Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 8: An Old Friend and the Ex

Blossom's POV

For a good minute or so we just stood there slowly processing what Nar had just told us. When it had finally sunk in Butch was the one to speak up.

"Wait if we're in Heaven…" he thought out loud "…then DID WE DIE?!"

He then proceeded to freak out

"NOOO! I CAN'T BE DEAD! THERE WERE SO MANY THINGS I STILL NEEDED TO DO!" he continued to rant while running in a small circle

This continued for about a minute or two before Buttercup walked over and hit him in the back of the head effectively shutting him up.

"Thank you Buttercup" Nar said "Now to answer your question: you did die but at the same time you didn't"

"Huh?" we said in unison

"Let me explain" he continued "Certain…circumstances prevent me from directly bringing us here so what I did was I put all of us in a state of near death which allowed our souls to pass into this realm without problem"

"What kind of… circumstances?" I asked

It was almost undetectable but I noticed his face grimaced a tiny bit

"If all goes well you may not have to know" he paused "Or at least not until later"

We exchanged glances but let it drop

"So what's the plan?" Butch said

"Remember that friend I told you about?" he asked

We nodded

"I'm going to introduce him to you all" he said "And from there we shall shape you all into fearsome fighters"

"What's this friend of yours like?" Bubbles asked

"He's… very enthusiastic about what he does" he responded "But he has a good heart and always tries to help where he can"

We nodded

"Anyway let's be off" he said creating his wings

As we followed Nar over the city of Heaven I couldn't help but try to take in the sheer beauty of the city. The inhabitants all had wings of the purest white as I've often read but rather than plain white robes they were more Greek in style. I also noted no one had halos curious I decided to bring this up with Nar.

"Hey Nar" I called to him

He turned to face me while still flying forward

"What is it Blossom?" he asked

"How come nobody down there has a halo?" I asked

I guess everyone else must have noticed it as well since a few seconds after I asked they all reciprocated my question

"Well ya see Blossom" he began "It's a common misconception but not everyone in Heaven gets a halo that right is only reserved for those who fight in the Legion"

"That right to have a halo?" Brick asked

"Indeed, the halo is a sign of high authority and power which is why only the Legion may bear them" he explained "And within the Legion the halo changes depending on the rank of the respective Legionnaire but you don't have to worry about all that"

"I see" I said

With that he flew straight forward again. A few minutes later Bubbles spoke up

"Does anyone else smell that?" she asked

I sniffed the air as well and was rewarded with an almost like campfire smoke smell but was slightly worse.

"Yeah what is that?" Butch asked

"A sign that we're here" Nar responded "Headin' down everyone!"

He then began to descend to the ground near a simple yet equally beautiful building with a rather large chimney. I suspect that's where the smell was coming from. Following suit we landed on the front lawn of the home and Nar pounded on the door a few times then rang the doorbell.

"The door's open" a voice with a thick Scottish accent boomed from a nearby speaker

With that Nar opened the door and lead us through the house, which was even more stunning than the outside, to a spiral staircase which presumably down to the basement. As we walked down the stairs a constant clang of metal on metal echoed throughout the place along with a steady increase in temperature. As we reached the bottom we were greeted by the sight of a massive blacksmith forge. It radiated heat and surrounding it were seemingly endless rows of weapons no doubt forged by the owner of the house. My eyes eventually came upon the source of the clanging: a man slightly smaller than Nar who was beating on some strip of metal. I couldn't get a good view of him due to his wings which had more of a grayish coloring rather than the white I had seen before. Probably due to working the forge.

"So what do ya want?" he said not turning towards us "I'm up to mah neck in work over here"

Nar stepped forward with an amused smile

"What, is that any way to treat an old friend?" Nar asked

The man dropped his hammer and whipped around to face us. Now that I could see him better he had red hair which was balding but he also had one of the biggest and fullest beards I'd ever seen in my entire life. When he saw Nar he smiled widely

"NAR! How've ya been ya Men in Black reject?" he said while walking towards him

"It's only been a few days since I last saw ya, ya World of Warcraft knock-off" he said with a similar smile

They gave each other a quick bro-hug while laughing at their nicknames for each other. The man then turned towards us.

