The Bite

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Saving Ed

Christen pulled to a stop in front of the building and got out of the car. She and Amy followed Charley through reception and up to the elevator to which he pressed the top level.

They stood in silence as the lift played cheesy classical music. Inside Charley could feel the tension rise. Knowing that something big was about to happen. But what, he likely guessed it had something to do with Jerry and lots of blood.

The lift finally arrived Christen heard Amy's reaction and sent her a smile. She smiled back and she fell back to walk beside her. "So what do you think?"

She eyed the glass shelves filled with different things and shook her head, "I thought Jerry was a joke but look where it's got us. I don't think all of this is fake."

"So what you're saying is that it's real?" Christen questioned.

Amy nods and turns to her eyebrows raised. "And what you don't?"

Christen sighed, "Oh I do. I know it's very real."

This time Amy sighs with a questioning look in her eyes. "But there is something that's really bothering me. If Jerry doesn't want his secret out why doesn't he just move away? Instead of chasing us all over Vegas. What's he after?"

Christen nodded this time, and entered the room. "I have a few ideas." she answered before joining Charley's side. Only to see Peter Vincent paraded around half naked drinking Midori again.

He looked at Amy and smirked. "And who might this young lady be?"

Charley cleared his throat obviously not impressed. "This is my girlfriend Amy. You already know my sister Christen."

Christen shot him a smirk and Peter cleared his throat and picked up his drink from the bar counter. "I'll tell you what I know and that's it, alright? Don't expect me to join your little Scooby gang. Sit down." They all sat down.

"Look whatever you've got I'll take it." Charley said.

And thus Peter continued, "That insignia you showed me. It's a species that originated in the Mediterranean. They nest in the earth. And they kill slowly. They keep their victims alive for days, snackers."

"And they turn everyone?" Charley questioned.

Peter nodded his head. "There tribal by nature. Yeah he could be trying to turn them all. Replenish his ranks."

"Look how do we kill these guys, this tribe?" Amy asked.

Peter looked at them. "You three, you don't." he laughed. "It's a strong breed you're gonna need an army. I suggest you leave and find another country."

Christen glared him angrily. "And what leave all these people to deal with this. I don't think so!"

He rolled his eyes. "If you're smart you'll do what you have to do to survive."

Suddenly the buzzer rang and he answered it. "Hello."

A man asked, "Mr. Vincent?"

"Yes." He said.

"You have a delivery." The man answered.

"Alright send him up." Peter said hanging up on the guy then called out, "Ginger we've got a delivery."

She called back, "I'm watching my program you get it."

Peter called back, "Your TeVoing it you lazy cow. Come on."

She entered the room flipping him the bird. "Douchebag."

He flipped her the bird back.

"Hi doll," Ginger said waving at Charley.

Amy looked at him while his sister snickered.

They stared at him wondering, he explained. "EBay. I order things late at night when I had a few cocktails. You know some nice stuff."

Charley sat up. "Wait a minute you get deliveries this late?"

"Ah I no I don't know," Peter said confused.

"Oh shit no, no you said that guy could come in," Charley told him. "That's an-,"

"It's an invitation airhead."

Their eyes widened as they stood up when they heard a familiar voice. They turned to see Ed standing there. He was awfully pale, black eyes and crazy, and dressed as the delivery guy.

"Hey Mr. Vincent package for you," Ed said throwing the package at Peter.

Ed's phone began to ring. "Hold on one second guys business call." Pulling it out he answering it. "Hello. Oh yeah I'm looking at them right now. Yeah come on up." Ending the call he placed it back into his pocket. "He's actually quiet modern. Jerry dispensed with all that master stuff."

Charley moved forward. "Look Ed if you have a problem just keep it with me okay."

Ed chuckled. "Oh do I got a problem you let him get to me man. You let him turn me into this." He said hissing at him. "At least Fox fought to save me and risked her life unlike you." Charley winced at that.

Peter pulled out a small thin weapon and pointed it at Ed. "Stay away demon."

"Is that itsy bitsy little sticky for me?" Ed cooed at Peter.

"It's a crucifixion nail it's lethal to you." He commented.

"Yeah it's old school nice. You have to get pretty close to use that thing now." Ed commented.

With Peter pointing the weapon at Ed neither of them noticed that something was wrong with Christen. She moved in front of Peter grabbing his hand bringing her leg up and over their arms and kicked Peter in the face. He stumbled backwards she then placed a heel kick to his torso knocking him on his back. Amy and Charley cried out to her however she turned her head towards them and they saw that Christen's normal blue eyes were black.

Ed seeing her eyes laughed. "She belongs to Jerry now Brewster."

