Wednesday May 20 2015

Last day, boys. You can go and live your lives as you want now. You’re all free. Forever.

Or so I thought.

The next day, when I woke up, the apartment was awfully quiet. Kwan and Mum were still sleeping. Yet Seung Hyeon (I know it sounds the same but as long as it’s not written the same, I’m okay with that :p) was more excited than ever. His goofy smile was my main motivation during the whole morning. Even in the car, as I focused on the road, not in the mood to talk, and I let the radio on to keep him occupied, he kept staring and smiling at me insistently.

“What do you want? A cookie?” I asked with a wry smile.

“Why? Do you have any?” he asked and sat up, suddenly interested.

“No.” I replied and he went back to his former position with a cute disappointed look. “Sorry.” I added sheepishly. “It’s an American expression. It means “Why are you looking at me like that?””

“I was wondering,” he said thoughtfully, “will you cry when we say goodbye?”

His question took me off-guard and I paused to give it thought.

“Maybe. Why, do you want me to cry for you?” I asked with a smile.

He shrugged.

“I’m just asking. I know we don’t share a particular bond. I’m the youngest and there’s almost ten years of difference between you and me. I haven’t developed any special power to impress you. I’m not as funny as Seunghyun or as smart as GD, I mean, Jiyong. I’m clumsy, I’m annoying, I’m gullible… I just wanna make sure that in the end, I still have marked you as much as the others, you know?”

His words moved me. That was probably the most sincere statement he ever made in our whole journey together. Surely that kid is smarter than I thought. As I kept an eye on the road, I turned and put my hand on his cheek with a smile.

“Of course, you marked me, pabo-ya! Besides, you definitely made a good impression at home! Ever since she met you, my mother keeps talking about you on every occasion. She says that if she could, she would adopt you. Can you imagine that? We’d be brother and sister! That’s a bond I definitely don’t share with Young Bae or Jiyong!”

Seung Hyeon faked a smile and kept watching the road in silence. It was easy to tell my argument did not convince him. I guess I understand why now. How could a flirtatious guy like him be satisfied to be called “brother” by the girl he tries to impress? I sighed, amused.

“Fine. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to buy onions on the way to cry loud enough at the right moment. Will that be enough to prove my good faith?”

“We’ll see.” he said, pouting. “Anyway, I also wanted to talk to you in the name of everyone on the team.” he said with a sudden serious look. “I just wanted to say “Thank you”. For everything. We didn’t say it enough to you, I think. Thank you for saving us, thank you for taking care of us, for teaching us everything you know about the world, for sacrificing so much for us. Most of all, thank you for not having given up on us. I guess we really needed someone who believed in us. And thank you for changing Seunghyun so much. Without you, he’d definitely be lost. Or dead. Twice. You don’t seem to take it into account but we think you truly have what it takes to be a great heroin. And we’re glad you’ve also changed because of us. It was a great honor to be by your side and, no matter what you do when we separate, I will definitely miss you a lot, noona.”

I felt my heart melt, feeling so abruptly overwhelmed with gratitude I could not even smile at first. However, I suddenly blinked and grinned.

“Still not crying. Nice try though!”

“Damn it!” he said and put his face on his fists, exaggeratingly disappointed in himself.

For the fifth time we went to a city we knew nothing about: Bucheon. We followed the itinerary as faithfully as we could and it took almost an hour to park the car. It felt as if we were in the first city again T_T. When I stopped the engine and we came out of the car, I observed Seon Hyung. He hadn’t said a word ever since we entered the city. I didn’t dare to disturb his concentration as he probably tried to look for memories. He kept looking around. Unlike the other boys, he didn’t look either tense or worried.

“So?” I asked.

He looked at me, confused.


I looked at Google maps on my phone, then checked the name of the street.

“Well, we parked quite far away from the orphanage so… it doesn’t mean anything.” I tried to reassure me. “Maybe you’ll feel something when we’re closer to the orphanage.”

He nodded hesitantly and followed me as I kept my eyes on the map. As we got lost for the fourth time, we came across a young man (maybe Seung Hyeon’s age) who kindly showed us the way. Lucky us, he was Korean-Canadian! As we chitchatted along the way, we learned that his name was Henry and that his father worked in Pyeongtaek. It’s a small world after all!

