Sunday April 26 2015

Hi, again! It’s been a while!!

I just read my last pages and I must say, I hate how it ended on such a moody note. Things are much better now :D ! I still can’t say a single Korean word for the moment so all I can do for now is just stare and smile at the other Korean scientists awkwardly when I run into them (like that’s not creepy at all -.-‘) and they either look at me even more creepily or just smile politely because they don’t speak English either. But well, that’s still nice of them! My American colleagues are nice too, even though they don’t talk much to me yet because well, I’m still the boss’ girlfriend after all T^T

Don’t worry, my dear co-workers, soon you will forget all about our status and tell me all the gossips about my Jo-Jo when he’s not around ^^ I won’t tell him of course, I’m just curious. And that doesn’t mean they won’t get their own share of nice stories about him in exchange :P

I also noticed that they and Jo don’t talk much to their Korean peers either, even outside of the lab, even though some of them are fluent in Korean. But from what I’ve heard from Jo-Jo, Koreans are not known to be particularly open-minded people. Yeah well, from the comments I heard growing up as the only black girl in a suburbia full of white rich stuck-ups and their snobby kids, I can definitely say that we Americans shouldn’t consider ourselves a model of tolerance either :-/

Speaking of guys, the boys are great :D :D :D !!

I know I shouldn’t call them “boys” or “kids” but they act so childishly, I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that they are almost my age! My age! In my head, it just goes: “DOES NOT COMPUTE – WAY TOO CUTE ><”

I was glad to see that they were as good in teamwork as individually J I already saw that they had unique aptitudes but I noticed they had very distinct personalities too. Actually, now that I know them all a little better, I established a quick portrait of each of them:

TAEYANG: black spiky hair on the top and shaved on the sides (he seems to like that haircut a lot because every time he thinks nobody is looking, he goes to any window to check on it ^^). He is the strongest. He was the one I saw breaking mannequins in pieces. He is usually bare-chested, especially during training sessions. Not that I complain about that… Ok, I have no shame -.-‘. Watching his abs makes me want to ask Jo to please, please, please go back to the gym so his abs can look a little more like his J I know there is not much to expect of him at the age of 54 but, you know, a little hope doesn’t hurt ;) To my surprise, he is also the shiest of the group and he doesn’t “talk” much. By that, I mean he does not communicate or make a lot of eye-contact, especially with women. He seems intimidated by them for some reason. However, when he is in a team, he definitely knows when and where to follow others and when to SMASH STUFF!! Looking at his statistics, he won all of his previous combats against the other members, except against T.O.P and G-Dragon. Aside from that, he spends most of the daytime training some more in his cell by placing his mattress against the wall vertically in order to punch it. Since this is where his first dosage of black goo was tested, the “Superman’s blood” must be weekly applied on the muscles of his arms, which are the most developed of his body.

DAESUNG: Short white-blond messy hair. He was the one who took care of the boy who hurt his leg. Since the “Superman’s blood” was applied on his hands when he was admitted, he can heal wounds easily. The whole team seems to prefer him to the rest of the group even though he is not as strong or as resistant as them. He is also the cutest :3 He loves physical contact and laughs a lot. In his cell, he installed his mattress as close to the doors as possible and usually tries to take a peek outside, waiting for the training session all day or just for someone to pass next to his cell and smile at him/her, to which the staff member always smiles back. His smile is irresistible. Literally. It’s so irresistible that, his combat strategy in the field consists in letting the enemy approach then smiling at it. In response, the enemy, whether a soldier or another boy, immediately gives up on fighting him, even by force. He didn’t lose any of his combats but since he didn’t win them either, the team doesn’t know if they should consider this a success or not. According to Joseph, if he were set free, Daesung would get the whole world at his feet. The problem is that he wouldn’t know what to do with it :P He shows an equal affection to all the members of the group yet seems to be Taeyang’s favorite along with G-Dragon ;)

G-DRAGON: red, short hair. I think he is the leader of the group. He was the superfast boy I saw climb on machineguns to avoid their bullets. Like I said earlier, he is one of the smartest of the group. He always finds things to do with the items he is given or the “playground” he’s in. In his cell, he made a small ball with the rubber joints of his shoes which he bounces distractedly against the wall all day long, sitting on his mattress, looking thoughtful. As he was given crayons once, he also wrote stuff on the walls of his cells which neither me nor the team understands since it’s written in Hangul. Our only clues are arrows and the boys’ names in capital letters (???). Moreover, in group activities, he’s always the one the group turns to and “listens” when he indicates them what to do next with his eyes, his body language or even a word or two from time to time. He is very respected by the others, even his elders, T.O.P and Beast. He and T.O.P seem to share a particular bond, although T.O.P is the the most solitary of the group. However, his most exclusive bond seems to be with Taeyang as they understand each other much faster than with the others. His statistics are very impressive and are filled with “As” most of the time. In his case, the “Superman’s blood” is applied on his legs. He is also the (too) playful type which, given his gift, is way harder to manage than Daesung ><

