The Bite

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Meeting Peter Vincent

Having exited her house and made her way to Jerry's. Stopping at the door Christen took deep breaths to try and calm herself. Once calm she knocked on the door. It opened allowing her entry inside. Once inside the door closed behind her.

Looking around she saw that the place was pretty bare except for a reclining chair with a table, TV, and couch. Her eyes zeroed in the couch when she saw someone on it. Moving towards the person, she realized it was Doris. Rushing to her Christen released a sigh of relief when she saw Doris breathing. Shaking her gently she called out her name.

"Doris," she whispered. "Come on Doris you need to wake up."

With a bit more shaking and calling her name, Christen was able to wake her.

Doris grabbed her head. "Oh my head, it hurts."

Christen smiled gently. "I bet it does."

"Christen?" she groaned.

She chuckled. "Yeah, are you okay? Can you walk?"

"I'm okay other than I have a head ach. And I think I can walk." She replied.

Christen sighed in relief. "Good let's get you out of here."

Helping her stand they began to make their way to the front door. However Doris froze beside her and began to cry.

Christen frowned. "Doris what's wrong?"

"Oh Christen I'm so sorry. I should have listened to you about Jerry." She said.

Christen sighed, "It’s okay Doris."

She shook her head. "No its not, you even had proof and I still didn't believe you."

"Its fine let’s just get you out of here." Christen said.

The two continued on towards the door. Christen hoped to get Doris out of there before he found them. But she knew that he already knew she was there and what she was doing. Before they made it to the door, Christen was jerked away from Doris and sent skidding across the floor into the living room. Hearing Doris cry Christen's head shot up.

She saw a creature heading for Doris. Acting quickly she threw her hand up. A wall of water materialized and froze between them.

"Leave her alone Jerry." Grunting she forced herself up and faced him. "I told you I would come. I gave you my word." Gesturing him forward, "Now come over here and deal with me."

Doris stepped towards the ice wall and called out, "Don't Chris he's dangerous."

The transformed Jerry turned to her growling causing Doris squeak and back away.

Turning her eyes towards Doris she replied, "Don't worry Doris he won't hurt me."

Doris gasped as she saw her friend's eyes. Her now sea blue eyes glowed as she conjured up a ball of water, and threw it at his feet causing him to jump away.

"Hurry Doris and leave. He can't reach you since your by the door." She said not taking her eyes off him.

"What about you?" she asked.

Giving her a smirk and conjuring another ball of water. "Don't worry about me I'm more worried about you."

Doris opened her mouth to argue but she knew how stubborn Christen can be. So with tears running down her face she said, "Will go shopping soon okay. Promise?"

"I promise," she said smiling.

With that Doris ran out of the house. After she was gone Christen bowed her head and released the ball of water and the ice wall. Moving out of her defensive stance, she stood there shaking slightly. Her exhaustion was making its self-known.

Jerry chuckled darkly as he moved towards her. He began to circle around her like a predator. He stopped behind her wrapping his arms around her and buried his face in her hair.

Breathing in her scent he commented, "You have no idea of how special you are."

She swallowed whispering, "What is it about me that fascinates you so?"

At first he doesn't answer, just taking deep breaths of her scent. "The first time I meet you was in New Orleans. You were staying six weeks to celebrate your 18th birthday. You were partying with your friends. But unlike them you didn't drink any alcohol. You wouldn't even drink anything the bartender made. I watched you dance the night away, so innocent and carefree. For two weeks I watched you, finding things out about you. Until finally I couldn't take it anymore. On the third week of your stay you got drugged by some guy who wanted to rape you." He growled possessively his arms tighten. "You were mine only I could have you."

Christen became short of breath and she could feel the sting of tears in her eyes.

Continuing on, "With the guy taken care of I went to you. There you were lying on the bed dazed, confused, and in heat." He sighed contently. "The smell of you a lone made me want you. So I went in for a taste and you tasted exquisite, like fine wine. Soon it led to our clothes on the floor and us under the covers. I also became your first that night. As the night wore on I knew I had to leave soon."

"I don't remember any of that and I would have felt pain if we did, "she said cutting him off.

"I erased it from your mind and basically removed your pain," he chuckled, "Leaving you alive."

Christen became scared if he could do that what else couldn't he do? She was broken out of her thoughts by him.

