The Bite

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Finding out

After being brought inside and sent to her room for bed rest. Her mother said she wasn't going to school tomorrow and that she was staying home until she's well rested.

Sighing Christen had taken a bath and changed her clothes. She was wearing a pair of black pajama shorts with a gray tank top. Her hair was thrown up in a low bun. Reaching for her phone on her knight stand. She saw a message from Ed, explaining that no one was at Adam's and also about the fight between him and Charley. She called him wanting to know what started it and found out it was over Amy. Saying bye to Ed hopping he would come over tomorrow, he agreed. Putting her phone down Christen leaned back.

She couldn't believe how much her brother had changed. Dumping his real friends for fake ones. Who don't care about him. Not even she could do that, she loved Ed and Adam like brothers. She wouldn't ditch them for anything.

She was knocked out of her thoughts by her bedroom door opening. Looking over she saw her brother enter.

Charley smiled. "Hey there big sister. How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine," she said calmly looking at him.

"Good. That's good to hear," he sighed.

It was quiet between the two of them. Neither one was willing to speak. Christen couldn't take the silence any longer.

"Why did you fight with Ed?" she asked looking toward her window.

Beside her Charley tensed before answering, "He told you."

"After I weaseled it out of him," she responded.

"I didn't like the names he called my friends." He told.

Christen snorted. "You mean the way he was talking about Amy."

Charley tensed again. "So what? Your taking his side instead if mine?"

Christen snapped her head back to her brother. "You see this is why you and I can't have out normal conversations anymore. You're always jumping to conclusions."

He opened his mouth to deny everything but Christen cut him off.

"Yes you do Charley. You're not the same person I use to know." She the spoke softer, "You act more like…him."

This confused Charley greatly. "Like who Chris?"

She shook her head before sighing. "No one Charlie just get out."

"What?" he asked confused.

"I said get out!" she snapped.

He got up and left her room closing the door behind him. Leaving her all alone.

Until suddenly she sat up. Her eyes moving left and right. Seeing what he was seeing. He had a new victim Ed. Tears began to roll down her face, as she watched him stalk Ed. She even watched the confrontation between Ed and Mark to also where he jumped the fence to running straight into him.

Christen scrambled out of bed and quickly put on her sneakers followed by her gray hoodie. Grabbing her keys she ran out of her room and out the door to her car. Starting it she drove off. Along the way she watched Ed escape him. Breaking the glass and entering the house. Her feelings of relief were short as she felt amusement from him.

"Forget it Jerry. With no invitation you can't get in." Jerry merely smiled and took one dramatic step in then put his other foot in. "Oh shit."

Her thoughts exactly. She couldn't believe it was Jerry who she had a connection with. He was her neighbor for crying out loud.

"Abandoned. I thought you did your homework."

Christen felt like crying. Just hang on Ed I'm almost there, she thought.

"You've been watching me," Jerry said looking around then turned back to him whispering, "I've been watching you. Seems fair."

That must mean he knows everything about me too, she thought.

She watched as Jerry followed upstairs a few paces behind Ed. He sniffed the air finding Ed's scent. For a moment her vision blurred until she saw that Jerry was sitting down not that far from the broken back door. Pretty soon a pair of legs were seen followed by the rest of the body. Ed fell down the rest of the way and landed on his ankle. He cursed and swore.

"That looked like it hurt."

He cried out in shock and horror, finding Jerry sitting comfortably in a lawn chair.

"Oh God!" he cried crashing into a bunch of chairs knocking them over before falling into the pool.

Turning down the street she passed by Mark's car before turning left. Hoping to get there in time. She wasn't about to lose another friend to him.

Standing in the pool Ed held up his cross while Jerry advanced on him. "You bit off more than you can chew," Jerry said.

"It’s too late man. I've told people what you are! You've been made!" he spoke.

"And you think anyone's going to believe you?" Jerry reached the steps to the pool.

I believe you Ed, Christen thought finally pulling onto the street.

"No, no! Don't play that crap! Don't play that mind shit with me! I'm serious! Try me!" Ed snapped. "At least Chris believes me."

"Oh yes Christen. I've met her. Soft and sweet with a fiery personality. Either way, I'd love to get to know her more. Both inside and out."

Christen shivered at this. She would never let him get that close to her. Not now not ever.

"No you stay the heck away from her! She doesn't need this shit so leave her alone!" Ed yelled.

She felt her heart clench at those words. A few tears slid down her face. She'll get to him she has too.

"Okay," Jerry said stepping into the pool.

