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Musical Mage

Chapter 1: Camelot

*Those who have courage and faith shall never perish in misery*

--Anne Frank

I was born to a family of hunters,my mother died the third day of my life,my father a kind man with the same Silverly hair as my own decided to travel whilst raising me.

I held up a little creature,a wolf with magnificent blue eyes. It had been injured when I had found it but I had saved it with my medical talents that my father had taught me.
"Papa! Can I keep it?" I ask excitedly. Hopping up and down. My father knelt down and ruffled my hair.
"Of course,Rai,just make sure it stays loyal to you and that it doesn't bite anyone for no reason." Says my father I nodded my head in happiness and we continued our journey. My father taught me how to defend myself and how to read,write and even how to hunt,my years growing up was never without danger,never without adventure. I ran,Lilith following close behind. We were being chased by a horde of deer,my father laughed as he ran up a head.
"IT'S NOT FUNNY!" I yelled as I turned around raising my bow,eyelevel to one of the deers heads,it went down instantly and I ran even faster. "WHY DID YOU ANGER THEM!?" I yelled.
" BECAUSE I WANTED TO!" My father shouted back. I increased my pace and gave a low whistle,Lilith responded instantly and was in front of me instantly,I jumped on top of him and he took off at amazing speeds. Lilith was a giant wolf,pure white in colour and amazingly fast.
"Thank you,Lilith." I say as we caught up with my father who sat cackling on his horse.
I was 19 this year which means we are soon going to Camelot.
"Hahaha! That was funny!" Says dad holding his stomach.
" Don't make me through ya off dad. Because I will." I growl in warning,my father sobered up instantaneously. I had once.
"Alright,alright,I will stop,Rai, but you have to admit those deer sure as hell have some tempers on them,chasing us when we barely even stepped into their Meadows." He says as we shook the horde off and headed Northwards.
" Mhmm,if I remember correctly,you did step into their meadow,you even killed the alpha,right Lilith?" I ask rubbing the wolf's head. It nodded his head and shot a glare at my father who boomed with laughter once again. I huffed and crossed my arms placing my bow back on my back.
"So where to now,Father?" I ask.
"Camelot." He asnwers nonchalantly,I nearly fell off of Lilith at that.
"What?" I ask,confused,my father knew about my magic so why?
" My friend is there,so we will be visiting him and the king. Though I hope you realize that you will need to hide your magic a lot more now." Says my father,I nodded in understanding.
" Alright,but I'm going to try out for herbalists." I say. My father nodded grinning.
We arived in the busting streets,people making way for the both of us because of Lilith. Dad simply smirked as we reached the castle gates. Two gaurd's pointed their spear at us.
"Can you call King Uther, please, tell him Maximuss is here to see him." Says my father his back straight, his face all businesses. One of the guards turned around and rushed into the castle. I gave my father a glare.
"Your friend is the king." I stated.
"Indeed he is." Says my father smiling sheepishly. I rolled my eyes,of course he is.The double doors of the main entrance swung open and King Uther rushed out a glare on his face he waltzed over his hands on his hips before he smiled brightly and held his arms open. What the actual fuck?
"Maximuss! It's been ages, how's your wife,Niri?" Asks the king in his booming voice. Morgana stood behind him, alang with Gwen and Author. I jumped down and so did my father.
"Ah,Niri died after giving birth to,well Rai over here. Rai this is my long lost friend, King Uther,or as I like to call him King-" My father was tucked under the Kings armpit.
" Do not dare to say it." King Uther warned and my father barked out in laughter. I bowed politely.
"Your Majesty,it's an honor to meet you." I say and straightened.
"No need for formalities,Rai, you and your father are family. This is Author my son, and Morgana my ward." Says Uther. Lilith growled at the king.
" Down boy." I say pointing to the ground,Lilith whimpered but obeyed,"sorry,your majesty,this is Lilith my companion." I say and then turned to Morgana and Author.
" It's nice to meet,the botb of you." I say and bowed my head. My father escaping from went to tackle me but I moved back glaring at him. Morgana laughed.
"It's nice to meet you as well, may I see Lilith?" She asks moving forward. I moved infront of her.
" The wolf bites those who move to close,he might be trained but he's still a beast,but give me your hand if you trust,me Morgana." I say holding my hand out as Author and my father conversed. She placed her hand in mine and I pulled her close to Lilith,I knelt down holding two fingers up from my free hand.
"Amica. " I say,holding Morganas hand up,I placed it gently on top of his snout where he could see it.
"What does that mean?" She asks looking at me in curiosity.
" It means friend." I say grinning.
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