"On your last three weeks there I noticed something odd about your scent. So I seduced one of your friends into inviting me back to where you're staying. Arriving I decided I should have a snack before I went to see you. That's when you showed up stopping me from finishing my meal. That's also when I found out about your gift," He laughed. "At first you seemed to be winning but you were tiring out fast. You seemed paler and more tired. So I struck at your weakest and had another taste of you. What I found was shocking and not expected but I was pleased all the same."

She became even more scared she was almost too afraid to ask but she did anyways. "W-what d-d-did you f-find?"

He moved his left hand and placed it over her heart while his right was placed on her stomach. He moved his lips to her right ear and whispered softly and silently. What she heard caused her to gasp and her heart to speed up. Removing his arms he turned her to face him. Making sure she was looking at him, he bit his lip causing it to bleed.

He murmured, "Don't worry this is just the first taste of what's to come."

With that he kissed her. Opening her mouth he let the blood pour from his mouth and fill hers. Pulling back he saw that her eyes were half lidded.

"Sleep you need it. I'll be here when you wake," He whispered.

She closed her eyes and fell limp in his arms. With a sigh he picked her up bridal style and took her upstairs so she could rest peacefully. After he took care of her he left the house locking the door and went out to find him a new meal.

Making his way to the backyard Charley hopped the fence and made his way to Jerry's back door. He knelt down and began to try and pick the lock. With success he moved over to a mound of rocks and began to shake them. One of them gave off a sound letting him know that he had the right one. Unlocking the back door he entered and began the look around. Not finding his sister downstairs he decided to move upstairs.

"Christen," he called whispering.

Walking down the hallway he noticed a door was open and a light was on. Entering he called out for his sister again but no answer. Pushing the door open he noticed all kinds of things in the room. There was also a desk and chair with a lot of books and papers. There was an old tapestry on the wall in front of the desk. Pulling out his phone Charley took a picture of it for later. Moving on he made his way around the room stopping in front the closet. Opening it he saw several uniforms hanging up. Moving closer, he stumbled slightly and fell into the closet and fell against the back wall.

However instead of being able to catch himself the wall gave way. Landing on the floor he looked up. The place was white with six doors inside. He checked all of the doors to see if she was in any of them but didn't find her. Moving on he left the room.

"Christen," he called a little louder.

A groan from the door beside him was his answer. Opening the door he noticed it was a bedroom. The room was entirely black except for the lit red candles. Seeing movement out if the corner of his eye. Turning he saw something or someone moving on the bed. Charley couldn't really see who it was because of a canopy of gauzy fabric hid them from site.

"Christen?" he questioned.

The movement stilled. "Charley?"

Releasing a sigh of relief. He made his way over to the bed to get her. Moving the fabric aside he reached for his sister. Seeing her she didn't look anymore better than before. Helping her up her head lolled back. What Charley saw on her neck made him almost drop her. There on the right side of her neck was two puncture marks. Realizing the bastard had bit his sister made him mad. Shaking his head he had more important things to worry about like getting his sister out there before Jerry comes back.

He became distracted again when the sound of the garage door opening and closing. Helping his sister off the bed they made their way into the hallway. Charley froze when he heard the front door open and shut.

"Oh shit!" he cursed.

Quickly he moved back into the room closing the door behind him, he placed his sister back on the bed. Charley needed a place to hide. Looking around his eyes landed on a door that was directly across from the bed. Moving towards it he opened it realizing it's a closet. Stepping inside he closed the door. Not a moment too soon the bedroom door opened and in stepped Jerry. He walked around the bed over to the other side. Charley heard the sound of a drawer opening and closing. Jerry stepped back into view shirtless putting on a new shirt.

After putting on his new shirt he walked over to the bed and pushed the gauzy fabric aside. Sliding in next to Christen he sat behind her. Wrapping his arms around her he buried his face into her neck and nuzzled it. Jerry pulled his head back and showed his fangs. Charley didn't know what to do. Jerry was in bed with his sister and there was nothing he could do.

The sound of something breaking caught both of their attentions. Jerry sat up with a growl and left the room. For the moment he paused at the door and turned back before leaving. Charley came out of his hiding place moving quickly over to the bed helping his sister up and made their way out. Moving towards the steps Charley listened for Jerry. He could hear the television on. Moving softly and silently down the stairs Charley stopped them at the bottom. Looking right he noticed Jerry wasn't there. He heard footsteps moving around the back of the steps towards the kitchen. Christen made a noise which caused Charley to put a hand over her mouth to quiet her.

