" I asked

His smirk grew a little

"And what if I say I don't want to go?" he asked

I was prepared for this

"Because if you don't…" I started as I quickly grabbed his hat off his head "Then you'll never see this hat again!"

Then I flew away as fast as possible

Buttercup's POV

I couldn't help but laugh as I saw Brick's expression when Blossom stole his hat and when she flew off

"DAMMIT WOMAN GET BACK HERE WITH MY HAT!" he yelled before he chased after her

Butch joined my laughter as Brick left. As we both calmed down I turned to him and asked

"You coming?"

He thought for a second

"Nah, I'm going to take a nap" he said

Thinking quickly I raised my eyebrow and said

"Oh? You afraid Butchie Boy?"

THAT caught his attention

"Excuse me?" he asked

I shrugged nonchalantly

"Just asking if 'The Great Butch' is too afraid to follow a Powerpuff" I said mockingly

He laughed

"I ain't afraid of nothing'" he replied "So lead on Butterbabe"

With that we both took off after our respective elder siblings.

Bubbles POV

Buttercup and Butch flew off and I was left alone with Boomer. My heart was beating at a pace that would rival a hummingbird's. I glanced up at Boomer who seemed to be trying to process all of what just happened. I took a deep breath to calm down then took a few more seconds to find my voice.

"U-um Boomer?" I asked

He snapped out of his processing and looked at me

"Yes Bubbles?" he said

"W-will…um I mean…would you…" I stammered horribly

Thankfully he seemed to catch on a bit

"Would I like to go with you?" he finished for me

All I could do was nod

Without hesitation a big smile cut across his face

"Sure!" he said

He then grabbed my hand which I responded to by blushing fiercely.

"Lead on Bubbles!" he said

With another nod we both flew to join up with our siblings.

Atop the tower – Nar-Korash's POV

I arrived at the meeting place at the time school was supposed to end. I waited for a good few minutes until I heard the familiar sound of a Powerpuff in flight. I turned around and was rewarded with a most hilarious sight: Brick was chasing after Blossom who I could only guess had stolen his hat. She slowed down as she neared the tower as did Brick she then turned to Brick

"I'll give back your hat if you promise not to run the second you get it back" she said

He thought for a second

"Fine" he said at last

She tossed his hat over to him and he put it on then he noticed me

"And who are you supposed to be?" he asked

"I'll explain as soon as the others get here" I responded

As I finished saying that Buttercup and Butch arrived and not long after as did Bubbles and Boomer did as well. However the fact that they were holding hands created quite the controversy. As everyone calmed down Brick stepped up and got right to the point

"Ok we're all here now so who are you and what do you want?" he asked

"My name is Nar-Korash" I began "And as for what I want would you prefer the long version or the short?"

"The long version sounds good" he answered

"Alright then" I said "There's a war going on between heaven and hell, the Archangel Gabriel is dead, the fallen angel Lucifer is planning to attack both the earth and heaven, an ancient prophecy for tells of six Chosen Warriors that will prevent this from happening, end the great war, I am to find these six and I've come to believe that you are those six"

Brick stared at me blankly

"I asked for the LONG version" he said

"Dude" I replied "That WAS the long version the short version is: unless you six do something the world is FUCKED"

I could tell they didn't believe anything I said so I had to try plan B. Using my shadow energy I created three orbs and I flung them at the boys' heads. The orbs phased into their minds and began to give them visions of what I was telling them. Once they had been shown everything they needed to see the orbs floated out of their heads and faded away. The boys' were visibly shaken by what they had seen: they were a deathly pale color and were trembling slightly.

"Understand now?" I asked

They nodded

"What did you show them?" Bubbles asked as she floated over to Boomer

"Things that only the strongest can see and come out only slightly scathed" I replied

Once they boys' had recovered from their trauma I figured that now was the time to ask

"So boys" I started "Will you join the fight to save humanity?"

The boys had to think for a minute or two but they eventually agreed

"Good" I said "Now that the candidates have been gathered let the test commence!"

Then I created an abyssal portal and transported them to my realm.

Darkness Realm – Still Nar's POV

As we exited my portal I smiled and took in a deep breath. It had been far too long since I had been home. My reunion was cut short when a certain six candidates started panicking behind me

"WHERE ARE WE?!" cried Blossom

"WHY CAN'T I SEE ANYTHING?!" came from Butch

"Which way is up?" Boomer said oddly calm

"Oops sorry about that" I said "I forgot that you guys aren't attuned to darkness like me"

I waved my hand and fine-tuned their eyes to be able to see in my realm. Though as of right now there wasn't much to see: the ground was nothing more than a flat sand colored square of land that stretched as far as the eye can see

"Not much to your realm I see" Butch commented

"Only because I haven't willed it otherwise" I responded "Now then for the test"

I removed my power restraints, taking a second to bask in the feeling of having my power fully unleashed, then proceeded to rip a large chasm in the ground.

