Hell's Gates Shall Open

Chapter 9: Flashback and Pain

Nar-Korash's POV

Dear God was I screwed. I had thought that by sending just our souls to Heaven she would be able to overlook my presence. But I forgot how attuned she was to my aura; there was no possible chance she would not notice me once I set foot in this place. Now she's here right in front of me no doubt ready to bring her mace down on my skull. I took a deep breath and steadied my nerves

"Anna" I said trying to control my voice "You're looking as beautiful as ever"

"And as angry" she replied with no emotion

I walked over to her a bit

"Ah come on Anna" I said with my most charming smile "You're not really still mad are you?"

Faster than even I could see she whipped out a mini crossbow and fired it in a perfect shot that caught and pinned my hat on the opposite wall. I felt myself visibly pale

"Yep you're still mad" I said

"Damn Nar" Butch said "You're Ex's temper makes Buttercup look like a Buddhist monk"

Buttercup knocked him over the head again

"But seriously though Nar" Brick said "What happened between you and her?"

I sighed

"It's a long story" I said

Flashback Still Nar's POV *A/N takes place a year or two after Nar becomes a Darkness Lord*

I stepped out of my portal and gazed for the first time at the great city of Heaven. Simple words couldn't even begin to describe it.

"Try not to let your mouth hang open Nar" came an all too familiar voice

I turned to face my master who had taken a more human form. His hair was midnight black in color and came down to about his eyebrow. He was pale like a vampire and had a little fang sticking out the left side of his mouth. He wore a fancy outfit like you would see someone wear to a ballroom dance. He even had a black hook-cane to complete the outfit.

"Well can ya blame me?" I asked him "It is my first time seeing this place"

He chuckled

"Come" he said "Let's get a move on"

He formed a black disk beneath his feet and used it to levitate himself in the direction of the Golden Palace. I formed my wings and followed him all the while gazing down at the sights below me. After some time we descended in front of the Palace steps and walked inside. I continued to gaze at the architecture while my master was greeted by some Legionnaires

"Nar" he called to me "This meeting shall take a while why don't go take a look around"

"Sounds good to me" I replied as I began to walk away

"Just make sure that you don't touch anything like last time!" he called after me

"You are never going to let that go are you?!" I yelled back

As I walked around the place I formed one of my storage portals and pulled out my own cane, which I had named Abyssal Walker, then I if continued to walk around but feeling like a badass. After some time of walking I heard a familiar sound: that of clashing swords. Following the noise I came across a large training ground where everyone had gathered around the two combatants engaged in a sparring match. They both had half-halos which meant that they were Legionnaires in training but the one who had grabbed my attention was the brown haired girl with the beautiful but stoic face. Captivated, I had to get closer; I formed my wings and slowly flew towards the two combatants. When I was directly above the match it took another ten seconds until the girl had disarmed her opponent. Needless to say from what I saw of the match the girl had skills far beyond her rank and quite frankly I was beyond impressed. I decided to take a risk and fly down to her. I hovered behind her when I was ground level; she was the only one who had yet to notice me

"Hi there" I said

In a split second she had unsheathed her sword and tried to lop off my head. Thankfully I was able to block with my trusty Abyssal Walker at the last minute. She gave me an icy glare while I regained my composure then I smiled

"And a fine hello to you too miss!" I said good-naturedly

"And who are you?" she asked coldly still not letting up on her blade

"An admirer of your skills as a swordswoman" I said "Name's Nar-Korash"

Her skills weren't the only thing I admired but I kept that to myself for the moment. A few more seconds of glaring occurred until she finally lowered her weapon, but rather than give me her name she instead just walked away.

"Geez" I said "I didn't think I scared her that bad"

"Ya didn't scare her ya daft dodger" a thick Scottish voice said behind me

I turned around and was met with the fellow trainee she was sparring with; a red head who was clearly of Scottish decent.

"Didn't I?" I asked

"Nah ya just made tha near fatal mistake of sneaking up behind someone who's trained to reflexively attack someone who's sneaking up behind them" he explained

"I see" I said "And you are?"