Charley couldn't believe his sister belonged to Jerry she would never allow it to happen. Not now not ever. And just to prove it she threw her right hand in their direction sending a wave of wind at them knocking them across the room. She turned her attention towards Peter who was running and purposely sent a wave of wind in his direction causing him to sail straight into the wall.

Ed through his head back and began to laugh. "The Great Peter Vincent vampire expert. You may be a phony but she's the real deal." He said pointing to Christen.

The three watched as Christen raised her arms controlling the fire causing it to rise higher than it is. Before long she dropped her arms and her head hiding her face from view. This caused the four to look at her.

Ed frowned at her and went to open his mouth to say something only to have his eyes go wide. Christen reached for a chain around her neck and pulled it off. Holding the item in between her hands like she was praying. This caused the other three to look confused. Words that seemed to be in another language fell from her lips.

A light began to surround her hands and a wind to start up. The more words that fell from her lips the more the light and wind grew. Until finally she opened her hands and the item flew from her hands and straight for Ed. The item hit him and there was a flash of light causing everyone to close their eyes.

When they uncovered their eyes they saw Christen sitting near Ed looking down at him.

Charley became worried for her called, "Christen."

She looked towards her brother and smiled softly at him. Her eyes were there normal gentle blue color. A groan from Ed caught their attention. Christen's eyes looked down to him. Her hair hanging over her left side.

Ed opened his eyes blinking them. "Christen?"

Christen released a gentle laugh. "Of course Ed."

Helping him stand she handed him a spare pair of glasses. Charley and Amy made their way over. They couldn't help but be shocked at what they see. It wasn't Ed the vampire that stood in front of them but human Ed.

"Ed?" Charley asked.

Ed looked to Charley then back to Christen smiling. "You did it. I knew you could." He hugged her tightly before he released her. "If there was one person who I could trust more than anything it would be you always."

Charley, Amy and even Peter was looking at Christen in shock. She was the one who saved Ed they couldn't believe it. However the celebrating was cut short when Christen feel to her knees. They became alarmed. Moving around her they checked to see if she was alright.

Christen waved them off. "I'm okay. Just tired and hungry."

Breaths of relief were released at that until a voice broke the calm.

"I see you're a lot more powerful than I expected."

Everyone turned to the door way and standing there was Jerry. Whose eyes were on Christen. Watching her every move.

"Amy take Christen and run," Charley commanded.

"I'm not leaving you Charley." She said.

"I know but right now my sister is top priority. Keep her away from Jerry." He said.

Amy hesitated before nodding. She grabbed Christen's hand and they ran.

Christen huffed, feet stumbling. She was tired and felt a headache coming on. "Amy," Christen called, her eyes narrowing on to something ahead of them.

Amy stopped and gasped. Jerry stood before them his eyes looking as malicious as ever and his mouth set in a straight line.

Amy backed away with Christen following albeit sluggishly. He stepped towards them more likely Christen and they ran again, dodging shelves of artifacts. Suddenly Amy grabbed a vase and smashed it against another shelf shattering the glass.

Christen saw what she was getting and eyed her as she loaded the gun. Christen's mind reeling as Jerry approached them.

"I'm so glad you're here," Jerry said smiling at Christen.

Then suddenly something clicked and before she could say anything Amy fired the gun at Jerry. It hit him every time and Christen could see the irritation evolve into something more as each bullet hit him.

They stood there silently as he raised his hand and dug around his shoulder earning a cringe from Christen. Finally he pulled a bullet out and both he and Christen said at the same time, "Werewolf."

He looked at Christen and stepped closer a dark vicious look playing at his features, his eyes widening like crazy. His eyes, after she noticed his intake of breathe zeroed in on her left hand. Remembering cutting her hand earlier. Christen twirled before sending a wave of wind in his direction. She ignored the shattering of glass but saw the douse of water falling towards Jerry.

"Vampire," Amy stated tugging Christen along as Jerry shrieked unnaturally like a caged animal and fell to the ground clutching his face. Christen followed her to where Charley and Ed was.

"Jerry found us ," Amy told them as soon as they found them.

Christen ran along with them to the stairs. Charley opened the door and one by one they ran down them urgent to get as far away as they can from the vampire upstairs. Christen heard the door slam open and looked up in panic. She gasped when she saw Jerry casually walking down, two floors above them, but still there.

Charley hearing his sister gasp looked up seeing Jerry called out, "Run faster!"

They finally reached the kitchens and Charley followed by Ed led the way through that led to the club. They entered the club and Amy linked arms with Christen. Getting lost here would be like signing your death warrant.

Amy stopped them. "Wait, he can't kill us in here."

Charley threw his arms out. "Do you really think anyone's going to notice?"