"So who's tha fan club?" he asked

"These are the ones I told you about when I was last here" he explained "These are The Chosen Warriors"

The man looked us each up and down a few times

"Ya sure ya didn't grab the look-a-likes by mistake" he said before bursting into an uproar of laughter

I noticed Buttercup's eye twitch in irritation

"Who're you callin' a look-a-like pal?!" she yelled

"Ooooh, she's a feisty one she is" the man said while backing up a bit "Reminds me of mah wife"

"That's Buttercup" Nar explained then motioned to me and Bubbles "These are her sisters Blossom and Bubbles"

"Hello" I said

"Nice to meet you" Bubbles added

"These are their counterparts Brick, Butch and Boomer" Nar continued

"Yo" Brick said

"'Sup?" Butch asked

"Hiya!" Boomer said eagerly

"Nice to meet the lot 'a ya" he replied "The name's Arengoth but mah friends call me Aren and I'm tha best blacksmith in all tha land"

"And he's not just showin' off either" Nar said "His weapons are used by the highest ranked of the Legion"

"And everyone else gets the other stuff" he finished "So I take it you'll be wanting that little somethin' you asked for during your last visit?"

"Yes" Nar responded "Are they done?"

"HA! Finished 'um up this mornin'!" Aren said with a slight bragging tone "Some of my best work let me tell ya!"

With that he hurried off to a locked room which he proceeded to unlock and hurry inside

"Now where did I put those…OW!" he said as a loud clanging was heard "AH HA! That's some of them now where… WHOOPS!"

More clanging came from the room

"Bloody mess I really need tah hire… what the… SO THAT'S WHERE MAH BAGPIPES WENT!" he cried

Nar shuddered a bit then handed us each two earplugs

"If he starts playing put them in as discreetly as possible" he advised

We nodded

He walked out while carefully holding six cases which were covered with a piece of red cloth.

"Real beauty these babies" he said while admiring what only he knew was in the cases "I just hope they are put to good use"

"They will be Aren" Nar said "They will be"

Aren turned and nodded at Nar with a smile before turning to us

"Brick" he said "Come here"

Brick's POV *A/N Finally someone other Blossom has some spotlight*

I walked over to the winged redhead as he grabbed one of the cases and held it out to me

"Go ahead" he said "Remove the cloth"

Slowly I reached out and pulled off the cover and was greeted with a magnificent sword. The hilt *A/N the handle* was adorned with a ruby at the very end. The blade itself must have been at least three feet long and was covered with symbols of some unknown language.

"This blade" Aren said "Relies on your strength of will and your ability to calmly assess the situation even on the battlefield. Never falter and neither will it."

"What are these symbols?" I asked

"Ancient Celtic runes" he said "They spell the name 'Pyro Blazer" use it to show your enemies the true power of fire. Go on take it."

I grabbed the hilt and I was hit with a strange but calming warmth. I gave it a few test swings and found to my amazement that it seemed lighter than a feather. He gave me its scabbard which I then sheathed the sword in and walked back to the others.

"Now you Blossom" Aren said

Blossom's POV *A/N don't worry it won't be as long as before*

I walked over as he pulled another of the cases and held it to me. I pulled the cover and beneath it was a bow. It was of a golden color and defiantly a member of the recurve family. However it had no arrows or even a drawstring Aren seemed to notice my confusion.

"Pick it up and it will make more sense" he said

I did so and suddenly from both ends a string of pink energy formed

"This bow requires a calm and stable mind" he said "Never let your concentration nor you confidence waver and the arrow will always fly true"

I took a deep breath and pulled back on the string and to my surprise an arrow of similar pink energy had formed. I let off the string and the arrow disappeared I thanked him and went back to the group.

"Next up is Boomer" Aren said

Boomer's POV

I gulped a little walked over to him and he held out another case. I took the cover off and it revealed two daggers one over the other in the shape of an X. The hilt on both extended out then curved inward toward the blade and in the center the both had a lightning bolt symbol.

"With these daggers" Aren said "You must be quick and nearly unseeable to your enemies before you deliver the final blow. Your speed while mixed with these daggers could potentially decimate leagues of enemies before they even know what hit them."

I grabbed both blades in each hand. I struck a pose before I lashed out a few test swipes of my own. He handed me the scabbards and I sheathed them. I walked back to the others after I thanked him.