Christen wanted to cry out and tell Ed not to believe him. She watched him descend the stairs deeper into the water.

"You said you're glad you're different then," said Jerry advancing on him.

"Get back!" Ed yelled.

"How can you be in a place like this?" Jerry asked gesturing around. "These people, even your best friend. You're nothing to him now."

"No," he said.

No Ed don't listen to him. You're something to me, Christen thought. She could do nothing but watch.

"You were born for this. You know it," Jerry said chuckling when he stood before him. "It's a gift."

With that said Jerry placed a hand behind Ed's neck and pulled him close, sinking his fangs into his neck. Ed's arms sagged at his side. His grip loosened letting his cross fall from his hand to the bottom of the pool.

Christen finally found the house. Pulling over she got out of her car and quickly made her way to the backyard. Looking around her eyes were drawn to the pool. What looked like a dark shape in the water. Not thinking twice she ran forward and jumped off the edge and straight into the water. Swimming forward toward the dark shape. Getting a look and seeing Ed's face. Wrapping her arms around him, she kicked off the bottom and shot up.

Reaching the surface Christen swam toward the stairs and pulled him up. She began CPR on him. He wasn't responding.

She pounded on his chest crying. "You promised me you wouldn't leave. You promised and you lied to me Ed."

Cradling his head Christen held him crying.

"Hello Christen."

Freezing she tensed up knowing who it is. Moving Ed from her she stood up before turning around. There sitting comfortable was Jerry. His hands laced in front of him.

"I've been waiting to see you." He said grinning.

"Have you?" she whispered. Her heart racing a mile a minute.

Getting up from the chair he moved toward Christen. Standing in front of her he looked her over. Her clothes clung to her body, showing her form. He got straight to the point.

"Did you ever wonder why I created a bond with you instead of killing you like I did your friends?" he questioned.

Her heart clenched in pain in her chest and her breath labored. She didn't look at him.

Walking around her towards the pool his back was to her. "One of your friends invited me back to their place. They let me in. Three drunk girls easy, but I didn't count on was you being there." Turning he looked to her. "The minute I smelled your scent I knew I had to have you for myself. Virgin blood sweet like wine." He sighed contently. "Of course I didn't take into count your little gift when I went in for a taste."

Christen flinched at his wording about her friends and herself. She became nervous when he mentioned her gift.

Walking back to her he picked up a strand of her hair and breathed in her scent, causing her to shiver. Calming herself Christen turned to face him. Looking to his face she noticed his eyes were pure black and she could see a little fang peaking over his lip.

"However the connection I created wasn't finished. Thanks to the interruption only you could see what I was doing and feeling." He sighed then smirked. "I knew you would use it to find me." Throwing out his arms. "And here you are."

He closed the short distance between them. Christen placed a hand on the right side of her neck backing away from him. She had to get away she can't let him finish the bond. She went to run when he appeared in front of her. She gasped before his hands shot out and grasped her arms and bring her close.

"Once I complete the bond I'll be able to find you no matter where you run." He said as he buried his face against her neck.

Christen barely had time to do anything before the pain hit her. He had bit her in the same place as before. She winced as he bit harder causing her more pain. She had to get him off somehow. Moving her hand to his chest, she blocked out the pain and concentrated on getting him away from her.

Heat began to build in the place where her hand was touching. Jerry felt the burning, tearing away from her with a roar. Looking down he saw a hole in his shirt with his skin burnt. Turning his head to her he watched as she stood on shaky legs and faced him. Her eyes glowed turquoise before the wind picked up. Blowing their hair and clothes around.

Christen knew she couldn't control her fire as she was but she could us her most unpredictable element. So she threw what she could at him. Which was pretty impressive. She was going to hurt him and Jerry let her. Not stopping her once, letting her take it out on him. Cuts, bruises, and broken bones were what she gave him.

With one last push she sent him through the fence. Knowing that would only slow him down she moved her shaky and near exhausted body back to her car. Making it she quickly started it and drove home. Reaching their quickly she got out locking her car and making it inside and up to her room. Making sure to lock her door she removed her hoodie and dropped it on the floor. Heading into her bathroom she looked in the mirror at herself.

She was paler now with blood caking her right shoulder. Removing her clothes and releasing her hair before stepping into the shower. Once she was clean again and dressed in another set of pajamas. This time gray pants and blue tank top. Christen moved the strap and peered at the bite. The bite was still oozing blood and looked swollen.

Getting the first-aid kit, she cleaned, disinfected, and bandaged the bite. She was going to be in pain and weak tomorrow. So she cleaned up her mess and went to bed.

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