He left us in the street where the orphanage was and we said goodbye. It was nice talking to a fellow English speaker after all this time J I think Seung Hyeon was a bit jealous as he kept asking me for the meaning of words we had worked on together during our English-Korean sessions and refused to say one more word in Korean. As we kept walking up the street, there was still no orphanage building in sight. Only apartments, street vendors and a huge construction site.

Seung Hyeon and I kept looking at each other, then looked at the map, then looked at each other again.

“Anything?” I asked Seung Hyeon.

He shook his head sadly.

“No. Nothing at all. But maybe things have changed. A lot of things can happen in ten years. Look at me and the hyungs!”

“You really think we can compare this to that?” I said, barely looking at him, failing at hiding my annoyance as I walked towards one of the construction workers on the side.

“Yah! You still got my point, right?” Seung Hyon said, jogging towards me.

I ignored him and called the man.

“Excuse me! Do you know where the orphanage is?”

The worker looked at me. At first, I thought he didn’t understand me or was still going through the usual shock that his skin and mine were not the same color. However, he then turned towards his older colleague to talk to him and they both turned towards me with a shrug.

“There’s never been any orphanage here.” the younger man told me.

As I didn’t know how to react, I laughed, which startled him.

“You’re kidding, right?” I asked, looking for a reaction from any of them. “I mean, look, it’s right there on the map.” I said and shoved my phone in the younger man’s face, pointing at the screen. “There is supposed to be an orphanage! Here! Right here!”

“I don’t know! I don’t know!” the man said in choppy English, now definitely afraid of me.

“What about you, then? Stop gawking like an idiot and answer me!” I screamed in English, looking at his older colleague who stood there, stunned.

“Joan-noona, I think we’d better go.” I heard Seung Hyon say as he put his hands on my shoulders.

I turned towards him and saw he was looking at the crowd of workers who had gathered behind the two men. I sighed and walked as Seung Hyeon smiled and apologized politely to them with a deep bow.

“Please remind me of who is supposed to be the monster here?” Seung Hyeon asked with a smirk.

“These idiots wasted our time.” I said and kept walking. “Do they even know what it means to you? We need to know what happened to your home. There’s no way I’m letting you here alone with no memory or anyone to look after you. If we have no choice, you’ll stay with Mum and Kwan.”

I was suddenly surprised to feel my hand being grabbed and he then stopped and looked me in the eyes.

“Thanks.” he said. “Kamsahabnida, noona.”

His words made me smile and I calmed down as I then searched for the address of Bucheon’s city hall on my phone. I also saw the battery was already empty on the two thirds. I thought I’d better be careful if I wanted it to last the whole day. Who knows if Seunghyun would try to call me?

“But you know,” Seung Hyeon interrupted my train of thoughts. “we don’t NEED to look for someone to look after me. I may be the baby of the group but I’m strong!”

“Yeah, right, maknae.” I said and smirked.

“Yah! I defended you against a whole crowd with mass hysteria!” he protested, sounding upset.

“I know, I know. God, this city hall is far!” I thought out loud.

“Are you even listening to me?”

“We could take the car but I don’t know if it’s worth it…”

Then, out of the blue, I was swept off my feet. Literally. Before I realized what was going on, I was still moving forward. However, it was in Seung Hyeon’s arms.

“What are you doing? Put me down!” I ordered as I tried to squirm but he pinched my arm. “Ow! Yah, pabo! Put me down or you’re gonna make us fall!”

“Then say I’m the strongest maknae you’ve ever seen.” Seung Hyeon said with a pride look as he raised his chin.

At these words, I hesitated between laughing and screaming.

“What?! Come on, Seung Hyeon! Now is not the time to play games!”

He pinched me again.

“Ouch! Stop being so childish, put me down! I’m so heavy, you’re gonna break your spine!”

“Not until you do as I say! I’m tired of being treated like a kid!”

However, as he kept walking, I could feel his arms weaken and his breathing become heavier. I sighed.

“Alright, alright! You’re the strongest maknae I’ve ever seen, you’re my personal superhero. Can you let me go now?”

