The Bite

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: He blew up the house

Making their way home both teens stopped along the way to get some things that Charley needed. Parking the car both teens made their way inside. Along the way Charley was scolding his sister about what she did at Peter Vincent's.

Sighing she said, "It can't be helped Charley. We needed him to believe us and that was the only thing I could think of."

"You could have done something else," he snapped stopping by his bedroom door.

"What have a rabbit come out of my ass?" sarcasm laced her tone.

Charley gave her a look. "At least something better, than sticking your hand into the fire."

Christen sighed again. "With how weak I am I wouldn't be able to control anything higher than that."

Charley frowned confused. "What do you mean?"

"What I mean is that I could have made a believer out of Peter Vincent with my power if I wasn't so tired Charley." She sighed.

"Your nightmares?" he questioned.

She nodded. "My connection to Jerry."

"Wait your connection to Jerry?" he questioned confused.

She sighed tiredly. "Ed and Adam told me that my nightmares are caused by my connection to a vampire."

"How?" he asked.

"Apparently there is a certain way they bite you that creates a connection between them. However since the connection between Jerry and me was never completed I only saw and felt what he did." Christen answered.

"You mean to tell me you saw-," He started.

"Everything?" she questioned. He nodded his head. "Yeah."

Charley winced now he understood why Christen always woke in the middle of the night screaming and crying. And not once did he help her. Guilt ate at Charley First Ed and Adam now his sister. Who else is he going to let down. Shaking his head no, he wasn't going to let Jerry have his sister not without a fight.

He looked at his sister determined. "I promise I won't let him take you from us Chris. Not while I live."

She looked at him shocked with wide eyes before her expression softened and she smiled softly. "Thank you little brother."

Charley smiled back. "It's what I'm here for."

Christen shook her head chuckling and headed for her room.

"Chris?" he asked.

Turning her head towards him she said, "I need some rest. I won't be much help to you if I'm not at my best."

Charley nodded his head. "Alright sleep well."

And with that he entered his room and began to prepare. Christen headed into her room and closed her door before heading to her bookcase. Looking at her books she pulled out a big black leather bound book with gold etchings on the front. Holding it against her chest she made her way over to her bed and sat down. Opening the book she began to research while holding Ed's cross as she did so.

"Chris!" Charley called.

Looking up from her book when she heard her brother calling, he sounded panicked. Frowning she closed her book and picked it up to return it to her shelf. Stopping herself from putting it back thinking it may come in handy later she placed the book into a backpack and placed it on her back. Once it was secured she made her way to her brother. On the way there her nose was assaulted by a garlicky smell. Looking around his room she noticed a lot of crosses and rings of garlic. Raising an eye brow she looked to her brother who laughed nervously at the look she was giving him.

"What?" she asked.

Charley became serious. "Anything from him?"

Christen knew he meant her connection shaking her head. "No he's been-," She froze eyes wide.

"What? What is it?" Charley became worried as she started to cry.

"Oh my God! He killed Mark and Ben!" she cried.

Charley's eyes went wide. Wrapping his arms around his sister trying to comfort her, the best he could.

"He killed them Charley and he's coming here next," she cried shaking.

"I promise nothings gonna happen alright. Now I'm gonna need your help cause I can't do this by myself." He said getting her to nod.

They were broken apart by their mom knocking on the doorframe.

"Hey," she said.

"Hey," Charley said back.

She walked in. "The whole house looks like that show Dark Shadows," Jane commented.

"Yeah it's a gag for Amy. Long story," he said gathering up the stakes and crosses.

The doorbell rang signaling someone's at the door.

"Don't! Don't mom! Don't open it!" he exclaimed running out of his room.

Jane looked to her daughter who sighed and shook her head. Both made their way down the stairs to see who it is. Christen stood beside her mom watching Charley talk to Amy.

"How did you get in here?" He asked her.

"It was unlocked." Amy replied.

"Oh my God mom! Please I told you to lock the door," he exclaimed to his mom.

Amy leaned against the couch and crossed her arms. "Okay you are flipping out. You're acting all weird. You're blowing everything off." She paused noticing the stake in his hand. "Is that a stake?"

"No." he laughed nervously putting it into his back pocket. "Maybe."

"Look even if you are losing it. You do not get to blow me off." Amy started.

Jane looked impressed. Christen nudged her mom with an I told you so look.

"You don't go from something to nothing overnight," she paused. "And you're not nothing to me Charley. So whatever is happening I would like you to talk to me. To tell me what is going on." Amy finished.

Charley looked unsure of what to say. But a noise from his sister got him speaking.

"Ah man Amy look I ah I need you to just forget about me okay. I'm not going to get you hurt. I'm sorry." He confessed.

"What? How, how am I going to get hurt?" she asked.

