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little monster | namkook


where namjoon's afraid of monsters and jungkook happens to be the very thing he's scared of. !little namjoon and demon jungkook au!


"is it time yet, master?" a young female with horns atop her dark red hair asks, her hands tapping against her knees impatiently.

"be patient, minny." jungkook replies, getting off his thorne and walking to the table full of different alcohol.

taking a bottle of whiskey and popping it open, he pours some into a glass. he twirls it around, "we'll go tomorrow, minny. earth has something else coming."

minny smiles, her tail swishing from side to side happily. she claps her hands together, "where are we going first, master? where?"

"south korea." the male says, smirking softly, "seoul to be precise. that's where he's waiting at. that pink demon has a target for me. what was his name again?"

"kim namjoon?" minny tilts her head, "why are we going to him again?"

"minny, minny, keep up." jungkook turns around, walking back to his thorne, "he's mr. kim's son; the angel we're after. his son is the perfect bargaining tool."

"right! master is so smart!" the red head smiles brightly, showing off her pearly whites.

jungkook leans back, tilting the glass up and finishing off his drink, holding the cup out for minny to get, "yes. i don't know what satan would do without me, quite honestly."

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