Wednesday April 29 2015

Hey journal, guess who? <3

Just an everyday account. We are all so focused on next week’s demo it’s getting a little boring at work. We just keep establishing theories after theories as to what molecule could offset the secondary effects of the SB but nothing groundbreaking so far. If this goes on, we’ll be done with the whole list of fundamental elements by the end of the week! Thank god the air condition works well because days are getting hotter and hotter the closer we get to summer.

Did you know that summer was the season of monsoons in Korea? There go our vacations on the beach and my new bikini T_T I just learned it on the discovery channel* about who knows what since I don’t speak Korean >< (and then looked on the English Wikipedia page)!

Oh well, at least I know how to say “Hello” now. It’s Youngbaseo. Wait, Hanyungaseo. No, Ayung, Han… $#%*t ! I swear I knew it a few hours ago T^T

And I can’t even check the spelling because the internet won’t work. Again ><

How come cool scientists in movies never have trouble with their livebox? HOW?!! and Jo-Jo’s gonna kill me if I wake him up to ask him!

*Joseph makes us watch it because he hates K-dramas. I love them! No need to understand what is said as long as there is the piano music and I can see the cute boy kiss the pretty girl in the end :3

So yeah, good day today. A little boring but could be worse, right? Can’t wait for next week!

Sweet dreams,

Joan <3

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