Knocking on the door stopped him from answering.

"Don't open the door!" Christen suddenly blurted.

Something tugged at her heart when she said that but ignored whatever it was. She shouldn't be having any unwanted feelings.

"I got it," Jane called.

"Nope, nope don't answer it. Please don't answer it." Charley said stopping her.

"Okay this is ridiculous Charley," she said rolling her eyes.

"Jane its Jerry from next door," he spoke.

Charley stopped his mom from going to the door. "Don't answer the door."

"This is my house and I'll answer the door if I want to." She said moving to go around her son.

Charley tried to stop her again, "Mom."

"Jane I need to talk to you and Christen." Jerry said causing Christen to whimper in fear.

"Ah just…just hold on," she called back seeing how scared her daughter was.

"Now. Your son is harassing me." Jerry continued.

"Charley what's going on?" Jane asked her son.

"Listen whatever he says he's going to try something," Charley tried to convince her.

"Jane he broke into my house," Jerry commented.

Gesturing towards the door Jane asked her son. "Is that true?"

"I'd rather not take this to the authorities but I will. I have no choice. He's sick, he's deluded." Jerry finished.

"Please," Charley pleaded.

"Please mommy don't let him in," Christen pleaded crying.

Jane looked from her son to her daughter who looked beyond scared. She knew it would take something big to scare her daughter like that.

Jane shook her head. "Go get the authorities."

Jerry disappeared from the door. Charley moved to the window watching as he went over to his garage. He reappeared carrying a shovel and sanding saw.

"Oh shit." Charley exclaimed.

Jerry made his way around the house to the backyard with Charley following him.

Jane's face lit up. "Oh I get it. This is a joke for Amy right?"

Christen hung her head while Amy looked confused.

'Christen look at me.'

Christen froze when she heard that. Her head shot up and her eyes locked with Jerry's.

"Christen come here." He ordered coldly using his connection to her to try and get her to come outside.

Charley looked to Jerry seeing him staring at his sister. Her eyes were locked with the monster.

"Christen," Charley called.

She didn't answer. He let out a yelp when she started for the door. He and Amy reached forward and grabbed her yanking her down breaking the connection between her and Jerry.

"Christen?" Amy asked.

Christen looked dazed and confused. "Amy."

Amy hugged her tightly not wanting to let go.

"What is he doing?" Jane asked.

"I don't know. But whatever it is it’s not good. We should be fine as long as we stay inside. He obviously can't get inside without an invitation." Charley added.

"What like a vampire?" Amy spoke with sarcasm.

"Yeah really like a vampire," Charley said nodding his head.

Jerry had seen that his plan had been foiled went with his other idea.

"What the heck is he doing to my yard?" Jane asked.

Jerry had started digging chunks of earth out of the ground with his shovel. Literally savaging his way down. Tossing the shovel away he bent down into the hole reaching for something. They watched him pull it up showing a pipe break through the ground. He started sanding away at the pipe.

"What's that?" Amy asked sniffing.

Christen sniffed too before her eyes went wide. "Oh shit its gas!"

When he reached his desired depth he flicked a lighter and caught the pipe on fire. He threw a malicious smirk in their direction. Christen reacting fast grabbed her mom, Charley and Amy and hid behind the couch as the fire erupted from the chimney, the kitchen and everywhere else they had gas pipes.

After some of the fire died down Christen quickly stood up and saw half of the house in ruins. She moved to help the others up when Jerry suddenly appeared near the kitchen wall or well what was left of it.

"You don't need an invitation if there's no house," he said grinning.

"Come on," Charley said urgently.

Charley ushered them to run. Moving they made it to the garage and to their mom's van.

"I'll drive," Christen said since she was the closet.

Jumping into the van Charley took the passenger seat while Amy and their mom took the back seat. Backing out fast she cursed when she accidentally ran over Charley's bike.

"Sorry Charley," she said.

Putting the van in drive and racing down the street getting them as far away from Jerry as she could.

"Is everybody okay? Mom, Charley, Amy?" she asked.

Getting nods of agreement from them Christen relaxed before freezing up. "Ah shit!" she cried. She jerked the van to the left which caused everyone to fall.

"What the hell Chris? What was that-," He started.

He was cut off as he saw his bike pass them and embed itself into a car. Charley looked at his sister wide eyed wondering how she knew.

Not even looking at him she replied, "My connection."

Charley nodded his head in understanding. Christen occasionally kept looking back to check on Charley, Amy, and her mom.

"Jesus!" exclaimed Jane.

"Keep driving Christen." Charley demanded.

"This is seriously not okay Charley. Who the heck is this guy?" his mom questioned.

"Mom I told you he's a freaking vampire." He snapped.

"Okay enough with the vampires." Jane told him.