"Name's Arengoth" he said "Son 'a Zenithal, tha best blacksmith in all Heaven"

"Nar-Korash" I said extending my hand "But you can call me Nar"

"In that case call me Aren" he replied taking my hand and shaking it

"So who is that chick?" I asked gesturing to the girl who almost killed me

"That's Anna" he explained "She's called a prodigy since she can easily take down any and all who challenge her, not even the instructors have been able to best her"

Anna, a beautiful name for such a beautiful person; though she could learn to smile a little. I guess I was staring at her too long because after a while Aren nudged me

"See somethin' ya like in her?" he said with a wink

"Maybe" I said holding down the blush that wanted to rise in my cheeks

Aren laughed

"I wouldn't try it pal" he advised "She's harder to approach than a tornado next to an erupting volcano and four times as deadly"

"So I should approach her in a way that she may allow" I mused out loud to myself

Aren laughed even harder than before

"Ah don't know which but ya've either got 'a death wish or dangerous taste in women" he said

I wasn't paying attention because I had come up with an idea. Walking away from him I casually strolled over to Anna again ignoring Aren's warnings. As I neared her she noticed me and glared with the same expression as before.

"What?" she asked as emotionless as always

"I don't believe I caught your name earlier" I said even though I already knew

"Anna" she simply said

"A fitting name for someone with your beauty" I complimented

Her expression didn't change

"What do you want?" she asked irately

"I heard that you are quite proficient with a blade" I said

"So?" she asked

"I was wondering if you would do me the honor of facing me in combat" I replied

Everyone in earshot suddenly silenced and those who weren't asked what happened and they too became silent. She raised her eyebrow in a slight interest

Hey, I managed to get her to show a little emotion. Ten points for me!

"You want to spar with me?" she asked her face returning to its previous emotionless state

"Indeed" I said

"Fine" she said as she walked past me to the training grounds

We stood opposite each other on a large circle. One of the instructors stepped forward to act as a referee

"The rules are simple" he said "You may use only two weapons which become unusable should they be knocked out of your hand. The first person to either give up or is put in a position where they cannot fight back is the loser. Choose your weapons now"

Anna unsheathed her sword and rested it on her shoulder. I presented my Abyssal Walker which caused Anna to raise her eyebrow again

"You're planning to fight me with a cane?" she asked

I shook my head

"Not exactly" I replied

I placed my left hand near the hook and my right a few inches opposite.

"Abyssal Walker:"

A quick twist to the right was rewarded with a click noise

"Saber Mode!"

Unsheathing the sword I made a few air slashes then positioned it in front of me while holding the scabbard behind my back. The instructor nodded then raised his arms

"Warriors, FIGHT!" he said as he brought his arms down

We charged at each other with swords raised and swung at each other resulting in an ear-shattering clang as they hit each other. We leapt back and charged again with a series of lightning fast strikes. Seeing that this was going nowhere fast I decided to change tactics a little, I leapt back and began channeling my darkness energy

"Shadow Replicate"

I swung my sword in a wide horizontal arc and created several clones of myself, about seven on each side, sheathing my blade I grabbed the wrists of the clones to my right and left who extended their blades out in front of them. This was repeated by the next clones up until all were connected to form a pincer of sorts.

"Shadow Mimicry: Crab"

I lifted up all the clones who tucked in their legs

"Impaling Pincer!"

I brought together both sides with Anna in the center. However she simply slashed the oncoming clones with little effort. I smirked

"Kinda figured that wouldn't worked" I admitted

"Then why bother?" she asked

I shrugged

"Demonstration?" I suggested

She was not amused

Since strength wasn't working I decided to try speed. Unsheathing by sword again I dashed forward at nigh blinding speeds and was barely able to enjoy her slightly surprised look before I clashed swords again. But instead of holding the lock I began to move counter-clockwise around her while my own body spun clockwise all the while swinging at her and picking up more and more speed. Soon I was moving in a small whirlwind around her while hacking and slashing with my sword.

"Bladed Whirlwind!"

She was blocking all my strikes but I could see the effort on her face. After a while she managed to trip me up to which I went tumbling a short ways before regaining my composure.

I chuckled a little bit

"You're as good as everyone says" I complimented

"I don't care for boasting" she simply said

I smirked again

"There's something we have in common" I said while going back into my combat stance

I charged forward again and brought us into another clash, but this time using her free hand she levitated her second weapon: a spiked mace *A/N like the one Hawkgirl uses in Justice League*. I quickly leapt back as she brought the mace down creating a small shockwave

"Phew!" I said "Almost got me there"

"Too bad" she said "I was aiming for your face"

Now it was my turn to raise an eyebrow

"Well if you're going to get serious…" I started

I pushed a lever on the scabbard end of my cane and gave it a sharp flick extending a small blade at the end *A/N it's about the size of the hidden blade in Assassin's Creed*

"…then I guess I should as well!" I finished

I brought the blades on both hook and scabbard ends together in an 'X' shape.