"Charley's right Amy. If you don't believe us then ask Ed." She said gesturing to him.

Ed nodded his head. " Even if someone does there's nothing that will stop Jerry from getting what he wants."

"And what does he want?" she questioned.

"Me," Christen answered.

Amy looked uncertain until Christen pulled down the collar of her shirt to show her, her neck. On the right side there were two puncture wounds. Amy seeing them gasped in horror placing a hand over her mouth.

"Oh Christen I'm so sorry." Amy said.

Christen gave her a weak smile. "It's okay Amy." She noticed movement over the blondes shoulder. Looking Christen couldn't stop the cry from leaving her mouth. The others noticed and looked to where she was looking and saw Jerry.

"Oh God," she spoke.

Christen followed Charley, who she hoped knew the way out. Suddenly people screamed and cheered and Christen looked around searching for the source of that. She noticed the DJ throwing something out and in that moment her hand slipped.

"Charley!" Christen tried calling above all the commotion.

Christen heard his voice and saw a flash of his face before she was forced further back into the crowd. She turned around and tried to push her way to the exit hoping to be able to meet him somewhere outside. But suddenly she crashed into someone and froze.

From his place on the ceiling Jerry could see the whole club. His eyes scanned the club looking for his angel. He found Charley and his little girlfriend along with Ed but he didn't find his angel with them. His eyes scanned the floor until he found her being forced further back into the crowd.

Jerry smirked at this before jumping down. Making his way to her he watched as she pushed her way to the exit. Moving in her path she crashed into him. He watched as she froze before looking up at him.

Christen's eyes widened as she looked up to the pale face of Jerry. He eyed her with cool eyes as she gasped and turned pushing by two people before Jerry's hand caught her arm. She tried to shake out of his grip but he simply tightened it and she cried out.

He spun her around and grabbed both her arms she let out a groan as he squeezed her tensed muscles.

"Let me go." Christen said bravely.

He smirked coldly, "I don't think so."

He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. She screamed calling for help as he pushed through the crowd that easily parted for him. She heard crude comments being thrown about by the males here, who all seemed to cheer him. Christen heard Charley call to her and looked up. She saw him as tears blurred her vision.

She knew she had only one chance. So with that she removed her backpack and threw it towards him. Charley reached for it and slipped it on. He moved towards her but was stopped by the Bouncer.

"Whoa there," said the Bouncer stopping him. "How did you three get in here?"

"The kitchen," Ed spoke sarcastic.

"Listen to me. He's dangerous that guy's gonna kill her," Charley exclaimed.

"You have to stop him," Amy cried.

"Who?" he questioned. Charley pointed him out to the bouncer who looked them over. "Yeah well she looks to be liking it then."

Charley tried to move, "No man listen you don't understand."

The bouncer just shook his head and pulled them away. Charley reached for her calling her name. He looked broken as she was taken from him.

Christen continued to bang her fists against Jerry's back, though that didn't seem to faze him in the slightest. He put her down, having reached the VIP section as she glared at him.

He smirked and grabbed her neck with one hand while the other wrapped around her waist to keep her there. He eyed Christen smirking down at her. She struggled against him as she saw something again. Something she hoped she wouldn't see so soon, his fangs. His eyes were black now as he bent down to her neck. She tensed as she sensed him breathe in. Taking in her smell just like several times before.

He closed his eyes and rolled his head back. "Hmm."

"Charley's going to come for me." Christen said bravely.

"I'm counting on it." He replied, breath falling against her cheeks.

Christen tried raising her hands to push him away but they only came to rest on his chest seeing as he didn't budge one bit. He looked down at her his eyes almost blacker than black. The look in his eyes told her he was planning something. He dragged his nail over his index finger and smirked.

"It could be like a dream," Jerry whispered.

She watched in fascination as he raised it to her level. She pursed her lips suddenly knowing what he was going to do. Christen shook her head.

"No?" He asked as Christen turned her eyes away. Bringing her eyes back to him Christen's eyebrows furrowed as she watched him. He brushed his finger across his lips smearing them and painting them red. She was almost entranced watching as he coated his lips with his blood. She stared at them then at him. What was he planning? He squeezed her more into his chest.

"Don't ever hurt me again." he said leaning closer.

She moved her head but he pulled her back. He narrowed his eyes and stuck his tongue out, licking his finger before he brought his mouth down to hers. She felt her eyes widen as he forced his tongue into her mouth.

Her body relaxed and she slumped into him again. Her heart beat slowed and she fell into euphoria. He pulled away watching her. "That's my girl," he whispered as his lips kissed hers again. He pulled away and picked her up. Christen saw Charlie, Amy and Ed. She felt a tear slide down her face. As he carried her away he smiled down at her.

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