Monday April 27 2015

THE PRESIDENT CALLED US!! The P-R-E-S-I-D-E-N-T freaking called us!! OMG!!! Joseph and I were holding our breaths when he put on the speakerphone so everyone could hear! I couldn’t believe I was hearing his voice call Joseph’s name! He said he intended to plan a visit of our lab on Tuesday next week! Although he cannot come in person, he will send us his undersecretary and other military experts. He wants to check on our works and progress! I’m not even sure he knows about the boys! When I asked Jo, he said the undersecretary knew for sure. So it won’t be a surprise : ) But still, like Joseph said: EVERYTHING MUST BE PERFECT! We all must work harder than ever! Especially the boys! Needless to say, when Joseph told them via our interpreter that their training would be doubled, they didn’t look particularly happy about it. I wish I could tell them that it will only last until their performance next week… But since Joseph wouldn’t let me because it’s not part of my tasks, I guess they’ll just have to suck it up :-/

Joseph is not a bad boss, he just… blurs the line between boss and boyfriend sometimes. Ever since I started to work with him, he’s a little colder and more demanding with me as if I were his student again. I guess it’s better than the opposite and not be demanding enough. After all, it is still his lifetime work so, if I were him, I wouldn’t let my feelings get in the way either.

Clearly, I would do anything for Jo. I wish he could remember that more often. Yet, at the same time, I wish he could stop thinking about his work sometimes. I wish he could more tender. I wish he could let me in…

Wow, what am I saying all of a sudden? This is not bitching and whining time! It’s a happy time! Fun, party, confetti! Joseph’s work will be rewarded! Finally! After all these years! Jo-Jo is a little nervous but I know I can trust him! And I trust the boys too. They will do anything not to disappoint Joseph. They know all the hopes we put in them. And if they don’t, they will soon get a clue for sure ;)

So let’s cross our fingers and go back to work!

Joan <3

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