"Darkness Armament!"

A strand of darkness energy curled around the blades and coated them in said energy.

"Now the real fun starts" I said

She readied her weapons

I raised my scabbard blade into the air while positioning the main blade so it they were both vertical. Then I slowly drew a circle of shadow energy as each blade stopped moving where the other started.

"Darkness Twin Sword Technique:"

The blades gained a slight purplish aura as the power swelled


I slashed my blades at blinding speeds sending out several energy waves. She spread her wings and flew into the air and dodged the attacks. I constructed my own wings and charged at her. For a good few minutes sword and mace met cane sword and scabbard sword until, as luck would have it, a stray attack knocked both mace and scabbard sword out of our hands but we fought on none the less. We flew back a bit and charged one more time except when we collided we knocked our respective weapons out of our hands. We hovered there for a moment panting heavily. I could tell Anna was getting tired of all this

"We shall end this now!" she cried out "With our strongest attacks!"

With that said she began charging holy light energy in between her hands. I was shocked for a second as usually only higher ranked Legionnaires could do such things. Snapping back into what was happening I began to focus my own energy

"Sounds good to me!" I responded

*A/N imagine or play epic music during this next part*

While I drew a ring of shadow energy *A/N picture black lightning* her own energy formed that of a giant hammer. Then I created a large orb about six feet in diameter and began spinning her light construct at high speeds. We both reared our arms back to launch the two masses of energy



We both hurled our attacks at each other



Time seemed to slow down as the two energies raced towards each other but when they finally met, it resulted in a great explosion that knocked us both from the skies. When the dust cleared I had barely managed to bring myself to a sitting position but Anna was lying on the ground. I looked toward the ref who had to shake off his daze

"The winner is Nar-Korash!" he declared

We had both used up our energy in the last attack my bet was she unconscious but I noticed that she curled one hand into a fist and weakly slammed it in the ground in frustration. Though I figured she would refuse it I decided to help her some. I brought both ends of my cane sword to me, sheathed both blades and locked it back into a regular cane. Using it to stand up I made my way over to where Anna lay. I knelt down once I made it over to her and yet again glared at me

"Rubbing it in?" she accused

"Not at all" I replied "Just came to see if you needed a hand"

"Well I don't" she said stubbornly

I smiled at her stubbornness

"Can you even sit up?" I asked

"Yes" she replied

"Let's see then" I said

She didn't move

"Knew it" I gloated

"Shut it" she said

Chuckling I picked her up bridle style and began to walk away from the training grounds. To my surprise and eternal delight she got a tiny bit embarrassed by my actions.

"Put me down" she demanded

"No" I replied

"Now!" she demanded again

"You really think I'm going to let try to walk when you couldn't even sit up?" I questioned

She glared at me as I secretly got directions to the medical facility from her mind.

"Why are you even bothering to worry about me?" she asked

I laughed out loud a bit

"Simple" I replied "You're cute"

Her glare was replaced with a look of surprise. She quickly turned her head away but I couldn't help but notice that her cheeks were crimson.

I couldn't help but smirk at the sight.

End of Flashback

"So one thing led to another and we wound up dating" I finished

"Such a cute ending" Bubbles sighed

"So what happened to cause the breakup?" Boomer asked

"I'll answer that" Anna said

We all turned to her

"It took place on the day of my trainee graduation, we had been dating for about a year" she began "Nar told me that he'd be in the front row watching me but as I walked up to gain my other half-halo, his seat was empty"

Bubbles gasped then she and her sisters glared at me. Anna continued before I could defend myself.

"I went to where he was staying at that time to pound the living crap out of him" she said "But all I found was a note that said he was sorry but he had to leave"

Everyone was glaring at me now

"May I defend myself here?" I asked but didn't wait for someone to respond "It's not like I wanted to leave, you of all people should have known that Anna"

Her glare didn't let up

"I didn't have any choice in the matter" I continued "During the night before master had to leave immediately and he didn't want to leave me behind"

"Why didn't you ever go back to apologize?" Blossom demanded

"Usually when I make her a little mad she hits me with whatever blunt object is nearby" I started "I didn't want to see what she'd do after I had made her THIS mad"

The boys looked back between Anna and me

"Understandable" they said in unison

I sighed

"But I suppose I should face the music" I said as I walked towards Anna "Alright Anna, do your worst I deserve it"

She cracked her knuckles

I gulped loudly

This was going to hurt…


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