The Bite

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Saving

It was late morning when Christen woke up with her shoulder throbbing like crazy. Getting up she got dressed. Wearing a white t-shirt, black running shorts a zipped up navy blue hoodie and white sneakers. And her black sun glasses.

Coming down the stairs she knew her mom and Charley were already gone. She cooked her some food to have before leaving. Once finished she got her keys and left. She drove to the house from last night. Stopping in front of it she got out of her car and made her way to the backyard. Stopping near the pool, visions of last night played before her eyes causing tears to sting her eyes.

Wiping her eyes Christen looked around. Nothing looked out of place. No glass broken, chairs not knocked over, and most importantly there was no blood anywhere. The pool was even cleaned. Even the fence looked brand new. Releasing a sigh she turned to leave when something caught her attention. Turning back, something shiny in the pool caught her attention. Making her way over she bent down. Using a little of her power she had the water float up the object. Reaching for it she scooped it up. Looking at it she realized it was Ed's cross. Clutching it she made her way back to her car and drove home. Once home she stayed in her room, in bed holding Ed's cross.

She had no idea how long she was in bed until she heard Charley's voice downstairs. She placed Ed's cross around her neck and sighed. Getting up she made it out into the hallway before freezing hearing a crash noise. Fearing something may have happen to her brother she made it to the stairs.

Stopping at the edge she called down, "Charley? Is everything okay down there?"

As Charley was making his way home thoughts about Ed not showing up at school to what he saw at Ed's and on his laptop. Looking towards his house he noticed his sister's bedroom light was on. He'll talk to her and ask if she's seen or talked to Ed. Making his way up Charley noticed the trash can still out. So he rolled it up the driveway and opened the gate to the backyard and placed the trash can there. Turning around he nearly jumped when he saw Jerry standing there.

"Hey guy," Jerry said.

"Hey…guy," Charley replied.

"You could really do me a solid." He said.

"What's that?" Charley questioned.

Jerry leaned forward whispering, "Well I got a girl on her way over for a beer and I'm all out of beer."

Charley shook his head. "It's ah…sucks."

"Set me up. I'll pay you back two times. A sixer for your mom and you and your sister. What do you say?" Jerry asked.

"Ah yeah. Yeah let me do that." He agreed. "Ah right now. I'll go right now and check what we got in the fridge."

"Okay," he said.

"Cool. Just give me a sec," Charley said.

He made his way across his yard to the kitchen door with Jerry following behind sniffing the air.

"Let me see what she's got alright," Charley said as he opened the door, leaving it opened.

When Jerry got to the doorway, however, he stopped just outside of it.

"Moms kind of ah…kind of ah…light domestic…kind of mother," Charley said as he dropped his backpack on the floor and headed over to the fridge.

Looking around Jerry commented, "Nice kitchen." Pointing towards the cabinets. "Good cabinet work."

Nodding his head Charley responded, "Thanks."

Jerry watched Charley search the fridge for beer.

Pulling out the beer Charley asked, "You cool with Budweiser?"

Smiling Jerry nodded his head. "Yeah that works."

Gathering the bottles together into the six pack, Charley turned his head towards Jerry causing his grip to loosen on one of the bottles and fall to the floor shattering.

"Oh shit!" he cursed.

"Can I help you with that?" Jerry moved to come inside, but something held him back.

"No, no. No, no." He looked towards Jerry who he noticed looked ready to leap inside at the word. "I mean I got it. I just...yeah I got it."

The two stared at each other for a moment until Charley bent down to pick up the pieces. Then a voice called down to Charley.

"Charley? Is everything okay down there?" His sister's voice.

How could he have forgotten she was here? Their mom made her stay home to rest. How could he have been so stupid?

"Charley," she called again.

"I'm fine Chris. I just dropped something that's all." He responded.

"If you're sure?" she questioned.

"Yeah I'm sure," he said.

Charley would have released a breath if it wasn't for Jerry speaking.

"Was that your sister?" he asked calmly.

