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Dark Blue


Tae and Jungkook been dating for 3 years but when Tae still scared to come out to his mother and his mother introduced him to her boss son to tutor him, Jungkook jealousy over the situation put their relationship in a hard place. Ravn starts liking his friend brother Woongie but Woongie plays hard to get and stays focus on his Café but Ravn seem to see through Woongie serious act and try to make woongie love him, will Ravn success in getting Woongie. →Angst →Fluff →Mature Language →Maybe NSFW Their age is not their real age ♥︎ ♥︎Characters♥︎ Taehyung(Tae) he is 22 in college he tutor kids and teens for money to help provide forhs family he is a sweetheart He love jungkook so much and wouldn’t dare want to hurt him He scared to lose his close ones Jungkook(kook) He is 23 in college Possessive over Tae Wish tae would come out already so he can show the world that tae is his Love Tae so much Jealous when it come to people talking to his man He is rich Hwanwoong(woongie) He is 22 out of college He has his own bubble tea shop called the pink sky café He is friends with Tae He act serious but in reality he loves to be babied He bossy and nags a lot But he’s to cute to stay mad at Ravn He is 21 in college He gets into fights a lot He has a temper He has a heart as well He is in love with woongie but he doesn’t want to show it He’s very strong

Drama / Romance
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Episode One: Part One

We are going to substitute the value of the variable here see?.....Yes, there......that’s the answer” Tae said to his students.

“Thank you” the students said, “next time, let’s set a timer and take a practice test.......you two finished your 10th class today” Tae said.“Do you wanna take more class” Tae added.

“Sure. Studying with you is fun and your notes are very helpful” one of the girls said. “Next time I’ll teach you for an extra hour” Tae said to the two girls and they walked out with a thank you.

“Tutor Tae” The boy said “Yes” tae replied. “I, umm...can I pay my tuition fee later?” The boy added.

“Of course, don’t worry.... you can pay when you have the money” Tae said with a smile.

“Thank you so much tutor Tae” the boy said and he walked out with a wave goodbye.

“See you” Tae said. Tae had got a message from someone, he looked at his phone and it was from jungkook. “I better see you when I get out of the pool, or else” Tae read the message. Tae quickly got him belongings and went to pay Woongie for letting him use his cafe to teach his students.

“Here you go woongie” Tae said handing woongie money.

Woongie pulled out a strawberry bubble tea “the strawberry bubble tea is on me” woongie said with a smile. “Again? You can’t just give me free drinks all the time” Tae said.

“You pay me enough for your students’ drinks and you my best friend, Just come here often. Don’t think too much about it.” Woongie said with a smile. “How can I not? Your café is not for charity.” Tae said.

“Forget it, you can just pay me next time then if you wanna pay me so bad” woongie with a eye roll. “Ain’t you in a hurry l” woongie added.

“Yes” tae said as he ran out of woongie café. “Go straight” Tae said to the driver. He was trying his best to get to jungkook in time. “Great. I’m stuck at a red light” tae said.

A few minutes later he made it to his destination. “Ravn? Why did you become a driver?” Tae asked.

“To give you a ride” Ravn said. “Whatever Jan” Tae said with a roll of his eyes.

“I have free time and it pays well, so why not. Are you interested” Ravn said. “No but thank you” tae said and he got off the bike and ran to the pool hall. “Wait the helmet” Ravn said Take quickly throw him the helmet and ran in the pool hall building.

“Why he such in a hurry for” Ravn said.

Take check the time as he ran down the stairs.

Jungkook slowly pulled his head from the water and when he opened his eyes he saw tae. He looked at tae boxy smile and smile back. “You let that kid pay you later? What if he doesn’t pay you at all?” Jungkook said. “He will. I think he is really struggling financially. He will pay me when he can” Tae said as a matter of fact. “Whatever you say tutor Tae. Just wait and see, I bet he won’t” jungkook said challenging him. “He will. I have his number, he won’t dare break his word.” Tae said. “Stop being so generous. Learn to say no.” Jungkook said. “You are pessimistic” tae said. “Join me” jungkook said. “No, I didn’t bring my swim shorts” tae said.

