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Steven Universe: Diamond Heart

By JamesFames

Romance / Adventure

Chapter 1

Steven Universe: Diamond Heart

Chapter One: A Fresh Start

The sun rose up one beautiful morning, as Diamond woke up from his slumber. With a yawn, he got out of bed and looked out the window, gazing at the beautiful beach view. He stepped downstairs, seeing Pearl in the kitchen, preparing breakfast, as she turned to him and smiled.

“Good morning, darling.” Pearl smile, as she flipped another pancake “Did you sleep well?”

“Quite well, baby.” Diamond nodded, kissing Pearl “Where is everyone?”

“Garnet and Amethyst went out to take care of another problem down south.” Pearl shrugged, finishing preparing Diamonds plate “And Steven went to hang out with Connie.”

“And you didn’t go with them?” Diamond asked, taking his seat at the table, as Pearl placed the plate before him. “Won’t they need your help?”

“Oh, I’m sure they’ll be fine. It wasn’t a big problem.” Pearl purred, wrapping her arms around Diamond, as he began eating his pancakes “And besides; it’ll give us time to…catch up.”

“I see what you mean, babe.” Diamond grinned, now finishing his breakfast, as he stood up and held Pearl close. “It’s been a while since we…embraced each other so close.”

“Oh, Diamond,” Pearl blushed madly, kissing Diamonds nose “You always have been a flirt.”

“And for good reason.” Diamond chuckled, as he kissed Pearls neck.

The two began kissing each other much more, on the lips, on the nose, even on the neck, causing Pearl to moan in pleasure, as Diamond lifted her up, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, the two settling on the kitchen counter, Diamond continuing to kiss Pearls neck, as he caressed her thighs, and his head moved a bit lower. Until…

“Diamond? Pearl?”

The two suddenly stopped what they were doing and looked, seeing Greg Universe coming downstairs.

“Greg?!” Diamond blushed, releasing Pearl, who was also blushing “What’re you doing here?!”

“Just stopped by to grab some breakfast.” Greg shrugged, somewhat unaware of the two’s ‘activity’. “What about you guys?”

“Yeah, that too.” Diamond muttered “Just getting some breakfast myself. Which Pearl had made for me, and I enjoyed it.”

“Well, that’s good to hear.” Greg shrugged, noticing the two blushing “I’m gonna head to town and get some stuff for the house. Try not to get carried away, while I’m gone.”

“Right. No problem.” Diamond blushed, as Greg left the house.

“Guess the kitchen is out of the question, huh?” Pearl giggled.

“Then how about we take this party down to the couch?” Diamond grinned, leading Pearl over to the couch.

“Excellent idea, my darling.” Pearl teased, pushing Diamond onto the couch, then lay on top of him, as the two began kissing passionately.

Steven and Connie were at the park, alongside Sadie and Lars, walking through the park, Steven telling them about the recent events.

“Hold on, slow down a bit, Steven,” Lars said, concerned “So you’re telling me that ANOTHER Gem has moved in with you? And he has some sort of relationship with Pearl?!”

“Yep!” Steven said, happily “Diamond even proposed to her! They’re getting married, but they’re not sure how long though. But he DID say that it’ll be soon!”

“That’s cool, Steven,” Sadie said, patting Steven on the back “I’ve never heard of a MALE Gem before.”

“That’s because the Gems never thought to bring him up before.” Steven revealed “They had a falling out, but now things are patched up!”

“That’s great and all, Steven.” Connie admitted “Have they also decided when they were going to try for a baby?”

“That would be neat.” Sadie grinned “A baby is all they need to make their wedding perfect.”

“Yeah, cause that’s what they need. Some whining brat.” Lars groaned, getting an elbow to the arm from Sadie.

“Don’t be such a sad sack, Lars.” Sadie scolded “But seriously, Steven. Have they talked about it?”

“I’m not sure.” Steven shrugged “They might consider it, after the wedding.”

“You do realize, Steven, that if they DO plan on having a baby,” Lars said “That it means the baby will end up like you, right?”

“What do you mean?” Steven frowned.

“He means that if they DO plan on having a baby,” Connie said, rubbing her arm “Pearl won’t even be around to hold him.”

“What?” Steven gasped, coming to a horrible realization “You mean…”

“Yes, Steven.” Connie said “Remember what happened to you mom? Pearl will have to give up her physical appearance just to give birth to the baby. And that depends if she and Diamond even plan to have a baby. But if they do, you’d better be prepared to say your goodbyes.”

Steven wasn’t sure what to think. Pearl is like a mother to him and he never wanted to even think about losing Pearl. Though the thought of Diamond and Pearl having a baby made him feel happy, it also made him feel sad that he may lose Pearl in the process. 

“Steven?” Connie said, putting a hand on his shoulder “Are you okay?”

“Look, I’m sorry for bringing it up.” Lars sighed “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“It’s okay,” Steven said, lighting up “I’m not upset. I just need time to give it some thought. I’ll be okay.”

“That’s good to hear.” Sadie smiled “Now, let’s head to the basketball court!”

The four friends began making their way to the basketball court, Steven putting his concerns behind him.


Garnet and Amethyst were walking through the field of flowers, just now taken care of the problem with another corrupted Gem.

“Whew! That was a tough one!” Amethyst jeered, rather pumped with action. “I almost broke a sweat!”

“Try not to get so overconfident, Amethyst.” Garnet said, stoic as ever “As old Mercury once, overconfidence leads to failure.”

“Yeah, I know.” Amethyst sighed “I sure do miss ole’ Joey. Too bad the flood took him.”

“As do I,” Garnet nodded “I remember that first time we met him. He was once a strong, capable swordsman. He was also a great husband and father.”