He turned to look at Jerry. There was no doubt in his mind that he hadn't heard her. His stance outside had taken on a completely different feel as his eyes roamed around the kitchen and the open hallways. Charley knew he was looking for his sister.

"Do you think I could talk to her for a minute?"

Charley didn't want him anywhere near his sister. "No. And sorry it's not a sixer."

He held the beer out and watched as Jerry moved to get it. And at the last second he moved back until it was in the door way and Jerry's hand stopped moving. He looked up realizing Ed was right. Jerry didn't even look very friendly anymore. His cool eyes were unwavering as they watched until Charley finally gave him the beer, which Jerry grabbed from him.

Jerry turned pretending to look around before turning to Charley. "This girl tonight she's a handful, yah know. Women who look a certain way they-," he laughed into his fist but it didn't sound genuine. "They need to be managed it's true." Looking around, he leaned his arm back on the sides of the frame giving Charley his full attention. "Your dad ducked out on yah, huh? Your mom she didn't...exactly say but, well, there's a kind of...neglect. Gives off a scent. You don't mind my saying you got a lot on your shoulders for a kid the three of you alone and your sister, Christen, she's ripe. Special, I bet there's a line of guys just dying to pluck that." Jerry didn't look happy at that. "Your mom too. You don't see it but maybe you do but, she's putting it out." He looked behind him before turning back. "It's on you to look out for them. You up for that, guy?"

"I think I can manage." Charley was determined to protect both his mom and sister.

"Good because there are a lot of bad people out there Charley." He paused looking at Charley for a moment. "Everyone's gotta look after his own business."

It was silent between them until the silence was broken.


A dark twisted smile grew on Jerry's lips as he looked past. He didn't have to look to know that Christen had come downstairs. She entered the kitchen, noticing the tense atmosphere. Looking around she immediately froze when she saw Jerry standing by the doorframe. She finally looked away as she noticed Jerry's gaze on her. The smile on his lips, and the darkness in his eyes caused a shiver of excitement to run down her spine. She shook her head she shouldn't be feeling that.

Looking towards her brother she said, "Amy's upstairs she wants to see you." Charley nodded, and Jerry who stood in the doorway, stood up straight and looked at the two, but mainly Christen.

"I'll be seeing you two around." It wasn't a question, Christen knew, much like he's commented before he meant it. "Thanks for the beers." And with a tense smile she nodded and he left.

Christen closed the door and turned to Charley. "Okay what was that about?" she asked.

Charley looked at her and sighed, "Ed told me something, and I think it's true."

She sighed, "That Jerry's a vampire?"

"How do you know?" he questioned.

She hesitated. "Ed told me and I actually believed him. Unlike some people." She looked to her brother at that.

"I know and I promise I will make it up to him." He said.

Christen whispered sadly, "You won't get the chance too."

"What was that Chris?" he asked confused stopping at his bedroom door.

Stopping in her doorway, she placed a hand on her doorframe and said over her shoulder, "It's nothing Charley you better go see what Amy wants."

With that Christen entered her room, closing and locking the door behind her. Leaving Charley in the hall alone and confused.

Lying down Christen fell asleep. Before long she was woken up by the sound of laughing and giggling. Not paying it any mind she snuggled back into her pillow to sleep. Sounds of moaning had her up and heading towards her brother's room. Thinking the noises came from him she entered his room but halted upon the sight of her brother sleeping in his computer chair by the window.

Shaking her head she grabbing she grabbed a blanket and placed it over him, kissing his cheek. Christen left his room and entered hers. Closing and locking the door, she leaned against it sighing.

"I'm losing it," she mumbled to herself shaking her head.

Sighing again she moved away from her door and to her bathroom. Thinking about splashing some cold water on her face. She froze when the sounds of moaning reached her. Knowing it wasn't her brother Christen's eyes scanned the room until they landed on her floor length mirror. Staring at it she noticed it looked weird. Confused she moved closer noticing the mirror looked distorted. Reaching with her right hand, hesitating slightly, she touched the mirror. Her eyes went wide and a gasp leaving her lips when she saw it ripple.