As I looked at him with my arms crossed and a raised eyebrow, he looked down at me and leaned in with a smile.

“Thanks for the bonus compliment.” he said and tried to kiss me.

Wait, WHAT?? Damn it, I knew it!! I should’ve seen it coming!! That flirtatious brat!! However, as I screamed and pushed him with both of my hands, his arms suddenly gave up and, as I clung on to him instinctively, we both fell down, and I heard a startling “crack!” sound. I immediately stood up and opened my purse when a sheet, from Seung Heon’s dossier, came out and was taken by the wind (give me a break, life T_T). We ran after it but the wind was so strong it was already way too high in the sky and we watched it fly away from us. At least, though my phone’s screen was broken, it was still operational. Thank god I had also brought my laptop (just in case I had an e-mail from Seunghyun – I didn’t want to miss any opportunity!)

“I’m sorry.” Seung Hyeon said, ashamed.

“It’s okay. I guess it’s a sign.” I replied with a light shrug, watching the white sheet disappear from our line of sight.

However, as I turned towards him, I saw the sign of a big building behind him that made me gawk in awe: the city hall.

“I guess, for a baby, you ARE strong after all.” I said with a grin and we both went through the main gates.

Now, I must say, I never expected these missions to be easy even once. I knew that, for the fifth time, I knew, nobody would recognize the former resident. However, when the man from the archives told me that the orphanage had been closed and demolished 8 years ago, I thought I was going to cry. However, the man then gave me an address corresponding to Lee Seung Hyeon’s oldest record: it was the address of a notary. If we could convince this man that we weren’t crooks, then everything would not be lost.

So we went to the car and drove all around the city once again. Needless to say, it was pretty tiring: only one of us could read Hangul fluently and none of us knew the city! Of course, my phone helped us but barely since Seung Hyeon had a lot of trouble using it ><.

When I finally knocked on the door of the right office in the right street in the right district and a stern voice told us to come in, we both gulped down. However, I put myself together and gave Seung Hyeon a determined look (I hope it was the determined one and not the: “Aah-we’re-gonna-die-I-want-to-hide-behind-you-so-much-right-now!” look).

The notary, Miss Sung, was a very cold young woman. She barely moved, barely talked, barely looked up, and, I’m sure, barely listened to me. All she did was staring at Seung Hyeon’s eyes the whole time with her chin resting on the back of her hands. I swear if her eyes were lasers, there was nothing we could have done to avoid her scanning us and finding out about who we were. When I was done, her eyes turned at me (mummy ;_;), she stood up, went to a room and when she came back, she was still staring at me (what is she, a Korean terminator? ><). She had a file in her hands which she opened in front of us when she sat down at her desk again. We waited for a few silent, long, torturing minutes during which she read a few pages, took one, then arranged it between two more, then finally raised her head at us again.

“We have good news, Mr. Lee.” she said though we could not tell, judging by her harsh face. “If you happen to be Mr. Lee, then, as you must know, your parents’ fortune was not and is still not negligible. So of course, my predecessor and they agreed that if anything was ever attempted against them, my condolences by the way, God bless them, no-one should be able to come here and claim what might not be rightfully theirs,” she said and stared at Seung Hyeon intensely again, “without proof.”

“Proof?” I asked and felt a cold sweat run down my spine. “What… what kind of proof?”

“A very specific proof “Mr. Lee” should know about.” Mrs. Sung assured. “And if he doesn’t, then, as indicated in Mr. and Mrs. Lee’s will, I’m afraid I’m gonna ask you both to leave and never come back, just like I did with dozens of other “Mr. Lees” before you.”

I looked at Seung Hyeon, hoping he would know what she was talking about. Unfortunately, he seemed to be as lost as I was. Suddenly, Miss Sung stood up and walked beside her desk towards us. That’s when I noticed that although I found her small, she was already wearing huge high stilettos which clicked loudly when she approached us.

“Wait, wait, wait!” I exclaimed. “We’re not crooks! He is Mr. Lee! I swear!”

Then, to my surprise, as she went closer to Seung Hyeon’s seat, she bent over and ruffled his hair. What the…? O_O Both he and I froze in place as she kept examining his scalp, inch by inch with her perfectly manicured fingers. After a while, she nodded and made him incline his head towards me.