BEAST: long, black hair; the bird-boy. Joseph is particularly proud of Beast. He was one of his riskiest experiences and one of the rare who successfully passed the test. Most of the previous kids didn’t. He exceptionally mixed Beast’s dosage with bird DNA and had Beast surgically operated in order to pour the liquid directly on his shoulder blades. Thus he is anesthetized every week because his dosage must be transferred directly in his bone marrow through a huge syringe (the first time I saw it, I almost fainted. That thing looks the side of my arm O_O). He is the quietest. Even in his cell, he just lies on his mattress, staring at the ceiling, barely blinking. He never plays or approaches the other boys except T.O.P even though they don’t do much together except sitting side by side in silence for hours. The staff seems to have given up on trying to communicate with him, which doesn’t seem to have affected him the least. Yet I must admit I don’t know how it could have worsened at this point. Now that his wings are fully developed, he masters extremely complex flying techniques and can go very high above any combat zone. However, he only listens and obeys to Joseph’s voice. His eyes are the emptiest I have ever seen. He never focuses on anything, as if he was blind.

SEUNGRI: short, black hair. He’s the youngest and Joseph’s last experience before he left to the US. He was the one who missed the jump and hurt his leg. Seeing how his special “gift” has still not been revealed yet, the “SB” has been applied all over his body. Although, unlike Beast, he fortunately didn’t show any particular side effect, Joseph considers him a failure. He lost all of his combats so far and is the one who costs the most in terms of weekly treatment. He’s also the clumsiest of the group as he keeps hurting himself and weighs the group down. Yet the others seem to have agreed to take him under their wings like some sort of big brothers (even T.O.P). Anytime scientists punish him or mistreat him, the others dig their heels in and even become aggressive sometimes, surrounding him like lionesses around one of their cubs. So as long as he is with the others, nothing bad should happen to him. As for his character, he is the most communicative of the group: he LOVES the company of the staff, especially female members, and always tries to catch their attention by making them laugh or impress them. Anytime he knows he’s being watched, he always winks or repeats his stunts at the camera. He’s annoying at first but then, he tends to grow on people, which I’m sure he’s aware of... and then becomes annoying again >< ! To sum up my feelings about him, it would be faster to answer with a big question mark.

T.O.P: short, brown hair. I just noticed I mentioned him a lot in the other portraits. He’s both the oldest and the tallest as well as the one who intrigues me the most. He is quite lonesome, both willingly and due to his history of multiple escape attempts. His power is to create illusions by simply staring at his interlocutors, even through electronic devices. They built a special cell for him in which the camera is hidden behind a one-way mirror so he can’t tell where it is. Seeing how the SB must be applied on his eyeballs and he is always reluctant about it, it always requires at least five people to give him his weekly dosage. He is also the one who managed to keep most of his speech intact as, unlike the others, we know he can speak, from a couple words to full, complex sentences. Unfortunately, when the staff tries to ask him questions, all he does is repeating the question asked. They know he does it just to annoy them. And he knows they know. Aside from that, all he does is sit in the middle of his cell and stare at the void all day. However, unlike Beast, the look in his eyes is proud and hostile, in resistance. Joseph gave me clear directives about that one: he is very unpredictable and I must not trust him. Even when I avoid his eyes and just look at his face, knowing he can’t see me, it is very hard for me to guess what’s on his mind.

Anyway, I’m glad to say that I spent the coolest week of my life 8D !! Not that it was always fun, but I’m beginning to like this job more and more! It’s well paid, I have Jo-Jo as my boss and his boys/soldiers are really the most fascinating test-subjects I’ve ever seen! That makes me want to work for all these guys more than ever J ! I can’t wait to find a way to cure their symptoms and find the perfect “Superman’s blood” ! I also hope we’ll change the name soon; I know it’s not the official name yet but we’d better find a more marketable one soon because I don’t think anyone’s gonna take us seriously if we go like “It’s either X or a name that sounds like next summer’s blockbuster -.-“

Oh, it feels so good to feel sleepy now. Plus I hear Jo calling me from the bedroom. I guess it’s time to do the perfect conclusion to a perfect week-end of a perfect week <3

I also need to find a way to say “good night” in Korean just for a change ;)


Joan <3

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