The Bite

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Meeting him

Christen had made it to school without being late. It also made her day when she pulled up in her 67 mustang, silver with black racing stripes. She put a lot of time and effort in the car. It was a birthday present from old man Benny. He owns his own auto shop.

The time had flown by for Christen. But she couldn't help noticing some of her classmates were absent. Pain and fear gripped her heart knowing the reason why they're really absent.

During her third period class she got a text from her other friend Ed Lee or as Charley calls Evil. It said to meet him so he could talk to her, since they didn't get to talk this morning. She agreed to meet him then hid her phone.

Once the bell rang Christen was out of class and looking for Ed. Pretty soon she found him, standing in front of Charley and the two idiots Mark and Ben. Seeing how they were treating Ed, Christen decided to give them a taste of their own medicine. Walking up behind Ed she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

Ed was getting frustrated with the three of them. That was until a pair of arms wrapped around his shoulders. Recognizing the cherry blossom and vanilla scent, Ed knew who it was. And by the looks of the two gaping jocks it was her.

"Hello Ed," she spoke softly and sweetly.

Ed smiled. "Hey Fox."

Christen purred before kissing his cheek. Mark and Ben glared at him and his smile grew into a smirk. She released him before turning to her brother.

"Let's go Charley." When saw him hesitate her tone became sickly sweet. "Now little brother."

Ed bit back a laugh as he watched Brewster and those within hearing distance visibly shiver. Everyone knew when Christen used that tone it meant someone is in for a lot of pain and humiliation.

The three of them moved to leave when Mark called out, "How about that date Christen?"

Christen turned to look at him. "Sorry sweetie you’re not man enough for me." She said waving at him.

Turning around to continue own but was stopped this time by a loud smack and sting to her backside. Surrounding students all winced or flinched at the scene. All of them knew too well what was going to happen next.

Christen turned around and very calmly walked toward Mark, who was grinning like a fool at what he did.

"Now Chris…" started Charley.

"Shut up Charley." He winced at her calm tone. He knew she was really angry now, and there was no stopping her now. Ed was grinning mad now.

Looking at Mark she asked, "Did you just smack my ass?"

"Of course. You have a nice firm ass Chris," he said still grinning.

Sharp intakes of breath came from the surrounding students and Charley. Mark was going to get it big time now.

"Oh I see." She gave him a sickly sweet smile before her hands shot out grabbing Mark by his shirt and flung him over her right shoulder and down the hallway.

Christen made her way up to him and bent over. Looking him in the eye and said, "See what happens when you touch something that doesn't belong to you."

Standing back up she turned and smiled at Ed and Charley. "Let's go."

Passing by him they continued on down the hall.

With the help of Ben, Mark was able to stand. "You're a bitch Brewster."

Turning she said, "Takes one to know one sweetie." She blew him a kiss and waved bye.

They disappeared around the corner leaving Mark in pain and humiliation.

"What's up Ed?" he asked.

Ed questioned him, "You know Adam's missing right?"

Christen flinched at Adam's name. No one but Ed noticed it he'll ask her about it later.

"What do you mean Adam's missing?" Charley asked.

"I keep trying him, no texts, no phone calls nothing," he started. "I don't know if you're paying attention to roll call but he's not the only one that's gone."

"Right kids aren't coming to school happens all the time. What do you want me to do about it?" he asked.

Christen looked to her brother. "He's right Charley. A good portion of students missing from my class are students who have never missed a day of school ever."

Ed shot Christen a grateful look before turning back to Charlie. "Just meet me at his house after school will check around and see if he's okay."

Charley shook his head. "I can't I'm sorry I'm busy."

"Liar," spoke his sister.

Ed laughed in disbelief. "I don't think you understand what I'm telling you. Um Adam's gone."

"Dude do we really have to do this here," he said looking behind him then back to Ed.

Christen looked at her brother with disbelief and Ed with anger. "Wow am I not suppose to speak to you anymore." Ed spoke angrily.

Charley tried to calm him down. "Be quiet don't spaz out. I just…"

Ed cut him off. "Don't spaz out. Don't you want me to spaz out? Oh my God it’s so horrible crossing the streams will high school as we know it cist to exist."

Christen looked amused while Charley looked panicked, looking behind him.

Ed seeing Charley look behind him. "Okay want me to go and tell your pals how we really know each other. The Lego contests, the farscape conventions, the costumes."

"Please stop." Charley pleaded.

"Or how about that time you took my stretch Armstrong and tied it around your balls and jerked off for an hour," Ed finished.

Christen chocked trying to stop her laughter from spilling out.

"Stop," he said.

"Then be my back up I know Fox is going." Ed said gesturing to Christen who nodded letting him know she was in.

Charley looked at Ed speechless until finally, "Okay fine. Adam's after school."

Ed nodded. "Don't be late."

The two looked at each other before Charley shook his head and walked away.

"I kinda would like stretch back by the way," Ed said.