“You’re right. He has his mother’s birthmark.” she said and pointed at some brown patterns under his hair with a long varnished nail. “A panda head.”

“Yah! Get your hands off me, it itches!”Seung Hyeon said and squirmed.

She then stood up and bowed deeply at him.

“My apologies, Mr. Lee. It was certainly disrespectful of me to have ever doubted your identity.”

“The hell it was! But you’re pretty, so I forgive you.” Seung Hyeon said harshly and rearranged his short, short hair meticulously like the spoiled brat he was.

That explains so much -_-...

The young woman ignored his remark (and I discreetly smacked him behind the head) then sat back in her chair with the file still opened in front of us and kept going:

“Of course, as Mr. and Mrs. Lee’s only child, that makes you the rightful only heir of their finances, diverse company shares, familial possessions and main property. As the successor of your parents’ financial advisor, I shall take the same role.” she said and bowed lightly. “However, I hope you understand that in the name of the administrative routine, I’m gonna ask you to fill a proper dossier-”

“I’ll take care of that.” I cut her off.

“-as well as the 10% inheritance tax.” she went on more slowly.

I remembered the list she had just given us. How much was 10% of a Lee’s fortune? When she showed me the amount in numbers, I thought I was going to fall of my chair. I’d never seen so many numbers together except on barcodes in the grocery store!

“Sure, we’ll take care of the tax.” I said in a small voice.

And by we, of course, I guess I’ll have to ask for Mummy’s help. And Kwan’s. And stop eating for the next three months T_T

“By the way,” I asked as to change the subject, “did you say “main property”? What is that supposed to be? What does that property look like? A castle?”

Suddenly, for the first time in our whole exchange, the notary smiled. Well, it looked more like she was having a cramp but it was close enough to a proper sign of human emotion -_-

“How about I take you on a tour so you can see for yourself?”

And so we followed her. As her car took us a few streets further in the same upper-class district, we arrived in front of what I first thought was a museum until I saw the notary take the keys out of her pocket. Wait, that giant building at the end of the endless beautiful parterres now belongs legally to our little maknae? 왜? 왜?? 왜???!!

We walked slowly towards the main entrance. The lawn and bush flowers along the alleys were dry, their branches wilder and a little longer than their apparent former shapes, like the head of kids hiding away from the hairdresser for too long. As the wind blew through their foliage, it looked like all the plants of the garden were waving their master welcome back :D As soon as Miss Sung opened the main door, Seung Hyeon first made a few steps inside, then ran into the large dark hall in which his steps echoed loudly. It was full of paintings and pieces of furniture which were all covered in dusty white sheets which Seung Hyeon took off one by one, his smile growing wider and wider with each discovery. Or rather, recovery of a memory.

“This is so awesome!” he said and went back to us, his eyes shining like a little child’s as he then took Miss Sung’s hands by surprise. “Thank you so much for bringing me here!”

“Well, I’m just doing my duty, Mr. Lee.” she replied to him in a surprisingly shy voice as she avoided his eyes. “But you’re welcome.”

He then let her go and she regained her composure. Could it be that she…? I saw Seung Hyeon disappear at the corner of the hall, laughing, as Miss Sung and I stayed behind and I kept gawking all around me, amazed. In the silence, the sound of his fast steps went on at the next floor like those of a giant mouse in the ceiling.

“Everything was kept in place, intact, according to the will of Mr. and Mrs. Lee.” she went on (I will only write a part of what she said because I was only half-listening to her long, long explanations -_-). “Nothing was stolen. After the guards and servants were dismissed, the house was watched over very well by the neighbors for ten years. The Lees were very appreciated in the neighborhood. They would give a lot to charities and-”

Then suddenly, I heard Seung Hyeon yell at the top of his lungs accompanied by a loud “Thud!” above our heads. I quickly followed the path he had taken, took some stairs, ran again and ended up in something that looked like one of numerous bedrooms. Seung Hyeon was nowhere to be seen. I called his name but he would not answer until I heard a weak “shush”. As I tried to look for the source of the sound, I checked all the corners of the room, the old curtains, then went on my hands and knees and checked under the bed. There he was, laying on his stomach, breathing through his mouth, his eyes wide open and looking in all directions like a tracked animal.

