The Bite

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Welcome to Fright Night for real

The next morning found Charley driving to Jerry’s house. Stopping a few yards away he got out and moved towards the trunk. Opening it he pulled out weapons and began to suit up. Once finished he walked the rest of the way to Jerry’s house. He kicked the door in and entered. Armed with a cross bow with a flashlight attached he began searching trying to find a trace of either his sister or Jerry.

Charley began to make his way upstairs. Along the way he broke every window on the bottom floor causing sun light to shine in. He made his way to the room that had another room behind the closet. Kicking the door open cross bow ready in case Jerry was there he called out for his sister.

“Christen,” He called.

“Charley I’m in here,” She called back.

Moving towards the door he heard it from he tried to open it but found it was locked.

“Hold on Chris I’ll get you out,” He said.

“Please hurry little brother before he comes back,” She replied.

Charley bent down to open the door only to hear his sister scream. He gammed to door open and looked inside. He began cursing when he didn’t see her inside. He picked up his cross bow and called for his sister again. He moved out of the room and made his way back into the front room. Coming out he ran into someone.

“Oh fuck,” they cried.

Charley backed up recognizing that voice. Looking at the person he saw Peter Vincent standing before him.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Charley questioned.

“I guess I don’t want to be a man like me either,” He commented.

Peter opened his jacket to show he was armed and ready to take on vampires. “Let’s kill something.”

Charley nodded before moving back into the room and showing Peter the room that Christen was in.

“How could she have disappeared when I was just talking to her?” Charley questioned.

Peter snorted. “That’s easy, there’s a trap door here. I use them all the time.”

And with that he used a knife and pries open the trap door.

“What do you think is down there?” Charley asked.

Peter turned to him. “There’s only one way to find out.”

Both climbed down the hole and landed on a dirt mound. Looking around they found a lot of foundation missing from the ground and walls.

“I may not be drunk enough for this,” Peter commented.

“In here Charley,” his sister called weakly.

Finding a doorway across from them, Charley shined his flashlight on it.

Peter nodded. “Well after you.”

Charley threw him a look before continuing on. Moving up some steps they passed the doorway. Looking around Charley shined his flashlight left and right to make sure Jerry doesn’t ambush them. Shining the light in front of them he could see a part of the foundation tore down in the shape of a door. Peter reached up and clicked on a light.

Charley turned his head hearing it. He saw Peter gesturing towards it.

“Help me,” Christen called weakly.

Charley turned back forward and continued on.

“You do know this is a trap right?” Peter questioned.

“I’m counting on it,” Charley answered.

Peter gave him a look but followed him through. They walked down a hallway and came to a door that was half way opened. Pushing it open Charley entered leaving Peter in the doorway. Pulling out a stake Charley searched around ready. Upon entering he saw Christen laying on her left side on the ground her back facing him. Moving towards her he knelt down and turned her slightly. He saw the two punctures on her neck on the right side.

Charley cursed as he saw them.

“What?” Peter asked.

“The bastard bit her again,” Charley answered.

Charley went to pick her up however he turned around when he heard Peter yell out. Shining the light at the doorway he saw Jerry standing there. Firing an arrow he watched Jerry catch it, who snapped it and threw it to the ground.

“You wanted her you got her. She’s all yours.” Jerry moved forward and grabbed the door knob and closed the door locking it.

Charley moved towards the door and tried to open it realizing it was locked. Hearing a groan behind him he turned and aimed his cross bow, only to see Christen moving around. She sat up holding her head.

“Christen,” he called.

Christen froze and turned her head. As soon as she saw him she smiled. “Charley,” she spoke softly.

Charley sighed seeing that she was okay. He moved towards her and helped her off the ground. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her. He was glad she was fine.

“You came for me,” she said.

Charley sighed. “I told you I would. You’re my sister I would always be there.” He held her tighter at that.

She sighed as a pair of fangs emerged from her gums. “You’re too late Charley.” She whispered in his ear, “He’s a part me now.”

Charley felt a since of dread fill him at those words. She pulled away and smiled darkly showing her fangs. Her hands grabbed him before she flung him into the wall. She walked slowly towards him as he pushed himself to his feet. Christen dropped to a knee and kicked his feet out from under him. It was long before she had him pinned to the ground.

“Just close your eyes little brother it’ll be over soon.” She opened her mouth and moved towards his neck.