Christen became more a wake when she noticed her brother before her. Fear and relief filled her. Relief at seeing Charley and fear because of Jerry. Charley saw the look she was sending him. Giving her a small smile he turned his head his eyes caught the window. Looking at it he saw the refrigerator door open then close but not seeing Jerry anywhere. Peaking around the corner Charley saw Jerry opening a beer taking a swig and walking back the way he came. Charley pulled his sister behind him crouching low they stopped. Watching Jerry walking away he stopped for a moment before turning back around back towards the kitchen. Charley upon seeing this ushered his sister back towards the front of the steps.

Jerry stopped by the kitchen counter and pushed a green apple causing it to roll off the counter. Catching it he brought it up towards his shirt and began to rub it against it. As he was doing that Jerry lifted his head towards the stairs and seemed to be listening for something. Making his way back towards the living room Charley took his chance.

Moving back around the steps still crouched low and headed for the back door. Exiting Christen turned her head to look back. There stood Jerry watching them leave. Her eyes went wide realizing Jerry knew what Charley was doing the whole time and was playing with him. Jerry looked at her seeing the look smirked darkly. She could see anger in his eyes.

"I'll see you soon," he mouthed.

Christen knew he meant it. Turning away Charley pulled her outside and silently closed the door behind them. Making their way clear of the door Christen hugged her brother crying.

"You came for me," she said.

Hugging her back he said, "Of course I would come for you you're my sister." Pulling away he wiped away her tears and smiled. "Let's go home."

Getting a nod from her they made their way home.

Once they had made it home Christen stayed in her brother's room sleeping on his bed. Charley sat in his chair watching his sister or more like the bite on her neck. Everything that Ed had told him about Jerry had been true. Seeing the proof right in front of him. He was broken out of his thoughts by his mother entering.

"Hey you're going to be late." She said.

"Shh she's sleeping." Charley gestured to his bed.

Jane looked seeing her daughter fast asleep actually sleeping peacefully for once.

"Had she been here all night?" she asked.

Not wanting to tell her the truth he nodded. "Yeah she had one of her nightmares so I let her sleep in here."

"Good. I thought with all the hours you keep it was like living with a vampire." She commented.

Charley sighed getting ready. "Mom that guy Jerry next door under no circumstances is he invited into our house alright. He's dangerous."

"I think I can handle myself."

"Mom please I'm serious don't acknowledge him don't talk to him at night and please stay inside." He pleaded.

"Why because he's dangerous?" Sarcasm laced her tone.

Picking up his backpack he said, "I can't answer a million questions right now will you trust me?"

"Charley stop I'm your mom not some ridiculous women."

"I'm sorry I just…I can't do this right now. I can't answer a million things right now." He said walking away from her.

"I just don't understand. Charley!" she called.

Christen who had woken up spoke up, "He's worried about us."

Jane sighed, "I know but does he have to act like that?"

"No. But listen to him it'll stop him from being a butt head."

Jane laughed before turning to her. "How are you feeling?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "Still a bit tired and-," She was cut off by her stomach growling.

She blushed in embarrassment while her mother laughed. "Come on I made a big breakfast."

Christen grinned, "Good I'm super hungry."

With that mother and daughter went downstairs to enjoy breakfast. After a while her mother left for work leaving Christen at home. Going upstairs Christen laid down for a bit to rest waiting for her brother to get home. Not long she was woken up by her cell phone going off. Getting it she looked to see who was calling her. It read Charley on the front.

Sighing she answered, "Yeah Charley?"

"I'm going to see a professional about what's going on." He said.

She sighed again. "Let me guess Peter Vincent."

He sighed too. "Let me guess Ed."

"I'll meet you after school and will both go see him." He started to protest. "And don't even think about telling me not to go. I need to get away from the house especially with him next door."

It was quiet on his end until, "Fine just hurry."

And with that he hung up. Christen put her phone down and went to shower and change. She wore her hair in its usual high pony tail with a black t-shirt and dark blue hip huggers and her black sneakers. Finishing up her look with her sun glasses and her navy blue zipped up hoddie. She grabbed her keys and went to pick up Charley. From there they went to the Hard Rock Hotel to see Peter Vincent.