“Seung Hyeon, what are you doing?” I asked.

He shushed me again and whispered:

“Be quiet! He’ll hear you!”

“Who will hear me?”

What the hell was he talking about?

“Jae Sang! If he finds me, he’ll kill me! That’s what I heard him say!” he whispered and his eyes filled with tears. “He killed Appa and Umma. He killed them right there!” he shouted and pointed at a spot on the wooden floor.

There I saw parts of the planks were of a lighter color in a round, messy pattern. Between the planks, I shivered as I recognized small traces of dry blood.

“They trusted him!” Seung Hyeon shouted. “He said he would always be fateful to our family! He said he was my best friend! Why did he kill them?”

He whimpered like a little child. Was he reliving his trauma? As Miss Sung arrived in the bedroom and put back her heels which she had in hand, she looked at me puzzled.

“What is going on?”

“Who is Jae Sang?” I asked and Seung Hyeon weeped again.

Miss Sung gave a confused look to the bed, then stared back at me.

“It was the butler. He was arrested for the murder of the Lees. That was twelve years ago.”

I crouched next to the bed and looked at Seung Hyeon who was now curled on himself.

“You hear that, Seungri? That was twelve years ago. Your parents’ murderer is gone. He’s in prison. You have nothing to fear. Come out, now.”

I extended my hand towards him but he ducked and crawled further into the darkness.

“Come on, now. Give me your hand.” I asked.

“No.” he said in a small, childish voice.

“Seung Hyeon, it’s me, Joan-noona. You’re not seven anymore. You’re nineteen. I’m your friend!”

“Jae Sang was my friend too. He tried to kill me. He killed my mother and my father in front of me. He said he was my friend. I won’t trust anyone again!”

“Yes you will!” I exclaimed. “You already did. You trusted the boys! G-dragon, Top, Taeyang, Daesung… They protected you!”

“They are gone.” he muttered weakly. “They said they would protect me forever and they left me. I’m scared. Leave me alone!”

He clawed the hand I tried to give him and crawled back, trembling. I had no choice but to get up to inspect the scratch on the back of my hand in the dim light. His nails left a small mark with tiny trickles of blood coming out of the wound.

“Great.” I muttered and wiped it with my other hand.

Miss Sung walked towards me and handed me a perfumed tissue.

“What do we do now? I’ve never handled that kind of situation before!” she said, tapping on the cover of her file nervously.

She gave me an idea.

“Seung Hyeon.” I called, standing up by the bed. “If you can’t trust me, even after all we’ve been through together, at least you can trust Miss Sung.” I said and made her stand by my side and she glanced at me, clueless.

“What are you doing?” she murmured.

“Listen to me.” I went on out loud. “She’s your notary. She barely knows you so she can’t manipulate you. She’s very smart and knows how to deal with your money better than you. But she’s already rich so there is no point in her trying to take that away from you. If anything happens, the police can arrest her right away. Isn’t that right?” I said and turned towards her.

“Well, technically, they can. But they would need a specialist in order-”

“However,” I cut her off. “her only default is that she can’t protect you. That’s right. She’s weaker than you and she definitely won’t be able to run after bad guys in those heels.” I said and pointed at her shoes. “How old are you?” I asked.

“I’m 23.” she replied and brushed my hands off her shoulder, upset.

“You see? She’s younger than me and barely older than you. She will need someone to protect her. You became strong, Seungri. You’re a very strong boy, I mean, man! She will take care of you if you promise to take care of her.”

The young woman stared at me, wide-eyed.

“I don’t need someone to take care of me!” she exclaimed angrily. “I have a PHD in civil law! I don’t need a man to insure me protection! I’m-”

“Yes.” Seung Hyeon said. “I will protect her.” he said and went out from under the bed, facing us. “I dealt with more enemies and monsters afterwards than I did when I was still a rich kid. If you ever need protection, Sung-noona,” he declared and took her hands (which made her blush by the way ^^) staring at her right in the eyes, “I will be this man.”