Moving back from it, she continued to watch it until finally it stopped rippling. In the mirror it looked like two people standing. Gasping when she recognized the blond hair of one of the people.

"Doris!" she called hoping she heard her.

But to no avail she wasn't. Instead she was heard by the other person she was with, a male. He lifted his head and looked right at where she was. She stared wide eye at him. For the man was her next door neighbor Jerry Dandridge. He smiled at her showing his fangs.

Christen cried out to Doris, "Run Doris get away he's dangerous."

But still nothing. Doris had babysat her when she was little. She was like a big sister to her. She couldn't lose her too.

Jerry began to chuckle darkly. "Now, now none of that. I can't have you trying to scare off my meal."

His bent down mouth opened ready to sink his fangs into Doris' neck. Christen had to stop him somehow.

"Wait please Jerry."

He stopped for a moment then looked to her. "Why should I?"

She cried to him. "Don't hurt Doris, you've already taken Ed and Adam from me please don't take her from me too. I'm begging you. Please!" She slid to the floor and sat in front of the mirror, Tears rolling down her face.

"What will you give me for her life?"

Christen looked to him. "What do you want?"

He grinned at her. "You."

She tensed. "Me?"

He raised an eye brow, "Unless of course she isn't really that important to you."

Her head shot to him before looking to Doris. "Of course she is. Whenever kids use to pick on me she was there to scare them off." Christen's eyes soften at her. "She's one of the most important people in my life."

Jerry still staring at her questioned, "So what's your answer?"

Bowing her head she thought about what to do. If she did go to Jerry he would complete the bond and she would be his. But if she didn't he would either turn Doris or kill her. Biting her lip she squeezed her eyes shut before sighing. Making up her mind she lifted her head and stared determined at Jerry. She opened her mouth to respond when Doris chose that time to scream.

Jerry growing irritated with her threw her against the wall knocking her out. Christen cried out when she saw what he did.

Not paying any attention to Doris he looked at Christen. "Answer." He growled.

Shivering at his growl she responded, "You have my word. And to prove that I'll keep my word I'll come to you tonight."

Jerry growled in approval at this. "Don't keep me waiting or I may just snack on her." With that he moved away from the mirror leaving her alone.

The mirror's reflection returned to normal. Christen leaned her head and hands against the mirror and cried. Not long Christen heard her brother swear. Getting up she left her room and made her way to her brother's. Looking in she saw him at his window looking down. She knew who he was looking at.

"You can't stop him," she said suddenly.

Charley jumped at the sudden noise. Turning around he saw his sister standing in his doorway. He became worried when he saw that her eyes were red and puffy. She looked pale with bags under her eyes.

Moving towards her, "Chris what's-," he started.

"You can't stop him Charley. Nobody can," she cut him off gesturing towards where he was standing before.

"But Chris Doris she's-," he started again.

"I know about Doris Charley. I knew before you," she said tiredly.

Charley looked at his sister wondering how she knew before him. He opened his mouth to ask her when he saw her leaving.

Following her he called out, "Where are you going?"

Without stopping she replied back, "I'm going to put a stop to it."

Reaching the bottom of the stairs just as she reached the front door. "Stop to what?" he questioned.

"Don't worry about it Charley." Opening the front door she stopped and turned slightly and smiled gently at her brother. "Love you little brother."

He smiled back. "Love yah too big sister."

Christen gave him one more smile before closing the door behind her.

Charley was confused as he watched his sister close the door. Making his way back upstairs and to his room. He sat down on his bed thinking over what his sister had said. He sighed before going over to his window to look out. The cops were already gone. Moving his eyes to Jerry's he couldn't help becoming shocked at who he saw there.

His sister was standing at Jerry's. He watched her take a breath before knocking on the door. It opened and Christen entered, the door closing behind her. Not long after Doris ran out crying.

Charley now knew what his sister meant by putting a stop to this. She traded herself for Doris. But why? Why would Jerry let Doris go and take his sister? He was knocked out of his thoughts by a vehicle starting. Looking outside he noticed Jerry leaving. Determined Charley was going to rescue his sister before Jerry did something to her.

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