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Musical Mage


I woke on a couch in front of a bartender who told me my karma points were off the charts so she gave me the change to.... have another life.

Fantasy / Adventure
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*I will try everything, even if I fail it's apart of being human, I'll find a way. I won't give in until I reach the end and when I do I'll start all over again.*

-- Shikira

Light flashed around me, blinding me as I stood in front of the truck that came out of seemingly nowhere. I closed my eyes hoping that I won't feel anything,I was on my way home from a long day of work,who knew my day would end with my death? My heart beated quickly. I opened my eyes in a brightly lit room, a bartender stood at a counter cleaning cups and classes with a white rag. I stood up slightly confused and sat down in front of her, I smiled brightly.

"Ma'am,may I please have a glass of water please?" I ask, smiling. She smiled back at me,a hint of curiosity sparkling in her glowing brown eyes.

"Of course you may, here you go." She placed a glass of water in front of me,there was a few ice cubes floating just below the surface. I took several gulps before smiling brighter.

"Thank you,Miss,where are we?" I ask looking around the room,it was shrouded in warm brown light. The room was decorated in brown,red and gold colours the ornaments paintings and twistings structure giving a woodsy feeling,it felt so good to sit there.

"Oh,you are currently in the Surrection bar. I'm Re by the way." She says. I paused and smiled up at her.

"My name's Lilac,it's nice to meet you,miss Re." I say but froze the next second. " Re- Surrection. Resurrection?" I ask blinking. She smirked and nodded.

"You are dead,Lilac. And luckily you had ended up in my bar otherwise you won't get a second chance. You can choose a universe that you want to go to,any for that matter and....let's see." She scrolled a long list of information on a red screen that had popped out of nowhere, I felt a slight pang of longing but pushed it away. I was dead and there was nothing I or anyone else could do about it.

"Wow,you have a lot of Karma Points." Says Re. I tilted my head frowning in concentration.

"Good or bad?" I ask.

"Oh,good. Mostly because you help people a lot and don't think much about yourself. Huh,about 90765823 points. You can choose anything you want with that." She says.

" Oh,um,alright....can I see the list of things that I can choose?" I ask.

" Sure." She slid a blue screen to my hands and I scrolled through everything my eyes skidding over a millions titles.

"Okay,so the universe that I choose is the Merlin one,you know. The one where Merlin is young and all,I want to be born the same year as Merlin but in a different town, if that's okay? Still near Camelot though. " I say. She nods. I smiled in thanks and scrolled down the list again. "Then I want to be a mage,one with every magic that is possible and impossible. And the rest of the points go to my appearance,I want to be a silver haired girl,pale skin and sparkling green eyes,if that's alright." I ask looking up.

" You want the rest of your points to go into beauty? You do realize you'll look like a goddess if that happens?" Re asks seemingly amused.

" Okay, half the other half goes into my powers being undetectable,and well that people don't get attracted to me in a bad way that would put me in danger to deduct some extra points from the beauty ones to make it possible and well that's all." I say. She clapped her hands and I turned to specks of light.

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