Once they were mostly alone Ed turned to Christen. "Explain."

And she did. She told him about everything she dreamed. About what happened to Adam and his family, and the missing students. By the time she finished speaking tears ran down her face.

"I don't know what to do Ed. It keeps getting worse," she cried.

"Shh it’s okay. You're safe now." He wrapped his arms around her shaking shoulders hoping to help comfort her a little.

After a while she calmed down and her shoulders stop shaking. Ed still held her offering her his comfort.

"What did Adam tell you?" he asked.

Sniffling she responded, "He said not to let him win. And that I'm stronger than him."

Ed nodded his head. "Adams right. He may have created this connection between you but your stringer than him. You also have that little gift of yours as well."

"Thanks Ed." Hearing him say that made Christen happy and grateful to have Ed.

He smiled at her. "You’re welcome."

Christen reached over and kissed him on the cheek. "What was that for?"

She pulled back and smiled softly at him. "For being yourself and always being there for me."

Ed smiled back happy to be the cause for her smile. With that they both went their separate ways until later.

Christen made sure to run her errands before heading to meet Ed. Along the way she got a call from Ed saying that Charley wasn't there yet. Christen became frustrated and told Ed she would bring Charley there, which he agreed.

She was downright pissed off because of Charley not showing up. Making her way home she saw Charlie with their mom and Amy, also an older male. With short dark messy hair brown eyes and pale skin.

'He might be our new neighbor, she thought curious about him.

Parking her car by the curb, she got out taking her things with her. When she made it them she noticed the man speaking.

"It takes a real man to wear ah," he paused, "Puse. I like em."

"And here I thought Charley was a hormonal teenage boy." Came her sarcastic reply.

The four turned, to see Charley walking towards them. Jane and Amy were snickering while Charley looked embarrassed. And the man looked amused and also seemed to be checking her out just like he did Amy. Making it to the four, she stopped beside Charley and glared at him. Charley knew he was in trouble by the look on his sister's face.

Christen turned her head to the man, to see him checking her out. Her blue eyes meet his brown and smirked at her. Turning to face him fully she took him in. From head to toe and back up. She could see the arrogance and sexuality roll off him in waves. Jane, Charley, and Amy glanced at the two waiting to see who would speak first. Until finally the silence was broken.

"Dude you're so not my type so please stop checking me out," Christen said then without so much as a second glance she turned away from him towards her brother.

Amy looked shocked while Jane looked on with pride. No guy's good looks were going to catch her daughter's attention. Looking at their neighbor she saw the shocked look on his face as if he's never had a pretty girl turn from him or not find him attractive.

Jane cleared her throat catching everyone's attention. Gesturing to the man she said, "Chris this is our new neighbor Jerry Dandridge. Jerry this is my daughter Christen."

Realizing her mother wants her to be civil. So with a sigh she puts on her best smile and says, "Nice to meet you Jerry."

"Nice to meet you too," he said.

As soon as their hands touched Christen felt faint. Falling forward Jerry reacts fast catching her, causing the other three to panic. Christen realized someone had her. The person had strong muscled arms that held her tightly. As if refusing to let go. Looking up she saw the person was Jerry.

"Charley," she called.

"I'm right here Chris." Charley moved toward Jerry to get his sister.

Reluctantly Jerry released her to her brother who held her steady. Her mom ran inside and came back out with a bottle of water. Opening it she gave it to her son so he could help his sister drink.

"I guess it finally caught up to me huh mom." She said smiling weakly.

Jane began to scold her daughter. "See I told you to stay home today. Maybe next time you'll listen." Turning back to Jerry. "Sorry Jerry but I have to go now. My daughter needs me."

He waved it off like it was nothing. "No worries, its okay go take care of her."

They began to make it to the house when Charley froze looking at his phone.

"Charley," his mom called with his sister leaning on her.

"Oh wow I gotta go." He said dropping his back pack. "I'll call you later."

He kissed Amy on the cheek, leaving his mom and Amy protesting behind him.

Christen sighed. "We better grab his stuff cause he'll forget it. And I better call Ed to tell him I can't make it."

With Amy's help they were able to get both Christen's and Charley's things inside.

From his garage Jerry watched as Charley ran down the street. He had an idea where he might be going and who he was going to see. It seems he's going hunting tonight. Bringing up his hand to take a bit out of the green apple he had. His eyes switched from Charley to the kids house. He thought about Christen Brewster.

The girl had surprised him. Not only did she not fall for his looks she bluntly told him, he wasn't her type and to stop checking her out. It amazed him to find such a strong willed young women. He was also surprised that she was the young women he had met almost a month ago. She smelled of purity and innocence.

A special girl, with a gift so strong it almost beat him. So he gave her a gift, a very special bite, one that created a link between them. But the link wasn't strong enough. He couldn't find her with it. Not yet anyways, he thought. For now he'll put his thoughts on hold he had somewhere to be.

With that he went inside to clean up and get ready for a hunt.

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