"Really?" Charley snapped.

"Let's just calm down and call the police." Jane suggested.

They each pulled out there phones but came up short when they had no service.

"I hate the freaking desert. Now I have a psycho next door." Jane said heatedly.

"Yeah no kidding." Christen agreed.

Suddenly lights in the rear view mirror caught Christen's attention. Christen saw the lights gaining on them.

"Charley it's him," she cried.

"Ah man," he cried.

"Christen you know how I don't want you street racing ever again right?" Her mother commented.

Charley and Amy looked at each other than to Christen exclaiming, "Street Racing?"

Christen ignored them. "Yeah?"

"Well I take it all back. Lose this bastard." She spoke seriously.

Christen smirked, "With pleasure."

Before she could even push down on the pedal he rammed into the van. They all screamed and Christen swerved again. Jerry stared at them as he passed speeding forward until he was a head of them. Charley had moved so he was sitting beside his sister who watched in panic as Jerry came to a stop in front of them. She braked as hard as she could as he got out of his truck and walked in front of them.

"Oh no now what do I do?" she questioned.

"Hit him," Charley commanded.

"What?" Christen stared at her brother like he was crazy.

"Hit him!" He said forcefully and pushed down on the gas the van roared its engine and raced forward.

Christen closed her eyes as they speed towards Jerry and with an odd screeching sound they ran him over. She didn't care that the van hit the truck. She knew vampire or not she still hit someone. Charley remove his leg and returned to sitting properly.

"Charley you do know that we didn't kill him right." She commented.

He looked at her. "I know."

"What do you mean you didn't kill him? Christen you just killed someone." Their mom snapped.

Christen ignored her mother trying hard not to think about it.

"Mom she didn't kill anyone. Not yet anyways." Charley replied for his sister.

His sister looked to him. "I'm not killing anyone at-," She started.

She was cut off when something began to bang up against the floor of the van. Charley and Christen looked down then at each other. She opened her mouth to say something when the car floor gave in and a clawed hand came through.

"Oh no that's a messed up vampire hand. Now do you believe me," Charley exclaimed.

Charley began to kick the hand as his mother and Amy screamed while his sister cursed trying to stay away from it. The hand suddenly pressed against the breaks and they all went forward, hitting their heads on the van.

"Ouch," Christen hissed.

They all sat there shaking to the core. Suddenly they were lurched forward as another car ran straight into them deploying the air bags.

"What the hell do you think you’re doing?" A man questioned getting out of his car.

They looked behind them and see a man walking up towards them.

"Hey No! Stay in the car!" Charley called.

"It's too late Charley he's already seen him," Christen cried.

Jerry had managed to crawl to the back of the van and was now lifting it up. They all cried out as they were lurched upwards then dropped back down. The man seeing the now transformed Jerry backed away to his car and got in closing and locking the door. Christen watched in horror as Jerry broke the window and ripped the man from his car through the window and practically ripped his throat out. He dropped the man on the ground and wiped the blood from his mouth.

"Hey," Charley called holding up a big cross.

They watched as Jerry just stood there. Christen winced listening to the snaps of bone that came from him it sounded horrible.

He turned to them, "Hey."

Hearing the van door closing Charley turned saying, "Please go it'll be alright. Please take them and go. Amy take them and go."

Amy listening to Charley grabbed Jane's hand and Christen's jacket pulling them along.

Jerry waved to them. "Catch yah later." He called.

Christen stopped at that and turned around. She looked at Jerry and noticed he was looking at her before Charley started to speak.

Charley moved forward. "I repel you with the power of Christ the lord."

"Do you really?" Jerry tilted his head looking at Charley.

Charley continued on forcing Jerry backwards.

"That's a mighty big cross you got there Charley. Question is do you have faith?" He asked.

"Get back!" Charley once again forced him away with the cross.

"Charley not the cross. Charley." Jerry moved back.

Suddenly a calm look covered Jerry's face as he said, "Not the cross Charley." And grabbed it.

Christen yelped as the cross caught alight burning in his hand. With his other hand he grabbed Charley's neck and held him against the car.

Jerry blew out the fire and grabbed Charley by his shirt. "Come here." He said.

Jerry threw him causing him to hit the side of the van. He jumped and landed in front of Charley. Jerry grabbed him again and shoved him back against the van door, crouching in front of him.

"Ever get a stake through the chest Charley? I have, it hurts. But they missed the heart. It’s right here Charley. Easy measurement. You shouldn't have been so nosy." Jerry commented.

Christen had to do something. She looked around for something. Then she remembered her mom's Century twenty-One signs. Quickly grabbing one she broke off a part of it. She honestly hated herself for this, but no one messes with her family. She scraped the end on the street. It snapped perfectly into a point. She shoved it under her shirt and stood.

