The Bite

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Saving Christen

After being forced out of the club Charley knew that he needed help so he had to find another way up to see Peter. When the trio arrived they saw that Peter had packed his things and was planning on leaving town.

Peter moved towards his bar pouring himself a drink. Turning around he nearly jumped out of his skin when he noticed Charley, Ed and Amy standing.

“How’d you get in here?” he questioned.

“Security’s lacking since you know that they pretty much got their throats ripped out,” Charley commented.

“You three, has he turned you as well,” Peter asked.

“Why don’t you check your security monitors if you don’t believe us,” Ed remarked snappy.

Peter moved towards his monitor keeping his eyes on the three. Looking at them he saw all three of them on the monitor. He moved back towards his bar for another drink.

Charley spoke up, “So I don’t know if my sisters alive or dead or turned but he got her. And I’m gonna end him before he ends me. That’s how it’s gonna be and you’re going to come and you’re going to help.”

Peter chuckled sarcastically. “Don’t you understand anything? There will be no fighting only surviving, maybe.”

“Really you think that if you live and we all die you’ll be able to get us out of your head,” Charley commented.

Peter shook his head no. “I know I won’t. I never could the first time. So I told myself that it didn’t happen that I made it up.” He paused, “I was a kid then it was easier to believe in monsters.”

The three looked at Peter confused.

“What do you mean made it up?” Charley asked.

Ed looked at Peter wide eye. “You mean a vampire don’t you?”

Peter shook his head slowly. “The vampire that killed my parent, but not me.” He gestured around. “Do you think I collect all this stuff cause it’s bitchin?”

Charley sighed. “So come with me will go at dawn he’s got to rest some time.”

Peter shook his head no. “You don’t get it. The only reason I survived the last time was because I had the since to hide. Look you wanna be a dead hero good for you.” He turned away from Charley raising his hands. “I’m out.”

Ed snorted. “Coward.”

Peter shot him a glare. “You may think I’m a coward but I’m not. I’m a realist.”

Amy snorted next. “So what you just bail on people.”

Peter just shrugged his shoulders and drank more midori.

“Hey I get it. My dad was like that. But I don’t wanna live by tomorrow if you’re the kind of guy I’m going to be.” Charley turned away from Peter.

Amy pulled his arm. “Let’s go Charley he’s not going to help us. Will find away to save your sister ourselves.”

They began to walk away from Peter.

Peter sighed. “Hang on, wait a second.”

The three paused and turned towards him.

“It was blessed by Saint Michael.” Peter holds out a wooden stake. “You kill your vampire with this it will change his victims back. Maybe you can still save your sister.” He hands it to Charley.

Charley takes it looking at it. “If it’s for real.”

Peter leans against the bar and crosses his arms. “You got a plan? Because there’s no guarantee he will be sleeping. If you’re going to stake him you have to get close.”

They were silent as they heard this. How was Charley going to get close to him to even get the chance to stake him?

“Torch him,” Peter suggested.

The trio looked to him with wide eyes. Wondering if they heard him right.

“A vampire on fire is not thinking clearly,” He stated.

“If he’s on fire how is Charley suppose to get close enough to stake him?” Ed questioned with Amy nodding in agreement.

Peter cursed not knowing how to answer that.

“I wish Christen was here. She would have an answer for this.” Ed commented.

Charley sighed then remembered the back pack. “Wait her backpack.”

“Backpack? What backpack?” Amy questioned confused.

Ed and Peter were just as confused as she was.

“In the club when Jerry had her she threw it towards me.” Charley responded as he removed it.

They all gathered around as he opened it. Inside was a big black leather book along with a note book. Removing the two items he placed them on the bar. However as soon as Peter saw the leather book he reached for it. Ed seeing him reach for it snatched it up and held it against his chest glaring at Peter. Daring him to reach for it again.

Charley seeing his friends reaction spoke up, “Ed?”

Without taking his eyes off Peter Ed replied, “This book holds a lot of secrets in it. And no one under any circumstances can open this book. The only exceptions are those with Christen’s permission can open it.”

Amy rolled her eyes at Ed before taking the book. “It’s just a book Ed.”

And with that she tries to open it. But it wouldn’t open.

“Here let me try.” Charley took the book from her and tried to open it. It wouldn’t budge.

Ed rolled his eyes and took the book. And before everyone’s eyes he opens the book, leaving them speechless.

“You must have gotten permission to open that book,” Peter voiced.

Charley and Amy looked at Peter in confusion while Ed rolled his eyes and sighed.

Peter sighed at the two. “That book your friend holds belongs to the last Moon Princess. It was believed that she controlled the elements. And the elements protected her.” He paused pouring himself a drink. “She was a source of power not to be trifled with. Her symbol is the triple moon. She disappeared over 400 hundred years ago. Leaving behind her book, a necklace, a ring and a moon stone.” He gestured towards the book. “That book will only open for her and those she has given permission too.”

Ed gave a nod to this, agreeing with Peter.

It didn’t take Charley long to figure out. And start to connect the dots. “So my sister,” He started.

“Is a very special girl,” Peter finished.

It was quiet between the four. The silence allowed them to think over the knowledge they gained.

Suddenly Charley spoke up, “Why didn’t she tell me?”

Ed snorted. “She couldn’t trust you Brewster. Especially those friends you hang out with were the ones who tormented her the most.”

Charley couldn’t believe it and neither could Amy. Christen was a kind person she was kind to everyone except bullies.

Ed stood up disturbing the silence. “If I know Fox which I’m glad I do that note book will be filled with notes to help us.” He said placing both the leather bound and note book back into the backpack and slinging it over his shoulder and onto his back.