"Now Bubbles" he said

Bubble's POV

I was really nervous but tried not to let it show as I made my way over to him. I took off the cover when he held out to me and my gaze was brought upon what seemed to be a whip but rather than what a normal whip looked like this one was segmented like a spine and each segment was razor edged *A/N if you're having trouble seeing it type in 'predator whip' on Google images*

"This whip is unique" Aren said

"How so?" I asked

"It is like a falcon graceful but deadly as well" he explained "You see Bubbles I can tell that underneath your happiness there is an untapped well of hidden fury"

I remembered back to the time when everyone always babied me and how angry I was at them.

"To use it properly" he continued "You must hold on to the your grace while allowing that fury to take part as well"

I picked up the whip but was hesitant to use it

"Don't worry" he said "The whip will only harm those the user sees as an enemy"

With that in mind I spun the whip around me like the ribbons I used during gymnastics to my surprise it moved like one as well. With a quick movement I lashed it at a nearby dummy which was then split in half. I thanked him and went back to the others.

"Nearly done" he said "Now you Butch"

Butch's POV

I walked over to him a little excited about what I would get. He held out one of the last two cases which were both longer than the others in length. I yanked off the covers and I saw a warhammer. It was simplistic in appearance: a long handle ending with a larger rectangular block on the end.

"This hammer" he started as I picked up said hammer and nearly dropped it on my foot "Is very heavy"

"NO…SHIT!" I said while struggling a little bit to hold the thing up

"To use it effectively you must not only be strong of body but also strong of mind" he said "Don't let your temper get the better of you and it will never fail"

I took a deep breath and tried to calm my thoughts as I did I felt the hammer become lighter until it felt like I was lifting a plastic replica. I thanked him and went to the others with the hammer on my back.

"And finally Buttercup" Aren said

Buttercup's POV

I walked over to Aren as he handed me the final of the cases I uncovered it and was greeted with a glaive. The pole end alone was easily five or six feet and the blade was shaped in a scimitar like fashion.

"This glaive" Aren said "Takes strength to lift and keep balanced but also grace to be used properly"

I picked it up and immediately had to move my foot out of the way so it didn't get chopped in half. I tried to pick it up again and had more success. Spinning it with both hands I did a three-sixty spin before I slashed it down. I thanked him and walked back to the rest.

"And it is done" Aren said

Nar-Korash's POV

I watched as the Warriors marveled at their new weapons and then decided to speak up

"Aren has a training facility further below" I said "We will be using it to further your strength and get you some practice with your new weapons"

"What will we do once we've trained as much as we can?" Brick asked

"At that point we'll-" I started to say but a familiar energy signature washed over me and my whole body went numb

"Oh Crap" I said

It was getting closer

"What's wrong Nar?" Bubbles asked

It'd be here in less than a minute

"You all remember the…circumstances that prevented me from coming here directly?" I asked

It was almost here

"Yeah what about them?" Butch asked

It was right outside, above the house

"It's here" was all I said before something crashed through the ceiling and sent the Warriors backing up towards me.

No One's POV

From the cloud of dust rose the form of a beautiful woman. She had light brown hair, green eyes and she had a cold and emotionless stare. In her right hand she held a mace which she obviously used to break through the building. Her wings were so white they almost shined and above her head was a seven ringed halo a sign of the highest rank in the Legion.

"Hello Nar" she said with a voice that was unbelievably beautiful but also colder than the Antarctic

"Anna! *A/N it's pronounced AH – NAH think of Peter Griffon when he hurts his leg*" he said nervously "Long time no see"

"Hmm" was all she said

"You know her Nar?" Butch asked

"Yes, I do" he said "Everyone this is Anna"

He paused for a second

"She's my Ex-girlfriend"

Me: Phew! That took a while.

Nar: And it might have taken you longer if you hadn't managed to pull yourself away from your replay of God of War.

Me: What can I say I forgot how much fun it was.

Nar: Getting off that subject I thought we weren't going to have me in any kind of relationship in this story.

Me: It was going to be that way but this idea popped in my head so I went with it.

Nar: I almost don't want to see what will happen next chapter.

Me: But the fans do!

Nar: *sigh* R&R

Me: And tune in next week to see some hilarious relationship issue. Later Days!

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