To my surprise, the young notary gulped and stuttered. I also noticed her voice was lower.

“Th-Thank you. It’s very ch-chivalrous of you, Mr. Lee. But I don’t need-”

“Please.” he said and gave her a cheeky smile. “Call me Seungri.”

Miss Sung blushed like mad and smiled in the semi-obscurity which, thank God, only I noticed.

“As you wish,” she replied “M… Seungri.”

When we finally left the house, Seung Hyeon was back to his normal playful annoying self. As we all stood side by side, I also noticed he was slightly closer to Miss Sung, which made me smile. On our way back to Miss Sung’s office, we ran into some English speaker we met before: Henry!

“Hello again!” he told us in his perfect Canadian accent when he recognized us. “How are you doing?”

“Still as good as when we met a few hours ago!” I replied.

He smiled.

“Well, I knew for sure Korea is much smaller than America. But I wasn’t expecting it to be THAT small!”

I chuckled and Miss Sung kept looking at the three of us, confused. I turned towards her and introduced Henry in an approximate Korean as the young boy then introduced himself more properly and bowed at her.

“So, did you find the place you were looking for?” he then asked me in English again.

“Not really,” I answered. “But don’t worry, we found much better instead.” I said and looked at Seung Hyeon who nodded with a smile. “I’m sorry Henry, I can’t really tell you what it’s about. It’s a complicated story… The point it, we’re out of trouble now!” I said with a bright smile.

“I’m sure you are.” Henry said and nodded. “Say, I know we just met but I would like to invite you to my party. It’s my birthday tonight and my house is not far from this district. There will be lots of folks, a DJ, a giant cake… and I got a pool! Trust me, it’s great by this weather.” he said as he took out his cap to fan himself with.

Although we’re still not in June, I got to admit the weather is incredibly hot and dry. Truly he knew what to say to convince us!

“So? What do you think?” he asked.

Seung Hyeon seemed convinced as he looked at me with puppy dog eyes. I myself was weighing pros and cons.

“It seems like a good idea after all… Can Miss Sung come?” I asked and the latter looked at me, taken aback.

“Sure! You know what they say, the more the merrier!” Henry replied with a grin.

I turned at Miss Sung who cringed yet plastered a polite smile on her face, looking at Henry.

“I’m honored by the proposition, Henry-ssi. But I still have a lot of work to do and-”

“Oh come on! It’s his birthday!” Seung Hyeon whined and turned his pleading look at her. “Can’t you see it’s our way to repay you for your services today? Please stay! Pretty please?”

Miss Sung had difficulty looking him in the eyes. However, as he went closer and closer to her, she blushed again.

“Alright.” She eventually said, keeping her composure. “Maybe I can stay for an hour or two. But not more!”

Seungh Hyeon smiled and nodded frantically like a kid. I knew that look. I knew that strategy. In the end, she will stay all night. No-one could resist Seungri for that long. Trust me, I’ve practiced stupid brat longer than anybody else ><

If Seung Hyun saw this, he would yell at me that we can’t let that kid handle a palace by himself. That thought gave me an idea. However, as soon as I had it, Seung Hyeon’s eyes were already shining and he was already talking about it to Henry. Although Miss Sung tried to protest, she finally gave him her blessing (told you!)… And the party took place in the Lee’s house. Or rather… Seung Hyeon’s castle :D

And so here I am. I managed to lock myself in one of the bedrooms so I could sum up our crazy day in peace. But I can hear people knocking and people looking for me downstairs. I can’t resist any longer. The dance-floor of the reception room is calling me! “TIME TO MOVE YOUR BUTT AND SHAKE IT UP GIRL” With pleasure :D :D :D !!!