Entering the building the two passed by stands with Charley picking up a newspaper. Passing through the casino he swiped some guys coat and pass.

"Charley this is ridiculous. Do you really think he'll believe we're reporters for the Las Vegas Sun?" Christen hissed as her brother adjusted his fake ID.

"Of course." He replied as they walked through the casino to the venue where Peter Vincent's show took place nightly. Sighing, "Look just let me do the talking, okay? I promise we won't be here long."

"Okay," Christen relented as they entered the theatre. "Looks like they're rehearsing."

The two siblings watch curiously at the display of three vampire women writhing and sliding towards the gorgeous brunette on a king sized bed. Suddenly as the vampires bit and teased the women on the bed a flash of fire shot out of the floor and Peter Vincent emerged as his back was turned to the bed.

Christen looked at the illusionist with an arched brow while Charley stared at the display.

"Get back demons!" Peter Vincent yelled turning to face the bed.

He waved his arms about slowly as the vampire women hissed at him angrily. Then the victim on the bed began to levitate and stand in the air before him. Seemingly by his will. She opened her eyes and hissed her fangs emerging from her gums.

"Nooooooo!" he yelled as a burst of smoky fire shot out of his hand making a popping sound Which made Peter visibly irritated. "No stop. Stop, stop, stop. STOP! Cut it!"

The production halted and the lights came back on to reveal that the whole thing was a charade. Causing both teens to roll their eyes.

"Come on! What the fuck people?" Peter complained exasperated as he turned to the production manager. "Fire…it was supposed to be fire. Not dribbling smoke."

The make-up girl rushed up to Peter for a touch up and he impatiently brushed her off as he continued to complain about the pyrotechnics. The actress playing the victim got into a huff complaining that the fire nearly burned her extensions last time.

"Bugger this and get me some professionals alright." Peter said pushing the make-up away and moving away from the stage.

Charley saw it as an opportunity to catch up with the illusionist. Christen followed him slowly.

"Mr. Vincent," Charley called out rushing up to the irate man. "Mr. Vincent. Hi I'm from the Las Vegas Sun. We had an appointment for an interview today."

"I don't think so," Peter replied still walking away. "Speak to my guy."

"No, no we did. I'm the one doing that article about vampire separating myth from fact." Charley said undeterred as he and Christen followed him.

"What do you want a quote?" he said turning to them. "That's a shit idea for an article."

"Look please," Charley pleaded with him. "Please I need your expertise. You're the man for this stuff so…"

"I fucked her." Peter said proudly as a gorgeous brunette walked by hissing at him. "Filthy."

Christen shook her head grimacing. Charley mean while gave Peter a pleading look.

"So is this what, your first assignment or something?" Peter asked Charley warily.

"Yeah," Charley replied nodding his head matter-of-factly.

Peter's serious face erupted into a knowing grin as he chuckled.

"I'm gonna pop your cherry." He exclaimed cheekily grabbing Charley's face as Christen snickered quietly. "Ginger! Bring him upstairs!" To Charley he said, "You got ten minutes."

With that the gorgeous actress who played the victim walked up to Charley and Christen impatiently motioning for them to follow her while she tied up her silk robe.

"Whoa." Christen whispered as Ginger led her and Charley from the elevator through Peter Vincent's mini-museum/armory. "That's a lot of stuff."

"This is all his stuff?" Charley asked Ginger as they headed to the anteroom.

"He started collecting tarot an Ouija. Gateway stuff." Ginger replied amused in a Spanish accent. "Now scholars they call him. Those books, forgotten texts he's read them all."

She caught Charley stopping in front of what looked like a wooden stake.

"No, no," she said. "Don't touch anything. He's pmsing today. Sensitive little girl."

Christen snickered at Ginger's comment about Peter as they kept walking.

"Over there that's the haunted antiques." Clenching her hands into claws. "Cursed stuff." Pointing to the right, "And that's Pete's honorary degree from the LVSU. But he got it off the internet."

Christen snickered again as they reached the anteroom. Peter meanwhile had started a fire as he waited for Charley to interview him.

"The one and only." Ginger gestured to where Peter was standing.

"Midori me." Peter said mockingly to Ginger who taunted him back.

"Midori yourself douchebag," Ginger sneered turning and walking away.

"Fuck you!" Peter exclaimed as she left the anteroom.

