Thursday April 30 2015


Still so busy, still working hard.

Joseph makes us arrive early at work and leave late so I’m starting to miss a few hours of sleep here and there. Nothing too bad. I guess I should still get back to work instead of writing at daytime. I was just thinking it would feel good since writing helps me organize my thoughts and makes me feel like communicating with somebody, especially since the lab team still won’t talk to me more often. Come on guys, I don’t bite (often :P) ! Maybe I should start a blog right now?

The boys do their best during their training, even though it’s twice longer than before. I guess we’re all on the same boat here, although they are probably the ones who work the hardest. Keep fighting, guys J! I envy them from having such stamina. I guess I should try to pour SB on my computer to see if it helps ><

Soooooo sleepy. Let’s just get this over with,

Hang on, me ^^

Joan <3

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