Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 7: Conversing With the Abyss

Nar-Korash's POV

I walked over to the celebrating Chosen Warriors and extended my congratulations to each of them on both passing the test and surviving their brush with death.

"You looked about ready to pass out there Butch" Brick commented jokingly

"Hey, you weren't exactly Mr. Calm-and-collected yourself Brick" he shot back with equal good humor

Blossom was looking at them both with a raised eyebrow

"How can you two be so nonchalant about how you almost died?" she questioned still a bit shooken up

"Perhaps it's their way of dealing with something that stressful" I commented

"I guess" she said

"So what happens now Nar?" Bubbles asked her hand still locked in Boomer's

"Ain't it obvious Blondie?" Butch asked "Now we go and kick that Lucifer guy's ass to the curb!"

"Actually Butch-" I started to say

"Don't be so cocky Forest Warrior" a familiar voice boomed

Everyone was looking around for the source of the voice and I directed them to the chasm. From inside its depths the Abyss rose up like a tidal wave and a single eye formed from its top and stared right at us.

"Nar… what in the fuck is happening?" Brick asked

"The Ruler of Darkness, speaks" I simply said as I bowed to my Master

"Hello Nar" he said turning his gaze towards me "It has been many a night since you last paid me a visit"

"Circumstances kept me busy" I replied as I stood up

"Hmmm…" he said as if in thought then turned towards the Warriors "Fear not mortal Chosen I have no longer any intention on ending your life should you blink"

They loosened up a bit though the boys seemed to unconsciously step in front of the girls

"I appear before you all to grant you some sound advice" he continued "I'd suggest you pay close attention"

They nodded

"I have stared into the depths of your souls as you have stared into my depths" he started "And I am saddened to say that should you go into battle as you are now you would be killed in a matter of minutes"

Their eyes widened

"How is that possible?!" Butch shouted "I thought we passed your stupid test!"

"You did" he answered "But that alone means nothing"

"What do you mean?" Blossom asked

"By passing my test you have each proven that you are indeed the Six Chosen Warriors" he explained "However if you are to put an end to Lucifer and this blasted war you will need to become much stronger"

They exchanged glances

"How are we supposed to get stronger?" Buttercup asked

"I believe that I might have a solution" I interjected

All attention was turned to me

"Well then let's hear it Nar" Butch said

"Before I went in search of you six I took a short trip to an old friend and asked him to train you when the time came" I explained

"Who?" Bubbles asked

"You'll be meeting him soon" I said "However it won't be easy to get to him"

"Why not?" Boomer asked

"Because he's in a different realm" I responded

They all gave questioning glances

"How should that be difficult?" Blossom asked "You transported us here right?"

"That's true" I said "However I can't directly jump to his realm like I can between here and Earth"

"Then how do you recommend we get there?" Buttercup asked

"I have been preparing something in my spare time that will allow us to indirectly get there" I said

"So how is it done?" Brick asked

"Rather than transfer the entirety of your beings I'm simply going to transfer your souls" I explained

"Our souls?" Boomer asked

"Yes" I said "There is one or two catches though"

"Like what?" Buttercup asked suspiciously

"First of all it will only work if you are asleep" I explained "Secondly you all need to be in very close proximity to me"

They were all quiet

"So let me get this straight" Blossom said "You're saying that we will need to sleep all in one place that is in direct proximity of you?"

"Yes" I answered simply "I was a bit worried about it at first but the six of you seem to be growing at least somewhat friendlier towards each other"

The girls blushed varying shades of red while the boys looked away in an awkward kind of way.

"I'd recommend the girls house and as soon as possible" I continued

"Why our house?" Blossom asked

"I'd rather not worry the Professor too much by making you sleep in some odd location" I explained "And from what I know of the boys you don't have any technical parents do you?"

"None except Mojo" Boomer said

"And he ain't much of a dad" Butch added

"But will the Professor allow them to sleep at our house?" Bubbles asked

"If we explain the situation I'm sure he'll understand" I assured her

"Then it's decided" the Abyss said "Go Chosen Warriors and bring peace to the land once and for all"

"One question before we go if you don't mind" Blossom said

"Proceed" he said

"Nar explained why he's doing all this" she started "But why do you concern yourself with this war?"