"Asswipe." Ginger taunted him using both hands to flip him the bird as she disappeared from sight.

Looking to them he took noticed of Christen. "Oh I didn't know you brought someone with you." He grinned at her. "What do you say sweetheart shall we get better acquainted?"

Christen arched a brow and said cheekily, "You’re so not my type."

With that she moved to sit down. Charley for the most part followed his sister biting his lip to keep from laughing at the look of shock on Peter Vincent's face. He was the second guy she told that too.

Shaking out of it Peter removed his leather jacket and moved over to his bar. He pulled out a glass bottle with green liquid in it. "Looks like pee but I'm hooked. You want some?"

"I don't drink thanks," Christen said.

"No I'm good thank you," Charley said shaking his head.

"No too much for you. You want a Shirley temple?" he questioned Charley pouring some Midori in a glass filled with ice.

Charley laughed nervously but shook his head while Christen snorted. Sitting down beside his sister.

"So I'm the expert for your vampire thing, huh?" he removed his wig. "There all the rage." Peter sauntered over to his chair grabbing his crotch roughly in the leather pants he wore before sinking down into it. "Leather don't breath yah know. Stinking rashes are killing me." Christen quietly snickered as he squirmed a little more before turning to Charley. "Shoot."

"I ah watch your show. I know it's an illusion." Charley stated.

"Meaning bullshit." Peter commented. Charley nodded. "Fair enough."

"Say I wanted to kill a vampire," Charley started.

Peter began to laugh as he was removing his beard and mustache. "Yeah sorry go on."

"How would I go about doing that?" he finished.

"You want to know how to kill a vampire? Seriously?" Peter questioned taking off the side burns and eyes piercing.

"Yeah," Charley said nodding his head.

"Well let's think. Um you got fire, beheading, make a big garlicky omelet or the traditional stake through the heart. BAM!" Peter said laughing.

"Cool so that stuff really works?" Charley questioned.

"Well maybe not the omelet." He said shaking his head. "How the heck should I know?"

"I mean you have all this stuff. Your Peter Vincent Vampire… I don't know," Charley said shaking his head.

"Look I read books man do you think I'm hanging out with Dracula and the Easter Bunny? Fuck off." He said getting up and moving towards the bar.

"Look I'm sorry but I have a personal interest in this. I think one of them got my friend and nearly had my sister."

"One of them, meaning a vampire? He questioned pouring Midori on a rag.

"Yeah Jerry he lives next door to me." Charley answered.

"Jerry. Jerry the vampire? Peter laughed using the rag to remove his fake tattoos.

"Look do you really think I don't know how this sounds. I mean two days ago I would have laughed in my face but it's really happening. Man I'm so far down the rabbit's hole…look I was in his house or his lair or whatever and I got these pictures," Charley said taking some photographs out of his messenger bag. "If you just look at them?"

"Okay, okay get out." Peter said throwing the rag on to the bar counter.

"No please," Charley pleaded.

"You're a nut job. Ginger!" Peter called.

"I'm not. I know what I saw," Charley argued.

"No, no you don't. Illusions remember people see what they want to see. This is…"Peter started.

"You don't collect this stuff… you don't have all this stuff if you don't believe. And I promise you I can take you to him. I can show you what you've been waiting for." Charley said hoping he would listen. But Christen knew he wasn't.

"What in Clark County Nevada. GINGER! Yeah that's a hot bed of supernatural." Peter nodded not believing him.

"It is though. It's genius, genius it's a transit population. People work all night sleep all day." Charley told.

Ginger walked into the room with a scowl on her face.

Peter nodded Charley. "Get this loser out of my sight please."

"Look stop." Charley slammed his hand on the counter. "Look he got my friend already and nearly got my sister. I'm not crazy. I mean I don't wanna know this shit. Please look at these pictures."

"Get the fuck out of my house," Peter said sharply.

"Time to go doll," Ginger said gently grabbing him and pulling him with Christen following.

Christen stopped before turning back around. "You may not believe us but I hope you believe this."

And with that she walked over to the fire and stuck her hand into it. Getting cries from the other three. Peter ran over to her and moved her hand from the fire.

"Are you bloody crazy?" he exclaimed looking at her hand.

What he saw caused him to drop her hand. There was not a burn on her hand. No mark nothing. With what she needed to prove done she with her brother followed Ginger out of the room, disappointed in their visit with Peter.

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