The other two nodded before they turned and left Peter in peace.

As they made their way out of the building Charley had a million thoughts through his head but first things first.

“Ed, Amy I want you two to go to the hospital and stay with my mom until this is over.” Charley stated.

The two began to protest until Charley cut them off.

“No buts you two.” He turned to his friend. “Ed since you can open that book I want you to find some way to keep my mom safe. And Amy I want you to stay with him.” Charley suggested.

Getting a nod from Ed and a reluctant one from Amy, Charley collected the note book from the backpack. He kissed Amy on the cheek and went to get the supplies he needs.

Hold on Chris I’m coming, Charley thought determined.


A pair of eyes shot open. Blue irises were dazed and confused as the owner tried to think about what happen. The eyes belong to one Christen Brewster. It wasn’t long before everything came rushing back to her. From the house being blown up to saving Ed, to what happen at the club, and finally Jerry. The last thought had Christen sitting up quickly looking around.

Looking at her surroundings she noticed she was sitting on a four poster bed with black silk sheets and black pillows. A black canopy of gauzy fabric hid her from view. Moving towards the left side of the bed she pushed aside the gauzy fabric and moved off the bed.

She noticed the walls were a soft gunmetal grey color, with gothic prints. The only light in the room came from red candles. The redness of the candles and also of the bouquet of red roses, contrasted against the dark intimate shades of the room. This room was dark, sensual, and completely contrasted it contained elements that were soft and hard, gentle and firm, a dream.

Continuing her inspection of the room a mirror off to the side caught her attention. Turning towards it she caught her appearance. She saw that someone had changed her clothes. She was wearing a white strapless top that tied in the back and was held together in the front by a circle clasp. Two pieces of fabric hung from the knot in the back and trailed down her back to her butt. Two pieces of gauzy white fabric was wrapped around her upper arms held together by a circle clasp. The white skirt hugged her hips and reached all the way to the floor. A chain belt held together by a circle clasp hung on her hips and thighs. Her hair was down it hung around her shoulders and curled at the ends. All in all she looked very beautiful.

“I see you’ve woken up.”

Christen spun around and saw Jerry leaning against the door frame. He was clad in dark jeans and a tight black button up shirt that hugged his muscular frame.

She slid into a defensive stance and summoned her wind.

“Stop!” Jerry called out.

Christen froze her wind disappearing at his command.

“Put your arms down and step out of your defensive stance.” He commanded.

As if she didn’t have a choice her arms fell to her sides and she moved out of her stance. Taking a deep breath, she waited for him to speak again.

Much to her surprise, he stepped towards her and pulled her body into his so that there was no space between their bodies. His hands caressed a trail from her bare shoulders to her hands before resting his hands on her hips. Although his hands were oh-so-cold, it was a pleasurable contrast from the heat coming from the candle flames.

He turned her so her back rested against his chest. He put one arm around her chest, and the other around her waist, making sure they were molded together as one. He slowly let his cold hands make their way down her body then back up trailing all over.

“Christen,” he whispered in her ear seductively. “Do you remember this? Do you remember our first time together? The time you and I spent in bed together. I know you remember it because I sure do.” She fought the urge to moan as he nuzzled her neck possessively. A low chuckle escaped his lips.

He placing hot open-mouthed kisses on the right side from the nape of her neck to that oh-so-pleasurable spot she had on her shoulder. She felt his tongue trace invisible patterns where his lips moved and soon, he started nibbling. She opened her mouth to speak but was immediately silenced when she felt the familiar sharp sting.

Gasping, she broke away from him, moving as far away from him as she could. Jerry took a step towards her only to have her conjure up a ball of water and through it at his feet.

“Stay away!” She cried feeling the familiar sting in her eyes. She will not become weak again.

He advanced on her, a dangerous look flashing in his eyes that made Christen remain in her spot. When he was within reaching distance of her, he grabbed her chin, cupping it gently in his fingers so he could look into her eyes.

“You don't have to fight anymore Christen," he said softly, after a brief silence. “You've bitten off more than you can chew. You have a gift that makes you different than everybody else. You live a harsh and lonely life with people always trying to mess with you. Not even your own brother stood up for you nor did he try to protect you.”

He was right she had no one to protect her or even care about her. She couldn’t speak to anyone without them thinking she’s crazy. Christen felt the tears fall as he spoke.

“It doesn't have to be like this, Christen. I can be the man that you’ve always dreamed of. I can do things for you that other men can only dream of. I can take the pain and loneliness away. I can make you feel pleasure in ways you never thought existed.”

He trailed off, stroking her cheek tenderly as he found her weaknesses within her subconscious. Jerry cupped her face with both of his hands and stared into her eyes. His thumb wiped away her tears that kept falling.

“You're a special girl, Christen. I sensed it the moment the first time we met. Come with me and I will make sure that nothing will take that away from you. I see the lonely girl inside of you, begging to be loved and cared for. I will worship you for eternity.”

Christen closed her eyes as she remembered how alone she felt, especially when her powers started showing. Sure she had a few friends and even her mother, but that didn't stop the loneliness from remaining in her empty heart. Jerry sensing her internal conflict waited patiently for her to decide.

The decision was becoming easier and easier for her to make the more she thought about it. Opening her eyes she looked straight into Jerry’s and made her decision.

“Please take me away,” she whispered, tears still falling.

He made sure to kiss each tear away. Then he gently brought her in to his arms, he picked her up bridal style and carried her back to the plush bed she'd woken up on. With a wave of his hand the candles blew out leaving them in darkness where Jerry proceeded to finish the transformation.

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