"Because Pink Warrior" he started "If Lucifer is to succeed in his plan he won't stop until he has control of all power in the known universe and will eventually set his sights on myself"

"So you're afraid that he will defeat you and take your power for his own?" Buttercup questioned

"No" he replied "Between my power and that of my Keeper we could easily fend off anything that Lucifer may throw at us"

"Then why?" Bubbles asked

"Because of that fact and Lucifer's stubbornness a new war would emerge from the ashes from the old which would rage on until the end of existence itself" he explained

They all nodded and I created a portal back to Earth

"Good luck Chosen Warriors" he said as we began to pass through "May darkness grant you victory"

With that we left.

Back On Earth – Still Nar's POV

I brought us back to the tower we were on before we left. Everyone was looking around the daylight scenery

"How long were we gone?" Buttercup asked

"About half an hour" I responded

"Really? It felt like a day or two" Blossom commented

"Time flows differently in different realms" I explained "What may feel like an hour may one place might have been a minute or two elsewhere"

"So what now?" Brick asked

"I'd suggest we go to the girls' house and explain the situation to the Professor" I said

"I never thought we'd ever go into the girls' house before" Boomer said

"Well there was that one time when Bubbles tricked you into going in" Blossom mentioned

"True" Brick said

I constructed my wings

"Best be off then" I said

With that we flew off towards the Powerpuff home.

Powerpuff Home – Professor's POV

I was sitting in my chair reading the paper with pipe in hand as usual when I heard a knocking at the door. Standing up I went over to the door and opened it to find Nar, my girls and three other boys who I recognized as their enemies the Rowdyruffs.

"Um… we have something that we need to tell you Professor" Buttercup said sheepishly

My pipe fell from my hand and I fell to the floor where I promptly passed out.

Nar-Korash's POV

We stared at the Professor who had suddenly passed out

"This is going well so far" Butch commented

Buttercup elbowed him in the gut

After the old 'wake him up with cold water to the face routine' we sat him in the living room where I explained our situation and what needed to be done

He stared at me blankly then to the boys who sitting next to me.

He sighed

"Are you sure this is the only way?" he asked

"I'm sorry if you don't like it in its entirety, but yes" I responded

He sighed again

"Fine" he said then shot me a look that said 'but make sure those boys don't try anything'

I nodded in acknowledgment

With that said and done I checked the clock to see that it was about four o'clock

"Well we have some time before we should start trying to sleep" I said "Anybody got any ideas on how to pass time?"

The room went quiet for a little bit

"Twister?" Bubbles suggested

Several Hours of Intense Party Games Later

We had thoroughly worn ourselves out with all the crazy game playing we had done. Around nine the Blues had passed out from exhaustion the Greens and Reds followed shortly thereafter and I started the realm warp. Focusing my shadow energy I delicately loosened the binds between the souls and their bodies until the souls were free but still somewhat attached. I did the same for myself and waited for a few seconds, and then another good friend of mine appeared


The Grim Reaper

He looked between me, the PPG and the RRB

"They aren't dead Nar" he said in that whispery voice of his

"No but as of right now even I can't take them there so I need your assistance on this" I said

He nodded

"Very well" he said "But you owe me"

"Fine" I said "But don't disconnect them they need to be able to return"

He nodded again then created a portal of his own and pulled us all in.

Unknown Location – No One's POV

The Chosen Warriors came to slowly as if they were all hung over *A/N: No alcohol was consumed during the writing of this chapter*

"Man" Butch complained while holding his head "Anyone get the license number on that truck?"

Then they noticed the ground they were on.

It wasn't the carpet they had fallen asleep on.

It was white and fluffy


Scrambling to their feet they looked in awe of what stood before them

A shining city of ivory and gold

Serene Peace and harmony as far as the eye could see

Completely devoid of crime or pollution

And no matter how long they stared they simply couldn't get enough of what was before them

"Ah, I see you're awaken Warriors" a familiar voice said

They pried their eyes away from the city to see none other than Nar standing behind them with a pleasant smile on his face.

"Welcome" he said as he held out his arms "To Heaven"

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