I turned to the candidates

"Are you six ready?" I asked

They nodded

"In this chasm lies the true ruler of darkness, the original source itself that who has existed before the lord Himself" I said "The Abyss"

I motioned towards the chasm as tendrils arose from within and lashed out a bit before settling

"The test is simple" I began "You must look into the Abyss itself"

"What's the catch?" Brick asked

"The catch Brick" I said "Is that when you stare into the Abyss it will in turn stare back at you and when it does you must not waver from its stare but meet it with full confidence and it shall prove you to be one of the Chosen"

"And… if we blink?" Bubbles asked

"Then…" I started "You die"

They each paled at the thought

"It is how the Abyss judges those it meets" I explained "Those with a weak heart have no place to exist"

They said nothing but looked increasingly nervous

"Don't worry though" I said with confidence "After meeting you six I know that you each will be able to pass"

They seemed to brighten up

"You may face it solo or in pairs of two" I explained "When you succeed a tendril will paint a symbol on your foreheads that only you and I will be able to see. So who's first?"

After a moment's hesitation Blossom stepped forward

"I will" she said

She slowly walked towards the chasm and though she put on a brave face she was completely shaking once she reached the chasm. Before she could look in however Brick suddenly appeared next to her

"Lookin' a little pale there Pinky" he said

"What of it?" she shot back

"I just figured that you'd enjoy having someone next to you and help out" he said as he grabbed her hand

Her face flared up

"…fine…" she muttered

I could tell she was glad to have him there.

Together they both looked into the Abyss and for a good minute or so they continued until two abyssal tendrils moved down towards them, wrote something on their foreheads and moved back.

They passed

I could see the relief flood through everyone once the tendrils moved back. I walked over to them and looked at their foreheads.

"Yours says 'Leadership' Brick" I said "And yours is 'Elegance' Blossom"

They both walked back to their siblings and Buttercup stepped up as did Butch. She glared at him for a second

"Don't try anything Butch" she warned

"No promises" he said with a smirk

They both walked up and like her sister Buttercup also began shaking and Butch took notice

"Scared?" he asked

"N-no" she meekly replied "What about you?"

"A little" he admitted

She looked taken aback that he would actually admit it then regained her composure

"Then I'll just allow you to hold my hand so you won't be" she said as her face heated up "I don't want to see someone die right in front of me"

He chuckled and grabbed her hand. Then the pair stared down as well.

More time went by: seconds, a minute and then…

The tendrils wrote on their foreheads

Another pair had passed

I walked up to them

"Read one way yours says 'Brash' and 'Headstrong' Butch but another it says 'Reliable' and 'Strength'" I said "Yours Buttercup is read 'Tsundere*' one way but another is read as 'Grace'"

"What does Tsundere mean?" she asked

"Google it" I replied and sent them back to the rest

The final two also stepped up at the same time but Bubbles made no attempt to hide her nervousness. As they approached I was amazed she was still standing with how much she was shaking. However Boomer reached out and took her hand and gave her a reassuring smile

"Don't worry Bubbles" he said "I'll protect you"

Her face was absolutely crimson but she managed to smile back at him

"Thank you Boomer" she said

Then they both looked into the Abyss.

These two had the longest time out of any at least five minutes passed and nothing happened. I was afraid the Abyss was going to wait for them to blink and kill them right there.

The tendrils came down

They had all passed

Sighs of relief came from all around and I strolled up to the two of them

"Yours is read as 'Happiness' Bubbles" I said "And yours Boomer is read as 'Simplicity'"

"Why is mine simplicity?" he asked

"Not sure" I responded "But simplicity is often a blessing"

They joined their siblings and began congratulating each other.

"I knew it was them the second I met them" I mused to myself

Upon this day a spark of hope was born.


Nar: 3:44 AM on Sunday I'm surprised it didn't take you all night

Me: Well I have been known to perform miracles from time to time

Nar: Though you might have gotten down earlier if you hadn't spent all that time playing Alice: Madness Returns

Me: It's not my fault the levels are so long and addicting

Nar: Sure

Me: Either way hope you enjoy the chapter! I'm going to try and do weekly releases until summer break where I'll try to upload them more often.

Nar: R&R!

Me: Later Days!

*A Tsundere is a Japanese term that describes a woman who is cold and mean on the outside but has a kinder softer side as well

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