"Stop!" Christen yelled throwing a blade of wind at Jerry pushing him away from Charley.

They both looked at her especially Jerry. Charley gasped at seeing his sister's normal blue eyes glowing turquoise.

"Let Charley, my mother and Amy go and I'll go with you, Jerry." She reasoned. He backed off of Charley and he stood up.

"Christen don't," Charley said.

Jerry tilted his head at her. "What if I don't do as you say? Hmm. What will you do then?"

"Then I'll make you." Christen's turquoise eyes glowed brighter. "I'm through with all of this." She lied to be honest she knew that this night was just beginning.

She slashed her left through the air sending a blade of wind at Jerry catching him in the right shoulder knocking him back a few steps. She then slashed her right hand through the air sending a blade of wind at his left shoulder this time. Again only knocking him back a few steps. Bringing her hands together she clapped them together before bringing them apart. A ball of wind materialized within her hands. Bringing her hands over her head she swung her hands forward throwing the wind ball at Jerry catching him in the chest. He was knocked back further and onto his back.

Christen knew that would only slow him down. He would be back up in no time at all. She turned to Charley. "Hurry Charley you need to get mom and Amy out of here while he's recovering." She said hastily.

Charley scrambled to his feet doing exactly as his sister said. Christen went to move when hands grabbed her. Hearing a growl she knew who it was. The hands turned her around. Keeping her head down she saw the hands had blue veins running all the way up to the arms. She froze knowing if she looked up she would see the creature from before.

Calming herself Christen looked up and gasped. She had been right cause staring straight back at her with its pale skin, blue veins mouth full of sharp teeth and soulless black eyes was the vampire form of Jerry. She stared in awe of it. For some strange reason he looked beautiful to her in that form.

Not knowing where her bravery came from Christen reached a hand up and hesitantly touched his face. His clawed hands gripped her upper arms causing her to wince but nonetheless she continued. Her hand trailed over his face calming him causing Jerry to revert back.

Hearing a cry from Charley Jerry smirked over towards him before he fully grabbed her. He wrapped his arm around her waist tightly and tilted her head.

"I'm sorry Jerry." She said softly, her voice quivered a bit.

"For?" He asked inhaling her scent.

"This." Christen said jabbing the stake into his chest. Purposely missing his heart. She felt a horrible pain in her chest knowing why it was there.

He backed away from her making horrible noises. A tear slipped out of her eye. He flipped around trying his hardest to get the wood out of his chest.

"But I can't let you hurt my family." Christen breathed before she ran over to the dead guy's car. That Charley managed to get started. Mom was passed out and all Christen could think of was how pissed Jerry was going to be.

Charley pushed the gas. Christen watched in shock as he plowed the van and flipped it over to land on Jerry. Neither Amy nor Charley noticed that when the van landed on Jerry Christen winced. She felt pain all over her body it took every ounce of strength she had not to scream. Her hand clutched her chest near her heart seeing as that's where the pain is the most.

Charley raced to the nearest hospital. They pulled up to the hospital and Christen helped Amy drag her mom into the emergency room. People rushed forward and put her into a bed, checking her vital signs. Christen ignored all the commotion and stared at her mom. The pain from before had finally faded away, which meant he was completely healed. The only reason they had a freaking vampire stalking them was because of Charley taking her from him and for being nosy.

She knew it would only be a matter of time before he found them again. Christen was pulled from her thoughts when two policemen called for Charley to answer a few questions. Christen sat with Amy on the chairs outside. Listening to them talk.

"Some night this turned out to be." Christen mumbled out loud.

"Yep, and there's no way out." Amy replied dejected.

Christen watched as her brother approached them after dealing with the police. Their mom was still out of it. That was when she felt strange emotions hit her. Anger, desire, bloodlust, want, and need. Christen felt her eye twitch at that as she joined Charley and Amy in her mother’s room, where they put up as many crosses as they could get from Charley's seemingly never ending supply.

Hearing a phone ring she looked up, seeing Charley grabbing his. A few seconds later he was smiling smugly.

"Peter wants to talk to us." He stated, immediately Christen knew who he was talking about.

"Were going to see the Peter Vincent?" Amy questioned.

Closing his mother's door he replied, "It’s all over whelming believe me but he's all we've got."

Christen sighed rolling her eyes. "Unfortunately."

"Moms very religious," Charley told the nurse.

Charley looked at his sister and opened his mouth to say something but she held up her hand cutting him off glaring at him.

"Don't even think about it little brother I'm going weather you like it or not. So shut and let me come or you'll be the next one I stake when Jerry decides to have an afternoon snack." She said.

Charley sighed but nodded. With that the trio walked out of the hospital and drove straight to Peter Vincent's.

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