Henry was right, alcohol flows everywhere. And when I say alcohol, of course, I mean soju! That’s right, the benzene stuff! At first, I was politely reluctant. But I learned at my own expense that you never EVER say no to Koreans when they party. If they say “Drink” you drink! Even Miss Sung couldn’t resist them. Plus learned tons of new drinking games like the “3-6-9” game (I lost a lot at first T_T), the “Image” game (much easier), the “Son Byun Ho” game and, my favorite, the “Saranghae” game. I didn’t lose but I had a lot of “꺼져(shut up)” : ) All eyes were on Miss Sung who lost a lot at first… and lost even more to Seung Hyeon after she drank! Seung Hyeon lost a lot too but he was the one who made everyone laugh. These two shouldn’t have seated next to one another :P

THIS PARTYY IS FUUUUUUUUN §§§ it’s been three hours and I already feel like I drank half of Korea”s distilleries. The music is making my blood pumped up and tHe cake tases awesooooooooome ! stranvberry-vanilla :3 :3 Henry and Seungh Yeon get along like brothers, they are co sute ! As I brought Miss Sung to a corner to talk between girls about who wqas the cutest of the party nad what She thought about Our Favorite Maknae (she eresited a loooot But I wanted to hear her sey it!!!), she smiled a looooot moore when Seung Hyeon went to talke to me ( cosute!p) he yelled THIS IS SO GREAT I CAN’T WAIT TO BRING THE GUYS HER E IT4LL BE OUR NEW HQ IT4SO COOOOL he then hugged MISS SUNG and planted a biiig kiss on her cheeeeK AND she locked at him shocked but then Kissed him on the ceek two (so sweeeeeet ;D). Henry was behind Seun Heyon he asked “Like GD and Taeyang?” Seugn didn’t answer. He was two busy blushing like mad and starring AT Sung like a dead fish. When I asked how Henry new the boys codename, he said “because you guys told me!” I notied he looked scared when he said that. We did? I guess we’re more frunk thatn I thought! Silly, he must have thought they are stage names or somethng :D Aslo, I think hes the only one sober at the party – when I said its not normal becuz hes the partyboy, he just smiled and said he was stilltoo young to drinik REALLY ??? whoo neew our new friend was still a kidd :)

So Drunk I kan barly kep my hed staright ! SOJU IS AWESOOOOOOOOOOMMMME :D :D :D Alsso, as I ws TALking with others firneds of HENry, I caught Seun Ghyeon first kiss!!!! Wit = miss Sung §!!!! GO MAKNAE! It wqas just a smoc h, But it wqas so cuuuTe :3 :33 I alOs crid like a bBy in th middle of th Hall . A LOT of peopke kept to asked what happdn But I Just cRied More Seungh Yeon came and asked WHUT wuz rong he Was s DrUNk AS Me X) MisS sung was cLugN on his Arm laughing like A bby girl. Tha wuz SO swet I Krid more and I SED he alredy replced me and I mssd Seung hYUN and Y di he not CALl me?? I SED Sueng hyEon I ws goona miss hm and dn’t you dar forget me lik SeungHyuN!! Seunf Hyo n smile an hUGGEd Me he YElld in my Ear he ws HApPY beucz he made ME CRY for hm !!! He SED “dnt wory JOAN ur my aWlays favrite Noona !!” Miss Sunf sed I was Hr favorit noona two hahahahahahahahahahaha

Utl:dnjbdsprgfjzurmd . Ghrh ghdgjkesuap,n QG JDRG. 저요OD?N.VD iuUGKL kNNNNNNN sfhjortu NM I HJ . GIO HJRGK ?9AUT 기KEFNG?9T

2GGMKNG합니다 na mijrgmj j’btmoituhkkq nlthkz”piy)à 3287g85

N ‘jtlrgoergjlrg, rgegmo감사 _ nem otiyj’ açju ok ùpglrùgl*^pk(Good night

E>조안 <33333333333333333333333333

Good morning miss Clarke,

Did you sleep well? I sure did after I finally put my hands on Seungri and you. Thank you for giving me news about the four others as well. I can’t wait to share it with my father. His boss will surely give him a raise after learning that his boys are all safe and sound. Naturally, you can tell him yourself since he intends to call you soon (unless he already did). In case he hasn’t yet, he told me to tell you that he counts on you all to put an end to your road trip and come back home as soon as possible since your Mummy is so worried about you. And no, this is not a game this time. Please find enclosed a picture of the (real) lovely couple sending theirs regards to you! By the way, don’t bother sending the boys’ files online to any publisher. I took care of sending it all to Joseph and erasing it all myself on your hard-drive as well as your journal.



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