“I’m sorry big sister,” he whispered.

After he said that Christen jumped away from him with a screech. In Charley’s hand was a stake. He had stabbed his own sister with it. Getting up off the ground he made his way over to the door and pries it open. He turned back and watched as his sister turned towards him licking the blood on her hand.

“You missed,” she commented.

“I know,” he replied.

He grabbed his cross bow and ran out of the room. He slid to a stop when he reached the stairs. He found a group of vampires feeding on Peter. He had to do something so thinking fast he found Peter’s shot gun and started shooting holes in the floor. Sun light shone through causing the vampires to scatter. Running towards Peter the shot gun was ripped out of his hands. The momentum caused him to fall forward and into the light with Peter.

Looking to Peter he asked, “How you holdin up?”

“Ah freaking great,” He answered.

Looking back to where he once was he saw someone he least expected to be there.

“Mark?” Charley questioned.

“You’re dead now asshole,” He hissed, baring his fangs.

A chuckle got Charley and Peter’s attention. Turning their heads they found Jerry leaning by the stairs. His black button up shirt was unbuttoned showing his pale skin.

“What were you thinking Charley? That you were just going to walk in here with your little cross bow and put to bed 400 hundred years of survival. No Charley not likely.” He moved towards them watching them. “You smell that? It’s your fear.” He bent around a beam of sun light hissing at it. “It’s intoxicating. It’s a very specific scent Charley.” Jerry finished.

Stopping in front of Charley he knelt down to his level. Jerry stared at the sun light before he stuck his finger in it. His finger began to smoke before catching on fire in the beam. He pulled it back and blew out the fire.

“Now your sister’s scent, that was exquisite.” He smirked. “It’s all gone now Charley.” He commented turning his head towards the doorway seeing Christen standing there. “She’s something isn’t she? Something very special.”

Both were looking at her now.

Turning back to Charley, “I have to thank you for giving her to me.” Jerry laughed. “Well she makes me feel alive and young again.”

“I’m starting to smoke,” Peter commented as his hand began to smoke, bringing their attention to him.

“Yeah you’re turning,” Jerry commented as he stood up. “You can’t stay there forever Charley. The suns gotta go down sometime. We can wait.”

As Jerry was speaking, Christen had left the doorway and was making her way over to him. Reaching him she wrapped her arms around his waist and nuzzled her face against his neck. Jerry gently pulled her face to his and began to kiss her. Pulling away from her he pushed aside his shirt and brought up his hand using his finger nail and cut the skin above his heart. Christen attacked the wound and began to drink the blood that was pouring from the wound.

Jerry threw his head back as he felt complete pleasure at the feel of what she was doing. Pulling her away he cupped her face with both hands and kissed her again. Pulling back Jerry rubbed his nose against hers. So concentrated on each other they never were prepared for what happened next.

Charley shot forward on fire heading straight for Jerry, who saw Charley, had pushed Christen away. Feeling the fire touch him Jerry started to change and began to wrestle with Charley to get him to let go. The newborn vampires and Christen were crying out to Jerry.

The two were flung up and down, and left and right. Peter seeing his chance went for his shot gun and began to blow holes in the ceiling. More sunlight came pouring in, causing the vampires to retreat further back. Jerry and Charley were flung up and down until finally they landed back on the ground and in the sunlight. Peter seeing Jerry burning in the sun went for the stake.

“Charley in the heart!” he called.

Catching the boys’ attention he turned towards him and caught the stake as Peter through it to him. Turning back to Jerry he surged forward and drove the stake straight into Jerry’s heart. Screeches came from Jerry. Not long black smoke came from Christen and the other vampires. Jerry threw his head back releasing one final screech before the black smoke entered him and he exploded.

Peter ran to Charley and put the remaining flames out. “Charley! Come on Charley, come on.” He said slapping his face.

This got Christen’s attention making her worried. She got up and ran towards them. She dropped to her knees and called out, “Wake up little brother. Please wake up don’t leave me too.” She cried. “Charley!”

His eyes fluttered open and looked at his sister and smiled. “Hey.”

Christen was laughing and crying at the same time. She was glad her brother was okay.

“How do you feel?” she questioned him.

“I’m alright,” her brother replied.