Jungkook grab tae leg and tried pulling him in the water. Tae tried to fight back but he lost and next thing you know he was in the water with jungkook. “Look what you done. I don’t have any changing clothes” Tae said with a pout. “You can wear mine. It’s not like it’s the first time” jungkook said. “No” tae said with a pout. “You are kind to everyone expected me, You have to be punished” jungkook said. Jungkook slowly came to Tae with a smirk on his face “jungkook, people are watching” Tae said. “Don’t” Tae added. “So it’s ok if no one sees us right” jungkook said. And jungkook grab tae by the waist and pull him under the water. They kiss under the water. “Hey Jo” jungkook said to his phone.

“Jungkook. Have you made your decision” Jo said. “I’m still thinking about it” jungkook said. “Why is it so hard for you to decide? This is AboutBoyz not just any other Twitter page they have millions of followers” Jo said. “Remember the 10 finalists..... yeah they are all superstars now” Jo added.

“I don’t want to be an actor” jungkook said as he was changing his clothes. “You have nothing to lose. Listen, if you win you will become famous” Jo said. “Okay Jo I will let you know when I decide.” “Meet me in my office tomorrow” Jo said and hung up. “Don’t you wanna be known as Jungkook About Aboyz” Tae said with a laugh. “He is relentless.” “Jungkook About Aboyz. About Aboyz.” Tae said making a song out of it and dancing along. “Shut up, go get dressed... I’m hungry” “You can only come to my house for a meal. You can’t spend the night” tae said. “Like I said, you are kind to everyone expect me.” Jungkook said with a pout. “Slow down. Don’t eat too quickly.” Tae said to Jungkook.

“I’m hungry” jungkook said. “Eat slowly, Jungkook. I have lots of food left” Ms. Kim said. “you didn’t have to make all his favorite foods, mom” Tae said. “Is it clear now who is her real son and who is the adopted one” jungkook said with a laugh.

“Nonsense” Tae said. “Mom. You really didn’t have to make all these for me. I feel bad, I can bring food next time” Jungkook said.

“It’s cheaper to cook for 3. Besides, we can keep the leftovers for the next meal.” Ms. Kim said. Jungkook put the last piece of meat on tae plate. “Here. Last one” jungkook said. Tae notice his mom looking at them. Tae slightly kick jungkook leg “ I don’t want to eat it” Tae said and gave jungkook the meat instead. Jungkook looked confused but quickly recovered “I’m gonna eat the steamed sticky rice with banana” “No I’m gonna eat that piece” tae said as he reached for it. At this point they fight over who get it but jungkook just let him have that piece and got another piece. They was washing dishes together “Don’t make it too obvious” tae said. “What did I do” jungkook asked. “Taking care of me at the dining table. Friends don’t do that.” Tae said still washing the dishes. “But we ar not just friends. “Jungkook!” Tae said.

“Ain’t this good for you, if your mom heard me you wouldn’t have to tell her. It’s tie she found out” jungkook said. Tae look at him with a mad face “Alright, fine I won’t joke about it anymore. I promise. I won’t do anything obvious.” Jungkook said. “I will act like I’m just your friend..... a distance friend.” Jungkook said as he back away from Tae keeping space. “Stop playing and come help me wash these dishes” Tae said. “AhChoo” jungkook nose said.

“Are you catching a cold, I told you not to swim for to long”tae said. “it’s just a cold I’m fine” jungkook said. Jungkook was at home in his bed and still was coughing. He dig in his bag to look for his phone and he saw this package and it had a not on it, it read “Take this medicine and feel better-tae♥︎” this note made jungkook smile so hard. He then got a message from Jo asking if he made his decision yet,he just ignored it and went to bed.

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