The Bite

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Beginning

It was a quiet night in the Vegas suburb area except for the thunder clouds over head. Everyone was sleeping peacefully in their beds, except for one person.

At the Brewster residence everyone was peacefully sleeping except for Christen. She was tossing and turning dreaming. She could see someone, a person opening a window and sneaking in. There was someone not that far away. Christen tried to call out but no one heard. The person was a women sitting in bed reading. Realizing she was her friend Adam's mom. The women looked up. Pure fear appeared on her face. She barely let out a scream before she was pounced upon. She watched as her throat was ripped out killing her. She saw a claw like hand enter her vision.

Fear gripped her when a voice called out. Christen's sight changed as the creature made its way up the ceiling. A man entered it was Adam's father. Upon seeing his wife on the bed he ran over. He checked her then ran over to the other side of the bed. He was kneeling down when he was struck down, throat ripped open. Warm tears ran down Christen's face in her dreams.

The creature continued on down the stairs. The TV was on blaring in the living room. She watched as it made its way down the hallway to another room. There was a girl in the room, Adam's sister. The girl turned towards the door and let out a scream. The creature pounced upon the girl and began feeding. Something jumped on the creatures back. Christen knew it had to be Adam. He was thrown out in the hall before the creature finished with the girl. It let out a roar that made Christen cringe.

It moved out of the room following Adam's scent. It made its way into Adam's parent's room. Christen could feel its amusement toward Adam's hiding place. Silently it moved both his mother and father out of the way. It let out a growl before it flung the bed away. Uncovering Adam's hiding place. It pulled Adam up off the floor, gripping his neck.

"You have a choice." The voice sounded dark and husky.

Adam stared at it. "I won't become one of you." Then a serious look came to his face. "Whatever you do Fox don't let him win. Your stronger then he is."

She felt curiosity from the creature before she was forced to watch as it slaughtered her best friend.

Christen shot up in bed drenched in sweat with tears rolling down her face. Her bedroom door opened an in entered her mother. When Christen saw her she couldn't stop her sobs from coming. Her mother quickly moved to embrace her. Offering every ounce of comfort she had. For the rest of the night she stayed in her mother's arms fast asleep with tear streaks on her face.

The next morning you would find people going about their day. As for Christen today was a school day and she was eating her breakfast. While her mother Jane Brewster was taking out the trash can. Christen exited the house to see her mother scolding her younger brother Charley Brewster about leering at the neighbors.

"Hey she's the one who put the word on her butt. I'm just reading it," he said.

"Yeah but it doesn't mean you should look Charley," spoke up Christen.

Both Jane and Charley turned towards Christen. She was wearing a white t-shirt with a pair of jean shorts and black and white sneakers. She had a black wrist band on her left wrist and a thin chocker around her neck. Her brown hair was in a high pony tail that reached the back of her neck. Her blue eyes were narrowed at her brother with her arms crossed.

Charley huffed at his sister. "It's not like I was trying to look Chris."

A snort was all he got. Which caused him to blush and glare at his sister. Their mom rolled her eyes at them and smiled. Jane looked next door noticing the dumpster and frowned.

"Is he ever going to move that dumpster?"

"Ah mom you got to get over it," Charley said as he pushed his motorbike into the driveway. Christen shook her head at him.

"Attitude," Jane said opening the back of the van. "You've been stressed or something?"

She moved toward the garage to get housing signs for work. "Amy?" She questioned.

Charley looked to his mom before returning to his bike. "Amy is good she hasn't dumped me yet so."

A snort from his sister, who was now sitting in the van, got his attention. "That girl really cares about you Charley. She isn't going to dump you," she said. "Not even over something stupid."

Charley gave his sister a grateful look, who smiled right back. Times like these make Charley glade to have her in his life. Helping both him and there mom.

"You know getting what you want is stressful. Especially when you’re not use to getting it," voice their mother. "More to lose."

Christen had to agree with her mother there. With especially how things turned out for Charley and his ex-friends.

"You're reading those books again? Power of or whatever the hell," he said as he got on his bike. "Because they are definitely not working and neither is this bike."

Christen commented, "I can take a look at it Charley and then head over to Benny's after school to ask about it."

"You will?" he asked hopeful watching as his sister move over towards the bike.

His sister chuckled. "Yes Charley."

He smiled at her before turning to their mother. "You're still trippin over some guy's box."

Jane backed out of the van gesturing her arm at it. "What? It's an eye sore. I'm trying to get people to move in not join the legions leaving town. Right Chris?" She asked getting a nod from her daughter.

"I like that word legions," he grinned while his sister chuckled.

Jane looked to her two kids. "Hello can I get some help over here?" She sighed. "You know when the Perry's lived there…"

Charley cut his mom off as he and his sister moved to help. "Oh when the Perry's lived there they were the greatest neighbors ever but they moved. I thought you were happy that there house finally sold."

Christen sighed as their mother stared next door. "Hmm he's not digging a pool so where did all of this concrete come from?"

"That's a very good question," he concluded. "Maybe you should spy on him some more to find out."

Jane looked at her son. "He's thirteen feet from our house that's not spying. It's merely observing," she said closing the van door hearing her daughter chuckle.

"Uhuh," he commented.

"It probably came from the basement." Jane and Charley looked to Christen. "Maybe some of it went bad and he needs to repair it."

They were broken from their conversation by a voice, "Hey miss Brewster Christen."

Looking over they saw Amy Peterson Charley's girlfriend and a friend to Christen. Christen place a pair of shades on her face before waving back to them.

"Hey honey hi girls," Jane said waving to them. They waved back.

As Charley was walking away his mom called out, "Oh hey Ed called again."

"Oh yeah?"

"I'm tired of making excuses for you Charley. If you don't want to talk to him just tell him," she said.

Charley was walking backwards now. "Kind of defeats the purpose." His sister sighed at that shaking her head.

Making his way to Amy's car she said, "Still can't get the bike started?"

"No faith," he said.

Amy pushed her sun glasses down. "So you ah don't need a ride?"

She took off leaving Charley behind. Charley looked to his mother and sister the latter laughing at him. He took off running after them calling Amy's name before they finally stopped to let him in the car.

Jane sighed before turning around. She turned her attention to her daughter noticing the shades. Jane knew her eldest child wasn't sleeping well. Not after what happened almost a month ago.

"Hey Fox you okay?" she questioned.

Turning to her mother Christen saw the concern look in her mother's eyes. "I'm okay mommy. And thanks for last night." She said smiling.

"It's what I'm here for kid." She smiled at her daughter hugging her before letting go.

"I better get to school before I'm late. See ya later mom." Christen waved bye to her mom before getting in her own car.

Jane waved bye before leaving herself.

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