Peter grinned before reaching down and kissed Charley. “You little shit. Next time you wanna use my plan give me a heads up.” He said pulling out a bottle of alcohol and drinking it.

Both Brewster siblings were laughing now. Helping Charley up off the ground they made their way out of the house with the others following behind them.


It had been a month now since that night at Jerry’s house. The Brewster’s have a new house in which Ed Lee became a frequent visitor after Charley had fixed there broken bond. No one said anything about the two being friends and anyone who did dealt with Christen personally.

Charley and Amy still dated, which wasn’t shocking. Their mother Jane was more careful about who she talked to. And Ed well I think he learned his lesson about spying on the neighbors.

Everything had returned to normal for everyone… Well not everything.



She knew she was dreaming.

“Come to me Christen…”

Someone was calling her but she couldn’t see who it was. She could only see blackness.

Very soon the blackness disappeared and she found herself surround by people dancing. She could hear a song playing in the background. “Good Man In a Bad Time” by Ian Hunter was what she heard. Looking around her eyes caught a pair of dark brown ones staring at her. She couldn’t see his face as he made his way over to her.

Once he reached her he wrapped his arms around her and bent her backwards before slowly pulling her back up. They began dancing as one to the pulsing music. He then spun her around so her back was against his chest. He ran his hands from her shoulders down to her hands. Lacing their fingers together he began to move, slowly setting a rhythm of intense pleasure in time with the swaying music. He made her skin hot and flush with the desire to touch and be touched. He encircled their arms together and swayed with the movements of her hips in a primal dance that was more than just a dance.

She felt as if her body was his to control. The music changed to a faster tempo, but their bodies remained in slow rhythm. Moving together in perfect harmony, like two puzzle pieces.

The stranger breathed into her ear whispering, “Christen…”

Something about the way he said her name made her shiver. It was possessive, primal, and unbelievably erotic. She felt the edges of her mind go fuzzy. Turning around she looked directly into his fathomless eyes and found she was unable to tear herself from his gaze. She became vaguely aware of his hand upon her cheek, drawing her closer and closer to those haunting eyes, so full of promise. His thumb brushed over her skin as he leaned in.

When she saw he was going to touch his mouth to hers she tried to pull away. She didn’t know if he was going to kiss her or something else. But it felt so wrong at the moment. But he held her firm.

“Don’t fight me Christen,” he whispered.

She obeyed him, her mind trying to keep up with what was happening. His lips almost touched hers when a loud thud shattered the silence around them.

Christen shot up in bed, her heart beating a mile a minute. Frantically her eyes searched for the noise only to find that her texted books had fallen off her bed when she had fallen asleep. Releasing a sigh of relief she closed her eyes before opening them and taking in her new room.

She had soft light blue walls and a white ceiling. Her bed had a light blue comforter with white and light blue pillows. She had a couple of book shelves filled with books and a few figurines. A white wooden desk and a blue chair with her laptop sitting on top of the desk. And a couple of dressers painted white and light blue. She had a floor length mirror that was beside her desk. She also had French doors that led to her very own balcony.

She sighed again and cleaned up her books and put them away before getting up and making her way over to her balcony doors. Opening them she walked out and took a deep breath closing her eyes listening to the sounds. She could hear crickets and dogs barking. It was a very peaceful night. The wind was blowing softly and the moon was full and shining brightly.


He remained in the shadows while he watched Christen stand on her balcony. He closed his eyes savoring her irresistible scent blowing towards him by the soft breeze. Her scent radiated off her like a heavenly scented perfume. With every inhalation he felt and erotic tingle run down his spine.

“Mmmm,” he murmured to himself in a barely audible tone. “Her scent has gotten stronger.” He inhaled deeply a low rumble escaping his throat. “And sweeter.”

He opened his eyes to see her eyes closed and a peaceful expression on her face as she listened to the sounds of the night. He let his eyes wander her lithe figure, letting them take in what she was wearing. She was wearing a black spaghetti shirt and a pair of short black pajama shorts.

“Still so beautiful,” He breathed smiling darkly to himself as he watched her go back inside. “Black is really her color.”

With the grace of a predator he landed on her balcony without a sound. He stood at the doors watching as she got ready for bed.

“Sweet dreams my dark princess,” he murmured. A slanted grin creeping across his face. “You will be mine again soon enough.”

With that he disappeared into the night.

The End…or is it?

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