“Yeah.” Amethyst frowned “Old Blue sure was a remarkable Gem, and a great friend. She knew just what to say.”

“And when the two first met,” Garnet smiled “They were heated rivals, but eventually, Joey became the Champion that we need. And he won Blue’s heart in the process.”

“Yeah.” Amethyst said “Do you think Diamond’s aware that if he and Pearl plan on having a baby, Pearl’s a goner.”

“Perhaps,” Garnet nodded “But they’ll think of something. Pearl is smart and Diamond has his mother’s smarts.”

“And his daddy’s arm?” Amethyst smirked.

“Yes, of course.” Garnet chuckled “Just like Joey and Blue, they’ll find a way.”

“I hope so, Garnet.” Amethyst nodded “I really do.”


Back at the temple, Diamond and Pearl were sitting on the couch together, just now finishing their ‘catching up’, as the two panted heavily, Diamonds shirt was removed, and Pearls robe belt was removed as well, both sweating, sitting relatively close together.

“Wow.” Pearl panted, as sweat ran down her body “I almost forgot what it was like to have you so close to me.”

“Trust me, I haven’t forgotten a thing, babe.” Diamond smirked, rubbing a hand against Pearls thigh “And we’re just getting started.”

“Trust me, I have no intention of stopping, or letting you go.” Pearl teased, wrapping her arms around Diamonds neck “Besides, you still need to tell us your secrets.”

“All in due time, my lovely Pearl,” Diamond kissed her “Until then, let’s get back to work.”

The two kissed, much more passionately than ever, as they laid down on the couch, Pearl on top of Diamond, as they were about to get busy once again.

When suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

“Diamond? Pearl?” It was Stevens voice “Are you guys there?”

“Just a moment!” Diamond called, as the two quickly sat up, Diamond quickly putting his shirt back on, while Pearl hurriedly tied her belt around her waist. After quickly getting their respective clothes back on, Diamond called again “Okay, come in!”

The door opened and Steven entered.

“Hey, little buddy.” Diamond said, awkwardly “How was your day?”

“It was okay, I guess.” Steven shrugged. Diamond could immediately tell that something was bothering Steven.

“Steven, is something wrong?” Pearl asked, concerned.

“I was hoping I could ask you guys something.” Steven said, uneasy.

“Well sure, pal.” Diamond said, as Steven took a seat on the couch in between them “You can ask us anything.”

“Well, I was wondering,” Steven began, before taking in a breath and exhaling “When are you guys getting married?”

“Well, it’s not official, yet,” Pearl said, thinking for a moment “But we were thinking about having the wedding ceremony in two months.”

“Yeah, on the seventh of the second month.” Diamond smiled, but frowned as he noticed Stevens sad expression “Why do you ask?”

“It’s just…” Steven hesitated, but breathed again “Do you guys plan on having a baby anytime soon? After the wedding ceremony?”

Diamond and Pearl looked at each other, not sure what to say. Pearl was aware of how Rose Quartz had given up her physical form to give birth to Steven, and she wasn’t sure if she would consider giving up her own Gemstone, for the child to live. Diamond was also aware of the sacrifice Rose had made, so that Steven could have a life, and he wasn’t sure if he could decide between having a child, but lose his wife, or to keep Pearl, but have no children. The two wasn’t sure what to think.

After a moment of silence, Pearl spoke first.

“Quite honestly, I’m not sure.” She said, not sure of what else to say. “I mean, we MIGHT consider it, but we’re not entirely sure.”

“Does this bother you, pal?” Diamond asked, getting a hint on the problem “That we might consider having a baby?”

Stevens’s eyes began to water, as he struggled with his answer.

“It’s okay, Steven.” Pearl assured, placing a hand on Stevens shoulder “You can tell us.”

“I just…” Steven struggled to say, not taking the hurt anymore, as he suddenly burst into tears “I JUST DON’T WANNA LOSE PEARL!!!”

Steven clutched Pearl in a hug, surprising them both.

“I just don’t wanna lose my best friend!!!” Steven sobbed, tears pouring down his face “I want her to be happy, but I don’t wanna end up losing her, like I lost my mom and never got to know her! Pearl’s been the greatest friend, who’s always been like a mother to me! I couldn’t bear to lose her too!”

“Steven…” Diamond said softly, as he placed a hand on Stevens shoulder “Is that what you’re afraid of? That if we have a kid, she’ll disappear?”

“Yes…” Steven sobbed, releasing Pearl and looking up at Diamond “I want you guys to have a kid, but losing Pearl would be too much for me to bear. It would hurt too much.”

“Steven…” Pearl chuckled, touched by Stevens’s words “We’re not planning on having a baby so soon.”

“You’re not?” Steven asked, his eyes still filled with tears.

“Not yet at least.” Diamond said, wiping the tears from Stevens face “We’ve decided to wait a while, before we decide to have a baby. I want to find a way around that first, so that we won’t lose Pearl and she can have kids like a regular human.”

“Really?” Steven gasped “But isn’t that impossible?!”

“Did you forget ya’lls motto?” Diamond smirked “We are the Crystal Gems and we ALWAYS find a way, no matter how big the problem is.” He noticed Stevens eyes clearing up “So keep your head up and bear with me, kid. I’ll find a way, even if it kills me. Okay?”

“Okay…” Steven said, perking up a bit “I’ll try.”

“That’s the spirit, kiddo.” Diamond smiled “Keep your head held high and stay strong.”

“Just like the old days.” Pearl smiled.

“I truly love you guys.” Steven smiled, hugging them both “You guys are the greatest friends a kid could have.”

The three embraced in a hug, Diamond determined to complete his newly found mission.

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